RECAP: Chuck “Chuck vs. the Suitcase” S4 E2

28 Sep

Classic Chuck episode and there was a lot going on Monday night!  The underlying theme in “Chuck vs the Suitcase” is that Chuck is a little concerned that Sarah refuses to unpack her suitcase after living together all this time and starts to question if she is really happy living with him.  She tells him not to worry, she just always likes to stay packed because at any moment she can be off on another mission.  Speaking of mission, the case this week: Volkoff has created a smart bullet that is able to track down the target with a built-in GPS and kill it.  “Something a good spy would never need” says Casey….love him!   Their mission is to steal the weapon from Volkoff’s weapons dealer, Sophia Stephanova (played by Karolina Kurkova) whose cover is a real stretch, a runway supermodel.  I love that even though Sarah is this tough girl, kiss ass spy, she also gets jealous and miffed when her boyfriend starts drooling over another woman.  The look she gives Chuck in the situation room, down right chilly!   Chuck and Sarah are off to Milan for fashion week where the intersect can intercept (try saying that 3 times fast) the weapon transaction between Sophia and the buyer.  When they spot her, Chuck goes to grab her purse and inadvertently grabs her cheeks.  In typical Chuck fashion instead of removing his hand  quickly and tries to talk his way out of why he just grabbed her ass and leaves his hand there during the explanation.  When he says “don’t worry I’m with someone” and he turns to point at Sarah but instead points at Balki from Perfect Strangers!  Sophia then says no biggie and walks away.  She leaves her purse with the bartender and when he goes to return it, Sarah and Chuck intercede and take her purse.  Instead of the smart bullets, they find a bomb.  As Sarah quickly tries to disarm it, Chuck professes how much Sarah having never unpacked suitcase in their closet is ok with him after all and that he still loves her.  Sarah dismantled the bomb and gives him another look and cries “you STILL love me?”  Oopsie!

Sarah and Chuck decide to break into Sophia’s suite thinking she must have the weapon in her room somewhere.    The first place they look, the closet where Sophia is fully unpacked!  Chuck makes the comment about how she, as a spy, has no problem settling herself in and this starts to get under Sarah’s skin.  They notice a safe where they begin to break into it when Sophia comes back to her room with the Incredible Hulk as her bodyguard.  If you are going to have a bodyguard, it might as well be the Hulk right?  They hide in her clothes and Sophia proceeds to strip down and jump into the shower, which is fully visible from the closet.  When Chuck asks if she can see anything she replies “ARE YOU SERIOUS?”  Chuck says, “who do you think I am, if you can’t see anything, she probably can’t either.”  This is one of the reasons I love Chuck so much, you take the most unrealistic situation and incorporate elements that the every man can relate to, such as a jealous girlfriend and a couple having some trust issues.  When they go to leave after finally getting the weapon, Chuck is caught by Sophia as he is trying to leave.   She, dressed in her birthday suit, asks Chuck to give her the weapon and look at her so he can see the gun and how serious she is.   Chuck, trying to be a gentleman, is avoiding looking at her and asks her to get dressed, when Sarah comes back in and she grabs Chuck.  “Is she naked” Sarah asks.  “Who” Chuck responds…ha!  She rescues Chuck and they escape via zip lines with the weapon in hand.

Back at Spy More, they realize the weapon isn’t working because the microchips aren’t in there.   When Chuck and Sarah get back home, Sarah starts to unpack but Chuck tells her not to.  He only wants her to do that if she wants to, not because she feels he wants her to.  That’s when it hits them, with all of Sophia’s clothes unpacked, she packed the sequence dress only in her suitcase and they noticed she has worn it more than once.  Why would a supermodel wear the same outfit more than once when she has a closet full of clothes?  Because the microchips are sewn into the dress…of course!  Back to Milan they go to get the dress.   Chuck is able to subdue 2 large security guards with tranquilizer gloves and enter the changing area of the models.   They find the dress and Sarah takes off her coat to reveal that she is wearing close to nothing.  She puts on the dress and they go to leave.    But they can’t…they haven’t had their girl cat fight scene yet!   And here it comes.  Sarah kicks her ass and they have the dress with the weapons.   The world is safe again!   When back home, again, Sarah does unpack, for good this time.  She explains to Chuck that she has never really had a home before so this is something new for her that she needs to get used to.   But no matter what, where ever Chuck is, he is her home.  And here come the tears!

The side stories were good this week.  Morgan is telling Beckman you can’t have a Spy More filled with hot, ripped guys like the Old Spice man (although I’m not complaining) if you expect it to be a cover.  So Morgan gets all the old crackpots from the Buy More, including Jeff and Lester, to make the cover more believable.   As long as Old Spice man stays, I can live with seeing Jeffster again.  I have to say though, with the season premiere and the first part of E2, I didn’t miss Jeffster or Big Mike at all.  I’d rather see more Ellie and Awesome than them.   Which leads me to the Awesomes.  Devon is fawning all over Ellie to make sure she is ok with the pregnancy and she asks why he is being so crazy.  “Is this because of my mom” she asks.  Devon agrees and Ellie reminds him that she didn’t need her  mom at all the other important events in her life and she doesn’t need her now.  Devon and Chuck are her family!   But when Ellie gets up in the middle of the night to look at family photos, especially of her and her mom, we realize she was more trying to convince herself more than Captain Awesome.  I also think Devon realizes Chuck is back in the spy life.  He may say he believes Chuck but I don’t think he does.  Should be an interesting SL throughout the season.

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