My Writing Style?

25 Sep

One thing you will realize quickly about me, and you can ask anyone who knows me personally (actually you wouldn’t because you will never meet any of these people)…I am terrible with names and I have a lousy memory.   Which is a gift that suits me well in my real profession of sales.  Here is a wonderful example: my mother (the most wonderful woman I know) works at my high school in the development office and one of her areas of expertise…alumnae relations.  This woman knows the name of every person who graduated from last year to when Mary Lincoln was in high school.   She’ll say things to me like, “you remember Sally Smith Jones don’t you?”  “Nope” is usually my reply.   “She played field hockey with you.  You were a sophomore, she was a senior.”   “Still not ringing a bell mom.”   This poor woman will try everything to make me remember who this girl was and I can’t remember.   After 5 minutes of trying to remind me of this faceless classmate and complete frustration pouring over her face, she continues with her story.

Ok Heather, what’s your point?   My point is, please don’t be frustrated when I used an actor’s previous character name or reference a place from an another show that looks exactly like one from the show we are discussing.  I’m not trying to confuse or frustrate any of you, like I do my poor mother!  I just don’t always remember a new character’s name or a guest star’s name so I use what I know. But if this severely annoys you, you know what to do, grab another cocktail.

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