“LOST” Analysis: Supernatural “Exile on Main Street” S6 E1

26 Sep

This section is homage to one of the greatest shows in TV history, Lost.  The Lost Analysis will analyze shows that have an overall mythology to discuss (like Supernatural) or the overall premise of the show is “what the hell is going on” (like The Event.)

I have to say I’m excited.  I haven’t watched Supernatural from the beginning.  I picked up season 1 at Best Buy about June of last year.  I had heard and read so many great things about the show, I decided to pick it up and give it a try.  My husband and I were hooked from the first episode.  And this show is soooooo up my husband’s alley.   I make my poor husband watch so many shows that are not his cup of tea (like Parenthood) and most times he is a good sport about it.   But when I told him I have a new show to watch, his gut reaction was to roll his eyes.  Really Heather, ANOTHER TV show.  But then I told him the premise of the show.   His tune changed.   “You mean I get to watch a show about demons and urban legends and the four horseman of the apocalypse and there is heavy metal music as the base music of the show…I’m in and why weren’t we watching this all along?”   Needless to say by November we were through season 4.  And since Verizon FIOS doesn’t have the CW on demand (damn you FIOS) we had to wait for season 5 to come out on Blue-Ray a few weeks ago.   Last night, we watched the last 2 episodes from season 5 and immediately watched Friday night’s premiere.   It’s going to be weird having to wait a week to watch the next episode since we usually bang through 4-5 at a time.

Alright let’s get into this episode.   Show of hands, who thinks Grandpa Samuel and the “cousins” can’t be trusted?  Me!  Who thinks there is something very strange about “Sam’s” return?   Me!    Who thinks the boys are looking hotter than ever?   Me!  Ok sorry that last one was not crucial to the mythology but it did need mentioning.  Something doesn’t smell right in suburbia.  First off, how miserable did Dean look living his Brady Bunch life?   I’m not saying he doesn’t love Lisa and Ben, I believe he does.   But come on, this is not Dean Winchester.   A 9 to 5 job, host of the neighborhood barbeques, DRIVING A PICKUP!  No, this is not Dean.    Granted, I know part of that can be him grieving over losing Sam but I think it’s more than that.   He has lost his brother, his best friend, his soul mate.   I used to think the best bromance on TV was JD and Turk from Scrubs.  And in a “we’re not related so this isn’t so disturbing” sense, they still are.   But before you get all grossed out like I did after that lady puked up Double Dare slime all over Pestulance last season, let me explain.  I have never seen a family connection on TV as strong as Sam and Dean’s.   They will literally die to save one another.   They always put the other first.  They let no one or no other worldly presence, come between them.   And I believe that when one of them is gone (because I can’t say dead, they keep coming back to life) a big part of the remaining brother is gone as well.  They cannot function without each other.  It was evident when Dean was in hell and it is evident when Sam got trapped in the gate.

My initial gut reaction, and I could be completely wrong, but I think this is all a trap for Dean.  What kind of trap and why, I don’t know.   But if Grandpa Dearest and the cousins are demons, it could very well be demons coming for Dean.  Or they could be angels pissed off that Dean wouldn’t allow Michael to use him as his vessel and therefore using the “lesser” of the 2 brothers and getting trapped with Lucifer in hell.  I’m not sure what they are, where they came from and why, I just know I don’t trust them at all.   I have the same feeling about them that I did about Ruby…I didn’t know what her end game was, I just knew it wasn’t good.   As for Sam, I don’t know what to make of him.  Remember at the end of last season (and I can because I saw it 2 minutes before I watched the premiere), the close of the show was Dean, Lisa, and Ben having dinner together after Dean just lost Sam.   Then scan to outside and to a lamp-post where the light flickers out.  Underneath that lamp-post, is Sam.   Exsqueeze me?  So Sam was trapped as Lucifer in hell for all of 4 hours and got out?   How?  Why?  And since the light flickered out, are we to assume he is some form of a demon?   I know when Dean woke up he saw Sam and Sam “proved” it was really him by cutting himself and drinking some salt water.  But, this is the same Sam Winchester that had THE DEVIL inside him and drank 200 gallons of demon blood to fight him.  Is it possible that Sam is a demon but some sort of high-powered demon impervious to the normal tricks that would injure your garden variety demon?   Or is it really Sam but he was brought back under some sort of pretext and someone or something is controlling what he does?  I still go back to the initial meeting of Sam and Dean.  You would think if you are seeing your brother and best friend  for the first time in a year, you would be a little more excited than “Hey Dean, it’s me.”  If I fought Lucifer, who had taken possession of my body, long enough to overtake him and trap him in hell, somehow free myself of him, and return back from hell alive and well, I would be doing the Riverdance, Fox Trot, and Macarena all at the same time.  Sam was very matter of fact about it and that worries me.

I’m looking forward to seeing where this is all going.   And even though Sera Gamble mentioned there will be an overlying arc this season, they are going to be getting back to fighting Jinns and Wendigos on a weekly basis, which makes me happy.   So what do you think Supernatural fans?  What the hell is going on?


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2 responses to ““LOST” Analysis: Supernatural “Exile on Main Street” S6 E1

  1. nyangel22

    September 26, 2010 at 1:50 pm

    Like you, I came into Supernatural really late in the game, and I have to say that after watching the entire series over the span of a summer that something just felt off about the premiere. I also felt that there was something wrong about the Campbell clan and the fact that Sam got out of Hell so quickly. I also felt that it was a little strange that everyone knew Sam was alive except Dean. I understand why Bobby didn’t tell him, but his entire life had been about taking care of Sam, so it doesn’t sit right with me that nobody said anything. If those jinns hadn’t targeted Dean would they never have told him?

  2. fortheloveoftv

    September 26, 2010 at 3:06 pm

    I agree. And that’s a good way to describe it…it was just off. And I understand “Sam’s” reasoning for not telling Dean. But that’s not his choice to make. He should have told Dean he was alive and let Dean make the choice if he wanted to stay being Mike Brady or if he wanted to go back to being a hunter.

    Thanks for the comment!


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