REVIEW: Private Practice “Playing God” S4 E3

23 Oct

There are 2 topics I want to discuss regarding this episode: Sam and Addison dating and Naomi’s reaction and the decisions surgeons have to make in regards to operating on criminals.

First, Sam and Addison.  I like Addison, I really do, but she is wrong here.  You don’t date your best friend’s ex-husband.   Period.  Or date the ex-husband and chose to get rid of your best friend…you can’t have both.    All the men in LA this woman can have, her 2 choices before Sam were a married man and a man in love with her co-worker.  Now, it’s the ex-husband of her oldest and dearest friend.   As Naomi said in her letter to Addison, “your tunnel vision makes you a great surgeon but a lousy friend.”   She is 100% right.  Addison is my favorite doctor on the show because of her moral standards and decision-making ability.   But her decisions in her personal life are atrocious.  How can she do this to Naomi?  I think Naomi should drop Addison as a friend because this is one you can’t forgive.  I also think Naomi has been NOTHING but class throughout this entire thing.  I love when she said “that night was the beginning of the end of us.  Hey Addie, this is not the beginning of the end of you and me.”  That takes a really big person.  I could never look at Addison ever again.  But Naomi is a bigger person than me.

As for Sam’s situation with the past surgery and current surgery…I am glad I am not a surgeon and would have to make that decision.  While I know what Sam did is wrong and should go to jail and lose his medical license, he rid the world of a horrible human being who was ruining children’s lives.  Inside, I wanted to high-five Sam and throw him a parade in his honor.  However, you can’t have doctors “playing God” as the title suggests, and taking the law into their own hands.  Where is the line drawn?  What if I was Bernie Madoff and screwed hundreds of people out of their money?  Does a doctor get to choose not to help me because I’m a criminal and an ass?  Or worse, end my life?   No.   As Addison said, “our job is not to judge their lives, our job is to save their lives.”   She is right.  It’s hard, it sucks, and I don’t think I could do it.   But when those doctors take their hypocractic oath, if they don’t think they can do it either, they shouldn’t be doctors.   But I would be lying if I didn’t admit good for Sam with allowing the child molester to die.

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