REVIEW: Nikita S1 E1-3

26 Sep

I’m a little behind on Nikita so I am going to do a general review about the first 3 episodes.  I like this show so far.  I was a HUGE Alias fan so I have missed having an ass-kicking female on TV.  Well she’s back.  This is an updated take on La Femme Nikita.  The premise is that Nikita was in prison and was then recruited by a black ops section of the CIA called Division.  However, Division has gotten greedy and they have gone rogue on the government’s dime.   They still operate their government issued tasks to save face but their main goal is to service large corporations that hire them to eliminate people or companies or governments that are getting in their way.   While Nikita was working for them, it seems they eliminated her finance.  So not only does she want to bring Division down because she doesn’t agree with what they have become, she also wants revenge.  So Nikita escapes from Division’s clutches and is out on her own to complete her mission.    I like the main plot of this show.  I just wish Nikita wasn’t doing this alone.

The other main storyline is Alex.  Alex was also a troubled girl who was arrested during a bank robbery gone bad and taken to prison.  When she wakes up, Eli Sammler (who had grown up nicely but looking a little possessed) is there to bail her out and recruit her for a special group of people who will save her life.   And Alex has now been recruited by Division.  So we get to see how the recruits are picked and trained and how the inner hierarchy operates.   On her first day, Alex meets Thom and Jaden.  Thom is almost ready for his first mission and takes Alex under his wing and Jaden is a bitch.   Sorry, she is.   We are also introduced to Amanda, when Alex is summoned to meet with her, played by the wonderful Melinda Clarke.  Amanda seems to be part psychiatrist, part Elizabeth Arden, part Sayid Jarrah, part den mother for Division.   Finally we meet Percy (played by eternal bad guy Xander Berkeley) who is the head of Division and really wants to keep an eye on Alex’s progress.   As Alex is working on one of her computer training tutorials when we notice she breaks into an area on the computer so she can chat with someone in code.  And we realize the person she is chatting with is none other than Nikita!  I guess she isn’t working alone after all.  Alex has been recruited by Nikita before Division got to her and the two of them are working to bring Division down from the inside, out.  We also realize it was Nikita with Alex and the bank robbery and purposely left her there to get arrested so Division would recruit her.

Three episodes in and I like Nikita.  There are a couple of things that bother me though.  Even though Nikita has Alex on the inside, she is all alone on the outside.   I know it’s a TV show, but it’s going to be hard to buy that EVERY week she is being shot at and targeted by countless amounts of people and she always gets away without a scratch on her.  Granted a decent amount of Sydney Bristow’s missions were solo but she had just as many with her father Jack, Michael Vaughn, Dixon, and Marshall to support her, extract her out of bad situations, etc.   Nikita must do everything, with the exception of some intel from Alex, on her own.   It would be a teeny bit more believable if she had some assistance.   And I am just going to say for the record now, her “dead” finance is still alive.   So maybe when she figures that out, he can help her.    The other thing that bothers me is that Division is starting to realize that Nikita is one step ahead of them so there must be someone on the inside helping her.  I guess they have eliminated Eli Sammler, her former handler, as a suspect and the annoying computer guy as the leak.  So who then?  I’m not CIA but my thought would be, maybe one of the new recruits has something to do with this.  So look and see who was brought in and when and line it up with when Nikita started beating them to the punch and eliminate them all to be safe.   Then get some new recruits.   Of course they can’t do that because a big SL of the show would be obliterated.   That’s why I don’t like when writing staffs go there.  These Division people may be evil, but they aren’t stupid and you are starting to play them as stupid.   But it’s only 3 eppies so I will give it some time.   One thing I am really liking, the back and forth between Nikita and Eli Sammler.  It was made clear he was in love with her and that he isn’t a bad guy but a loyal guy.   And most times he is torn with following his boss’ orders and doing the right thing.   There is also the understanding between the two that even though there is a respect and caring for one another there, they have to do what they have to do to survive.   So the former colleagues are now frenemies.  Love it!

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