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QUICK REVIEW: Better with You S1 E3-5

I think this show is cute.  Again it is mindless comedy at the end of the work day.   Some of the writing is good.  Some, not so much.   But it’s entertaining and I like it so let’s do quick comments about each eppy.

E3 “Better with Ben”

The Christmas Card episode.  I don’t know how I feel about the family Christmas cards people send.   Pets and kids are cute.  Moms and Dads and kids and pets are ok.  Entire families (grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc) who wear the same color shirts and shorts/skirts and shoes, a little creepy.   Although I find the Putney family card interesting with their themes.   But you know what I found appalling?  That Ben, in 9 years of being with Maddie, was NEVER included in the picture.  And you know why?  It’s FAMILY only.   And Ben’s not family???  So what if they aren’t married.   They are together and he should be treated as family.  I have friends who have gone through the difficulty of feeling like the “in-law” or outsider with their spouse’s family and it’s incredibly hurtful.  And I am disappointed that Maddie didn’t realize how wrong this was until Ben finally said something.  I would have done what she did now (refusing to be in the picture unless Ben was included) years ago.  Once we had decided to make a life long commitment to each other even though not legally married, you are family and should be treated as such.   So Maddie should have stuck up for Ben a long time ago.   But in the end, Joel realizes how wrong he has been and includes Ben in the picture and apologizes for not considering family sooner.  

E4 Better with Fighting

This was a pretty good episode.  I always like when shows take real life situations and make them funny but relatable and this episode was a prime example.   Mia and Casey are having their first real fight while the other couples are having their 100+ fights.   Mia doesn’t want Casey to be late any more and isn’t sure how to handle it with him.  Maddie tells her not to back down and tell him exactly how every time he’s late, it makes her feel.  While Ben warns Casey that Mia is upset and do anything you can to defuse the Putney woman anger.  Back at their apartment when Mia starts to fight with Casey, he strips down and gets totally naked causing Mia to struggle with argument.   When Mia tells the story to Maddie, she repeats it to Ben and they come up with a way to show Mia and Casey how they should better “fight.”   When they meet at the restaurant they roll play how to express feelings while fighting and Mia and Casey are wondering what the hell is going on.  When they sit down, Maddie tells Casey that she is upset he is late because what does that say about his feelings for her sister when he knows it bothers her?  (She should have just used that tactic from the beginning!)  Casey agrees it’s wrong and says he’ll stop.  And Mia said she’ll start giving him earlier times to be ready so that if he is “late” he really won’t be.  Nice compromise.  Maddie is so happy but now Ben isn’t.  He says they never compromise like that.  Maddie, being a lawyer, just argues her point until he caves.   There is no give and take.   This leads to a huge confrontation in the restaurant where Ben is yelling (for the first time apparently) and Maddie is stunned and upset so decides to pull the naked trick…in the middle of the restaurant!!!  How is that a good idea?   When they get home, they both realize how ridiculous they were acting but also realize, what Ben said needed to be said and they agree they need to communicate and better and compromise more.   Good stuff. 

E5 “Better with Little Buddy”

The family is waiting for Mia and Casey at Maddie and Ben’s because today M&C find out the sex of the baby and everyone is taking bets on what the baby will be.  Ben said how great Mia has been looking so it must be a boy because “girls steal all the mother’s good looks” and Maddie wants to know how good she looks.  He tries to cover saying that she looks “pregnancy glow good.  I haven’t noticed her boobs or anything.”  Ha!  When he asks Vicky to help him out, she says she is still trying to figure out how her beauty was stolen from having 2 girls.  “I hate your sweater Mr Putney, there now I’ve insulted everyone.”   Great scene!  M&C show up and announce they are having a baby boy!   When Maddie asked how Mia was feeling, she said great other than the clothes getting tighter and her boobs getting bigger.  Joel tells her they already know that because Ben told them…prompting Ben to slink away.  Classic!   Anyway, Casey is being a little over the top with the baby and it is upsetting to Mia who thinks their relationship is becoming 2nd to the baby.   What we end up finding out is that Mia is upset because she is realizing that Casey is more prepared for the baby than she is and she isn’t feeling the same feelings about the baby that Casey is.  She starts to talk to the baby and as she is going through her dilemma in her head, “little buddy” starts kicking!  JoAnna Garcia really does a nice job in this scene and again we see a real situation that many mothers face when in the early stages of prenancy…or so I’m told.  Ben and Maddie’s story involves them having the stones to stand up to Vicky and Joel regarding their involvement in their lives and the delicate way we have to let our parents know when something they are doing, is something we don’t really want.

ABC hasn’t done their full season pick ups yet and I am hoping this show is on that list.  It is getting better each week!

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RECAP: The Defenders “Nevada vs. Senator Harper” S1 E5

The main case this week involved the LVPD arresting Rex van de Camp, aka Senator Clint Harper (played by Steven Culp) on kidnapping and murder of his aide Amy, with whom he was having an affair.  

The show starts off with the senator and his wife in a heated divorce battle.   This is when we find out he was having an affair with Amy, his aide.  Therefore the original divorce agreement is out the window because of the affair.  They head to divorce court and after the proceedings, the judge (played by Laura San Giacomo) asks Nick out.  Nick looks happy but is still pretty unsure because he still thinks he has a chance with Jess, his wife.  When they leave the court, a detective comes over the senator and informs him his aide hasn’t been to work in 2 days…she has gone missing.   The senator looks pretty upset and asks the cops to keep him in the loop.  Back at the offices of M&C, Zoey has Nick look at a video that is on-line on a news site.   The video is a police survalence video showing the senator throwing out a trash bag and looking around for witnesses.    That’s not good!

Nick heads down to the police station and the detective informs him that his client is going to be arrested on murder charges as well as kidnapping.   The bag they found had items in it relating to the victim and a bloody towel.   They also went to her apartment and found signs of a struggle with a broken coffee table and blood on that table.   The senator insists he didn’t kill anyone.  He asks Pete and Nick to meet him on the outside of town and he admits that he was at her apartment that day and that they were arguing.  He says that he had her arms in his grasp and when he let go, she fell back into the table and hit her head.   But then he left and she was still alive. 

Bail was posted at a pretty high amount so Nick and Lisa go to Mrs Harper to ask for her to put her house up for collateral.   She refuses and makes the comment that she should ask his mistress to put up her condo.   And how would she know about the condo if she just found out about the affair?   Hmmmmmmmm.   Lisa goes to the condo complex and finds out that there was a woman who was in Amy’s apartment after the senator left.  When she shows the picture of Mrs Harper to the witnesses, they confirm that is the woman who was there.   So Nick goes to the prison to talk to the senator about this new development and the senator doesn’t believe it.   Nick and Lisa go to confront Susan Harper and she admits she followed the senator and went to confront Lisa.   When Lisa opens the door she sees this “scared little girl crying.”   She felt so bad for her she actually spent her time consoling her instead of confronting her.   She said when she left, she was alive.   Susan also said that Amy was very sorry for the 4 lives she destroyed.  Well we know about Susan and the 2 boys, but who is the 4th person?   Nick decides to take the judge out to dinner and in the middle of their dinner, Pete shows up and informs Nick that the senator has now confessed to the crime.  Oh boy.

When the cops bring the senator down to the area where Amy’s car was found, they ask him to point in the direction of the body and you can tell he is completely lost.  He didn’t do this.  He is covering for his wife.  After some further investigating, they finally figure out who person #4 is, Amy’s finance, who she dumped for the senator.  Ding ding ding!   When they found the trailer where the finance is living, it happened to be right near where Amy’s car was found.   When the knock on the door, the finance comes out and the cops enter the residence.    And guess what they find inside…Amy…alive!   Turns out everyone is telling the truth and no one killed her.   The senator gets released and everyone is happy.

The other case was boring.  A kleptomaniac who seduces Pete into sleeping with her and ends up stealing some money from Pete and Nick.     I like Pete with Meredith, even though she did try to get him disbarred!

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REVIEW: The Defenders “Nevada vs. Carter” S1 E3

The way this show ended was exactly what frustrates me about defense attorney shows…the defense always wins no matter how bad their case and stupid the closing arguement.

I know the client was innocent and the victim a liar.  This isn’t about that.  I am not saying an innocent man should go to prison.  This is about the prosecution had a better case and Pete didn’t (and should have been disbarred for intimidating a witness) and yet they won anyway.   My husband and I debated this for a while.  He can’t understand why I am unhappy about the decision since the kid was innocent.   But again, it’s not about that.   What I don’t like (and I know, it’s a TV show) is that there was NO basis of law in their closing argument nor in their case.   “Pete got me to believe in the defendant, so you should too.”   Are you kidding me?   That’s your closing?  I believe him so you should?  Where is the proof?   My husband said the reasonable doubt was the victim lying on the stand.   My argument is, how do you know?   Take yourself out of the viewer seat, knowing all you know, and put yourself in the seat of the jury.   You heard that his co-defendant pled guilty to the crime and got 9 years for it.   You heard the victim’s sworn testimony was consistent in his taped deposition, in the prelim hearing, and in the co-defendant’s case.   The only time it changed was when he was intimidated by the defense attorney.  And how did NOTHING happen to Pete after that?   Seriously, shouldn’t that be grounds for disbarment?  Or at least a huge fine and suspension of law license for a period of time?   So you add all that evidence up, you vote not guilty?  I don’t buy it.   He should have been found guilty.

I would have rather seen Pete and Nick lose and then fight the appeal and bring the evidence to prove their client’s innocence.  They could have fought that appeal while fighting for the other co-defendant’s innocence.   Both of which I would be really interested in watching.   And watch them PROVE his innocence.  But they went for the easy way out and found him not guilty. 

I still like the show but they CANNOT have them win every week.  Especially when they have no business in winning.

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REVIEW: Private Practice “Playing God” S4 E3

There are 2 topics I want to discuss regarding this episode: Sam and Addison dating and Naomi’s reaction and the decisions surgeons have to make in regards to operating on criminals.

First, Sam and Addison.  I like Addison, I really do, but she is wrong here.  You don’t date your best friend’s ex-husband.   Period.  Or date the ex-husband and chose to get rid of your best friend…you can’t have both.    All the men in LA this woman can have, her 2 choices before Sam were a married man and a man in love with her co-worker.  Now, it’s the ex-husband of her oldest and dearest friend.   As Naomi said in her letter to Addison, “your tunnel vision makes you a great surgeon but a lousy friend.”   She is 100% right.  Addison is my favorite doctor on the show because of her moral standards and decision-making ability.   But her decisions in her personal life are atrocious.  How can she do this to Naomi?  I think Naomi should drop Addison as a friend because this is one you can’t forgive.  I also think Naomi has been NOTHING but class throughout this entire thing.  I love when she said “that night was the beginning of the end of us.  Hey Addie, this is not the beginning of the end of you and me.”  That takes a really big person.  I could never look at Addison ever again.  But Naomi is a bigger person than me.

As for Sam’s situation with the past surgery and current surgery…I am glad I am not a surgeon and would have to make that decision.  While I know what Sam did is wrong and should go to jail and lose his medical license, he rid the world of a horrible human being who was ruining children’s lives.  Inside, I wanted to high-five Sam and throw him a parade in his honor.  However, you can’t have doctors “playing God” as the title suggests, and taking the law into their own hands.  Where is the line drawn?  What if I was Bernie Madoff and screwed hundreds of people out of their money?  Does a doctor get to choose not to help me because I’m a criminal and an ass?  Or worse, end my life?   No.   As Addison said, “our job is not to judge their lives, our job is to save their lives.”   She is right.  It’s hard, it sucks, and I don’t think I could do it.   But when those doctors take their hypocractic oath, if they don’t think they can do it either, they shouldn’t be doctors.   But I would be lying if I didn’t admit good for Sam with allowing the child molester to die.

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Community Update

I have decided not to review Community anymore unless there is an episode that really stands out.  I have watched all 5 episodes and laughed about twice and both times were when Professor Ian Duncan (played by John Oliver) had the line.   That guy is hilarious!

But this season is WEAK.  It really went down hill from last year.   Instead being over the top like the simulator episode and Abed walking around like Jesus, can’t they just get back to them being students and highlight their quirkiness and friend dynamics?  I feel like that is completely gone.   It’s all this off the wall, not even close to realistic plot lines and I don’t enjoy it at all.    And according to the ratings, neither do the viewers.

Sorry Community fans!   Hopefully it will get back to the funniness of last season.

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CBS Pickups

All 5 of CBS’s new shows have received full season pick ups this week:

Mike & Molly, Hawaii 5-0, The Defenders, Blue Bloods, & S%^* My Dad Says.   The one that surprises me is S*&^ My Dad Says.    That received HORRENDOUS reviews.  I watched one episode in passing and didn’t like it at all.  But about 11 million people seem to like it so I guess it will stick.  I don’t get it, but I don’t have to.

I don’t watch the re-make of H50 but it seems to be the best new show for CBS.  Finally all their pushing of Alex O’Laughlin down our throats has paid off on a show that has finally stuck with him as a lead.  I still think he’s a terrible actor but the rest of cast I heard is pretty strong.  And my husband’s friends seem to really like Grace Park, a shocker I know.

The 3 other shows I watch and really enjoy so I am happy for them!

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LOST Analysis: Supernatural “Live Free or Twi Hard” S6 E5

I had about 3 episodes to catch up on from my trip and then watch last nights new eppy.   WOW!!!  I think it’s official.  Sam Winchester is not Sam Winchester.  He can’t be!!!  Or is that just my wishful thinking?   Let’s do a quick episode recap and then we’ll get into what is going with Sam…and I don’t like it!!!

In a spin on the vampire craze with teenagers, we open up at some club and a young girl is waiting to meet someone.  Robert, a mysterious, but strange talking, young man shows up and they strike up a conversation…but they have talked before, in a chat room I believe.  When she cuts her hand in her bag and Robert sees the blood he runs off.  Is he a wack-a-doo pretending to be a vampire?  Or is this a real vampire?  Who knows.  Go back to the club another day and our teenage vamp lover is back and Robert shows up again.   This time they talk and he shows her his fangs.  She is obviously excited by this and decides that it would be perfectly acceptable to leave the club with this weirdo and go to his apartment, you know, to get bitten for the first time.   I’m sorry, I like the vampire thing as much as the next teeny bopper, but if I went to a bar and some wacko showed up and showed me his “fangs”, I would burst out laughing and head for the door….ALONE.  What was this girl thinking???  So they leave and when this Harvard potential realizes she is not in the greatest area and Boris, the fat ugly vamp leader shows up, she understands that this was not the best idea.   Really, and Mensa was this close to calling.  We realize they are real vamps and kidnap her with plans to turn her.  Not so exciting anymore is it Kristen?

Sam and Dean are on the case realizing that many girls around the same age have all gone missing.  They go to Kristen’s house to investigate and head to her room.  When they open the door, they see the ridiculously creepy shrine to vampires and all things goth.  This is when Dean drops a classic Dean Winchester line: “these aren’t vampires, these are douchebags.”  Love him.  They find the link to the club and head there.  They run into the vamps and Sam kills one while Dean is confronted by Boris.   Boris overpowers him and proceeds to feed Dean his blood.  In the background, one of the most disturbing and disconcerting things happen…Sam is watching, and smirking!   Not only does he NOT rush to help Dean, he almost goes into a trance like state and he looks as though he is ENJOYING what he is witnessing.  He then seems to snap out of it when it winds down and then he rushes to Dean’s side.

Back at their hotel, Dean is already feeling the vamp effects and informed Sam that he called Samuel to come and kill him so he doesn’t hurt anyone.  Sam doesn’t seem too happy about this but when Dean asks him how he is feeling, Sam says he’s pretty upset.   But Dean can hear his heartbeat, with his super-duper vamp hearing, and it is calm and steady.  More evidence Dean is not sure about Sammy.  When Dean goes to use the bathroom, he escapes and heads to Lisa’s house.  There he is really fighting his inner vamp urges.  He tells Lisa this isn’t going to work and when he almost becomes overwhelmed with the thought of chowing down on her, he leaves and runs into Ben.  Ben wants to hug Dean but Dean begs him to stay away from him and he pushed Ben away.  Dean then leaves and Lisa and Ben are left to wonder what the hell just happened.

When he meets back up with Sam and Samuel at the hotel, he asks Samuel to kill him.  Samuel says “Ok, or I could just change you back.”   Well why not lead with that grandpa?  He tells Dean about the cure and that he needs the blood of the man who turned him as well as inject him with Deadman’s blood.   Dean leaves to go back to vamp land and Samuel then confronts Sam.   Apparently Sam knew about the cure and Samuel wants to know why Sam didn’t tell Dean.  Sam then denies he knew about the cure.  Samuel said he told Sam and Sam denies it.  “You didn’t keep the cure from Dean so you could get closer to the Alpha did you Sam?” Grandpa asks.  “Of course not” Sam replies.  (Wink, wink, fingers crossed behind his back.)  I don’t grandpa is buying this version of Sam either.

Back at vamp land, Dean tries to blend in and resist the urge to drink blood (if takes even a drop, the cure won’t work.)  When he bumps into Boris, he learns that what is going on is a vicious cycle of young girls, who have been turned, lure the young men to the trap so they can be turned.   Then those newly christened vamps, go after young girls to turn them and the cycle continues.   It’s kind of like on campus college recruiting.  And orders are coming from the Alpha Vampire, who we realize is no longer in fear of hunters and is amassing an army.  Long story short, Dean starts going all Sleepy Hollow on the vamps and ends up killing Boris and getting what he needs to cure him.   Back at the hotel, Samuel mixes the cure and Dean chugs it down.   He then pukes up a whole mess of muck and starts flashing all the way back to the point he got turn.  My husband then shouts “He’s going to see Sam watching him!!”  My husband isn’t happy about new Sam either.  He’s right though, and Dean sees the enjoyment in “Sam’s” face when he is getting turned.

As they prepare to leave, Dean tries to reach out to Lisa but then hangs up and decides against it.  And quite frankly, I’m ready for Dean’s family life to be over.  I like Lisa and Ben, but it’s time for them to go away.   When Dean and Sam go to get into the car Dean says to Sam “you always have my back, right Sammy?”  And again in a very eerie and creepy way, Sam replies “of course Dean.”   Yeah and women wearing white linen gloves want to eat ketchup sandwiches on potato chip bread.

So let’s get into what is on everyone’s mind….is this or is this not Sam Winchester?  My initial reaction is no.  Either Lucifer is still inside and still controlling Sam or Sam is dead and this is a demon.  Or, worst case scenario, this really is Sam and he is just a changed, nasty, really buff, person after his time in hell.   Again, this may be my wishful thinking talking, but I really don’t think this is just a changed Sam.   There has to be something/someone else controlling Sam and effecting his personality.  I can’t believe this is the new Sam Winchester, an empty shell of a person with no remorse, conscious, or feeling.  I won’t buy it.  As I have mentioned before, you can’t drink 900 gallons of demon blood to prepare for the entrance of Lucifer into your soul and not be effected.   It’s also possible, that Lucifer is still in there!  I don’t think so.  I think there is a demon in Sam.   I keep going back to the season finale when “Sam” stood under the street light outside Lisa’s house watching Dean and the light flickered and went out.  That screams demon.   But which demon and why?  Is it Ruby or Lilith exacting revenge?  Some other force we haven’t met yet?   Does it have something to do with the civil war in Heaven and the ensuing fight between Balthazar and Raphael?  Whatever demon it is, I am convinced it is coming after Dean with plans to destroy him and using Sam as a vessel to do it.

What do you think?  Is this Sam or not?   Do you like new Sam or not?   And what should Dean do?

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QUICK REVIEW: Mike & Molly S1 E3-4

After “First Date” I had really high expectations for this show.  Now after “First Kiss” and “Mike’s Not Ready” my expectations have tapered a bit.  I like Mike & Molly a lot, but my big fear for this show is still happening….TOO MANY FAT JOKES!!!   Seriously, you have some funny people on this show.  Do we constantly have to have fat jokes?  Throw 1 or 2 an eppy, ok.  But half the episode?  Come on.  I know the premise of the show…I get that.  But for me, after a while, that gets really old.   And I don’t think, you can have long-term success with this show, with running fat jokes.  I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.   Also, PLEASE calm down the laugh track!!  It’s over the top.

Now one thing that is surprising but I think funny with this show is some of the underlying raunchiness of the show.  It’s very subtle (although sometimes not so much) and if you sneeze you might miss it.   But some of the lines, I was not prepared for but I have spit out my fountain coke with laughter.  The one that still sticks out to me is from “First Date.”   Mike: “how do you like your snapper?”  Molly: “great, how do you like your penis?”  Fountain Coke EVERYWHERE!   Victoria and Carl have some of the best raunchy lines.  I like that they are pushing the envelope with this and I always like when something surprises me in a funny way.

In these 2 episodes, Mike & Molly are still feeling each other out in their new relationship.  Although in “Mike’s Not Ready,” Mike isn’t feeling out Molly as much as she would like.   See even I’m getting into it!!!!  In “First Kiss” they go bowling for their next date.   This is where Mike thinks he will shine and really showcase some of his talents to Molly.  Little did Mike know that Molly was on the bowling team in college and she kicks his ass.  You go girl!  After bowling they go to the diner and Molly and Samuel really hit off speaking German and quoting Shakespeare to each other.   Mike is feeling a little left out and a little out of his league and he wants to go home.  On the ride home, he is really being short with her and she isn’t sure what the problem is (neither do I quite frankly.)  And when he drops her at the door, there is no kiss and no plans for another date.    What gives Mike?   Why are you being a douche?  When he goes to Carl’s, I mean Carl’s grandmother’s, we meet Grandmom (played by Cleo King) and I instantly like her!  Mike tells her Molly was showing off with language skills and knowledge of Shakespeare and that maybe they don’t have very much in common.  Grandmom sees right through this and says he’s just upset because she beat him in bowling.  Also, he has met an intelligent, funny, strong, independent woman and that threatens him a little bit!  She tells Mike to suck it up and go get her.   And he does.  He goes to Molly’s house and after almost getting blinded by Victoria, Molly agrees to go out with him again.   They go bowling and have a great time and at the end, he kisses her….yeah!!!!

So we go from “First Kiss,” to Molly wanting to get down and dirty with Mike.   Yeah she does!!!!   But Mike rebuffs her advances and Molly is left disappointed at her front door.   They next day Carl, Victoria, and Joyce all want to know how the “3rd date sex” went.  I think it’s fine to have that conversation with your best friend or your sister, but your mom?  Sheesh.  I couldn’t do that.   Carl assumes Mike backed down due to him being embarrassed about his size and V&J aren’t sure Molly was sending the right signals.  Molly: “the only thing I didn’t do was lift up my skirt and fire a starter pistol.”   Love that line!  So Molly is upset and her family wants to get her a man who will suit her needs so she doesn’t become a cat lady and Carl keeps trying to assure him that he looks fine and should go for it.   Mike keeps insisting his weight is not the problem.  When Molly cancels their next date due to “illness” Carl thinks that’s the beginning of the end.    At home, Molly and Victoria are watching TV and Victoria is stoned out of her mind.  Molly: “are you stoned?”  Victoria: “You’re not?”  I love her!  The doorbell rings and in walks nasty man who Joyce has set up as a sex buddy for Molly.  Molly’s had enough and leaves to go to an OA meeting.  While there, she bumps into Mike.  Uh oh!   She runs out and Mike chases her.  I don’t know why she keeps running.  He has already seen her and is still running after her so she should really stop so neither one of them have a heart attack!  He asks her why she ran from him and she says she doesn’t want to see him anymore…Carl was right.   Mike meets up with Carl and Samuel at a bar and he tells them Molly just broke up with him.  They proceed to get drunk and decide that women are just not needed in society.  So where do they plan to go next….a strip club.  So much for not needing women in society!  On the way there, Mike finally admits why he didn’t want to sleep with Molly…he didn’t want her to see him naked.  Carl consoles him and directs the cabby to Molly’s house.  When Mike knocks on the door, Joyce answers and proceeds to slam the door in his face saying Molly doesn’t want to see him.  So the drunkards go to Molly’s window and make a commotion until she opens her window.  Mike climbs up a ladder to talk to her and he finally comes clean to her about his fear.  It’s a really sweet moment between the 2 and they decide that they do want to be together and want it to be just right when they do.  Molly invites Mike to stay and he stays the night….along with Carl and Samuel…awesome!

This was one time I was glad their weight was discussed in the plot.  It wasn’t as the baseline for another dumb fat joke, but it was the source of something very difficult and painful.  It was nice to see them have an honest conversation about what was bothering him and how they would both be there to support one another.  This is one of the big reasons I am still invested in this show.  It is funny, but it has a lot of honest and tender (but not cheesy) moments that make these characters very realistic in a lot of ways.

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QUICK REVIEW: Parenthood S2 E5-6

I know it seems like all I am reviewing lately is Parenthood.  But most of the other shows, my husband likes to watch too so we have to watch together over the weekend…aren’t we as cute as a Care Bear?  Since Parenthood is one he doesn’t watch, I have been cranking through them.


Kristina has enrolled in an Asperger’s support group and wants Adam to go with her.  He doesn’t want to because support groups are “dumb.”  I really like Adam Braverman but I wanted to punch his lights out when he said this.   Support groups are dumb?  How does he know?  Has he ever attended one?  I never have but I know people who have and there is something to be said for a group of people getting together to discuss a common issue they share in an environment where there is no judgement and the people there can empathize with what you are going through because they are going through the same thing.  How that translates to dumb, is beyond me.   And when Kristina was listening to the one woman talk about her struggles with her son, watching her face turn from understanding to sadness to frustration to empathy was incredible.  Monica Potter was brilliant in that scene.  She was able to convey so much of the emotion Kristina had been feeling in just her facial expressions.  I would assume (due to my extensive high school musical theater experience) that it is easier to play emotion when you can let it all out..screaming, crying, laughing, etc.  But to calmly sit and subtly show the transformation of varying emotions, in a matter of 2 minutes, brilliant!    When Adam was at home with Max and Max asked where his mom was, he said she was out at a group meeting.  Max wanted to know what kind of group and Adam responded “a card group.”   This obviously bothered him but not for the reasons you think.   Adam shows up at the meeting and begins to open up.  He came because he had to just lie to his son about where his mother was.  He lied because he couldn’t tell him his mother was at an Asperger’s support meeting.  He couldn’t tell him that, because Max doesn’t know he has Asperger’s and he is dreading the day he has to tell him.  And cue the Kleenex!   Ok Adam, you are now off the shit list!  There was also the drama in regards to Max wanting to go trick or treating this year and Kristina was freaking out about that.  I can understand why Kristina would be nervous but at some point, in order to help with Max’s growth, don’t you have to let him try to branch out and challenge himself?  This is no different from other parents letting their kids walk to the school bus by themselves or sleep over a friend’s house for the first time.   Let him try to get out of his comfort zone.  If he is instigating it, I think you should roll with it…which is what Adam convinces her to do and it works!!!  Max was hesitant but he did a great job and had a ton of fun!!!


Crosby enlists Julia’s help to get Crosby into Sydney’s school.  It is a tough school to get into so Crosby and Jasmine pretend to be husband and wife to look better in the interview.  It works and Jabar is enrolled in the school.  But while the charade was going on Jasmine kept looking at the ring on her finger and I think she was liking it!   Wonder what will happen here?  Jabar’s first day comes and he is really nervous!    But he meets this adorable little boy who asks if he is new and wants to see some kind of turtle or spider or something and Jabar agrees and they go off.   So. Freaking. Cute!  They are also part of the Halloween festivities and when the come back to Crosby’s and eat Jabar’s candy (ha!) Crosby starts telling Jasmine that he wants to be more involved in her house hunting project because he wants to be in the house with her and Jabar.    Then he tells her to get up and he stays on one knee, pulls out a spider ring (love it!) and proposes to Jasmine!


Not a whole lot on this front.  J&J were working on baby #2 when Sydney screams from a bad dream.  To asks to sleep with her parents and they agree for one night only, it’s ok.  However, that one night turns into several nights and now Joel can’t get any sleep.  When he confronts Julia with this, she says she hasn’t wanted to send her back because she is gone all day for work and this is one time she gets to be mom with Sydney.  (Aren’t they sleeping?  I don’t know how this is mommy time if they are sleeping but whatever.)  Joel tells her that their time at night alone in their room is the one time Joel doesn’t have to be dad, he can be her husband and he needs that.  Julia agrees and Sydney is back in her bed.   When Halloween comes around, Julia is really struggling with the fact that Sydney wants to be a pageant queen.  More specifically, Miss California.  I don’t blame Julia for having an issue with this one!    She tries everything to convince Sydney to be anything else but she won’t back down.   Finally, she puts her feminist views aside and let’s Sydney be Miss California (and she looked adorable!)  I think Julia made the right move here.  I know why she didn’t want her daughter to be dressed up like that, but she is so young, I’m sure she doesn’t understand the whole pageant thing and how that objectifies women.


Sarah gets asked to help Gordon out with a shoe booth trade show and she really shines!   She worked very hard to prepare for the night and she came out looking like a rock star.   While she and Gordon were celebrating a successful event, hot warehouse man/concert hero Mike shows up and says hello to Sarah.  She introduces him to Gordon and Gordon had no idea this guy worked for him and Mike reminds him they met several times.  When Mike asked if they were still on for later that week, she says yes and that she’ll call him but he senses some awkwardness.  So he says he’ll call her and maybe they’ll get together another time.    This bothered me a little.  I can understand why Sarah would be a little weird about confirming date plans with another employee in front of the owner of the company and Mike took it the wrong way.  I wish this would have had a little more follow-up to it because I think a discussion between the 2 of them was necessary but the writers seemed to just drop it.  Bummer, because I like Mike.  When Gordon walks Sarah to her car, he kisses her goodnight.   Talk about a workplace romance conundrum!  When Sarah sees Gordon the next day, he is very business like and acts like the kiss never happened.  When Sarah confronts him about it, he says they are very different…she’s the employee, he’s the employer; she has kids, he dates kids (he didn’t say that….he said he had a boat.)  So Sarah leaves his office a little disappointed.  Should have stuck with warehouse Mike!!  But I have to say, her timing was a little off.  I know she has a right to question him, especially after he kissed her.  But it is a place of business and he was getting on a business call.    Talk to him at the end of the day!  SO Sarah thinks things are caput when Gordon shows up at the bar wanting another chance.  She isn’t so sure but then she receives a call from Amber.  Amber is at a party with pothead Kelsey and she got drunk and crazy because she caught the boy she liked hooking up with another girl and Amber needs a ride home.  Gordon offers to drive Sarah and the 2 show up at the party.  When Kelsey won’t get out of the pool, Gordon go into the pool and gets her out.  Nicely done Gordo!  Back at Sarah’s she apologies for Kelsey puking in his car and compliments him on how he handled the girls when he is not a kid person.  “You’re good with kids” Sarah says.  “No, I’m good with drunk women” Gordon replies.   Ouch!  He tells her he kind of likes her life and her and he kisses her again.  I don’t know how I feel about Gordo and Sarah.  I still like warehouse Mike.  On a side note, I really like how Sarah handled this.  She didn’t go crazy on Kelsey for the drinking and acting crazy.  She was very calm and understanding.  And I think that’s good to show Amber because it re-enforces to Amber that she can always come to her mom for anything.


I hate to say it but I am not too invested in their relationship.   But for those that are, in an effort to spend more time with Camille, they enroll in dance lessons.  But then Camille gets jealous when the gay instructor takes over her dance spot with Zeek and does a better job than her  and she is not happy.  When Zeek becomes more obsessed with getting better than hanging out with Camille, she gets upset and explains to him that he is missing the point….and he is big time!


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NBC Pickups

NBC announced back 9 pick ups of The Event, Outsourced, L&O: LA, Chase, and Chuck (Chuck received a back 11!!)   And so far, the only show axed has been Outlaw.

Is this really a win for NBC’s TV season or is their schedule so bad, they had no choice but to pick up these shows?  NBC as a whole, seems to be in the ratings basement every week compared to the big 3 (ABC, NBC, CBS.)  Nothing has really knocked it out of the park but, other than Outlaw, nothing is “The Beautiful Life” either.  I think if The Event, Chase, or Chuck we on ABC or CBS, they would be canceled (so thank God Chuck is on NBC!!!)  It’s pretty sad considering just a few years ago, NBC dominated prime time programming.  Remember shows like Friends, ER, Law and Order, Seinfeld, Frasier, Mad About You, Homicide: Life on the Streets, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Just Shoot Me, Will & Grace, and The West Wing?  In the last 5 years, can you remember NBC launching ANY show that meets these standards (and I don’t mean spinoffs of L&O.)    I remember when NBC was, as their logo suggested “Must See TV.”   Other than Chuck and Parenthood, there is NO must see TV for me on NBC and there hasn’t been in a long time.

So what happened?  Did Jeff Zucker run NBC programming into the ground? (Yes.) Have they just picked bad shows?   (Yes.)  Are they marketing their shows wrong?   (Not sure.)  Did they fall victim to relying WAY too much on reality/variety programming?  (My Dad is Better Than Your Dad/The Jay Leno Show come to mind.)   No matter what the reason or reasons, NBC is really struggling with their programming.  But I will always take weak scripted programming over stupid reality TV any day of the week.  At least NBC is getting away from that.   They just need better shows!


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