“LOST” Analysis: The Event “To Keep Us Safe” S1 E2

28 Sep

Ok, what did we learn this week?  We learned what happened with the plane, where it ends up (Yuma, Arizona), and that Michael hijacked the plane because he was being blackmailed from the people who kidnapped his children and killed his wife.   But that seemed pretty obvious.  We learned that the girl who went scuba diving with Sean was involved with the kidnapping of Leila, but again that seemed obvious.  We learned that Greg, who was with scuba dive girl, was murdered by the group that kidnapped Leila and Sean was framed for the murder.  We learned that the people being held captive in Alaska were from a plane crash in 1944 and that they aren’t human but we’re not sure what they are.  They don’t seem to age and their DNA is about 1% off from ours.   We learned that the President finds out about the circumstances of the people being held in Alaska and after a meeting with Dr Kerry Weaver, decides to not release them.  And we learned that Simon, who is working for the CIA, is also one of the passengers from that flight in 1944 and somehow escaped.  Ew, and that he somehow got some kind of gummy vein in his arm to pass his CIA test, yuck…but clever!

I applaud the writers for not messing around and giving the viewers answers to some of the big issues raised in the premiere, right away.  But there were still some lingering questions out there and new ones raised.  Who is behind the kidnapping of Leila and her sister?  Do they work for a rogue division of the government or are they civilians?  And if their point was to stop the President from releasing the detainees, are they really bad people or good people who are very misguided?  Was Greg part of the plan and botched it or was he collateral damage?  How did Simon escape from capture?  What is he doing working for the CIA and why?  What is the motive and purpose of the detainees?  Is Sean inadvertently getting tripped up in this situation (wrong place wrong time) or is he being targeted as well?  Are all the passengers from flight 514 really dead?   Was Michael Buchanan still with them or did he go off on his own?  Why would Dr Kerry Weaver say “I haven’t told you everything” and then proceed to tell the President nothing except “we mean you no harm?”  Yeah, and the visitors on V said the same thing.  How did the detainees “save” Dr Kerry Weaver and President Martinez? 

2 episodes in and I am really interested in what is going on with all the characters and the storyline.  I am really happy to see that they already backed off on the time jumping.  It still happened but it fit much better with the flow of the show and actually added to the story instead of detracted from it.  I think it will be easier to keep viewers and get viewers by answering so many questions immediately but still raising more questions to keep the story moving.  But the way the writers have set this up, I wonder how long this can go on?  I can’t see this lasting 5 seasons.  1 maybe 2 at most.   But again, that’s why they write the shows and I watch them.  As for this viewer, I am interested and I am in.

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