QUICK REVIEW: The Mentalist S3 E2-3

29 Oct

I know these were on about a month ago but since I just had a chance to watch them and because I have been so hard on Patrick Jane, I needed to quickly comment.

These 2 episodes are why I fell in love with the Mentalist in the first place.  A strong cast, interesting cases, Jane adds some really funny levity to certain scenes, and it is clever to see the way Jane’s mind can work and help out the team.  The Mentalist got back to that premise in these 2 episodes.  It also reminded us how deeply destroyed and devastated Jane still is over the death of his wife and daughter.  He still has not forgiven himself and you have to wonder, unless Red John is caught, if he ever will.  The scene with his brother-in-law at the cemetery clearly illustrates Jane’s pain in a way we haven’t seen in a long time on the show, if ever.  And it reminded me why he can be so messed up and driven when it comes to Red John.

In Season 2, Patrick Jane, quite frankly, became an ass.  He wasn’t funny or charming anymore, he was a jerk.  I don’t know if Simon Baker was directed to play Jane that way or that was his interpretation, but someone, or Baker himself, decided that S2’s Patrick Jane couldn’t come back in S3.   Thank God.   S2 Jane hindered investigations rather than helped.  He constantly put his team in bad situations with their superiors (at one point Lisbon was going to lose her job if she couldn’t rein him in), he insulted victims families, he broke the trust of his team (don’t get me started on the episode regarding the “released toxin”), and he became surly and obnoxious.  S3 Jane seems to have gone back the way of S1 Jane…sad and quirky but intelligent and funny.  He has been helpful with cases and has seemed to let the trust back in with the group.   I applaud this Patrick Jane and I hope it continues moving forward.

I’m also glad we got a Red John case so early on in the season.   But what the hell has happened to Kristina?  What did Red John want with her, what did he do to her,  and why did he not kill her?   This is severely going to mess up Jane even more than before.  I hope we get a little bit of this in each episode because I hate going too long without a Red John eppy!

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