CBS Pickups

23 Oct

All 5 of CBS’s new shows have received full season pick ups this week:

Mike & Molly, Hawaii 5-0, The Defenders, Blue Bloods, & S%^* My Dad Says.   The one that surprises me is S*&^ My Dad Says.    That received HORRENDOUS reviews.  I watched one episode in passing and didn’t like it at all.  But about 11 million people seem to like it so I guess it will stick.  I don’t get it, but I don’t have to.

I don’t watch the re-make of H50 but it seems to be the best new show for CBS.  Finally all their pushing of Alex O’Laughlin down our throats has paid off on a show that has finally stuck with him as a lead.  I still think he’s a terrible actor but the rest of cast I heard is pretty strong.  And my husband’s friends seem to really like Grace Park, a shocker I know.

The 3 other shows I watch and really enjoy so I am happy for them!

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