REVIEW: The Event “I Haven’t Told You Everything” S1 E1 (The Pilot)

24 Sep

This was the new show for the 2010 TV Fall Season I was most looking forward to seeing.   Of the whole 3 people who may be reading this, if you watched The Event, I am curious about what you thought of the pilot (and I don’t mean Luke Danes/Mike Buchanan going off the deep end.)  I’m not sure if I liked it.  I think I did.  But going in, I kept my expectations at a medium.  I don’t like when people call a show “the next Lost” or “if you liked Lost, you’ll love The Event.”  No I don’t think so.  There will NEVER be another Lost.  So let’s not get crazy.  I like to take the show for what it is, or what I think it will be…a show with a stellar cast that may potentially have an interesting plot line that will make me think and keep me tuned in every week.  That is what I think The Event will be.

Off the bat, the thing I really hope the writers DON’T do is this time jumping every 3 minutes for the rest of the season.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with jumping timelines that explain backstories or show a different side to a situation we already saw.  I’m fine with that.   But not 7 1/2 minutes ago, 7 1/2 weeks ago, 13 months ago, and this happens all during the show.   I felt like I was on the tea cups at the Magic Kingdom.  So I think that needs to tone down.

Of the different storylines we were introduced to, Sean Walker, President Martinez, Simon Lee, Dr. Kerry Weaver as a prisoner, I think I was most interested in Sean Walker’s story.  Right away, I knew I was going to root for this guy.  What happened to Leila?  How was Sean erased from the cruise ship data base and why?  How does his future father in law tie into all this and why was he piloting that plane?  Why were Leila and her sister taken?  How did Sean get a gun on that plane?  How does he look so good when so stressed out?   Sorry I digress.  But I’m already in and want to know what’s happening with Sean and the Buchanans.   I’m sure I will get more into President Martinez’s story and the prisoners in Alaska and what they have to do with the plane vanishing into thin air.  But those stories right now are part of my “I have no idea what is going on and I have nothing I can relate to here.”  I have heard that when questions are raised on this show that they will be answered quickly so viewers won’t be kept in the dark on everything, but there will still be plenty of mystery.

I think I’m still excited about The Event.  And I will certainly be tuning in each week (so far) to see what happens next.   What are your thoughts?

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