RECAP: Castle “He’s Dead, She’s Dead” S3 E2

30 Sep

Martha got engaged!!!   How great is that?  But Martha isn’t so sure if Chet is “the one” so she is going to think about and wear a 20 lb. rock on her finger in the meantime.  And as she is sharing the news with Alexis and Castle, Beckett calls….crime scene!

Castle recognizes her instantly as Vivian Marchand,  a popular medium that has helped police departments across the country solve many crimes.   And I learn something new in this episode, psychics are people who see the future and mediums are people who see the future and connect with the dead.  I didn’t know that!   This of course strikes up a debate with Beckett…Beckett thinks they are frauds and Castle believes it’s possible.  What a surprise.    So Beckett and Castle go to interview the last people she had a session with before she was killed, a mother and daughter, Paula and Marina Casillas.  And once I meet the Casillases I am already annoyed.   Paula is played by Bess Armstrong…GUILTY!  I hate it when casting agencies cast well-known actors in guest roles on crime dramas….they are 95% of the time guilty.   As soon as I saw Bess Armstrong, I knew she was guilty and everything else would be the smoke screen.  It turns out, Paula’s husband is also deceased and he had something important to share with Vivian and she was going to commune with his spirit the night she died.  Of course she was!    Beckett and the boys (B&B) also find out that there was a gentleman who came to see her that afternoon and left in a really bad mood.   Turns out this man is allegedly a hit man for the mob.  So Castle and Beckett pay him a visit.

At Moreno’s house, the interview him about what happened and find out Vivian told him to invest in a particular real estate deal because it will bring him true happiness.  When it fell through and he lost all his money, he was furious and went to see her to confront her.  She told him that the universe would right itself and she had to leave for another appointment.  When Moreno left, he had a meeting with his broker’s partner, who turned out to be his high school sweetheart and they re-fell in love.   Aaaaaaw.  Castle points out the Vivian was correct, the real estate deal brought him true happiness.   Beckett rolls her eyes.   Ha!   Back at the cop shop Castle is still trying to convince them that this woman was clairvoyant and they aren’t buying.   They decide to look into Vivian a little more and discover that she may have exaggerated her involvement in the police cases a tad bit.  Castle thinks the other cops are just embarrassed to admit she helped them and are downplaying her involvement, when suddenly, a package arrives for B&B.  It’s from Vivian!  It’s postmarked the morning of her murder.  “To Whom it May Concern,” it starts off, “I feel my murder is imminent” to which Castle squeals like a 10-year-old girl who just received Justin Beiber tickets.   She gives B&B some clues such as she couldn’t breathe, a man dressed in black, the numbers 7-5-1-8, and she could hear banging from far away.  Castle is stoked…a psychic predicted her own murder!  I love Nathan Fillion more than words!   Beckett thinks the killer wrote the letter after he/she killed Vivian to throw them off…we shall see.   When visiting Lainey, they discover she was killed with a clean ice pick (it was Catherine Trammel!!!) and her phone was dialed to a certain number 718-555 and Castle freaks out because those were the numbers Vivian saw.  Coincidence Beckett states simply.   In the meantime, Ryan reveals that the man convicted in Vivian’s first case was just paroled 2 months ago and was seen at her office that afternoon.   Do you know what he was wearing when they brought him in?   That’s right people, ALL BLACK!!  3 of the 4 conditions of her death that she predicted have now been revealed.   Ha!

Back at Casa Castle, Martha comes in looking very upset and she informs her son that Chet has died.  He had a stroke.  His children were there, see the ring on Martha’s finger, and assume they were getting married.  Martha is distraught, she was going there to break up with him and now his children want her to give the eulogy.  I feel so bad for Martha.   That’s a brutal spot to be in.  In the morning Vivian’s daughter comes to see Beckett because she hasn’t been honest with her.   She has the same gift her mother has…of course she does!    She tells Beckett that Alexander will one day save her life.   Beckett thanks her and gives her a “how much crack have you been smoking today” look as she is leaving.   Ryan is really earning his paycheck this episode because he discovers who “TJ” is and where he lives (TJ was scribbled in her date book and possibly the last person to see her alive.)   C&B go to see “TJ” and Beckett asks him why it is so important she believe in all this stuff he says “because if you don’t believe in the possibility of magic, you’ll never find it.”  Beckett’s face drops and when the door opens, “TJ” opens the door and SHE freaks out.  It turns out she was having an affair and it turns out the person she was sleeping with was Emilio Casillas…Bess Armstrong’s husband!   Vivian knew about this and that is why she went to see her, to get some more information.  Although C&B now thinks it’s TJ’s husband that killed both Emilio and Vivian.

B&B and Castle are sitting around brain storming and going through evidence about how this all went down and they all come to the conclusion that Nick Johnston (Toni “TJ’s” husband) committed the crime and they bring him in for questioning.  He says that Vivian asked to see him at her office so he left work early to meet her.   When he got there he was pounding on the door but no one ever answered and he thought she was blowing him off.   Pounding on the door?  Doesn’t that sound like clue #4 from her letter?   Ryan interrupts the interrogation because Vivian’s daughter is there again.  Beckett tells her she in a very important meeting and can’t talk about Alexander right now.  “Alexander?” Castle says.  And Beckett tells him that she’ll fill him in later.   Penny says she knows who killed her mother.   She says the Masons are involved.  Beckett gives her the “how much crack have you been smoking today” look again.  Penny said, you need to ask the Masons what happened.  Oooook.  At another brainstorming session, they look a little more closely at the Casillas (Paula and Marina) but Ryan points out that they have an alibi during the time of the murder.  They were having dinner with friends but the restaurant was near Vivian’s office.  And you know the name of the restaurants….Masons!   Boo-ya!!!  The Casillas are brought back in for questioning and Marina tells C&B that her mother picked the restaurant location.  When asked if they ordered wine with their meal, Marina said yes but they didn’t order it, it was a BYOB.   “So you brought your own bottle” Beckett asks.  Marina said no, her mom ran to the liquor store around 5:15pm to get it and was gone about 20 minutes.   It turns out, according to the receipt from the liquor store, she bought the wine at 3:12 not 5:15 and she also bought, an ice pick.   Oops.    Paula confirms that she did kill the cheating bastard and that she had to kill Vivian once Vivian mentioned that Emilio had something important to tell her.   Paula thought he was going to rat her out from the grave and she couldn’t let that happen.     Told you…guilty!   I hate when I figure it out so early.

When C&B revisit the letter sent to them, Castle brings up about the 4th condition, the banging she heard from a distance.  It must have been Nick Johnston and Vivian was already dead at that point.  Beckett thinks that Paula was hiding in Vivian’s office until he left and that’s how she heard the banging and put that in the letter.  Castle reminds her that according to her timeline, when Johnston was there at 5:45pm banging on her door, Paula was already back at the restaurant and office was empty save for Vivian’s dead body.  Beckett scrunches up her face, she can’t refute that!  Before Castle leaves, he asks her about the “Alexander” thing.  Beckett tells him nothing and that it makes no sense anyway and asks why he’s curious.  He says that his middle name is Alexander.  “I thought it was Edgar” she replies.  “Perusing the personal section of the Richard Castle website again are we?”   Ha!!!   Castle said he changed his middle name to Edgar in honor of Edgar Allen Poe when he changed his last name to Castle but that his given name is Richard Alexander Rodgers.   “What a coincidence, huh?”   It certainly is Castle!   I’m certain the comment about an Alexander saving Beckett’s life will come back into play at some point this season.

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