RECAP: The Good Wife “VIP Treatment” S2 E5

28 Oct

The Good Wife is on a roll this season.  After recouping from watching “Cleaning House” (which by the way, I totally guessed that it was Wendy who leaked the deposition and was running for State’s Attorney) we head into another intense episode, albeit a different level of intensity.   While still at the CCBAG, Courtney comes to see Alicia regarding a client who wants to talk to her about a sexual assault.  Alicia wants to follow-up in the morning but Courtney is insisting on Alicia seeing her now because of who she is accusing.   Alicia goes to talk to her and we find out the man she is accusing is Joe Kent, who is about to receive the Noble Peace Prize for his work with women in 3rd world countries and is one of the big players in the democratic party.  Alicia immediately heads back to the Gala and informs Derrick, Diane, and Will about what is going on.   They all leave and head back to the office.   They begin to question the victim, Laura (played by Natalie Knepp), a massage therapist who was hired by Kent via the hotel to give the massage, and already something seems off.  The victim is very Annie Dukes with the Lockhart/Gardner team and no one is sure whether or not to believe her.   Diane wants no part of this case, Derrick is unsure, and Will, as usual, sees dollar signs.  The problem is, if they take the case against Kent and lose, they will lose half their client base.  If they take the case and win, it will be a windfall of clients and huge for the firm.  It’s 7pm and they only have until 11pm because the victim has a an appointment with another law firm at 11pm.  So 4 hours to figure out if they take the case.

The countdown begins and L/G sends Kalinda to the hotel where Kent is allegedly staying to get some information, while the partners and Alicia begin to further question Laura.  In their questioning there are some inconsistencies and some holes in her story.   Also, Laura is awfully calm and matter-of-fact when telling the story which seems a bit odd and Alicia and Diane notice the same thing.   When Diane pushes her a bit more, the victim asks her why she is being so harsh?   Diane explains to her that this is only the beginning of the type of questioning she will endure from Kent’s people.   Diane also mentions to her how calm she is after such a brutal attack.   Why isn’t she more upset?   Why isn’t she crying?  Laura responds “I didn’t know there were rules on how someone reacts to something like this.”  She then proceeds to tell a story from her childhood and how that was the last time she has cried and that she is sorry and wishes for their sake that this happened to someone who cried.  Well said and it’s a valid point.   Natalie Knepp does an excellent job of keeping you guessing (at least keeping me guessing) whether or not this happened.  You want to believe her but she is so withdrawn and cavalier in her delivery, maybe she was put up to this by someone else?   You really don’t know.  Even up until the last scene with Alicia, I’m still not 100% sure but I definitely have a side I am leaning towards.

The partners are still not sure whether they should take this case and they are all starting to flip from their original position.  Diane now thinks they should move forward, Derrick isn’t sure and Will thinks this is a bad idea.   Especially after Kalinda found champagne glasses with Laura’s lipstick on a glass at his hotel room.   When asked, Laura says she was just trying to make the customer happy since he is a VIP and that sometimes she will do things like because the money is so good.  But that was it.   Blake on the other had breaks into her apartment to do some digging and finds out that there is a roommate who is also a massage therapist and Diane wants him to look into her as well.   We also see him steal money from the girls “to make it look like a break in.”   This guy is a jerk.  I already knew he was but each episode he is confirming that fact more and more.   Blake sets up a VIP massage with Laura’s roommate and when Blake offers to pay for something extra, she refuses.   He mentions that Laura was willing to go the extra mile and the roommate confirms that sometimes Laura will do extra things for her clients and that she can call her if he would like that special treatment.   When Laura is confronted with that bombshell, she denies it.    She explains that it is very competitive since there are so few VIP treatments through the hotels.   So even though her and her roommate are friends, she was trying to sabotage her with the hotel to get her fired from getting VIP customers since the hotel frowns upon “extras.”  With friends like that, who needs enemies right?   Sheesh.    Now the partners are really confused so Will goes to talk to a friend of his that happens to be Kent’s lawyer, who is a real asshole by the way.   This conversation doesn’t go well at all and ends up in a fist fight between Will and the punk attorney.   Needless to say, there won’t be a settlement or information shared.

In an interesting turn of events, punk lawyer shows up at the CCBAG to find Peter and Eli and announces that Kent will give his support to Peter in the election.  It does come with a catch, he wants Peter to tell Alicia to drop this “nuisance” case of sexual assault against Kent.   Peter denies and tells punk attorney that he hopes Alicia wipes the floor with them.   Eli is about ready to bust a gut!!!   Alicia, Will, and Derrick then show back up at the CCBAG to question Cary.  When they asked the victim why she didn’t go to the police or prosecutors office, she says she did but one of the attorneys told her to see L/G, specifically Alicia and that lawyer was Cary Agos.  They talk to Cary and Cary says he sent it over to them because it is a good case.   He also tells them to look into a woman by the name of Meredith as well.  They aren’t sure whether to believe Cary because he is still out to hurt them and can’t be trusted.    But they decide to have Kalinda look into this to be sure.   In another interesting twist, Peter’s hand has been forced….Kent has announced his backing of Peter as State’s Attorney.   Eli is thrilled and Peter is not.  Peter realizes that if he doesn’t get Alicia to drop this case and Kent is found guilty, Peter will be supported by a rapist.   Crafty move by Kent.

Kalinda does end up finding Meredith and she confirms that Meredith was also a massage therapist and had the same happen to her with Kent.   The statute of limitations is up on her crime but she would be willing to testify on Laura’s behalf.   At the same time Mrs. Kent calls Diane and asks her to drop the case.    She said her husband does great work for these women in 3rd world countries and that these people need her husband.   When Diane asks if she cares about these allegations, Mrs. Kent paused briefly and says no, she doesn’t care what her husband does as long as he helps these women.   Diane then politely declines to drop the case and the partners now agree, they need to take this case.   It’s 11pm and when Alicia goes to tell Laura, she is gone.   Alicia finds her in elevator and is prepared to tell her they are going to take the case.   Laura has decided not to pursue it.   Alicia mentions the other therapist who was assaulted by Kent and Laura can be a key person in making sure he doesn’t do this to anyone else.   She understands that, but she also understands that in cases like this, Kent’s team will look into her and her background and that they will find skeletons in her closet.   She doesn’t want to go through that and she refuses to.

It’s a shame but true…..more times in cases like these the victim gets put on trial instead of the accused and even with victory or defeat, the victim usually is worse for the wear.  It’s wrong and I could blog 2,000 words on that topic alone…don’t get me started!   But do you have a feeling this case isn’t over yet and may be revisited at some point this season?  I do and I hope so.   I found this to be one of The Good Wife’s best episodes.   There were so many twists and turns and all along, I really wasn’t sure who was telling the truth.   I really hope the writers bring this one back and cast a big time guest star as Kent.   Charlie Sheen might work…maybe too well.

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