LOST Analysis: The Event “Loyalty” S1 E6

28 Oct

I bet you are starting to see which shows I am catching up on since the reviews are coming out-of-order!   But I finally watched 5 episodes of the Event.   Probably not the best idea but I made it work.  Well 6 episodes in and I’m still not sure if I am into this show.  I like it, but I don’t LOVE it.   There are parts I am really interested in (what side is Simon really on, Sean’s search for Leila, why she was kidnapped, who her kidnappers work for, where is her sister, what is up with her dad, pretty much this whole story line) and there are parts I could care less about right now (how Martinez will handle the detainees, will they be released, is Blake corrupt or a good soldier for Martinez, Thomas and Sophia, etc.)   Really whenever Thomas is on the screen I just want to FF because he annoys me.   Also with The Event, I think parts are very predictable…Sean using Vicky’s kid as bait to release Leila, the fact that Vicky’s “son” is the baby from the assassination from 5 years ago, when Sean and Claire were going up to the house in Texas and you see Carter going to leave the house in Texas, you know Sean and Claire aren’t at the same house, and the “Marshalls” coming to pick up Sean at the FBI satellite office, you know they were the bad guys.   So that bums me a little that there are so many predictable parts to the show.   And there are certain characters I am into (Sean, Vicky, Leila, Simon,) certain ones the jury is still out on (Blake, Martinez, Jarvis, Claire, Sophia,) and certain ones I don’t care about (Thomas, Christina.)

As I mentioned before, I already like that this show moves at a quick pace, answers questions, solves problems yet creates new ones.  I like the fact that Sean has found Leila and it wasn’t dragged out all season.  Plus there is still so much mystery there…who targeted Leila and her family and why, what is her father’s connection with Alaska, how did her hair look so good after not being washed or combed for days?   We still need to know where Sam is and who has her although it looks like we may get an idea into that next week.  And just what is Vicky’s deal?  She’s an assassin.  Who is her employer?  How did she get into that?  Does her mother know?  What is her end game?  There seems to be a lot more to Vicky than just cold-blooded bitch.    Or maybe it is that simple, time will tell.

I think Simon is starting to be in quite a pickle.  And I really don’t know who is allegiance is to at this point.  I think he wants to remain loyal to his alien crew (and I am calling them that for now until I have a chance to read further into them) but I think he likes Martinez and has respect for him as well.  But he can’t play on both sides, at least not forever.  And at one point he is going to have to choose.  You can also see how tormented he is by these choices and the time in 1954 illustrates that very well.  Simon (Mason as he was known to his lady friend) falls in love with Violet.  Eventually, Thomas shows up and tells Simon, he has to move on or she has to die.  Simon doesn’t want to because he has built a life with her and he wants to continue that life.  Thomas asks the question I am also dying to know, “how would you explain to her the fact that you never age?”   Great question!   He said he would find a way to work around that.  Ok, sure you would.  But Simon has to leave her.  And years later, after he finished his secret service exam, he walks past a hotel where standing outside is, you guessed it, Violet, 46 years later.  She recognizes him instantly and once he realizes who she is, you can see the pain and love on his face.  He returns to see Violet and apologies for running out her all those years ago.  He tells her that he had no choice.  She tells him but that in fact was his choice to make.  Ian Anthony Dale does some great acting in these scenes.  And even though he is a traitor (on so many levels) you can’t help but root for him because he is so likable.  As Sophia and Thomas escape from the tracking the government has on her, Sophia asks Simon to join them and he says he can’t.  I guess he made his choice.   And as he is leaving the building, the building starts to collapse with him and the FBI inside.  As they are struggling to get everyone out, they notice it isn’t an earthquake or a bomb, but a pretty sky colored hole that is opening up and swallowing the building.   Which of course was created by Thomas and didn’t make Sophia too happy.  Boy everyone is collateral damage with this Thomas guy….jerk.  Everyone is able to get out right as the building caves in.    So what powers do these people have that can move planes in mid-flight or swallow up entire buildings?  And why does Thomas want to kill innocent people?  He isn’t a bitter detainee because he has been free all these years.  I don’t get his anger management issues.  Sophia was held all this time and she doesn’t condone the violence with which Thomas seems to be operating.   So why is Thomas so unfeeling and ruthless?  What is his motivation and what is the ultimate goal of the detainees?   William made a deal with the administration to have himself and his girlfriend Maya, set free in exchange for information about what their doing here.  When he told Maya of his plan, she apparently found herself with the dilemma of joining her boyfriend or killing him to protect the detainees secrets.   She chose the later.  I guess they weren’t as strong a couple as Sean and Leila.     So what is so important you kill your boyfriend to keep quite?

I think the show is getting better and I am investing in seeing what will happen next.   But I also wouldn’t be surprised if this is a one and done season for the show.

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