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30 Sep

Private Practice “Take Two” S4 E1

– This episode buries Dell, deals with a couple trying to get pregnant after accidentally killing their son by leaving him in a hot car, a man needing a kidney and the only option is his special needs brother, and Pete & Violet get married. It figures the characters of PP take the funeral of Dell (always my least favorite character on the show) and use that opportunity to bitch about their lives. Nice. How about remembering your supposed friend. The couple ends up having Addison agree to help them, the kidney transplant didn’t work and the recipient is going to die, but the brothers have a nice goodbye moment at the end, and Dink grows a set, after some help from Sam, to tell Naomi to stop pushing him away from his wife and daughter. Pete and Violet get married, although it was touch and go because Violet had second thoughts. An ok episode but not very strong.

Criminal Minds “The Longest Night” S6 E1

– This was the resolution to the season finale from last year.  Can I just say how incredibly creepy and disgusting Tim Curry looked in these episodes?   I know that’s how he was supposed to look but my goodness.  He was nasty!  The Prince of Darkness still has Ellie kidnapped and he is using her as bait to kill more people.  She is also being really bold and getting in his face and being very defiant…I don’t know if that made her brave and strong or stupid and lucky but either way because of her actions, the BAU team was able to catch the killer and solve the crime.   One of my favorite ensemble casts on TV and I am always glad to have Criminal Minds back on the tube!

The Whole Truth “Thicker Than Water” S1 E2

– Not really interested in the case this week.  A woman is accused of murdering her abusive father on a ferry.  It goes through the typical back and forth between the 2 sides, showing the investigating and the prep for trial eventually landing at the trial.   In the end the woman is acquitted  and  now each side is 1 for 1 with victories.  The thing I really like about this show is that at the very end, it flashes to the defendant or someone involved in the case and you find out if the jury was correct.  In this episode, not only was the defendant innocent but you are lead to believe her new boyfriend was actually the one who committed the crime!

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