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RECAP: Criminal Minds “JJ” S6 E2

“I’m thankful for my years spent with this family.  For everything we shared and every chance we had to grow.  I’ll take the best of them with me and lead by their example where ever I go.  A friend told me to be honest with you, so here it goes.   This isn’t what I want but I will take the high road.   Maybe it’s because I look at everything as a lesson or because I don’t want to walk around angry.  Or maybe it’s because I finally understand.  There are things we don’t want to have happen, but have to accept.  Things we don’t want to know, but have to learn.  And people we can’t live without but have to let go.”   This was in JJ’s exit interview to Strauss, but I can’t help but wonder if this was more AJ Cook’s exit interview with Criminal Minds/CBS.  In a surprise move this summer, AJ Cook was let go from CM due to contract issues…she is a fan favorite, she is excellent in her role, and worth a big salary.  Therefore, they don’t want/need her anymore.   I will talk more about this in a “Sound Off” post but the episode couldn’t be discussed without pointing this out.  I think the writers did a pretty remarkable thing that I don’t think many actors have the chance to do in this situation….the character was able to say goodbye at the same time AJ Cook was able to say goodbye to the fans.  And I like that the writers had her transferred against her will rather than leave to be a mom or quit because she had enough of that life.  A transfer was perfect because it gave JJ/AJ a chance to say what they really felt…that this sucks and it isn’t what she wants but she will make the best of it and move forward.  Class act AJ and this fan wishes you nothing but the best!!!!  And if you are interested in the song playing at the end of the episode, “Let It Be Me” by Ray LaMontagne, here it is:

Let It Be Me

We start off in Hotch’s office with JJ and Strauss inside discussing something serious (because the shades are pulled) but the team doesn’t know what is going on.  It turns out JJ has been offered a HUGE promotion, a liaison for the Department of Defense at the Pentagon.   JJ doesn’t want it, she wants to stay with her team and Hotch agrees.  Strauss can’t understand why she won’t reconsider but understands she can’t make her take the job.  Strauss leaves and Hotch wonders why JJ didn’t tell him about this.  She said he had enough on his plate and didn’t want to burden him when she isn’t considering it in the first place.  When the meeting ends, JJ goes to the crew and she brushes off any discussions about what just happened….they have a case.

The case was about a young girl who has gone missing and is presumed dead.   The suspects are 2 young men who were the last to be seen with her that evening.  Kate was a good kid and something seems really off about her disappearance.   The boys are lead to different interrogation rooms and, which seems very typical to me, one boy is cocky and obnoxious, while the other boy seems more reserved and nervous.  The parents are also at the police station and they refuse to leave as long as the suspects are there.  JJ is asked to keep an eye on them and softly question them about Kate.  In her questioning, JJ learns that this family already lost one child to leukemia, their son.  They know Kate has a good head on her shoulders and would never leave with 2 boys unless she felt comfortable.  So Rossi and Reid determine she must have known them somehow.  She had met them earlier at a dock where there are boat rentals and jet skis.  According to each of the suspects, every thing that happened was consensual in nature and the cocky ass has the pictures to prove it.  Scum bucket!   They both offer to take a polygraph and this really raises Hotch’s eyebrow.  But he consents and they take the test.  What do you know they both pass!  The BAU team cannot figure out how they both passed because they are sure at least one of them is guilty.  The ass face also gives the BAU consent to view his cell phone where he has the pictures.  While looking at them, the team realizes that in the pictures, Kate is obviously smitten with Syd the scuzz but not with Jimmy.  This leads them to believe that Jimmy was behind this, but how?   After going through the pictures herself, JJ sees Kate’s cell phone in the back of the car.  But JJ just heard her phone ring in the police station when she was with her parents because that was taken as part of the inventory of her apartment.  So the suspects dropped her off but someone went back to return the phone to her.  After another session of questioning, it turns out it was Jimmy who returned the phone and asked her to come back to the dock with him to watch the fishing ships come in.  That is also the time of night when lots of sharks circle the waters in that area.  Jimmy had pushed her into water and left her to fend for herself against the sharks.   That’s how they passed the polygraph, Syd really didn’t know what happened and Jimmy didn’t lie when he said he didn’t kill her (the sharks would have) and he didn’t know where she was (somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.)

Search and rescue is alerted and the search is on for Kate.   JJ has a feeling they will find her and Hotch warns her that she has been out in shark infested water for 3 days, it isn’t looking good.  Wouldn’t you know it, she climbed on top of a buoy and rescue was able to find her, alive!!!!  That Kate IS a smart girl!!!   In the hospital Billy Thomas, her father, thanks JJ for not only saving his daughter but saving his life.  He didn’t think he could go through life losing another child.  Come to think of it, I can’t even imagine what it must be like to lose 1 child let alone 2.  But to then torture your wife by then killing yourself?  So she loses her son, her daughter, and her husband?  Coward.

Back at HQ, JJ has been informed that she has no choice and is being instructed by someone above Hotch and Strauss’ pay grade to take the Pentagon position.  So JJ reluctantly takes the position.  She tells her team about what has transpired and there is a pretty tearful goodbye (more on my part than their part.)  Then privately, and this is what kills me, she says goodbye to Garcia, her BFF.  It is a really touching scene between the friends and they promise to stay in touch.  We are treated to flashback clips of JJ through her time on the show and the show ends with the montage above and JJ stepping into the elevator for the last time.  Kleenex anyone?

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RECAP: Castle “He’s Dead, She’s Dead” S3 E2

Martha got engaged!!!   How great is that?  But Martha isn’t so sure if Chet is “the one” so she is going to think about and wear a 20 lb. rock on her finger in the meantime.  And as she is sharing the news with Alexis and Castle, Beckett calls….crime scene!

Castle recognizes her instantly as Vivian Marchand,  a popular medium that has helped police departments across the country solve many crimes.   And I learn something new in this episode, psychics are people who see the future and mediums are people who see the future and connect with the dead.  I didn’t know that!   This of course strikes up a debate with Beckett…Beckett thinks they are frauds and Castle believes it’s possible.  What a surprise.    So Beckett and Castle go to interview the last people she had a session with before she was killed, a mother and daughter, Paula and Marina Casillas.  And once I meet the Casillases I am already annoyed.   Paula is played by Bess Armstrong…GUILTY!  I hate it when casting agencies cast well-known actors in guest roles on crime dramas….they are 95% of the time guilty.   As soon as I saw Bess Armstrong, I knew she was guilty and everything else would be the smoke screen.  It turns out, Paula’s husband is also deceased and he had something important to share with Vivian and she was going to commune with his spirit the night she died.  Of course she was!    Beckett and the boys (B&B) also find out that there was a gentleman who came to see her that afternoon and left in a really bad mood.   Turns out this man is allegedly a hit man for the mob.  So Castle and Beckett pay him a visit.

At Moreno’s house, the interview him about what happened and find out Vivian told him to invest in a particular real estate deal because it will bring him true happiness.  When it fell through and he lost all his money, he was furious and went to see her to confront her.  She told him that the universe would right itself and she had to leave for another appointment.  When Moreno left, he had a meeting with his broker’s partner, who turned out to be his high school sweetheart and they re-fell in love.   Aaaaaaw.  Castle points out the Vivian was correct, the real estate deal brought him true happiness.   Beckett rolls her eyes.   Ha!   Back at the cop shop Castle is still trying to convince them that this woman was clairvoyant and they aren’t buying.   They decide to look into Vivian a little more and discover that she may have exaggerated her involvement in the police cases a tad bit.  Castle thinks the other cops are just embarrassed to admit she helped them and are downplaying her involvement, when suddenly, a package arrives for B&B.  It’s from Vivian!  It’s postmarked the morning of her murder.  “To Whom it May Concern,” it starts off, “I feel my murder is imminent” to which Castle squeals like a 10-year-old girl who just received Justin Beiber tickets.   She gives B&B some clues such as she couldn’t breathe, a man dressed in black, the numbers 7-5-1-8, and she could hear banging from far away.  Castle is stoked…a psychic predicted her own murder!  I love Nathan Fillion more than words!   Beckett thinks the killer wrote the letter after he/she killed Vivian to throw them off…we shall see.   When visiting Lainey, they discover she was killed with a clean ice pick (it was Catherine Trammel!!!) and her phone was dialed to a certain number 718-555 and Castle freaks out because those were the numbers Vivian saw.  Coincidence Beckett states simply.   In the meantime, Ryan reveals that the man convicted in Vivian’s first case was just paroled 2 months ago and was seen at her office that afternoon.   Do you know what he was wearing when they brought him in?   That’s right people, ALL BLACK!!  3 of the 4 conditions of her death that she predicted have now been revealed.   Ha!

Back at Casa Castle, Martha comes in looking very upset and she informs her son that Chet has died.  He had a stroke.  His children were there, see the ring on Martha’s finger, and assume they were getting married.  Martha is distraught, she was going there to break up with him and now his children want her to give the eulogy.  I feel so bad for Martha.   That’s a brutal spot to be in.  In the morning Vivian’s daughter comes to see Beckett because she hasn’t been honest with her.   She has the same gift her mother has…of course she does!    She tells Beckett that Alexander will one day save her life.   Beckett thanks her and gives her a “how much crack have you been smoking today” look as she is leaving.   Ryan is really earning his paycheck this episode because he discovers who “TJ” is and where he lives (TJ was scribbled in her date book and possibly the last person to see her alive.)   C&B go to see “TJ” and Beckett asks him why it is so important she believe in all this stuff he says “because if you don’t believe in the possibility of magic, you’ll never find it.”  Beckett’s face drops and when the door opens, “TJ” opens the door and SHE freaks out.  It turns out she was having an affair and it turns out the person she was sleeping with was Emilio Casillas…Bess Armstrong’s husband!   Vivian knew about this and that is why she went to see her, to get some more information.  Although C&B now thinks it’s TJ’s husband that killed both Emilio and Vivian.

B&B and Castle are sitting around brain storming and going through evidence about how this all went down and they all come to the conclusion that Nick Johnston (Toni “TJ’s” husband) committed the crime and they bring him in for questioning.  He says that Vivian asked to see him at her office so he left work early to meet her.   When he got there he was pounding on the door but no one ever answered and he thought she was blowing him off.   Pounding on the door?  Doesn’t that sound like clue #4 from her letter?   Ryan interrupts the interrogation because Vivian’s daughter is there again.  Beckett tells her she in a very important meeting and can’t talk about Alexander right now.  “Alexander?” Castle says.  And Beckett tells him that she’ll fill him in later.   Penny says she knows who killed her mother.   She says the Masons are involved.  Beckett gives her the “how much crack have you been smoking today” look again.  Penny said, you need to ask the Masons what happened.  Oooook.  At another brainstorming session, they look a little more closely at the Casillas (Paula and Marina) but Ryan points out that they have an alibi during the time of the murder.  They were having dinner with friends but the restaurant was near Vivian’s office.  And you know the name of the restaurants….Masons!   Boo-ya!!!  The Casillas are brought back in for questioning and Marina tells C&B that her mother picked the restaurant location.  When asked if they ordered wine with their meal, Marina said yes but they didn’t order it, it was a BYOB.   “So you brought your own bottle” Beckett asks.  Marina said no, her mom ran to the liquor store around 5:15pm to get it and was gone about 20 minutes.   It turns out, according to the receipt from the liquor store, she bought the wine at 3:12 not 5:15 and she also bought, an ice pick.   Oops.    Paula confirms that she did kill the cheating bastard and that she had to kill Vivian once Vivian mentioned that Emilio had something important to tell her.   Paula thought he was going to rat her out from the grave and she couldn’t let that happen.     Told you…guilty!   I hate when I figure it out so early.

When C&B revisit the letter sent to them, Castle brings up about the 4th condition, the banging she heard from a distance.  It must have been Nick Johnston and Vivian was already dead at that point.  Beckett thinks that Paula was hiding in Vivian’s office until he left and that’s how she heard the banging and put that in the letter.  Castle reminds her that according to her timeline, when Johnston was there at 5:45pm banging on her door, Paula was already back at the restaurant and office was empty save for Vivian’s dead body.  Beckett scrunches up her face, she can’t refute that!  Before Castle leaves, he asks her about the “Alexander” thing.  Beckett tells him nothing and that it makes no sense anyway and asks why he’s curious.  He says that his middle name is Alexander.  “I thought it was Edgar” she replies.  “Perusing the personal section of the Richard Castle website again are we?”   Ha!!!   Castle said he changed his middle name to Edgar in honor of Edgar Allen Poe when he changed his last name to Castle but that his given name is Richard Alexander Rodgers.   “What a coincidence, huh?”   It certainly is Castle!   I’m certain the comment about an Alexander saving Beckett’s life will come back into play at some point this season.

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Quick Reviews

Private Practice “Take Two” S4 E1

– This episode buries Dell, deals with a couple trying to get pregnant after accidentally killing their son by leaving him in a hot car, a man needing a kidney and the only option is his special needs brother, and Pete & Violet get married. It figures the characters of PP take the funeral of Dell (always my least favorite character on the show) and use that opportunity to bitch about their lives. Nice. How about remembering your supposed friend. The couple ends up having Addison agree to help them, the kidney transplant didn’t work and the recipient is going to die, but the brothers have a nice goodbye moment at the end, and Dink grows a set, after some help from Sam, to tell Naomi to stop pushing him away from his wife and daughter. Pete and Violet get married, although it was touch and go because Violet had second thoughts. An ok episode but not very strong.

Criminal Minds “The Longest Night” S6 E1

– This was the resolution to the season finale from last year.  Can I just say how incredibly creepy and disgusting Tim Curry looked in these episodes?   I know that’s how he was supposed to look but my goodness.  He was nasty!  The Prince of Darkness still has Ellie kidnapped and he is using her as bait to kill more people.  She is also being really bold and getting in his face and being very defiant…I don’t know if that made her brave and strong or stupid and lucky but either way because of her actions, the BAU team was able to catch the killer and solve the crime.   One of my favorite ensemble casts on TV and I am always glad to have Criminal Minds back on the tube!

The Whole Truth “Thicker Than Water” S1 E2

– Not really interested in the case this week.  A woman is accused of murdering her abusive father on a ferry.  It goes through the typical back and forth between the 2 sides, showing the investigating and the prep for trial eventually landing at the trial.   In the end the woman is acquitted  and  now each side is 1 for 1 with victories.  The thing I really like about this show is that at the very end, it flashes to the defendant or someone involved in the case and you find out if the jury was correct.  In this episode, not only was the defendant innocent but you are lead to believe her new boyfriend was actually the one who committed the crime!

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One Week In, How Are the Shows Doing?

It’s always hard to tell how new shows are doing 1-2 weeks into the new season.   But one thing looks clear, the new shows are doing so-so to awful.  Here’s a quick recap (based off ratings from “TV by the Numbers”.)  Anything in italics is a new show:

Potential To Be Canceled (based off bad ratings getting worse):

  1. Lonestar (already canceled)
  2. Life Unexpected
  3. The Good Guys
  4. The Whole Truth
  5. My Generation
  6. Outlaw

Danger Zone Shows (based off so-so ratings either not getting better or getting worse):

  1. Detroit 1-8-7
  2. Running Wilde
  3. Chuck
  4. Undercovers
  5. Parenthood

New Shows Doing Well or Hanging In There:

  1. Nikita
  2. Hellcats
  3. Raising Hope
  4. Better with You
  5. Mike & Molly
  6. Chase
  7. The Event
  8. Outsourced
  9. No Ordinary Family

So 9 new shows are doing well to hanging in so far, while 7 other new shows are either on life support or already dead/one foot in the grave.  I am curious about the what fell under what category.  The one that probably shocks me the most is Outsourced.  I don’t watch it, but it got such HORRIBLE reviews from people with advanced copies I am shocked to see it doing so well.  I’m also a little surprised to see Chase on the good list.  I have the first 2 episodes taped and didn’t watch them yet so maybe I won’t be so surprised after seeing it.  On the bad lists, I’m surprised Detroit 187, The Whole Truth, and My Generation are doing so badly.  Again, I don’t watch My Generation because it didn’t interest me. but it got great buzz leading up to it and had some solid props to the cast.  But I guess many people felt like I did, just not that interested.  TWT and D 187 I did watch and really liked them both so I’m not sure why they aren’t catching on, especially D 187.  The competition in D 187’s slot is Parenthood, which isn’t doing very well lately which bums me out, and The Good Wife, which didn’t premiere until this week and their ratings were down from last year’s premiere (which from what I’ve read, doesn’t mean a whole lot.)  So what gives?  TWT has L&O SVU and the Defenders which are doing well so I guess that hurts it but I’m interested to see how the ratings are tonight.

If you see one of your favorites on the Canceled or Danger lists, start tuning in because this could be your last chance or last season if you don’t!

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RECAP: Mike & Molly “First Date” S1 E2

Mike and Molly are finally going on their first date.  Carl decides to help Mike get a little color into his wardrobe.  He was dressed in all brown prompting Carl to say he looks like a UPS truck.   His cousin owns a “Big and Tall” store and they help Mike get ready for his date.   Molly on the other hand is coming down with a cold and doesn’t want to cancel because she’s afraid he’ll think she is blowing him off and won’t call for another date.  Victoria says she might want to reconsider because you know “guys hate it when you sneeze on their wieners.”  I laughed at that line so hard for about 2 minutes, my husband came running upstairs from playing PS3 Modern Warfare 25 to see what was so funny.  He didn’t think it was quite as funny as I thought but he did laugh at it too.  I’m weird like that.  I usually laugh at things other people don’t find funny.  I think with this though, I wasn’t expecting a line like that…probably because I’m not used to Victoria’s character yet.  But I have a feeling, I will be better prepared from here on out.   I’m still smiling to myself about that line!   Anyway, Joyce brings up some cough syrup for Molly and Molls downs it in one big gulp signaling Joyce and Victoria to warn her about all the codeine in the bottle!  As Mike shows up in a “I love Christmas” type sweater, Molly is passed out from all the codeine.  So Victoria wants her to take a diet so she can stay awake and enjoy the codeine…ha!   She says no and then passes back out.  So Victoria drops the pill in her mouth and forces her to swallow it.    What results from this is hilarious.  Molly turns into a crazy woman signing and bopping down the steps and out the door.  “Let’s go sweater boy” she yells at Mike and Mike is wondering what the hell is going on.

As they are driving to dinner, Molly can’t stop talking and groping Mike’s face.  She also mentions how he’s not a talker.  When he tries to respond, she mentions how he can’t stop talking.  They finally get to restaurant and Molly is still in rare form.  After snorting some Afrin, she asks Mike what he was saying and he says he was asking if she liked her snapper  and she responds with “sure do you like your penis?”  Again, didn’t see that line coming and I lost it!!!  Especially the look on Mike’s face!!!  Molly then asks Mike to tell her a little more about himself and he wants to wait until she may remember it but she doesn’t want to wait.  So as he starts to tell her, she proceeds to pull a hair out of his nose that was bothering her all night!   Fantastic!!!  When she excuses herself to the ladies room “I have to pee like a racehorse” Mike starts to get worried when she hasn’t come back.  He goes to check it out and finds Molls passed out on the commode.

Once they are back in the car, driving home, it seems the codine has worn off and Molly is back to normal, horrified at how the night went down.  When she tells Mike what happened and why she didn’t want to cancel, all he heard was that she liked him.  He tells her that he likes her too.  And then Molly pukes everywhere.   When he walks her to the door he knows he’s supposed to kiss her good night, but as Molls says, “there is only so much a butter nut rum life saver can cover up.”  They say goodnight and Molly thanks Mike for being such a gentleman.  His response: “well you’re a lady, you deserve it.”  Ok, I love him!  When he gives Carl the run down of the date, Carl apologies to him and says I guess you’re never going to see her again.  Mike’s response: “are you kidding, I’m going to marry her.”   Love him more!!!!

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RECAP: The Good Wife “Taking Control” S2 E1

My favorite new show of last year is back.   When we last left Alicia, she was waiting for Peter to finish his speech and join him on stage to promote his new campaign to become State’s Attorney again.  Although we learned she still has that old college twinge for Will and the 2 made out in the office last year prompting Will to make a play for Alicia’s affections.  She told him the romance is nice but she needs a plan, get back to her when he does.  Well as she was stepping to the stage, Will calls!   What will Alicia do???

Is anyone surprised she made it on stage with Peter?  I didn’t think so.    I think Alicia really does love Peter but is just having a hard time with the trust issues.   Really can you blame her?  I think Alicia wants to make her marriage work, not just for her children but because I really believe that she thinks Peter, deep down, is a good man who really does want to change.  I also think most people when confronted with your old college flame (and a burning flame at that) can’t help but feel a little something.   There was something that attracted the 2 of you in the first place so it would be strange if some type of feeling didn’t arise.  Although depending on how it ended it could be complete and utter disgust.   But for Alicia where she felt betrayed, self-conscious, and flat-out pissed about what her husband did to her and her family, I can see why she would open herself up to someone, historically, she knows she can trust.

So Alicia makes it on stage and Will has left 2 different messages.  The 1st message, after he sees Alicia on stage with Peter, stays that he doesn’t have a plan and that he is her boss and she is his employee and let’s leave it at that.   The 2nd message, Will decides screw it…he loves her and he’s loved her since Georgetown.  He tells her he’ll meet her anywhere anytime to go over a plan.   But if none of it makes sense, just ignore it and they will go back to how things have been.  Unfortunately for Will (and depending on if you are Team Will or Team Peter, Alicia), Eli Gold has Alicia’s phone while she is on stage and does the reprehensible thing and listens to her voicemail!!!!!  Being the campaign manager and seeing his campaign fall apart should Alicia leave Peter, he promptly deletes Will’s 2nd message.   Now maybe I’m reading too much into this but do you think Eli listened to both messages and purposely left the first one, we just didn’t see him listen to it?  Or did he just listen to the 2nd one and delete it?   Because you would think, if he is going to listen to 1 message from Will, he would listen to them all.

The case this week was a defendant who has decided to represent himself and since Alicia happened to be in the courtroom on another matter, the judge assigned her as the babysitter on the case.  Why do these defendants really think it is their best interest to defend themselves?  I know it’s a constitution right but come on.   How dumb can you be?  As a result, Childs interest in this case has peaked once he hears Alicia is involved.   It’s a weird case because the defendant is claiming it’s a government conspiracy and everyone on both sides seems to be getting a good chuckle out of this case.  That is until the defendant starts winning with Alicia’s help.  Childs is not happy so he removes Brody from first chair and puts Cary in.  Kalinda ends up finding a key witness (more on Kalinda and Blake later) who Alicia wants to put on the stand.  When Kalinda says she is going to invoke her 5th amendment right, Alicia is fine with that because it will instill reasonable doubt into the jury’s mind.  When that is exactly what happens, the judge wants clarification on what the witness is pleading the 5th on.   This sends Alicia into a fit because he is not permitted to do that.  Meanwhile Peter has snuck into the courtroom to watch Alicia.  The judge continues his questioning of the witness and Alicia continues to interrupt him and tell him he cannot legally continue to probe further if she invoked her right.  The judge then tells Alicia to “shut up” (jerk) and she says she will not shut up, asks for an immediate mistrial, which the judge says he’ll deny, so then she threatens to send him to the judiciary review board.  The judge then adjourns court.  Alicia…IS…AWESOME!!!!   Peter also really likes what he sees because when they get home that night, he gets a little frisky with Alicia.  She tells him she can’t because she has to study so he decides to just “take care of her” and she doesn’t say no.   Yowzer!!!  Can they do that on TV?  I guess they can!!!     Anyone have a bucket of ice you can dump on my head?   The next day, as Cary begins his cross-examination of the 5th amendment witness, Kalinda gets a call on her phone from Blake saying the police found the murder weapon which will most likely result in the defendant being convicted but it still has yet to be confirmed.  Kalinda runs in and tells Alicia what is going on.   The judge asks Alicia for her next witness and she says “Defenses Rests.”  When her client wants to put more people on the stand she reiterates that to him in a very stern manner and Cary picks up that something is going on that isn’t good for them.   He tells the judge they are not prepared for closing arguments and would  like the arguments to begin the next day.   Judge says no.  Cary asks for a recess, judge says no.  So the prosecution has to begin closing arguments.  As Cary is in the middle of his closing, a policeman shows up to talk to Brody and Brody interrupts Cary’s closing to ask for new evidence to be introduced.   Judge says no can do.  Once CA have begun, no new evidence can be introduced.  After arguments have been completed, the prosecution offers 5 years, murder 2 to the defendant and Alicia thinks he should take it.  The defendant is confused and says “you told me you only need 1 juror to deadlock and we have that!”  Alicia then reminds him that yes that is true.  But since new evidence has been found, that can be used against him in the next trial and he will most surely get convicted then.   I guess it was always assumed the jury would deadlock and not acquit?  Ok.  He takes the deal and the bad guy goes to jail but Alicia still does an excellent job.

On the merger front, it is moving forward with Derek Bond (played by Michael Ealy) and his firm completely entrenched with Lockhart/Gardner.  It is clear Bond wants to institute some new programs and policies: partner mentoring, peer reviews, and centralized partner offices instead of corner offices.  Diane and Will agree to take under advisement.   I can’t remember from last season but is it fair to assume that Derek is equal partners with Diane and Will?  Or is he a junior partner?   I’m not sure.  But it seems they are setting up a partner triangle in the office with Will and Derek hitting if off and Diane possibly being left behind.   Is that how you interpreted that scene?   Also, it seems the partner mentoring program has been agreed to because Derek was impressed with Alicia’s handling of the “conspiracy” case that he informs her, he’s her new mentor.   See ya later Will.   As a result of this merger, there are now 2 in-house investigators, the practically perfect in every way, Kalinda and Blake, the guy from Derek’s firm.  And right away these two but heads.   Show of hands, who thinks eventually these two will sleep together?   Me!!!!  In the meantime, there is some game playing back and forth.  And it seems that twice, Blake called Kalinda, Leela.  Now there are 2 ways to interpret this…1: he’s calling her a different name just to get under her skin and be a douche bag.  2: her name at some point was Leela and not Kalinda which indicates a deeper story there.   I’m hoping it’s the latter.

Another stellar episode from one of the BEST shows on TV and one of my #1 shows!!!   For the record, I am Team Peter!   I know he was a creep and maybe I’m a little biased because I like Chris Noth as an actor, but I think Alicia should be with Peter.  I really believe he loves her.   I think he got wrapped up in the political life (thinking he could do whatever he wanted with no consequences), but he learned how much it isn’t worth it because he doesn’t want to lose his family, and he is trying to change.  You could argue he is only like that because he was caught and that is a valid argument.  But I like him and I like Alicia with him.   I do hate his mother by the way.   God she gets on my last nerve.  And I don’t trust Will.  I don’t know what it is and I can’t put my finger on it yet, but I think he is sleazy.  Do I think he cares for Alicia, I do.  But I think Will is where Peter was a few years ago…thinking he can be sneaky to get what he wants and that he is untouchable.  Alicia has been there done that, she doesn’t need to go through that again.

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RECAP: Glee “Britney/Brittany” S2 E2

Since I do have a full-time job (damn you career) I have to skip over some reviews/recaps or I will always be 6-7 episodes behind.   So all I am going to say about “Audition” was that I really enjoyed it.  Coach Beiste is a good addition to the cast, Charice can sing the doors off the Pentagon, and Cheyenne Jackson was not on the show long enough and didn’t sing…bummer.   But I guess since he is the new Vocal Adrenaline coach, Idina Menzel won’t be coming back to Glee?   Unless they decide to re-incorporate Rachel’s mom some how, which I hope they do.

On the flip side, I didn’t like this episode at all!   And it has nothing to do with the fact that I am not a Britney Spears fan.  It’s because this episode epitomizes everything I hoped Glee would NOT become, a show to be there for the sole purpose of promoting music and iTunes downloads, storyline and characters will get fit in where they can.   That is what B/B felt like.  Really, what SL did this episode move forward?  Other than Brittany comprehending that she can move out of the shadow of Britney Spears and Will figuring out he still has feelings for Emma, what character SL moved forward?  None.   And that has me SERIOUSLY concerned about this show moving forward.

I’m not going to lie, I am a Broadway junkie.   I LOVE live theater.   So when Glee hit my TV, I fell in love instantly with the music, the people, the basis of the show.  Not to mention people like Kristin Chenoweth, Idina Menzel, Matthew Morrison, and Lea Michele, all broadway stars, were going to be part of this series.  I thought last season was tremendous.  There was humor, emotion, real situations and real solutions to everyday problems, and people with amazing talent.  There was nothing else like it on TV.  But I hope E2 of S2 is not going to be indicative of the series moving forward.   We have already had Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Britney Spears episodes.   And I have heard they are looking to do another Madonna episode as well as Michael Jackson and Bruce Springsteen.   To me that screams “I am doing this to sell more music and nothing else…character development be damned!”  And it works because I’m one of those people!   But you know why it worked for me, because the music was originally incorporated into the show’s SL poignantly and seamlessly and the songs selected fit what was going on in the show at the time.  As a result, I was exposed to new music I hadn’t heard before or heard a different spin on an old favorite of mine.   Even the Madonna episode had a point and fit the show.   I’d rather the writers go back to that….write for the characters and find music to fit the SL.   Not the other way around.

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The first TV show of the 2010-2011 season has been canceled from network TV and the first show of the 2010-2011 season has been canceled from DVR #3.   Lonestar was canceled by FOX yesterday after 2 episodes.  I didn’t watch Lonestar.   The premise of the show did nothing for me so I didn’t tune in…apparently neither did anyone else.  So Lonestar is already a goner.

Gone from my viewing, Running Wilde.   After the 2nd episode, 3 things came to me: the show is not funny, the show is poorly  written, this is a complete waste of Keri Russell’s talent.  I literally did not laugh once last night and about 3 minutes into the episode, I wanted to FF through some dialogue.   How does that happen in a 30 minute sitcom, 2 eppies into its TV career?  I’ll tell you how, it’s a bad show.   You know a show isn’t good when you start to think “how much longer do I have to watch this before I can go to sleep?”   And then you realize, you have only been watching for 10 MINUTES!   Yikes!   Maybe I will try to revisit this one, but I doubt it.

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“LOST” Analysis: The Event “To Keep Us Safe” S1 E2

Ok, what did we learn this week?  We learned what happened with the plane, where it ends up (Yuma, Arizona), and that Michael hijacked the plane because he was being blackmailed from the people who kidnapped his children and killed his wife.   But that seemed pretty obvious.  We learned that the girl who went scuba diving with Sean was involved with the kidnapping of Leila, but again that seemed obvious.  We learned that Greg, who was with scuba dive girl, was murdered by the group that kidnapped Leila and Sean was framed for the murder.  We learned that the people being held captive in Alaska were from a plane crash in 1944 and that they aren’t human but we’re not sure what they are.  They don’t seem to age and their DNA is about 1% off from ours.   We learned that the President finds out about the circumstances of the people being held in Alaska and after a meeting with Dr Kerry Weaver, decides to not release them.  And we learned that Simon, who is working for the CIA, is also one of the passengers from that flight in 1944 and somehow escaped.  Ew, and that he somehow got some kind of gummy vein in his arm to pass his CIA test, yuck…but clever!

I applaud the writers for not messing around and giving the viewers answers to some of the big issues raised in the premiere, right away.  But there were still some lingering questions out there and new ones raised.  Who is behind the kidnapping of Leila and her sister?  Do they work for a rogue division of the government or are they civilians?  And if their point was to stop the President from releasing the detainees, are they really bad people or good people who are very misguided?  Was Greg part of the plan and botched it or was he collateral damage?  How did Simon escape from capture?  What is he doing working for the CIA and why?  What is the motive and purpose of the detainees?  Is Sean inadvertently getting tripped up in this situation (wrong place wrong time) or is he being targeted as well?  Are all the passengers from flight 514 really dead?   Was Michael Buchanan still with them or did he go off on his own?  Why would Dr Kerry Weaver say “I haven’t told you everything” and then proceed to tell the President nothing except “we mean you no harm?”  Yeah, and the visitors on V said the same thing.  How did the detainees “save” Dr Kerry Weaver and President Martinez? 

2 episodes in and I am really interested in what is going on with all the characters and the storyline.  I am really happy to see that they already backed off on the time jumping.  It still happened but it fit much better with the flow of the show and actually added to the story instead of detracted from it.  I think it will be easier to keep viewers and get viewers by answering so many questions immediately but still raising more questions to keep the story moving.  But the way the writers have set this up, I wonder how long this can go on?  I can’t see this lasting 5 seasons.  1 maybe 2 at most.   But again, that’s why they write the shows and I watch them.  As for this viewer, I am interested and I am in.

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RECAP: Grey’s Anatomy “With You I’m Born Again” S7 E1

In the aftermath of the “mass murder” as Lexie Grey calls it, from last season’s finale, we see that everyone is handling this very differently.   Derek is plunging full speed ahead, literally.   He keeps getting arrested for speeding, he resigns as Chief and appoints Chief Webber as CoS, and he is undertaking a tremendously risky surgery on a teenager without giving the patient all the information to make an informed decision.  Meredith is wondering how she hasn’t been cleared for surgery (so I am considering who Dr Perkins already cleared…everyone else except Cristina), she is going in for a DNC and refuses to tell Derek, and she is questioning Cristina’s decision to get married so soon after the crisis.  Alex is being Alex, wanted to keep his bullet because he thinks he can get laid more often with his “battle scar.”   Cristina is more concerned with wedding planning than surgery.   She makes the comment on how she used to make fun of the girls in the magazines because they weren’t special.   She wonders why she can’t be like them because non-special people don’t have guns held to their heads.   Bailey can barely keep it together even after coming back from a month off with her family and she breaks up with yummy Ben and he truly acts like a respectful gentleman giving Bailey her wishes to give her time to glue herself back together.    Lexie had the most visceral reaction to her ordeal.  Jackson and April were kind of there in the background with April having some breakdown moments.   Teddy, Slone, Owen, Callie, and Arizona seemed to be business as usual.

The most important thing with the way this whole episode came about….everyone stayed true to character.  I don’t think one person acted in a way we wouldn’t have expected them to.   And it was interesting to see people’s take: April thought it was her fault Derek got shot, Derek said it was his fault the whole hospital got shot, Cristina said her being special put her in a dangerous situation, Meredith was concerned about Cristina because even though “Derek is the love of my life, you are my soul mate.”   GREAT LINE!  Alex could “care less”, Lexie was completed freaked out but then eerily calm.  And Bailey really struggled just to keep herself from breaking down all the time, but yet still managed to put on a brave, yet caring front in front of her residents.

I thought when Derek said this to the mother of the boy who had the excruciating surgery “This is the fight, this is the fight.  The life that’s in your head, you get if you fight.  This pain is not a dying pain, it’s a healing pain, a victory pain.  We won.”    And that is exacting what the staff at Seattle Grace is going through right now.   Great episode.

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