TV Shows on DVD

25 Sep

I’m not the hippest person.  Sometimes it takes me a few seasons to get into a show everyone else is watching….Scrubs, Supernatural, and Bones come to mind.   So periodically, I will post reviews or recaps in regards to these shows.   If a show happens to be a favorite of yours and you’ve already seen it but want to re watch it with me and discuss it here, join me!   If you’re like me and haven’t seen the show either and want to watch it anew, excellent!   If we have all seen it before but are re watching again because we love it (that’s The West Wing for me), let’s discuss!  And finally, if a show went for many seasons and I stopped watching but are planning to start again to watch those other seasons (ER for me), hopefully you will enjoy that as well.

Right now the show I am doing this with is Bones.  I have gone through Season 1 and I am about 6 episodes into Season 2.   So I will start blogging those episodes as I watch them.  The only thing I ask please, is that NO SPOILERS be mentioned in these posts so that those of us who don’t know what happens won’t be completely distraught at your ruining our viewing and I have to go all Sydney Bristow on your ass!!!!  I’m kidding…not really.


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