RECAP: Chuck “Chuck vs. The Anniversary” S4 E1

24 Sep

Chuck is one of my favorite shows on TV.  I love a show that can balance humor, action, romance, drama, and semi-strong character plots so effortlessly.  That is Chuck for me….a fantastic writing staff and excellent cast that make me root for them every week.   And I like that Chuck is the “little show that could.”   Every time people think this show is dead, it rises up.  In the words of Captain Awesome…Awesome!   (I told you that you were going to need a frosty beverage, probably lots of them, while I get my groove on in this blog!)

So last season Chuck decided he wasn’t going to be a spy anymore so that Ellie wouldn’t worry about him and get a real job and focus on his relationship with Sarah.   Yeah, we all knew that was going to last until the end of the episode.  This isn’t “Chuck” unless he is the bumbling intersect!   But he was also going to search for his mother who he recently discovered was still alive.  And with all his connections in the spy world, the world-class spies he lives next door to, and the world-class spy he lives with, he chooses none other than his BFF, Morgan, to travel across the globe in search for Mama Bartowski.  Really Chuck?  I love Morgan but, really?   They come up empty-handed, save for a little chinese food menu with an odd dragon symbol on the front.   The same symbol Chuck notices on Sarah’s case that she recovered from Ivan Drago before he jumped off a building.  On a side note, I have no idea of Dolph Lundgren’s character’s name in the episode, but it doesn’t matter because he will always be Ivan Drago to me.   And you will never break Rocky, Drago!!  Sorry, the Philadelphian in me just came out.   So Sarah and Casey head out for their mission and Chuck and Morgan continue to search for Mama Bartowski, using the dragon symbol as a lead.  And wouldn’t you know it, they end up in Moscow together.  As Sarah tries to contact Chuck via text to let him know she and Casey are there, Morgan intercepts the phone and thinks Sarah is trying to “sext” Chuck.  Of course Morgan being Morgan, he jumps right in on this!  This leads to a pretty funny back and forth but Morgan finally realizes they are in trouble.  Chuck and he leave the file on Chuck’s mom he is downloading and get to Sarah and Casey in time to save them.  However they are still trapped in the building and need to use the EMP to get them out of there which destroys the downloaded info on Chuck’s mom.    After their escape, we see Sarah Connor, I mean Mary Elizabeth Bartowski, with Ivan Drago and his crew.  At this point, I’m not sure if she’s a baddie or a goodie, but she Chuck Norris kicks her way out of the building and she is off and on the run again.  In the end, Chuck realizes he needs to go back into the spy world and wants to tell Ellie so he won’t have to lie to her.  In the courtyard of Casa Bartowskis, Chuck tries to tell Ellie, but she tells him how blissfully happy she is and drops the big news on him…Ellie is pregnant!   So Chuck decides to keep the spy world to himself again.

I’m really anxious to see where this storyline is going.   But it better not end like Papa Bartowski ended last season.  I don’t think Chuck and Ellie (cough, cough, me) can take losing another parent to the spy life.  I think Linda Hamilton is going to be a great addition to the cast and I am glad to see that General Beckman is now a series regular.

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