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RECAP: The Good Wife “VIP Treatment” S2 E5

The Good Wife is on a roll this season.  After recouping from watching “Cleaning House” (which by the way, I totally guessed that it was Wendy who leaked the deposition and was running for State’s Attorney) we head into another intense episode, albeit a different level of intensity.   While still at the CCBAG, Courtney comes to see Alicia regarding a client who wants to talk to her about a sexual assault.  Alicia wants to follow-up in the morning but Courtney is insisting on Alicia seeing her now because of who she is accusing.   Alicia goes to talk to her and we find out the man she is accusing is Joe Kent, who is about to receive the Noble Peace Prize for his work with women in 3rd world countries and is one of the big players in the democratic party.  Alicia immediately heads back to the Gala and informs Derrick, Diane, and Will about what is going on.   They all leave and head back to the office.   They begin to question the victim, Laura (played by Natalie Knepp), a massage therapist who was hired by Kent via the hotel to give the massage, and already something seems off.  The victim is very Annie Dukes with the Lockhart/Gardner team and no one is sure whether or not to believe her.   Diane wants no part of this case, Derrick is unsure, and Will, as usual, sees dollar signs.  The problem is, if they take the case against Kent and lose, they will lose half their client base.  If they take the case and win, it will be a windfall of clients and huge for the firm.  It’s 7pm and they only have until 11pm because the victim has a an appointment with another law firm at 11pm.  So 4 hours to figure out if they take the case.

The countdown begins and L/G sends Kalinda to the hotel where Kent is allegedly staying to get some information, while the partners and Alicia begin to further question Laura.  In their questioning there are some inconsistencies and some holes in her story.   Also, Laura is awfully calm and matter-of-fact when telling the story which seems a bit odd and Alicia and Diane notice the same thing.   When Diane pushes her a bit more, the victim asks her why she is being so harsh?   Diane explains to her that this is only the beginning of the type of questioning she will endure from Kent’s people.   Diane also mentions to her how calm she is after such a brutal attack.   Why isn’t she more upset?   Why isn’t she crying?  Laura responds “I didn’t know there were rules on how someone reacts to something like this.”  She then proceeds to tell a story from her childhood and how that was the last time she has cried and that she is sorry and wishes for their sake that this happened to someone who cried.  Well said and it’s a valid point.   Natalie Knepp does an excellent job of keeping you guessing (at least keeping me guessing) whether or not this happened.  You want to believe her but she is so withdrawn and cavalier in her delivery, maybe she was put up to this by someone else?   You really don’t know.  Even up until the last scene with Alicia, I’m still not 100% sure but I definitely have a side I am leaning towards.

The partners are still not sure whether they should take this case and they are all starting to flip from their original position.  Diane now thinks they should move forward, Derrick isn’t sure and Will thinks this is a bad idea.   Especially after Kalinda found champagne glasses with Laura’s lipstick on a glass at his hotel room.   When asked, Laura says she was just trying to make the customer happy since he is a VIP and that sometimes she will do things like because the money is so good.  But that was it.   Blake on the other had breaks into her apartment to do some digging and finds out that there is a roommate who is also a massage therapist and Diane wants him to look into her as well.   We also see him steal money from the girls “to make it look like a break in.”   This guy is a jerk.  I already knew he was but each episode he is confirming that fact more and more.   Blake sets up a VIP massage with Laura’s roommate and when Blake offers to pay for something extra, she refuses.   He mentions that Laura was willing to go the extra mile and the roommate confirms that sometimes Laura will do extra things for her clients and that she can call her if he would like that special treatment.   When Laura is confronted with that bombshell, she denies it.    She explains that it is very competitive since there are so few VIP treatments through the hotels.   So even though her and her roommate are friends, she was trying to sabotage her with the hotel to get her fired from getting VIP customers since the hotel frowns upon “extras.”  With friends like that, who needs enemies right?   Sheesh.    Now the partners are really confused so Will goes to talk to a friend of his that happens to be Kent’s lawyer, who is a real asshole by the way.   This conversation doesn’t go well at all and ends up in a fist fight between Will and the punk attorney.   Needless to say, there won’t be a settlement or information shared.

In an interesting turn of events, punk lawyer shows up at the CCBAG to find Peter and Eli and announces that Kent will give his support to Peter in the election.  It does come with a catch, he wants Peter to tell Alicia to drop this “nuisance” case of sexual assault against Kent.   Peter denies and tells punk attorney that he hopes Alicia wipes the floor with them.   Eli is about ready to bust a gut!!!   Alicia, Will, and Derrick then show back up at the CCBAG to question Cary.  When they asked the victim why she didn’t go to the police or prosecutors office, she says she did but one of the attorneys told her to see L/G, specifically Alicia and that lawyer was Cary Agos.  They talk to Cary and Cary says he sent it over to them because it is a good case.   He also tells them to look into a woman by the name of Meredith as well.  They aren’t sure whether to believe Cary because he is still out to hurt them and can’t be trusted.    But they decide to have Kalinda look into this to be sure.   In another interesting twist, Peter’s hand has been forced….Kent has announced his backing of Peter as State’s Attorney.   Eli is thrilled and Peter is not.  Peter realizes that if he doesn’t get Alicia to drop this case and Kent is found guilty, Peter will be supported by a rapist.   Crafty move by Kent.

Kalinda does end up finding Meredith and she confirms that Meredith was also a massage therapist and had the same happen to her with Kent.   The statute of limitations is up on her crime but she would be willing to testify on Laura’s behalf.   At the same time Mrs. Kent calls Diane and asks her to drop the case.    She said her husband does great work for these women in 3rd world countries and that these people need her husband.   When Diane asks if she cares about these allegations, Mrs. Kent paused briefly and says no, she doesn’t care what her husband does as long as he helps these women.   Diane then politely declines to drop the case and the partners now agree, they need to take this case.   It’s 11pm and when Alicia goes to tell Laura, she is gone.   Alicia finds her in elevator and is prepared to tell her they are going to take the case.   Laura has decided not to pursue it.   Alicia mentions the other therapist who was assaulted by Kent and Laura can be a key person in making sure he doesn’t do this to anyone else.   She understands that, but she also understands that in cases like this, Kent’s team will look into her and her background and that they will find skeletons in her closet.   She doesn’t want to go through that and she refuses to.

It’s a shame but true…..more times in cases like these the victim gets put on trial instead of the accused and even with victory or defeat, the victim usually is worse for the wear.  It’s wrong and I could blog 2,000 words on that topic alone…don’t get me started!   But do you have a feeling this case isn’t over yet and may be revisited at some point this season?  I do and I hope so.   I found this to be one of The Good Wife’s best episodes.   There were so many twists and turns and all along, I really wasn’t sure who was telling the truth.   I really hope the writers bring this one back and cast a big time guest star as Kent.   Charlie Sheen might work…maybe too well.

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RECAP: Dexter “First Blood” S5 E5

Lots to get into with Dexter.  I also watched 4 episodes last night so my head is really spinning!  Let’s break it down:


I know they weren’t in the episode but I just wanted to make the quick comment that I’m glad the kids are with Rita’s parents in Orlando.  I don’t know how Dexter was going to manage with 3 kids!  I’m going to miss Cody because he was a really sweet kid.  But Astor could have left seasons ago and I would have been thrilled.   She has always been a little brat to me.  I know her mother just died and she is grieving that.  I get that.  But she has been so nasty and disrespectful to Dexter throughout this whole ordeal.   And she isn’t the only person who lost someone.   Anyway, it makes perfect sense that the kids are with their grandparents and Dexter just has to deal with Harrison.


Sonya the nanny (played by the divine Maria Doyle Kennedy) is an interesting character.  Is she just a simple nanny watching Harrison (“practically perfect in every way”) or is there something more there?   Does anyone else think she may be too perfect?   Is she a plant by Quinn to watch Dexter from the inside?  Does she have her own agenda we aren’t aware of yet?   Or am I reading too much into it and she is simply just and Irish Mary Poppins?  I don’t know.  I tend to be overly suspicious especially when it is a pseudo name actor playing what should be an innocuous role.  And I’m not even suggesting she is bad per say.  But I think there is more to the Sonya story.  I just don’t know what.


Lumen, which means ‘light” in Latin, (that has to be significant) and Dexter seem to have found a way to cautiously trust one another.  I thought this was going to be a HUGE problem for Dexter with her seeing him kill Boyd.  She doesn’t follow the code so he can’t kill her but he can’t let her go either.  She was able to escape but Dexter was able to catch up to her because it just so happened that the car she runs into that could save her, has 4 guys in it that, because of her experience, she immediately decides she can’t trust them and go with them for fear of what they might do to her.  I don’t even want to know what happened to this girl who her BEST option is to not go with car of guys who can save her and instead stay where you are and have the man holding you hostage re-capture you.   Now it’s time for Dexter to use some shock value to prove to Lumen that he will not hurt her and in fact, saved her life.  Dexter takes her to Boyd’s dumping ground and opens one of the containers to show Lumen exactly what would have happened to her, if Dexter didn’t kill Boyd.  Dexter also explains to her that his wife was murdered by someone like Boyd and that he can’t watch another innocent person get killed.  He also gives Lumen his knife to prove she can trust that he won’t hurt her.  She starts to realize that Dexter is telling the truth.  She also let’s Dexter know that it wasn’t just Boyd.  He passed her around to other people.  Oh boy, there are other people involved in this creepy, sinister plot.  So there is our major arc…who is the big bad controlling this group of murderers and rapists?  I have a feeling the motivational speaker on Boyd’s CD may have something to do with this.  It was pointed out so many times, it has to have a connection some how right?   Again, maybe I am reading too much into it.   Lumen wants to go after these people and find them out and Dexter thinks she should just go back home to Minnesota.  When Dexter goes to visit her at her hotel room, he enters and sees all the investigating she has done and she has found a guy that is potentially linked with this group.   Dexter gets to him first and has the same feeling.  So he slips him the happy syringe and off they go to the kill room.  But as Dexter is about to begin, he notices the ankle transmitter on his leg.    There is no way he could have been involved.  He is a parolee and can’t leave that area he was in or else his ankle monitor alerts his parole officer.  Oops.  Dexter returns him home but the next day, Lumen shows up….with a gun.  She finds him (in broad daylight I might add) and she aims to fire.  Her arms and hands are shaking and you can tell she is having problems with this.  She tries again and Dexter shows up and stops her.  He also informs her on the information he found out and how this guy was not involved.  Lumen is so upset she almost killed an innocent person, she agrees to leave.   Dexter drops her at the airport and they say their goodbyes.  She goes through security but the next we see her, she is in a cab and the cabbie says “Welcome to Miami!”  Lumen hasn’t gone anywhere!   Dexter’s going to be sooooo happy about that.


So they have decided to be “fuck buddies.”   What a surprise!   Poor Deb, she keeps picking the WRONG guys.   I like Quinn but him trying to bring her brother down, sure isn’t the best way to start a relationship.   Quinn I fear is going to suffer the same fate as Doakes, except instead of Lila the whore killing him, Dexter will have the honors, I think.  See Quinn doesn’t follow Dexter’s code either.  I’m just not sure Dexter feels that way.  Dexter could probably justify it by saying he witnessed Quinn stealing from a crime scene and is not on the up and up.   But is that really the same level as Boyd?  Or Trinity?  Or any of these derelicts he has killed over the years?  I think not.  But something could happen this season to change that.  And if Quinn keeps getting closer and closer to who Dexter really is, Dexter will have another very difficult choice on his hands…what to do about Quinn.  He can’t just get rid of him the way Doakes was murdered.   (I’m still holding out hope Doakes wasn’t really killed that day and is healing up somewhere planning to get back at Dexter and exact his revenge.   How great would that be?   I love Doakes!)   But if Quinn disappears, not only will you have Deb looking into it but don’t forget about Maria.  Quinn has been informing to his Liu that he feels Dexter should be investigated for Rita’s death and that he thinks he is Kyle Butler.  If he keeps bringing “evidence” to Maria about this and then he disappears, guess who else will start looking into Mr. Morgan?  Yikes!

The “Saint Death” Case

I have to be honest, I really don’t care about this case.  The only bright spot is that it gives us more Batista and Mazuka time!   I would never say I want to FF any scenes in any episode in Dexter.  But if I did, it would be these scenes.  I don’t because you never know when this case may connect to something else, something bigger, we aren’t aware of yet.    And I don’t care about this new cop helping out Deb on this except to say……she’s up to something!    Ha!!!  I always think the new people are up to something!   Only time will tell.


How many people think the writers may be painting Dexter into a corner?  It’s ok, you can tell me!   It seems there are more people this season than ever before either suspicious of Dexter or know who Dexter is.   In S1, it was really just Doakes.   Now, you have the Mitchell family (3 of them) who know he is Kyle Butler and you have the FBI agents (2 of them) investigating the whereabouts of Kyle Butler (as well as Quinn.)   You have Quinn investigating Dexter and telling Maria about his suspicions (even though she is blowing them off now.)   Don’t forget, Maria was NEVER convinced that Doakes was the Bay Harbor Butcher.  You have Sonya that has her suspicions about Dexter and can’t quite put her finger on what she doesn’t trust about him….yet.   Finally you have Lumen who saw him kill Boyd and now Dexter has this little protegé running around with him and remember who well that ended last time (with Miguel Prado?)   Seriously, how complicated is this getting?  And this season seems to be the first season where there is carry over from the one before.  And I don’t mean Doakes and Quinn being curious about Dexter.  I mean the case from last year not being tied up as neatly as Dexter thought (since the Mitchells are still alive and the FBI is still investigating Kyle Butler in Trinity’s disappearance.)   But this is one of the reasons I like the writing staff so much….everytime you think Dexter is painted into a corner he can’t get out of, the writers find a way/Dexter finds a way, to get out.   But with the people who are now finding out, can it be that simple anymore?   And this will be a good topic for summertime…how do you want to see Dexter, the series, end?   Do you want to see Dexter riding off into the sunset still killing the bad guys or do you want to see Dexter being captured and all the people who knew him finding out about who he is, especially Deb?   In its simplest form, Dexter is a murderer.  A well-meaning, cute, lovable murderer.  But he is still a serial killer.  I hope we don’t receive the answer to this question for years to come.   But if Dexter isn’t careful, that end will come sooner than we would like.

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CW Pickups

The CW has ordered full season pickups of Hellcats, Nikita, and One Tree Hill.  So all CW shows now have full 22 episode seasons lined up….except Life Unexpected.

I think it is safe to say that anyone who is a fan of Life Unexpected, these are going to be the last episodes you will see.  Sorry!

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QUICK REVIEW: Better with You S1 E3-5

I think this show is cute.  Again it is mindless comedy at the end of the work day.   Some of the writing is good.  Some, not so much.   But it’s entertaining and I like it so let’s do quick comments about each eppy.

E3 “Better with Ben”

The Christmas Card episode.  I don’t know how I feel about the family Christmas cards people send.   Pets and kids are cute.  Moms and Dads and kids and pets are ok.  Entire families (grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc) who wear the same color shirts and shorts/skirts and shoes, a little creepy.   Although I find the Putney family card interesting with their themes.   But you know what I found appalling?  That Ben, in 9 years of being with Maddie, was NEVER included in the picture.  And you know why?  It’s FAMILY only.   And Ben’s not family???  So what if they aren’t married.   They are together and he should be treated as family.  I have friends who have gone through the difficulty of feeling like the “in-law” or outsider with their spouse’s family and it’s incredibly hurtful.  And I am disappointed that Maddie didn’t realize how wrong this was until Ben finally said something.  I would have done what she did now (refusing to be in the picture unless Ben was included) years ago.  Once we had decided to make a life long commitment to each other even though not legally married, you are family and should be treated as such.   So Maddie should have stuck up for Ben a long time ago.   But in the end, Joel realizes how wrong he has been and includes Ben in the picture and apologizes for not considering family sooner.  

E4 Better with Fighting

This was a pretty good episode.  I always like when shows take real life situations and make them funny but relatable and this episode was a prime example.   Mia and Casey are having their first real fight while the other couples are having their 100+ fights.   Mia doesn’t want Casey to be late any more and isn’t sure how to handle it with him.  Maddie tells her not to back down and tell him exactly how every time he’s late, it makes her feel.  While Ben warns Casey that Mia is upset and do anything you can to defuse the Putney woman anger.  Back at their apartment when Mia starts to fight with Casey, he strips down and gets totally naked causing Mia to struggle with argument.   When Mia tells the story to Maddie, she repeats it to Ben and they come up with a way to show Mia and Casey how they should better “fight.”   When they meet at the restaurant they roll play how to express feelings while fighting and Mia and Casey are wondering what the hell is going on.  When they sit down, Maddie tells Casey that she is upset he is late because what does that say about his feelings for her sister when he knows it bothers her?  (She should have just used that tactic from the beginning!)  Casey agrees it’s wrong and says he’ll stop.  And Mia said she’ll start giving him earlier times to be ready so that if he is “late” he really won’t be.  Nice compromise.  Maddie is so happy but now Ben isn’t.  He says they never compromise like that.  Maddie, being a lawyer, just argues her point until he caves.   There is no give and take.   This leads to a huge confrontation in the restaurant where Ben is yelling (for the first time apparently) and Maddie is stunned and upset so decides to pull the naked trick…in the middle of the restaurant!!!  How is that a good idea?   When they get home, they both realize how ridiculous they were acting but also realize, what Ben said needed to be said and they agree they need to communicate and better and compromise more.   Good stuff. 

E5 “Better with Little Buddy”

The family is waiting for Mia and Casey at Maddie and Ben’s because today M&C find out the sex of the baby and everyone is taking bets on what the baby will be.  Ben said how great Mia has been looking so it must be a boy because “girls steal all the mother’s good looks” and Maddie wants to know how good she looks.  He tries to cover saying that she looks “pregnancy glow good.  I haven’t noticed her boobs or anything.”  Ha!  When he asks Vicky to help him out, she says she is still trying to figure out how her beauty was stolen from having 2 girls.  “I hate your sweater Mr Putney, there now I’ve insulted everyone.”   Great scene!  M&C show up and announce they are having a baby boy!   When Maddie asked how Mia was feeling, she said great other than the clothes getting tighter and her boobs getting bigger.  Joel tells her they already know that because Ben told them…prompting Ben to slink away.  Classic!   Anyway, Casey is being a little over the top with the baby and it is upsetting to Mia who thinks their relationship is becoming 2nd to the baby.   What we end up finding out is that Mia is upset because she is realizing that Casey is more prepared for the baby than she is and she isn’t feeling the same feelings about the baby that Casey is.  She starts to talk to the baby and as she is going through her dilemma in her head, “little buddy” starts kicking!  JoAnna Garcia really does a nice job in this scene and again we see a real situation that many mothers face when in the early stages of prenancy…or so I’m told.  Ben and Maddie’s story involves them having the stones to stand up to Vicky and Joel regarding their involvement in their lives and the delicate way we have to let our parents know when something they are doing, is something we don’t really want.

ABC hasn’t done their full season pick ups yet and I am hoping this show is on that list.  It is getting better each week!

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RECAP: The Defenders “Nevada vs. Senator Harper” S1 E5

The main case this week involved the LVPD arresting Rex van de Camp, aka Senator Clint Harper (played by Steven Culp) on kidnapping and murder of his aide Amy, with whom he was having an affair.  

The show starts off with the senator and his wife in a heated divorce battle.   This is when we find out he was having an affair with Amy, his aide.  Therefore the original divorce agreement is out the window because of the affair.  They head to divorce court and after the proceedings, the judge (played by Laura San Giacomo) asks Nick out.  Nick looks happy but is still pretty unsure because he still thinks he has a chance with Jess, his wife.  When they leave the court, a detective comes over the senator and informs him his aide hasn’t been to work in 2 days…she has gone missing.   The senator looks pretty upset and asks the cops to keep him in the loop.  Back at the offices of M&C, Zoey has Nick look at a video that is on-line on a news site.   The video is a police survalence video showing the senator throwing out a trash bag and looking around for witnesses.    That’s not good!

Nick heads down to the police station and the detective informs him that his client is going to be arrested on murder charges as well as kidnapping.   The bag they found had items in it relating to the victim and a bloody towel.   They also went to her apartment and found signs of a struggle with a broken coffee table and blood on that table.   The senator insists he didn’t kill anyone.  He asks Pete and Nick to meet him on the outside of town and he admits that he was at her apartment that day and that they were arguing.  He says that he had her arms in his grasp and when he let go, she fell back into the table and hit her head.   But then he left and she was still alive. 

Bail was posted at a pretty high amount so Nick and Lisa go to Mrs Harper to ask for her to put her house up for collateral.   She refuses and makes the comment that she should ask his mistress to put up her condo.   And how would she know about the condo if she just found out about the affair?   Hmmmmmmmm.   Lisa goes to the condo complex and finds out that there was a woman who was in Amy’s apartment after the senator left.  When she shows the picture of Mrs Harper to the witnesses, they confirm that is the woman who was there.   So Nick goes to the prison to talk to the senator about this new development and the senator doesn’t believe it.   Nick and Lisa go to confront Susan Harper and she admits she followed the senator and went to confront Lisa.   When Lisa opens the door she sees this “scared little girl crying.”   She felt so bad for her she actually spent her time consoling her instead of confronting her.   She said when she left, she was alive.   Susan also said that Amy was very sorry for the 4 lives she destroyed.  Well we know about Susan and the 2 boys, but who is the 4th person?   Nick decides to take the judge out to dinner and in the middle of their dinner, Pete shows up and informs Nick that the senator has now confessed to the crime.  Oh boy.

When the cops bring the senator down to the area where Amy’s car was found, they ask him to point in the direction of the body and you can tell he is completely lost.  He didn’t do this.  He is covering for his wife.  After some further investigating, they finally figure out who person #4 is, Amy’s finance, who she dumped for the senator.  Ding ding ding!   When they found the trailer where the finance is living, it happened to be right near where Amy’s car was found.   When the knock on the door, the finance comes out and the cops enter the residence.    And guess what they find inside…Amy…alive!   Turns out everyone is telling the truth and no one killed her.   The senator gets released and everyone is happy.

The other case was boring.  A kleptomaniac who seduces Pete into sleeping with her and ends up stealing some money from Pete and Nick.     I like Pete with Meredith, even though she did try to get him disbarred!

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REVIEW: The Defenders “Nevada vs. Carter” S1 E3

The way this show ended was exactly what frustrates me about defense attorney shows…the defense always wins no matter how bad their case and stupid the closing arguement.

I know the client was innocent and the victim a liar.  This isn’t about that.  I am not saying an innocent man should go to prison.  This is about the prosecution had a better case and Pete didn’t (and should have been disbarred for intimidating a witness) and yet they won anyway.   My husband and I debated this for a while.  He can’t understand why I am unhappy about the decision since the kid was innocent.   But again, it’s not about that.   What I don’t like (and I know, it’s a TV show) is that there was NO basis of law in their closing argument nor in their case.   “Pete got me to believe in the defendant, so you should too.”   Are you kidding me?   That’s your closing?  I believe him so you should?  Where is the proof?   My husband said the reasonable doubt was the victim lying on the stand.   My argument is, how do you know?   Take yourself out of the viewer seat, knowing all you know, and put yourself in the seat of the jury.   You heard that his co-defendant pled guilty to the crime and got 9 years for it.   You heard the victim’s sworn testimony was consistent in his taped deposition, in the prelim hearing, and in the co-defendant’s case.   The only time it changed was when he was intimidated by the defense attorney.  And how did NOTHING happen to Pete after that?   Seriously, shouldn’t that be grounds for disbarment?  Or at least a huge fine and suspension of law license for a period of time?   So you add all that evidence up, you vote not guilty?  I don’t buy it.   He should have been found guilty.

I would have rather seen Pete and Nick lose and then fight the appeal and bring the evidence to prove their client’s innocence.  They could have fought that appeal while fighting for the other co-defendant’s innocence.   Both of which I would be really interested in watching.   And watch them PROVE his innocence.  But they went for the easy way out and found him not guilty. 

I still like the show but they CANNOT have them win every week.  Especially when they have no business in winning.

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REVIEW: Private Practice “Playing God” S4 E3

There are 2 topics I want to discuss regarding this episode: Sam and Addison dating and Naomi’s reaction and the decisions surgeons have to make in regards to operating on criminals.

First, Sam and Addison.  I like Addison, I really do, but she is wrong here.  You don’t date your best friend’s ex-husband.   Period.  Or date the ex-husband and chose to get rid of your best friend…you can’t have both.    All the men in LA this woman can have, her 2 choices before Sam were a married man and a man in love with her co-worker.  Now, it’s the ex-husband of her oldest and dearest friend.   As Naomi said in her letter to Addison, “your tunnel vision makes you a great surgeon but a lousy friend.”   She is 100% right.  Addison is my favorite doctor on the show because of her moral standards and decision-making ability.   But her decisions in her personal life are atrocious.  How can she do this to Naomi?  I think Naomi should drop Addison as a friend because this is one you can’t forgive.  I also think Naomi has been NOTHING but class throughout this entire thing.  I love when she said “that night was the beginning of the end of us.  Hey Addie, this is not the beginning of the end of you and me.”  That takes a really big person.  I could never look at Addison ever again.  But Naomi is a bigger person than me.

As for Sam’s situation with the past surgery and current surgery…I am glad I am not a surgeon and would have to make that decision.  While I know what Sam did is wrong and should go to jail and lose his medical license, he rid the world of a horrible human being who was ruining children’s lives.  Inside, I wanted to high-five Sam and throw him a parade in his honor.  However, you can’t have doctors “playing God” as the title suggests, and taking the law into their own hands.  Where is the line drawn?  What if I was Bernie Madoff and screwed hundreds of people out of their money?  Does a doctor get to choose not to help me because I’m a criminal and an ass?  Or worse, end my life?   No.   As Addison said, “our job is not to judge their lives, our job is to save their lives.”   She is right.  It’s hard, it sucks, and I don’t think I could do it.   But when those doctors take their hypocractic oath, if they don’t think they can do it either, they shouldn’t be doctors.   But I would be lying if I didn’t admit good for Sam with allowing the child molester to die.

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