RECAP: Mike & Molly “First Date” S1 E2

29 Sep

Mike and Molly are finally going on their first date.  Carl decides to help Mike get a little color into his wardrobe.  He was dressed in all brown prompting Carl to say he looks like a UPS truck.   His cousin owns a “Big and Tall” store and they help Mike get ready for his date.   Molly on the other hand is coming down with a cold and doesn’t want to cancel because she’s afraid he’ll think she is blowing him off and won’t call for another date.  Victoria says she might want to reconsider because you know “guys hate it when you sneeze on their wieners.”  I laughed at that line so hard for about 2 minutes, my husband came running upstairs from playing PS3 Modern Warfare 25 to see what was so funny.  He didn’t think it was quite as funny as I thought but he did laugh at it too.  I’m weird like that.  I usually laugh at things other people don’t find funny.  I think with this though, I wasn’t expecting a line like that…probably because I’m not used to Victoria’s character yet.  But I have a feeling, I will be better prepared from here on out.   I’m still smiling to myself about that line!   Anyway, Joyce brings up some cough syrup for Molly and Molls downs it in one big gulp signaling Joyce and Victoria to warn her about all the codeine in the bottle!  As Mike shows up in a “I love Christmas” type sweater, Molly is passed out from all the codeine.  So Victoria wants her to take a diet so she can stay awake and enjoy the codeine…ha!   She says no and then passes back out.  So Victoria drops the pill in her mouth and forces her to swallow it.    What results from this is hilarious.  Molly turns into a crazy woman signing and bopping down the steps and out the door.  “Let’s go sweater boy” she yells at Mike and Mike is wondering what the hell is going on.

As they are driving to dinner, Molly can’t stop talking and groping Mike’s face.  She also mentions how he’s not a talker.  When he tries to respond, she mentions how he can’t stop talking.  They finally get to restaurant and Molly is still in rare form.  After snorting some Afrin, she asks Mike what he was saying and he says he was asking if she liked her snapper  and she responds with “sure do you like your penis?”  Again, didn’t see that line coming and I lost it!!!  Especially the look on Mike’s face!!!  Molly then asks Mike to tell her a little more about himself and he wants to wait until she may remember it but she doesn’t want to wait.  So as he starts to tell her, she proceeds to pull a hair out of his nose that was bothering her all night!   Fantastic!!!  When she excuses herself to the ladies room “I have to pee like a racehorse” Mike starts to get worried when she hasn’t come back.  He goes to check it out and finds Molls passed out on the commode.

Once they are back in the car, driving home, it seems the codine has worn off and Molly is back to normal, horrified at how the night went down.  When she tells Mike what happened and why she didn’t want to cancel, all he heard was that she liked him.  He tells her that he likes her too.  And then Molly pukes everywhere.   When he walks her to the door he knows he’s supposed to kiss her good night, but as Molls says, “there is only so much a butter nut rum life saver can cover up.”  They say goodnight and Molly thanks Mike for being such a gentleman.  His response: “well you’re a lady, you deserve it.”  Ok, I love him!  When he gives Carl the run down of the date, Carl apologies to him and says I guess you’re never going to see her again.  Mike’s response: “are you kidding, I’m going to marry her.”   Love him more!!!!

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