LOST Analysis: Supernatural “Live Free or Twi Hard” S6 E5

23 Oct

I had about 3 episodes to catch up on from my trip and then watch last nights new eppy.   WOW!!!  I think it’s official.  Sam Winchester is not Sam Winchester.  He can’t be!!!  Or is that just my wishful thinking?   Let’s do a quick episode recap and then we’ll get into what is going with Sam…and I don’t like it!!!

In a spin on the vampire craze with teenagers, we open up at some club and a young girl is waiting to meet someone.  Robert, a mysterious, but strange talking, young man shows up and they strike up a conversation…but they have talked before, in a chat room I believe.  When she cuts her hand in her bag and Robert sees the blood he runs off.  Is he a wack-a-doo pretending to be a vampire?  Or is this a real vampire?  Who knows.  Go back to the club another day and our teenage vamp lover is back and Robert shows up again.   This time they talk and he shows her his fangs.  She is obviously excited by this and decides that it would be perfectly acceptable to leave the club with this weirdo and go to his apartment, you know, to get bitten for the first time.   I’m sorry, I like the vampire thing as much as the next teeny bopper, but if I went to a bar and some wacko showed up and showed me his “fangs”, I would burst out laughing and head for the door….ALONE.  What was this girl thinking???  So they leave and when this Harvard potential realizes she is not in the greatest area and Boris, the fat ugly vamp leader shows up, she understands that this was not the best idea.   Really, and Mensa was this close to calling.  We realize they are real vamps and kidnap her with plans to turn her.  Not so exciting anymore is it Kristen?

Sam and Dean are on the case realizing that many girls around the same age have all gone missing.  They go to Kristen’s house to investigate and head to her room.  When they open the door, they see the ridiculously creepy shrine to vampires and all things goth.  This is when Dean drops a classic Dean Winchester line: “these aren’t vampires, these are douchebags.”  Love him.  They find the link to the club and head there.  They run into the vamps and Sam kills one while Dean is confronted by Boris.   Boris overpowers him and proceeds to feed Dean his blood.  In the background, one of the most disturbing and disconcerting things happen…Sam is watching, and smirking!   Not only does he NOT rush to help Dean, he almost goes into a trance like state and he looks as though he is ENJOYING what he is witnessing.  He then seems to snap out of it when it winds down and then he rushes to Dean’s side.

Back at their hotel, Dean is already feeling the vamp effects and informed Sam that he called Samuel to come and kill him so he doesn’t hurt anyone.  Sam doesn’t seem too happy about this but when Dean asks him how he is feeling, Sam says he’s pretty upset.   But Dean can hear his heartbeat, with his super-duper vamp hearing, and it is calm and steady.  More evidence Dean is not sure about Sammy.  When Dean goes to use the bathroom, he escapes and heads to Lisa’s house.  There he is really fighting his inner vamp urges.  He tells Lisa this isn’t going to work and when he almost becomes overwhelmed with the thought of chowing down on her, he leaves and runs into Ben.  Ben wants to hug Dean but Dean begs him to stay away from him and he pushed Ben away.  Dean then leaves and Lisa and Ben are left to wonder what the hell just happened.

When he meets back up with Sam and Samuel at the hotel, he asks Samuel to kill him.  Samuel says “Ok, or I could just change you back.”   Well why not lead with that grandpa?  He tells Dean about the cure and that he needs the blood of the man who turned him as well as inject him with Deadman’s blood.   Dean leaves to go back to vamp land and Samuel then confronts Sam.   Apparently Sam knew about the cure and Samuel wants to know why Sam didn’t tell Dean.  Sam then denies he knew about the cure.  Samuel said he told Sam and Sam denies it.  “You didn’t keep the cure from Dean so you could get closer to the Alpha did you Sam?” Grandpa asks.  “Of course not” Sam replies.  (Wink, wink, fingers crossed behind his back.)  I don’t grandpa is buying this version of Sam either.

Back at vamp land, Dean tries to blend in and resist the urge to drink blood (if takes even a drop, the cure won’t work.)  When he bumps into Boris, he learns that what is going on is a vicious cycle of young girls, who have been turned, lure the young men to the trap so they can be turned.   Then those newly christened vamps, go after young girls to turn them and the cycle continues.   It’s kind of like on campus college recruiting.  And orders are coming from the Alpha Vampire, who we realize is no longer in fear of hunters and is amassing an army.  Long story short, Dean starts going all Sleepy Hollow on the vamps and ends up killing Boris and getting what he needs to cure him.   Back at the hotel, Samuel mixes the cure and Dean chugs it down.   He then pukes up a whole mess of muck and starts flashing all the way back to the point he got turn.  My husband then shouts “He’s going to see Sam watching him!!”  My husband isn’t happy about new Sam either.  He’s right though, and Dean sees the enjoyment in “Sam’s” face when he is getting turned.

As they prepare to leave, Dean tries to reach out to Lisa but then hangs up and decides against it.  And quite frankly, I’m ready for Dean’s family life to be over.  I like Lisa and Ben, but it’s time for them to go away.   When Dean and Sam go to get into the car Dean says to Sam “you always have my back, right Sammy?”  And again in a very eerie and creepy way, Sam replies “of course Dean.”   Yeah and women wearing white linen gloves want to eat ketchup sandwiches on potato chip bread.

So let’s get into what is on everyone’s mind….is this or is this not Sam Winchester?  My initial reaction is no.  Either Lucifer is still inside and still controlling Sam or Sam is dead and this is a demon.  Or, worst case scenario, this really is Sam and he is just a changed, nasty, really buff, person after his time in hell.   Again, this may be my wishful thinking talking, but I really don’t think this is just a changed Sam.   There has to be something/someone else controlling Sam and effecting his personality.  I can’t believe this is the new Sam Winchester, an empty shell of a person with no remorse, conscious, or feeling.  I won’t buy it.  As I have mentioned before, you can’t drink 900 gallons of demon blood to prepare for the entrance of Lucifer into your soul and not be effected.   It’s also possible, that Lucifer is still in there!  I don’t think so.  I think there is a demon in Sam.   I keep going back to the season finale when “Sam” stood under the street light outside Lisa’s house watching Dean and the light flickered and went out.  That screams demon.   But which demon and why?  Is it Ruby or Lilith exacting revenge?  Some other force we haven’t met yet?   Does it have something to do with the civil war in Heaven and the ensuing fight between Balthazar and Raphael?  Whatever demon it is, I am convinced it is coming after Dean with plans to destroy him and using Sam as a vessel to do it.

What do you think?  Is this Sam or not?   Do you like new Sam or not?   And what should Dean do?

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