LOST Analysis: Supernatural “You Can’t Handle the Truth” S6 E6

30 Oct

I was partially wrong and partially right about Sam.  I was right that there was no way this was the new and not-so improved Sam being an empty shell of himself with no remorse or conscious…although I was kind of wrong.   But I was wrong about Sam being a demon…although maybe he is because the jury is still out.   But I was right that something was wrong with Sam…yeah me!!!   I suck at this.   As it turns out, this is really Sam but he has no soul.   Say what?   Sam has no soul.   So does that mean the real Sam is dead and this is ghost Sam (Veritas said he couldn’t be human.)  Or this is Sam walking around without his soul?  The Catholic in me wonders how that is possible but I keep reminding myself that it’s only a TV show.   Suspension of disbelief is essential with shows like this.   Sam without a soul explains a hell of a lot.  But it opens the door for so many questions.   Who took Sam’s soul?   Was it Lucifer?  Was it a crossroads type demon with whom he had to make a deal…his soul for his life?    How can Sam get it back or can he?   Who sent Sam back to the land of the living and why?  I still think this is about punishing Dean and destroying his life some how but I don’t know who is behind it and if it has anything to do with the civil war in Heaven.  And how can Sam fake his old personality?   If he has no soul, wouldn’t he be soulless Sam all the time without a care of how it impacts Dean?   Why would he try or even care to pretend to be “old” Sam?  That’s why I wonder if it is as simple as “Sam without a soul.”  I like that we are getting some answers this soon into S6 rather than waiting until E18 to find out what is wrong with Sam.   Since next week it looks like we confirm soulless Sam, the next step would be finding out why this happened, who has his soul, and how does he get it back.   We also have to factor Samuel and the “cousins” into the equation.   I’m still not sold on the fact that they are here for the right reasons.   But Grandpa had to have been brought back for a reason.  If he was in Heaven, did the angels know about Sam and bring Samuel back to either protect and help Dean or to help Sam get his soul back?   Or is he there to help Sam go after Dean?    I have no idea where this is going but I am really anxious to find out!

The case this week was the goddess of Truth, Veritas, inserting her presence into this town in Illinois and forcing people to tell the harshest of truths resulting in the suicides/deaths of many people.   Somehow when a person request the truth, that is exactly what they get.  A waitress’ sister she would be better off if she just killed herself and she doesn.  A man at a dentist’s office tells the dentist how he molested his daughter and the dentist proceed to buzz saw the inside of his mouth.   That scene alone caused my husband and I to shift in our seats and grimace in pain.   Can you imagine that death?  Good God.   Guy deserved it though.  Anyhoo, the boys start their investigation and on side moments, Dean is calling Bobby to let him know that he knows something is wrong and that this isn’t Sam.  Bobby isn’t sure what to do and neither does Dean but he wants to keep Sam at a distance.   When Sam gets back to the motel, Dean suggests they investigate seperately…Sam can interview people and Dean will do research.   Just that suggestion alone should throw up a red flag to Sam!    Sam leaves and Dean’s “research” takes him to a local tavern.   Did anyone else notice how much Dean drank in this episode?   Although I would too if I was going through Dean’s issues.  Just last night I threw back quite a few Sam Adams Octoberfests after the lousy work week I had….sorry I digress.  So back to the bar, Dean let’s out the phrase that has Veritas throw down her truth gauntlet, “I just want the truth.”   What ensues are some really funny lines from the bartender and a young lady at a table behind Dean.  “I’m squeezing my boobs together so you notice them.   I just bought them.”  Dean looks, says “good for you”  and leaves.   And then he comes back to take another look in typical Dean fashion.   Ha!!!  He also calls Bobby and Bobby ends up admitting things Dean didn’t want to know, like the fact that he watches “Tori and Dean.”    He also tells Dean that Dean was always his favorite but Sam is the better hunter.  Too funny.  I love Bobby.   He hangs up and then Lisa calls.  I would be torn here.  It’s a great chance to get the honest truth from Lisa about their situation, but I don’t know if I would want to know.   If I were him, I wouldn’t have answered the call.  But he does and it doesn’t go well.  For most of this conversation I think Lisa has every right to question Dean but then she goes too far.   She wants to know why he pushed Ben (very understandable), she says that he keeps so much to himself and doesn’t open up to her (also very understandable) and that when Sam came back she knew they were over because his relationship with Sam is so unhealthy (wait, what?)  And then she dumps Dean.  I have mentioned before about the fact that I like Lisa and Ben but I don’t think they should be in Dean’s life.  This show is not about finding the guys love interests.   And I have always been impressed with how Lisa was able to handle Dean’s life and how cool she has been.  But an unhealthy relationship with Sam?  Are you kidding me?  So brothers who are really close and would do anything for one another is unhealthy?   Since when?   To give her the benefit of the doubt (which goes back to her comment about Dean keeping a lot to himself) maybe she doesn’t understand what happened to them growing up and that their ENTIRE LIVES, for about 95% of the time, all they had was each other.  That’s it.   Dead mother, father constantly on the run hunting, no friends, no co-workers, NOTHING!   You can throw Bobby in there and Jess for Sam (sort of) but for most of their lives, they just had each other.   If she doesn’t know the history and doesn’t get their connection, then she’s right, she shouldn’t be with Dean.  But if she does know and that is her interpretation of his relationship with his brother, then good riddens!

When Sam and Dean meet back up at one of the victim’s houses, Dean says he wants the truth and asks Sam about Vampgate.  “Why did you stand there and not help me?”   Sam tells Dean he froze and was scared.  You can see he is lying his ass off to Dean.   But since Dean thinks he can’t lie, he takes what he said as truth and apologies to him.   I find it strange that Dean would believe him so easily.  Especially since he doesn’t think this is Sam and with everything he has seen in his years of hunting, it’s possible something can out smart the “truth bug.”  I was really surprised he wasn’t more dubious.  In their motel room, Sam thinks, based off items found in her room, that the first victim summoned Veritas and that is why she is in town.  Now to find her.   Dean thinks the local TV reporter Ashley Frank, who has a show called “Frank Talk” (get it?   Frank Talk?)   Moving on, they confirm it is Ashley and they go to her house with knives dipped in blood….yummy!   When they enter the house, Veritas is there and she knocks them out and ties them up.   Time for some Frank Talk with the goddess of truth.  As she chows down on someone’s tongue (eeeeeewwww) Sam tries to cut through the rope with his blood knife.   She goes up to Dean and wants the truth.   Dean tells her that he wanted to kill Sam but after their “Frank Talk” he feels better about him.  He also admits that he was kidding himself about being a family man, he is a hunter and always will be.    Thank God he finally realized that revelation!!!  Next, it’s Sam’s turn.  She asks him about Dean and Sam pulls out some rhetoric about their lives being difficult but they manage.   Veritas is incredulous.  “You are lying to me!  What are you?   You can’t be human?”  Uh oh!  Dean is looking at Sam with both anger and resolve because he had been right all along.  And Sam is looking at her like most people look at Paris Hilton…shut the hell up!!!!   Sam is able to break loose from the rope and passes the knife onto Dean.  Veritas takes the upper hand on Sam but Dean stabs her the back and when she let’s go of Sam, Sam is able to stab her in the heart.   Problem solved….or is it?   Dean then turns on Sam and is now convinced that this is not his brother.  Sam asks him to let him explain.   He let him get turned because the Alpha Vamp has a cure and he thought Dean could handle himself against the Vamps.  This makes Dean REALLY happy.  Sam then says he doesn’t know what is wrong with him.  He knows something is wrong but isn’t sure what.  He doesn’t feel anything.  He has no emotion or connection to anything at all.  And he asks Dean to please help him.  Dean drops the knife, Sam relaxes, and Dean goes Mike Tyson on Sam’s face.   Cut to black.

What do you think about this mess?  It really bothers me when my Winchester boys are not on the same team and right now they aren’t.  How long until we find out what the deal is with Sam and if they can fix it?   Do you like S6 so far and the story it is telling?   Let me know.    Happy Halloween everyone!  Please be safe or a Wendigo might come out and slash you!!!

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