RECAP: The Defenders “Nevada vs. Senator Harper” S1 E5

23 Oct

The main case this week involved the LVPD arresting Rex van de Camp, aka Senator Clint Harper (played by Steven Culp) on kidnapping and murder of his aide Amy, with whom he was having an affair.  

The show starts off with the senator and his wife in a heated divorce battle.   This is when we find out he was having an affair with Amy, his aide.  Therefore the original divorce agreement is out the window because of the affair.  They head to divorce court and after the proceedings, the judge (played by Laura San Giacomo) asks Nick out.  Nick looks happy but is still pretty unsure because he still thinks he has a chance with Jess, his wife.  When they leave the court, a detective comes over the senator and informs him his aide hasn’t been to work in 2 days…she has gone missing.   The senator looks pretty upset and asks the cops to keep him in the loop.  Back at the offices of M&C, Zoey has Nick look at a video that is on-line on a news site.   The video is a police survalence video showing the senator throwing out a trash bag and looking around for witnesses.    That’s not good!

Nick heads down to the police station and the detective informs him that his client is going to be arrested on murder charges as well as kidnapping.   The bag they found had items in it relating to the victim and a bloody towel.   They also went to her apartment and found signs of a struggle with a broken coffee table and blood on that table.   The senator insists he didn’t kill anyone.  He asks Pete and Nick to meet him on the outside of town and he admits that he was at her apartment that day and that they were arguing.  He says that he had her arms in his grasp and when he let go, she fell back into the table and hit her head.   But then he left and she was still alive. 

Bail was posted at a pretty high amount so Nick and Lisa go to Mrs Harper to ask for her to put her house up for collateral.   She refuses and makes the comment that she should ask his mistress to put up her condo.   And how would she know about the condo if she just found out about the affair?   Hmmmmmmmm.   Lisa goes to the condo complex and finds out that there was a woman who was in Amy’s apartment after the senator left.  When she shows the picture of Mrs Harper to the witnesses, they confirm that is the woman who was there.   So Nick goes to the prison to talk to the senator about this new development and the senator doesn’t believe it.   Nick and Lisa go to confront Susan Harper and she admits she followed the senator and went to confront Lisa.   When Lisa opens the door she sees this “scared little girl crying.”   She felt so bad for her she actually spent her time consoling her instead of confronting her.   She said when she left, she was alive.   Susan also said that Amy was very sorry for the 4 lives she destroyed.  Well we know about Susan and the 2 boys, but who is the 4th person?   Nick decides to take the judge out to dinner and in the middle of their dinner, Pete shows up and informs Nick that the senator has now confessed to the crime.  Oh boy.

When the cops bring the senator down to the area where Amy’s car was found, they ask him to point in the direction of the body and you can tell he is completely lost.  He didn’t do this.  He is covering for his wife.  After some further investigating, they finally figure out who person #4 is, Amy’s finance, who she dumped for the senator.  Ding ding ding!   When they found the trailer where the finance is living, it happened to be right near where Amy’s car was found.   When the knock on the door, the finance comes out and the cops enter the residence.    And guess what they find inside…Amy…alive!   Turns out everyone is telling the truth and no one killed her.   The senator gets released and everyone is happy.

The other case was boring.  A kleptomaniac who seduces Pete into sleeping with her and ends up stealing some money from Pete and Nick.     I like Pete with Meredith, even though she did try to get him disbarred!

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