RECAP: The Mentalist “Red Sky at Night” S3 E1

26 Sep

Patrick Jane, you and I are going to have to have a little discussion.  You started out as one of my favorite TV characters and you are quickly turning into one of my most disliked.   You are going to need to change and soon or we may be having an ugly breakup.  And you know what kind of ugly breakup I mean…the high school kind.  You know where one person thinks they are perfect and the relationship is great but that same person has changed and gotten a little cocky because they have gotten popular and the other person is fed up with it and breaks up with you and you don’t see it coming and you don’t know what the break uper is talking about.  That kind.   More on that later, I bet you’re thrilled.

Season 3 opens with Kristina still missing, Red John still out there, and Jane is messed up about the whole thing.  Understandably so.  The case for the crew is a missing politician and his driver is found dead.   Jane wants no part of the case, he calls it a “miss.”  But Director Bertram and Hightower want Jane on it so they instruct Lisbon to find a way to get him on the case.   Lisbon pulls a Jane and brings him to the house of the driver’s family to try to use their pain as a reason to get in on the case.  Jane is not happy and unprofessionally takes this up with Lisbon in front of the victim’s family.   He agrees to help with the case but he still isn’t happy.  The daughter begs Jane to find out what happened to her father.  When Lisbon asks why he pushing them away he admits that everyone he cares about, Red John gets to and he doesn’t want anything to happen to Lisbon or the team.  She tells him to stop worrying.  They are all cops and they can take care of themselves.

Jane thinks Dublin (the politician) is already dead.   Even though they receive a ransom demand, Jane thinks he’s already dead.   When they go to visit Dublin’s wife, Jane realizes she is putting on a good act.  She didn’t love him and she isn’t sorry he’s missing.  She also said there are many people who hate him.  When Lisbon and Jane meet with Dublin’s lawyer, they realize there are many lawsuits pending against Dublin and Director Bertram is a co-defendant in one of them.  Jane finds this particularly interesting.  When back at the cop shop, Jane and Lisbon go to talk with Bertram and they mention 2 possible suspects….a robbery gone wrong that could be anyone who knew Dublin carried a diamond with him since he was fearful of becoming poor or it’s someone in connection with the land lawsuit, which Bertram is part of.   Bertram doesn’t like what Jane is insinuating.   When Bertram leaves to meet the media for an update on the case, Jane whispers to a reporter about the lawsuit and the reporter promptly asks Bertram about it.  Bertram then fumbles like Tiki Barber early in his career and ends the conference.  Lisbon is not too happy with Jane about this stunt (what else is new) and tells him he’s off the case (another shocker.)   Isn’t Jane thrown off the case at once an episode for his antics?

Van Pelt and Rigsby were following up on a lead that led them to a prostitute who saw what happened.  A limo pulled up and then a pickup truck pulled up next to it.    When the pick up driver gets out, he goes up to the limo driver’s window.  “What are you doing here?” the driver asks and he is promptly shot.   Then Dublin is asked to get out of car and into the truck.  He does and then he is shot in the back.  This conversations seems to intimate that the driver knew his shooter.   When the team follows up on the description of the driver and the truck, they start to put 2 and 2 together.   They go back to the victim’s house and follow Keith (the man married to the driver’s ex-wife) to a remote location in the desert.  When Keith starts digging, you see Dublin’s body and Lisbon yells at him to freeze.  When the arrest Keith and bring him back to the cop shop for questioning, he admits this was all about an issue he had with Pete, the driver.  Keith said he was having issues with his step daughter respecting the rules of his house and things got out of control and he slapped her.  She told her father about what happened.  So Pete showed up at the house and beat the snot out of Keith (and good for him) in front of his ex-wife and daughter.   Keith was pissed off about being beaten up so he decided to construct a plan to kill Pete.  If he killed him outright, he said his wife would have guessed it.  So to cover it up, he made it look as if Dublin was the target and Pete was collateral damage in a kidnapping gone wrong.  So the killer is caught and everyone is happy.

I still love the Mentalist because the cast is terrific.  I love Cho by the way.  But Jane is on my last nerve.  You are upset with Lisbon that she tricked you into seeing a victim’s family in a case you don’t want to be a part of, so you give her grief in front of the family?   Then you go as far to say, “it’s an inside joke” when the family questions what is going on.   Really?  How insulting can you be?  I don’t care how pissed you are, this isn’t about you.  It’s about them.  And Jane of all people should understand what they are going through and how hard this is.  It goes back to last season and the episode when they had the case of the woman who contracted that virus and died.  Jane concocted a story that everyone had also contracted the virus so they had to go into quarantine and everyone thought they were going to die.  He did it to trap the killer and it worked but he lied to everyone, including Lisbon (who was part of the quarantined) and the rest of the team.  I think what he did was awful.   There is no need to lie to Lisbon there and force her to be put in a very vulnerable position in front of her team.  He could have clued her in and she would have gone along with him in the rouse to trap the killer.  But he didn’t and he opened a can of worms that didn’t need to be opened.   And I think he’s a scum bucket for that.  And he started doing more and more of that type of stuff last season and it really rubbed me the wrong way.   The episode where he was on the stand and made a complete ass out of himself, was atrocious.  These cases are becoming more about how far he can push the envelope and still be the golden boy instead of using his abilities to get the job done.  You can still be unconventional (which he was in Season 1) but not be a jerk.  In my mind he has become a jerk.   For me, it’s becoming harder to root for him and because of that I sometimes forget what Red John did to him and his family.  I hope they start to tone him down this season and not make him such an ass.  Otherwise, the breakup may happen this season.  Which will bug me because I want to know what happened to Kristina and who Red John is.  Although I have a theory…but that is for another post at another time!

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