REVIEW: Running Wilde “Pilot” S1 E1

25 Sep

Running Wilde is about a ridiculously wealthy “man,” Steven Wilde (played by Will Arnett) who is a trust fund kid with no social graces who reconnects with the girl he loved Emmy (played by Keri Russell.)   Emmy was the daughter of one of Steven’s housekeepers and the two of them had a young flirtation that I assume turned into romance before he mother was fired and Emmy moved away.  She is an environmental conservationist who has been living in the African jungle with her daughter Puddle.  Are you freaking kidding me with that name?   Puddle hasn’t spoken in 6 months.   When they come back to the United States because they were invited to an event honoring Steven’s humanitarian work (it’s a self-given award to Steven since he has always wanted to win one) Emmy and Puddle are effected differently.  Emmy is impressed with Steven’s accomplishment until she realizes that Wilde Oil, his father’s company and the company trying to destroy the land where she has been working in Africa, is giving him the award and she puts 2 and 2 together realizing that he is giving himself the award.  She storms out.  Puddle has realized there is real food outside of eating plants and dirt.  She is eating any french fry she can get her hands and is shoving them down 20 at a time!  I would too if I was her.  Puddle is then seen flirting with this boy back and forth, that is until she reaches over and plucks the leaf off a plant and starts to eat it.  When Puddle realizes her mom wants to take her back to the jungle, she sneaks into Steven’s limo and finally talks.  She begs him to help her find a way to stay.   Steven enrolls his next door neighbor, Fa’ad, with whom he constantly has competitions with about who can be more extravagant with their money, to play a psychiatrist and convince Emmy that Puddle needs to stay.  It doesn’t work and Emmy wants to leave.  Puddle tells her mom she doesn’t want to go back.  Emmy is so excited she can speak she missed Puddle’s point.  Puddle tells her it was her idea and not Steven’s to use the rouse on her.  She then goes back in and asks Steven why he didn’t tell her the truth and he says because he didn’t want to get Puddle in trouble.   With that, she decides to stay and change Steven into a “good man.”  While he is going to try to change Emmy into a “bad girl.”

Ugh, I was so disappointed in this show.  I didn’t see Arrested Development and I know people who watched it, RAVED about that show.   But Will Arnett’s character annoyed the hell out of me.  I didn’t find him or the show to be very funny.  Other than the scene with Puddle eating the plant in front of the boys, I didn’t laugh.   I love Keri Russell but I am already pissed off at her character for several reasons: #1 you named your child Puddle, #2 you force your child to live a world with no school, no friends, no hygiene, #3 your work is SO important that with one nice gesture from a guy you haven’t seen in about 20 years and you decide to move in with him, #4 you named your child PUDDLE!

I always like to give a show 4-5 episodes to get their feet under them before I give up and I will do the same here.  But it better pick up in the comedy department fast or I am gone.

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