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QUICK RECAP: Chuck “Chuck vs. the Leftovers” S4 E10

Chuck has certainly been better these last few weeks.  Especially last week’s episode (Chuck vs. Phase Three) was the best of the year.  This one brought back Volkoff and Mama Bartowski and had the Bartowski’s celebrating Thanksgiving together.

The short version of what happened this week, Volkoff realizes that Chuck is still alive.   Mama B goes back to warn Chuck but in doing so, Volkoff thinks he has kidnapped her.  Volkoff heads to Burbank to not only get Mama B back but to take care of Chuck.

Chuck “returns” his mother to Volkoff and in doing so Volkoff wants to kill him as a “romantic” gesture towards Mama B.   As he is about to shoot, Mama B stops him and tells him not to because he is her son.   Oh boy.  Don’t know if that was a good or bad move.  Then Volkoff, recognizing Bartowski as Ellie’s last name, asks him if he has a sister.  It is confirmed when Ellie calls Chuck about coming over for Thanksgiving dinner.   Volkoff then decides to invite himself over to meet the family.

Everyone shows up at Ellie’s and Volkoff threatens Chuck and Sarah that if they try to do anything, he will kill everyone they know and love.  After dinner a game of charades breaks out.  As Volkoff’s turn is up, Chuck tells Awesome what is going on and that he needs his help since he is a civilian and no one would be the wiser.   Awesome fakes needing some sugar at Chuck’s place and he goes to get it.  At Chuck’s place, he gets a gun and activates the CIA distress call.  He goes back with the “sugar” and gives it (the gun) to Sarah.  He pretends to answer a call from the hospital and tells Ellie they need to go.   They leave and Volkoff realizes what is going on and points his gun at Chuck and Sarah.  This doesn’t sit well with Mama B and she tells Volkoff that if he hurts Chuck or Ellie or any of their friends, she will take him down.   Volkoff loves her feistiness and tells Chuck “that’s how you make a threat.”    They leave and Chuck thanks his mom and tells her that he does trust her again.  See I still don’t.  I know she keeps proving herself but she still hasn’t proven herself to me.  I don’t trust her yet.

Awesome has a conversation with Chuck in the courtyard of Casa Bartowski and tells him how pissed his was that Chuck is spying again and brought it around Ellie and their home.  I know I have mentioned my huge crush on Awesome but before I will say it again…I LOVE AWESOME!!!  I love that he has a strong enough relationship with Chuck that he can go after him like that but still be respectful about it.   And Chuck also respects that Awesome is just looking out for his sister and he can appreciate that as well.  I think it’s great that Awesome is so protective of Ellie that he will do anything to make sure she is happy and safe.   As he should.   As a result of protecting Ellie, he gives Chuck the laptop that was in his dad’s car and Chuck brings it to Castle to investigate.   Turns out it is another form of the intersect redownloaded into Chuck’s brain and Chuck once again has the intersect.

Ok does anyone else find it strange that there are all these copies of intersect downloads and intersect erasers out there?   Seriously, how many copies of each can these people have.   Not to mention, you would think that everything that has been done to Chuck’s brain in the last 5 years, the man would have to be in a mental hospital.   How is this not effecting his brain?  If I were Sarah, I would have him checked out constantly!

What are your thoughts?   Are you happy Chuck is intersect 3.0 again?   Do you trust Mama B?   And any bets on when Ellie finally has Awesome Jr?

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Sad News: Leslie Nielsen

Photo by Doug Pizac

Actor Leslie Nielsen passed away yesterday, November 28th, at the age of 84 in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.

Nielsen was probably best known for his movies “Airplane” and the “Naked Gun” series of films.   He started as a serious actor but became more known for his comedic talents after “Airplane” in 1980.

My prayers go out to Mr. Nielsen’s family and friends.

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RECAP: Dexter “In the Beginning” S5 E10

My heart is still pounding from the scene at Alex’s house.  I know they weren’t going to find them in there, but that is why the writers are so awesome…even though I know deep down Deb and Quinn weren’t going to catch them, I still thought there was chance it could happen.  Also throw in the element of Liddy.   I thought for sure he was going to be there following them!!  It was 10 minutes of pure insanity.  Alright let’s blow through the recap so we start to analyze what the hell just happened tonight.


Dexter tells Lumen about Emily Birch and they decide they are going to visit her to see if they can get some information.  They visit Emily and when they show her the picture and press her on information about the crew of assholes, she asks them to leave and shuts her door in their face.   That can’t be a surprise.  If I were her and a victim of the asshole crew, I wouldn’t want strangers coming to my door and drawing attention to a very painful time in my life.   However, Lumen goes to see her by herself later on and Emily does let her in and open up to her.   Emily tells her that she knew they guys from camp where she was a counselor and that Jordan Chase was not Jordan Chase back then.  His name was Eugene Greer.  Emily tells Lumen that she felt sorry for Eugene and she befriended him as a result.  One night on a walk, she felt strange, like she was drugged, and she woke up in a cabin tied to a bed with all the asshole crew in the room with her.   She tells Lumen that Eugene never touched her.  He just egged the other guys on like Scorpion from The Accused.   And then after they had their way with her, they made her take the picture that Lumen and Dexter have.  So these assholes have been scum bags for years it seems.  Shocker.   At the end of their conversation, Emily gives her the name of the 5th guy in the picture…Alex Tilden (played by Scott Grimes.)

Lumen brings this information to Dexter and you can tell he wasn’t too happy she went out by herself.  You can see in his face and hear in his tone that he is genuinely concerned about her safety.  He doesn’t want anything to happen to her.  But she tells him the story of Emily’s history with the asshole crew and who Alex is and Lumen wants him for herself.  Dexter is unsure about that…”It will change you” he tells her.  “I’m already changed” she reminds him.  So the plan is set and Alex is next.

Later that night, they are back at Dexter’s condo and they are preparing to go to Alex’s for some recon.   He gives Lumen a “present”….her own pair of gloves, just like his.   He has this happy grin on his face, like he just gave her the necklace she wanted for her birthday and she is smiling right back, like she is looking at the same birthday necklace.  It is…sweet….in a really creepy, morbid sort of way.  They get to Alex’s house and Dexter is showing Lumen how to get set up for the kill.  Lumen is really getting into this even asking Dexter “you really need to show me how to do that” when he is breaking into a locked drawer.  She also picks a room in his house as “the kill room.”   The next night Dexter is getting his “tools” out while Lumen comes out to see him in her “outfit” and asks him how she looks.  In any other situation, with the look on Dexter’s face, I would say that is the look of a man who just realized he was in love with someone.  And maybe that did happen to him in that moment.   It just feels very strange saying that he is falling in love with her during a very bizarre moment like prepping to kill another human being…even if that human being does deserve it. She is makes the comment on how nice the knives look and she grabs THE knife.  She also starts to practice the signature Dexter kill move..the single thrust to the heart.

Dexter and Lumen head out to Alex’s house and Jordan is outside his house watching them break in.  I’ll elaborate more on why in Jordan’s section.  It pissed me off though because there is NO WAY, as careful as Dexter is, that he would go into Alex’s house, through the front door while there is a light illuminated over said door.   How dumb is that?  Alex comes home and the video of the asshole crew attacking Lumen is playing on his TV.  He goes to the TV and Lumen steps in front of it.  As he runs away, Dexter grabs him from behind and injects him with his special drug.  The room is set and Dexter is taking a back seat to Lumen.  When Dexter did this Miguel Prado, I didn’t like it at all.  Probably because I knew it wouldn’t end well and probably because I knew Miguel was a jerk, I felt like he was intruding on Dexter’s space.   And Dexter really didn’t seem very comfortable with it either.   But with Lumen, he is completely different.  It’s almost like the more she gets involved in this, the more turned on Dexter is getting.   He is teaching and training her the way Harry did with him.  Their connection is getting stronger whereas with Miguel, it drove their friendship apart.   But Lumen is so damaged, like Dexter.  They share a darkness so deep inside themselves, no one else could ever possibly understand…except each other.   So Lumen takes the lead and starts to explain to Alex about what he did.  She is very Dexter like.   She even does the “putting the finger on the forehead to emphasize her point” signature and Dexter notices this. When it’s time, Dexter hands her the knife and she takes a brief moment to collect herself.  I can imagine that if I went through what she went through, I would want to kill them as well.   But when I was faced with actually doing the deed, it would still make me pause also.  She mounts the table and stabs him in the heart!  I wasn’t sure she would but she did it!

Back at the condo, he is putting everything away and she walks into his bedroom.  Yep, you know what’s coming next.   She takes her shirt off and then takes his off.   They are looking at one another with gratitude, apprehension, desire, sadness, and admiration.  And they finally give into one another.   Dexter’s voice over in this scene is very enlightening:

“Harry tried to mold me into the image of the monster that I was.  He told me to flee human connection so that became a way of life for me.  But with Lumen, I’m someone different.  In her eyes, I’m not a monster at all.”

To me, it sounds like Dexter is a little resentful of the way Harry raised him.  As discussed in the last post, this episode brings the big question to light even more: was Dexter born a monster and Harry found a way to have him “properly” control those urges or was Dexter a troubled kid that could have been fine with a little therapy but instead, Harry molded him into this monster.  Could this darkness in Dexter have been completely avoided?   We will never know.   But with Lumen, you are starting to see Dexter re-evaluate his priorities and everything he has ever known and believed in.


Liddy has bugged Dexter’s condo and is able to see and hear EVERYTHING that is going on.  He hears Dexter talking to Lumen about scoping out Alex’s house and sees him giving her the gloves.  He also sees the part where Lumen is playing and practicing with his knives and talking about what is going to happen to Alex.   Well that’s not good at all!!!   Liddy is definitely dying this season.  He is following them everywhere and so I was expecting him to show up, along with everyone else, at Alex Tilden’s house.    But he wasn’t.  In the previews for next week, Liddy is telling Quinn he needs his help to make a bust.   Meanwhile, Dexter realizes someone is watching them and that his condo is bugged.  However he thinks it’s Quinn.   Oops.  So what is going to happen here?  Does Liddy get what’s coming to him or will Quinn be the unfortunate recipient of Dexter’s rage?


Lt Bitch Face has decided to re-open the Barrel Girl case and asked Deb (who is off file duty) and Quinn to get Cole in for questioning.   When they go to see Jordan, he tells them how Cole is off taking personal time and he isn’t sure where he is.  Deb isn’t buying it and is really pushing Jordan hard for more answers.  He wants them out of his office and kicks them out.  Then they head to Cole’s house.  They find some blood and Deb finds it strange that his car and all his personal belongings are still around.   Like he just disappeared.  Then Quinn asks to see Deb in Cole’s bedroom.  He found recorded DVDs of the attacks on all the women.  The sounds of screaming were truly horrendous and Quinn, Deb, and Dexter are all visibly disturbed by this.  Not to mention Dexter wants to be sure he gets Lumen’s disk out of the evidence room before Deb recognizes her from Dexter’s house.  Which he does.

Deb is starting to put it together.  Isn’t funny how Deb is always the one who figures everything out (as well as always coming close to figuring out Dexter’s involvement.)  But Deb tells Dexter that she thinks she knows what is going on.  She tells him that the guys involved in the case (Boyd, the dentist, and Cole) are all dead or missing.  What kind of person would want to hurt these bastards?  “Me” Deb replies, showing a little inner darkness herself!  But her point is that someone wants these jerks off the streets and instead of waiting for the cops, they are taking matters into their own hands…a vigilante.

Jordan is asked to come to the cop shop so he can submit his DNA for testing.  His lawyer wants no part of this but Jordan politely agrees.   There is a great scene in Dexter’s office where he takes Jordan’s sample.   Basically both men let the other know that they are coming after each other.  Let the best man win!  Jordan tells the detectives that he really does want to help capture whoever did these heinous acts.   It leads Jordan to setting up Deb and Quinn to go to Alex’s house but there is one major event that happens before we get to that point.   We talked about Lumen going to see Emily and Emily tells her the story of what happened to her and who the 5th guy in the picture was.   What we didn’t realize at the time is that this was all set up by Jordan.  It seems Ms. Birch has a bit of a Stockholm Syndrome thing going on in regards to Mr. Chase  because Jordan comes to see her and she tells him that she told Lumen everything he asked her to.  When she comments about how pretty she is, Jordan reminds her that no one could ever replace her and that she is very special to him.  It’s quite creepy.  Then she goes and grabs his hand and he gently pulls it away.  And while staring into the distance, tells her how much she means to him.   It’s the first time we really see the psycho side of Jordan vs. the in control side of him.   It was very bizarre.   But he purposely wanted Lumen to know about Alex so he could set him up, as well as get Lumen and Dexter captured.  He knew Lumen and Dexter would go after him which led him to make the phone call he makes to Debra.

Jordan, once he sees Lumen and Dexter entering Alex’s house, calls Deb (who alerts Quinn) and tells her that he just received a phone call from Alex Tilden. He was looking for Cole and asking for Cole’s help on transportation somewhere but he wasn’t sure where.  Deb thanks him for the call and she and Quinn head to Alex’s.  Jordan then leaves thinking he took care of the Lumen/Dexter issue.  What he doesn’t realize (and neither do the viewers at first) is that Lumen and Dexter aren’t at Alex’s house anymore.   They actually take him to the house next door.  This leads me back to my issue with them going through the lit front door.   If you are smart enough to move his body to another location, just in case…aren’t you smart enough to NOT walk in the lit front door where people can see you?   Ok, I’m moving on from that, but it really bugs me.   So when Deb and Quinn enter Alex’s house and find the room we think is the kill room, since that is the room Lumen originally picked when they were doing their recon mission, we think Lumen and Dexter are toast.   But think again.   They aren’t there.   Whew!!!!  When Deb and Quinn leave, they notice footprints outside.   But to Quinn they look tiny…like a female’s.   That is when it hits Deb over the head like bag a bricks…the vigilante is a female and one of the victims that got away.   She remembers Boyd’s locks of hair and that there were only 12 locks.   But they know there were 13 victims.  One of the victims survived and Deb believes that is who is getting rid of the asshole crew.

Final Thoughts

When the light is going off in Deb’s head, it starts to go off in mine.   This is how Lumen will “leave” the show, in my opinion.  My guess is that somehow, Miami Metro will figure out who she is.    They may even close in on Dexter and Lumen killing Jordan Chase.  Lumen will tell Dexter to get away and that her thank you to him, for all he did for her, will be to take the blame for everything.  She’ll figure she will be able to get off using some sort of PTSD defense (which she should) and she’ll end up being ok.  I would like for Lumen to stay but I’m not sure how she could without it being too weird.   Unless they become lovers/partners in crime, I don’t see how she stays on board.  Then it becomes about them and this is a show about Dexter.  I also think Dexter should have someone in his life and quite frankly, there is no better person than Lumen.   So I guess I’m torn.  Gun to my head (or should I say a knife to my check while cling wrapped to a table) I would vote for Lumen staying on the show.   But I don’t think she will.

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RECAP: Dexter “Teenage Wasteland” S5 E9

With 3 episodes left in the season, there are so many questions and issues to consider and it makes me wonder if this season will be wrapped up in a box with a big red bow or if some of this transfers over to next season.


When I first saw that Astor was back for this episode, I just rolled my eyes.  I can’t stand her.   She annoys the crap out of me.  I was hoping when Astor and Cody moved to Orlando, that was going to be the last we saw of them.   I was wrong.  However, I was pleasantly surprised with how this went down between Astor and Dexter.

Last week we saw someone sneaking into Dexter’s house, where Lumen is staying.  Turns out, the people breaking in were Astor and her friend, Olivia.   Well this is awkward.  Each party wants to know who the other is and neither are happy the other is in the house.   Dexter shows up to make the introductions and he wants to know why Astor is there, how she got there, and how at 12 yrs old she was able to get alcohol and get drunk.  Astor, looking like Amy Winehouse, brushes him off and uses some nice vulgarity to accentuate her point.  Olivia then gets sick and Lumen offers to take care of her while Dexter talks to Astor.   He tries to get her to open up to him but it isn’t working and he advises them to sleep it off.   He asks Lumen what he should do to get through to Astor and she suggests talking to her and really trying to listen to her.

The next morning, Lumen makes the girls breakfast while Dexter tries to “bond” with Astor by asking her to spend the day with him and Harrison after he gets back from the cop shop.  Later that day, Lumen went out and when she came back, the girls are gone.   She thinks they have been kidnapped because their cell phones were left behind.   She calls Dexter and he decides that he needs to call the cops because he can’t risk the girls’ safety.  Turns out the girls just went shopping (make that shop lifting) and Dexter and Olivia’s father, Elliott, pick up the girls from the store.  Elliott complains the whole time about how awful Olivia is and what a pain in the ass teenage girls are.  He comes off as a real charmer!

Olivia and Astor go back with Dexter to get her things at Dexter’s and when she is changing, Lumen notices bruises all over her.  Lumen brings this to Dexter’s attention and Dexter talks to Astor about this.  Astor finally starts to soften and she opens up to Dexter about what is going on with Olivia…her step-father is beating her and Astor brought her to their home in Miami so Olivia could get away from him.  Ok so it looks Astor’s not such a douchebag after all.  She is trying to be a really good friend.  Dexter tells her he is going to help her and asks why she didn’t tell him before.   Astor tells Dexter that since he was never around and always off doing other things, she thought he just didn’t care.   This seems to hit Dexter pretty hard.  He tells Astor that he will take care of this.

Dexter finds Elliott and gives him a pretty good beating.  He tells him that he will leave his wife and step-daughter and that he will never see them again or Dexter will be back to finish the job.   Elliott does leave his family and Dexter drives Olivia and Astor back to Orlando.  When Olivia leaves, she thanks Dexter for all his help and Astor is thrilled he was able to help out her friend.  She asks if Dexter is going to tell on her to her grandparents.  He promises he won’t as long as she promises not to drink anymore and she agrees.   She thanks him and invites him in to see Cody.

Probably one of the most interesting introspectives happens with Dexter…he realizes how important being a good dad is to him and Harry tells him that he was probably wrong about leading him down the path of murder.   This is a pretty enlightening scene and it makes you think…how much of who Dexter has become is really Dexter and his decisions and inner demons or the results of Harry’s presumption about who he would become so therefore directed him in a way that made Dexter believe he had these inner demons and so this was the only way he could live his life.  You have to think Harry has the ultimate culpability here since from the time Dexter was a kid, he taught him this “code” and lifestyle.   Although I am one of those people who believes that no matter how you were raised, once you become an educated adult, you start to make your own decisions on how your life should go.  Now, obviously if there are mental issues involved, that philosophy goes out the window.  Since Dexter still sees and talks to his dead father, you could argue there are questions about Dexter’s mental state.  But you have to wonder if Dexter, between wanting to be more involved in Astor, Cody, and Harrison’s lives and the amount of times his life and his work life (along with the people in it) juxtapose and become complicated, will start to weigh the importance of acting on his dark side.  I hope not because then we have no Dexter anymore!!  But from the perspective of the growth of the character, you have to think that MAYBE, Dexter will start to re-evaluate who he is and how he deals with it.


Liddy is continuing on his quest to bring down Dexter even though it is becoming more and more apparent that Quinn wants out because of his feelings for Deb.   He showed Quinn the pictures of Dexter and Lumen dumping the bags of Cole into the water and Quinn didn’t flinch, which surprised me a little.  Quinn is still a cop.  So regardless of his feelings for Deb, you would think seeing something like that would peak his interest again.

In another bitchy move by LaGuerta, when Deb is in her office about the Boyd case, LaGuerta drops the bomb that Quinn didn’t “take time off” a few weeks ago.  He was actually suspended by LaGuerta.   When deb asks why, she says “to protect your brother.”  “Protect him from what” Deb asks.   “Ask Quinn” LaGuerta responds.  When Deb confronts him, Quinn tells her the truth about the Kyle Butler investigation and him following the evidence and his gut.   Obviously this goes over REALLY well with Deb and she is pissed and storms out.

I love Deb, but she is 100% wrong here.  As a fellow detective, she should know that regardless of the personal connections of fellow officers, he is bound by the law to investigate all leads.  And that was exactly what Quinn was doing.   If the situation was reversed, Deb would have done the same thing because she is a good detective.   I understand being upset and thinking there is no validity in Quinn’s investigation.   But when he admitted that he investigated, it went no where, so he dropped it, Deb should have been accepting of that.   But she is such a hot head that she doesn’t always apply logic.


Raise your hand if that phone conversation between Lumen and Jordan had you cringing as much as Lumen?  (Insert raised hand here.)  It was chilling.  I’m not sure if Jordan knew immediately that it was Lumen on the phone.   But after he heard her voice, you know he knew it was her.  It made watching that phone call just as grueling for the viewer as it was for Lumen.   And when he says “Bye Lumen” to let her know he is knows where she is, I just wanted to run to Dexter’s house and take her to my house to protect her!

So Jordan is now onto Dexter.  Dexter was able to get the sample of blood out of Jordan’s vile but he unfortunately wasn’t as careful as Dexter usually is and as a result, Jordan no longer trusts him.    Dexter runs the blood and it is of a girl who is alive and well by the name of Emily Birch.   She does have a record (2 DUIs) but she isn’t one of Chase’s victims.   So who is she?  A sister? An ex-wife?  Another escaped victim?  I don’t think it’s the last one.   But I am curious as to who she is and with 3 eppies left, we should get a resolution pretty soon.  I think it is safe to say that she is the big reason (if not the only reason) Chase has become the creep he has become.   And by the way, I hate that Eli Stone is a bad guy.   I miss the singing/dancing prophet/lawyer.   I like him better that way!

Final Thoughts

My husband and I were debating what happens with Lumen at the end of the season.   I think, after revenge is exacted and the Chase gang is all dead, Lumen will ride off into the sunset knowing Dexter’s secret and being the only person being able to live to tell about it…but doesn’t say a word.  My husband thinks she stays on as a friend/love interest for Dexter or something happens and she dies (but not by Dexter’s hands.)

I’m not sure what I want to happen.  I like her character and would like her to stay.  On the other hand, that can become an absolute mess (you know she will try to change him) and a likable character can become annoying very quickly.    So maybe should leave and have them live respected but separate lives.

Guess we’ll know in 2 weeks!!!!


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Happy Turkey Day!!

So I am hosting my in-laws on Thursday and my family on Friday…yes I know, I will also be drinking quite heavily.   I am already starting to cook so the blog may be taking a back seat for a little bit.

However, I have tons of thoughts on Blue Bloods, Supernatural, and Dexter.  So at some point I will probably talk about them because they were so good this week I can’t forget about them.

Until then, have a great Thanksgiving and make sure you are all safe in your travels!!!

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RECAP: Dexter “Take It” S5 E8

It finally feels like Dexter is starting to pick up steam and pieces are being put into place for a HUGE end to the season.    Maybe not as huge as last year, but there is certainly a build up happening.   What do we think is going to happen?  Let’s dive in:


Well Maria has certainly returned to #1 bitch hasn’t she?   First she won’t take any responsibility for her failed direction in the Santa Muerte case.   And not only does she not step up, but she wants to blame the rookie cop, Officer Manzon.  Deb walks into her office and tells her that she can’t put the blame on a beat cop…she will destroy her career.  First she suggests that Maria take responsibility for her actions but Maria is still in denial that she did anything wrong.  So Deb suggests the department either blame her or no one at all and they face issues together as a team.  She tells Maria that she should not say a word and have the team take the fall and go down together.  Later, when Deb is at Quinn’s, we see the press conference where LaGuerta blames Deb and announces that she will be put on paid suspension.  What a bitch!   Apparently, she could have never had that presser without someone backing her story and Deb blames Batista.

When she bumps into Angel, he admits how pissed off he is with how this went down and he doesn’t agree with it.  He is not the one that supported Maria’s story and he promises Deb that he will make this right.   He thinks of her as flesh and blood, like a little sister, and he will protect her and her reputation.  It reminded me of why I fell in love with Batista from day 1!!!   Turns out when Deb is clearing out her desk (why would she have to do that if it’s just a suspension?   She didn’t get fired.) Officer Manzon is bringing in a box of her things.  And guess who backed LaGuerta’s story?   Little miss step all over anyone to climb the ranks.  And then she has the gall to tell Deb that she was always so impressed with how Deb became the fastest woman to detective and wanted to be just like her.   But stepping on her after she made sure she protected you?????   What a little weasel.  Deb promptly informs her that she would NEVER do what she just did.  I hope she gets what is coming to her, as well as LaGuerta!


Liddy is becoming quite the pain in the ass isn’t he?  And I think Quinn is tiring of him just like we are.  I was worried that Quinn was going to have a Doakes ending this season but I am starting to change my tune.  I think he is falling harder and harder for Deb and as a result, I don’t think he wants to hurt her.   And going after Dexter (as much as his cop instinct wants to) would just hurt Deb.  I think Quinn is going to call this off but I think Liddy will remain curious and continue to go after Dexter.   Then Liddy will be on Dexter’s table…yeah!  I just hope Dexter gets to him before Liddy sends those pictures he took of him and Lumen on the “Slice of Life” to someone Dexter doesn’t want them to go to…like Debra.


Dexter and Lumen are growing closer every week.  As they start to peel back the layers of each other, they are experiencing a closeness neither have ever had with anyone else.  How could they….no one else knows how damaged they are and why and how they are dealing with it.  It is truly a fascinating relationship to watch.   For so many years, for Dexter, this had been about having this channel of release for him to deal this darkness inside.  Now with Lumen, this is about her darkness and her revenge as well as Dexter having a way to grieve for Rita’s murder.  Although as this moves along, this seems more about helping Lumen and getting her what she needs, than for Dexter.   And since they are getting to know one another better, I think Lumen may be the first person who knows who Dexter really is and not have to visit Dexter’s table…at least so far.  I don’t know if Julia Stiles becomes a regular and sticks around, I would doubt that.  I think she rides off into the sunset knowing what she knows but keeping to herself.  Again, so far.

This week they decide to go after Cole at one of Jordan’s conferences at a hotel.  The one thing that surprises me is how obvious Dexter is in the audience.  So much so that at one point Jordan brings him up so stage to relive the moment he finds Rita and Harrison at home.  Dexter is really starting to let Lumen in more to his way of life when he asks for her help in setting up the “kill room.”  “You’ve done this before” she says.  He tells her about his mom being killed and how he witnessed that with this brother and how he was “born in blood.”   But one HUGE thing he leaves out of the explanation (and maybe he already explained it to her and I forgot) is the he only kills bad people who have escaped the system…his code.  That is something that you may want to tell her so she doesn’t think you just kill at random.  But they set up the kill room right next to Cole’s room and plan on getting him at night.  They hear Cole come in and then they hear a woman screaming next door.  Dexter thinks Cole is attacking her, so get goes in but sees they’re just having sex.  Oops.  He comes back in and Lumen is lost in her own mind of screams.  A scene like that really brings you back to the terror that she went through.  They aren’t able to get Cole so they need to get him another time.

The next day, Dexter plans to get him around lunch time (which again seems so strange because its broad daylight in a very crowded hotel.)  This is when Jordan spots him in the audience and brings him on stage.  As Lumen is leaving, she sees Dexter reliving the horror of finding Rita on the big screen and can’t help but watch.  Are you like me at this point screaming for her to leave because Cole is walking around.  I was freaking out!!  She turns to go and who does she see and sees her in return?  Cole.   Shit.  She starts to leave but then gets cut off and she runs back to the room.  She gets into her room and hides.   She is breathing so loudly I am shushing her to please be quiet.  You hear someone in the hallway but it isn’t him…just housekeeping.  As she starts to relax, Cole comes bursting through the shared door in the room and starts to choke her.  It’s a terrifying moment for her but then Dexter shows up and sedates him.   They get him on the table trying to get the names of the other people involved and they get no where.  Dexter gets the knife out and in one quick moment, I thought Lumen was going to grab the knife and stab him herself.  But she doesn’t and Dexter does the deed.

When he is leaving, he has his “luggage” (aka Cole’s cut up body with the piece di resistance being his head in the bowling bag) on a luggage cart waiting for his car.  Just then Jordan comes up to him and apologizes for putting him on the spot like that and bringing him on stage.   But thinks he made great progress in trying to get his life back.  “Tick, tick, tick.  That’s the sound of your life running out” he tells him.   That’s also verbatim what one of Lumen’s attackers said to her.   Dexter is now clued in to what we already knew, Jordan Chase is involved in this.

The last to-do-list item to check off, dumping the body pieces off the “Slice of Life.”  He takes Lumen on the boat and let’s her dump some of the bags.  As we talked about already, Liddy is there and captures this on camera.   Yikes.   Liddy is going down!!!!   Again, do you find it weird that Dexter did go further out to sea?  I know he had a long lens on that camera but still.   After everything that happened with the Bay Harbor Butcher, you would think he would go to Cuba to dump the bodies to be careful.


So we finally meet someone from Lumen’s past…her ex-fiance Owen.  Sounds like left him for reasons I’m not sure yet.  But he is back in Miami and trying to get her to sail around the world with him.   He says he agrees with her that they were trapped in their lives that everyone else wanted them to live.  So he is going but he wants her to go with him.   He tells her to meet him at the same spot the met for lunch to give him the answer.   She never does show up (because she is dumping pieces of Cole in the waters of Miami) and so he rips up her ticket and walks away.

Just like when Lumen was getting on the plane to Minnesota (which I didn’t believe) I don’t believe Owen is gone for good.   Why would the show introduce this character just to have him go away.   I don’t think they would.  If Owen stays around and pushes Lumen too much, Dexter could get involved.   What if Owen follows her to see if she is seeing someone, sees her with Dexter, assumes the worst, and follows them and catches them in one of their revenge acts?   Does Owen end up on the table?  I don’t know.   If something like that does happen, it could be what causes Lumen to switch from her loyalty to Dexter to wanting to turn him in and that would be a dilemma for him.   She doesn’t fit the code but she can’t go to the cops.

So I’m sure what to make of Owen and his character yet but I just don’t think it’s random or singular, but time will tell.

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REVIEW: Glory Daze “Pilot” S1 E1

As soon as I heard Billy Idol’s “Dancing with Myself” in the promos, I knew I had to watch this show.  80s music, college humor, frat parties…I am there!

The premise of this show is quite simple: 4 freshman starting their college lives together in Indiana at a university called Hayes and deciding to pledge the same fraternity, Omega Sigma.  Initially, this seems to be a show with typical jokes (partying, masturbation, falling for the girl you can’t have.)  Watch any cheesy college movie in the ’80s and it has that same feel.  Until we get to learn the characters better and their college careers advance, it will probably remain that simple.   And I’m ok with that.  Plus this has some nostalgia for my husband who entered college one year after these guys did.   So, as my husband has already informed me, he will be all over the pop cultural references like white on rice.   But I have faith that this could turn into a really fun dramedy vs. just dumb college humor.

The main character, Joel (played by Kelly Blatz) is a pre-med student with a really weird roommate and over involved parents (played by Brad Garrett and Cheri Oteri.)   Joel has that every kid likability and is trying to balance his studies and pledging a fraternity (which he promised his dad he wouldn’t do.)   But one look at his roommate and he decides to meet up with his motley crew to go frat house hopping.   He is the type of kid who always does what his parents want….a good boy.  So this college journey will also be the growth of Joel becoming his own person and figuring out his own wishes and dreams (as it is with most college students.)  Part of this motley crew includes Eli (played by Matt Bush), Jason (played by Drew Seeley), and Brian (Hartley Sawyer.)   Eli is the stereotypical horny virgin who wants to pass himself off as the ultimate ladies man and wants nothing more than to get laid.   His father wants him to join the Jewish frat house but since none of the other guys would pass, he wants to stick with them and pledges Omega Sig.  Brian is the jock.  He is there on a baseball scholarship and his coach wants him to focus on nothing but baseball but again, Brian wants to stick with his friends and he pledges as well.   Finally we have the conservative, Jason.  He and his girlfriend decided to come to Haynes together (she got into Yale but he didn’t) with a plan…join a certain fraternity and sorority that has turn out senators, leaders of industry, and future presidents.   After one night with the OS guys (and peeing in his bed) his girlfriend has already given up on him saying she gave up Yale for him (that was dumb) and he has already changed for the worse.  Wow.  That relationship never had a chance if she thought neither of them would veer from the plan and never change.  Later when he goes to bring her flowers to apologize, she flashes him her Yale shirt and gives him the finger as she leaves.   Classic!

We were also introduced to some other interesting side characters.  Chang (played by Tim Jo) is Eli’s roommate and initially wants to pledge the same frat as the guys but his dad wants him to pledge the Asian fraternity.   When he sees the Asian house, he notices that it is really quiet and he is disappointed thinking all those guys are going to do is study and no partying.  When he goes to the door, one of the brothers let’s him and gives him a tour of the house.  It’s all like he thought but then the brother brings him to the basement.  He opens this door and a HUGE party with all the Asian students is happening.   “Isn’t it great to be Asian?” the brother says.  Ha!  So we don’t see Chang for a few days until he comes back to his and Eli’s room and passes out.   Christie (played by Julianna Guill) is the pretty blonde that Joel meets in class.   They strike up a nice conversation and if little reds heart could have floated over his head like Charlie Brown, they would have.  He bumps into her again at the OS party and she mentions that if he pledges, they will see each other a lot.  This should have been a huge clue to me.   When they are officially named pledges and they meet up again, she mentions how her boyfriend is also a brother.   The camera flashes to the president of OS that didn’t want them approved to begin with.   This should be an intriguing story for the season.  Reno (played by Callard Harris) is in charge of the pledge class and doesn’t seem to care too much about school….just partying.   Their chapter is in danger of being revoked so he wants to make sure that doesn’t happen.  I have a feeling there is going to more to this “party only mentality” that Reno has the more we get to know him.  Turbo (played by James Earl) is the pledge class drill sargent in charge of scaring the crap out of the pledges and making their lives miserable.  He is also in charge of “The Beast” which is the most incredible looking beer bong you have ever seen.  He’s tough on the pledges but looks to have a heart of gold and fun personality.  Zack (played by Josh Brener) is Joel’s creepy roommate.  Other than him being an outcast and really annoying right now, there is not much to say on him.  And Professor Haines (played by Tim Meadows) is the crazy professor.  He has no problem making fun of his students and he seems a bit left of center.   He adds some great comic relief to the show.

Glory Daze airs Tuesdays at 10pm on TBS.  If you grew up in ’80s, you will love the pop culture references and ’80s one-hit-wonders and appreciate the “Animal House” type humor and situations.   I think this show has some good potential but you should check it out and see for yourself!

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REVIEW: Private Practice “Can’t Find My Way Home” S4 E9

I have very mixed feelings about this week.  I am very happy that Charlotte picked that jerk out of a lineup and decided to put him behind bars.   But I am really not sure about how Cooper found out.  I am so pissed about it but happy at the same time, if that makes any sense.   Let’s clear out the other cases first.

Pete/Adam/Mama Wilder

During the Halloween episode, we found out why Pete is estranged from his family…his mom was a drunk and skanky ho who always had a different man around all the time and his brother always made excuses for her.  The one man who stuck around, Henry, and was the closest thing Pete ever had to a father, she killed him and was sent to prison for manslaughter.    Pete never forgave her and Adam stood by her side.   Now she is dying and Adam has come to see Pete to ask for his help.  Adam is an attorney and he wants Pete to find a way to get her released from prison, medically, which is apparently possible if she has a condition that can’t be treated in prison.  Pete is really struggling with what he should do and Violet is being very supportive by not pushing him but offering up different reasons for both sides and having his back on whatever he chooses.  He decides to visit his mother and he agrees to come up with a reason to get her out.  But when he goes back to see his mom and she says she’ll tell Pete whatever he wants to hear because she doesn’t know what he wants from her, he realizes he knows exactly what he wants from her….absolutely nothing.   He leaves her and decides he will not lie to get her out of jail because she deserves to be there.  When he is back at home, Adam stops by and is pretty upset with Pete.  He asks once again to help their mom and Pete refuses.  Adam gives him an ultimatum and says if he doesn’t help their mom, then they are done.  It’s not much of an ultimatum since they hadn’t spoken in about 20 years.  Pete sticks to his guns (good job Pete) and Adam leaves.

Addison/Amelia/Seizure Case

A woman and her daughter come in to see Addison because the daughter hasn’t gotten her period and all her other friends have.  When Addison tells her she’s fine and not to worry, her mother collapses and has a seizure.  Her daughter knows exactly what to do and is able to help her mom through it.   Turns out the seizures started after a car accident they had in which her father was killed and her mother suffered head trauma resulting in the seizures.  Amelia wants to perform a surgery on the exact spot that is causing the seizures so they will stop and her mother can live a seizure free life.   Addison is there to tell the patient all the side effects and all the things that can go wrong and that maybe waiting and seeing if the seizures can be managed without the surgery.  The mother decides to opt for no surgery stating that she and her daughter are managing just fine.   Amelia asks to see Addison private and they have it out about their different sides.   Now I have to agree with Amelia on this.   Addison isn’t a neurologist.  Even though she’s a physician, what gives her the expertise to tell this patient what is the right course of action?   She doesn’t.  She should have deferred to Amelia’s judgement and discussed her opinion with her in private or suggested and second neuro consult.  In the end, the daughter just wants her mom to do whatever makes her happy but the daughter would rather her have the surgery.   She tells her mom this and they decide to go for it.   Amelia performs successful surgery and the mom will be just fine.  She is really excited and wants to go celebrate and she sees Cooper in the elevator and asks if he wants to go out.   He tells her that when Charlotte was attacked, he was with her, flirting with her, and getting drunk with her.   He doesn’t want to go out with her and basically wants Amelia to never be near him ever again.   Ouch.     That’s not fair.   However I can understand his reaction (but I hope he apologizes to her later) which leads us to….


Cooper and Charlotte are at the police station because Charlotte was asked to identify the man they have in custody (thanks to Sheldon) in a lineup.  She refuses to do it and leaves.  Back at Oceanside, Addison, Violet, and Sheldon are all in the break room when Charlotte comes in to ask who else they told.  Sheldon admits he told the police and Addison admits she submitted the rape kit, Charlotte asked her not to do to being with, to the police as well.   Charlotte is livid at this point and I don’t blame her.   She storms out to her office.   Cooper, who is the only one besides Naomi who still doesn’t know,  goes to Violet and asks her to talk to Charlotte about going back to ID the perp so he can go to jail.  Violet goes to Charlotte and tells her the story about her rape trial and how she noticed one particular woman in the seats everyday of the case.  In the end, the woman thanks Violet because she had the courage to do what she couldn’t…face her attacker.   Violet’s rapist had raped that woman 6 months before.   Violet tells Charlotte she just wanted to punch her because if she had come forward and put the bastard away, Violet would never have been raped.  Charlotte tells her to get out.  Next, Sheldon comes to see Charlotte about doing the line up so they can arrest Lee.  Seriously people, can you leave this poor woman ALONE!!   She shoos him away too and he leaves dejected.  But something worked, because Charlotte tells Coop that she will go back to police station to ID the guy but that she wants Violet to go with her, because of her experience with Katie.  Coop is fine with that.

The go to the cop shop and Charlotte and Violet are going through the line up.  When Charlotte gets to #4, Lee, she says “he’s not here” and she leaves.  Outside, Violet asks her “it was #4 wasn’t it?”  Charlotte denies it but Violet sees right through it.   When Violet goes to bring up another one of her stories, Charlotte has had enough.   She lets her have it and tells her to back off and stop comparing their situations.   Violet is really frustrated with her and Charlotte is ready to kill Violet.   Now here is where things get fuzzy.  Back at the office, Coop sees Charlotte and asks how it went and she tells him the guys wasn’t there.   Coop is confused because the cops were so sure they had the right guy, but Charlotte says no.  Coop is really upset and Violet sees this.   She goes into Cooper’s office and announces she is going to break a promise  because the lie is wrong and it’s a bad thing.   She tells Cooper that Charlotte was raped and he is devastated.

Later that night, when Coop comes home and he looks at Charlotte, she knows immediately that he knows and she begins to cry.   Coop then sits across from her and says that he loves her and that he will always love her.   He tells her that the guy needs to pay.  She has to be able to sleep, and breathe, and be her again.  He’ll get a gun, he’ll make it look like a mugging, he doesn’t care what happens to him, but the man will not go free.  He says it calmly but firmly, but you know that he is dead serious.  Charlotte knows it too and she makes him stop talking, touches his face, and gives him a smile thanking him for his love and support.   I love how Cooper handled this situation.  It wasn’t about him or the fact that she didn’t tell him about this.   This was about wanting to punish the man who did this to her and to show Charlotte his never-ending love and support of her.  This was the kick in the ass she needed to get her strength to go back to the police station and positively ID Lee, while holding Coopers hand.   You the see the power, the control, the “Charlotte” back in her face as she IDs Lee.  And you start to notice that Charlotte will be Charlotte once again, eventually, with Cooper right by her side, not letting her fall.

Here is where my mixed feelings come in.  I think it’s great that everyone wants to rally around Charlotte and punish the bastard who did this to her, not only for Charlotte’s state of mind, but for the safety of other women.  I think it’s great that she has so many people who love and care about her that they will put their friendships on the line to make sure she is protected and safe.   BUT, they have no right to force her to handle this how they think she should handle it.  I understand wanting justice and wanting to make sure he doesn’t do this to someone else.   But that is Charlotte’s decision, not theirs.   And however she chooses to handle it, they should support it.    After some time has passed, if they want to try to broach the subject of her fighting her attacker again, that’s fine.   But respect her wishes and choices.   And how DARE you tell her fiance?  She should tell him when she is ready.   And if she is never ready, so be it.  Again, HER decision.  Not Violet’s.   But I guess you can’t argue with how it turned out because had it not been for Violet doing what she did and Cooper reacting the way he did, Lee may never have been IDed and gone free.  So was it really wrong?  I still think it was.   Even though the result is what we all wanted, Lee getting arrested for the crime, I don’t like the way it went down.  And I’m sure down the road when Charlotte starts to recover and get back to part of herself, she will thank everyone for pushing and showing their support.   And what really is the right thing to do?   Ignore the wishes of your colleague/friend and submit evidence to the police and tell her fiance so that she can start to heal and they can protect this from happening to someone else?  Or support her decisions, whether you agree or not, and be there for her and not judge her.  It’s a tough call.

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What Shows Am I Missing Out On?

There have been some shows people have been getting on me about to watch and as I have mentioned to them and I will to you, I can’t watch everything.  I still have 6 Boardwalk Empires to watch for goodness sake!

Manly people get on my about the cable shows but there are some network ones that fall into this as well.  Other than True Blood, Dexter, and The Tutors, I never really got into the cable shows.  Although in the summer, I watch The Closer, Rizolli & Isles, and Hawthorne on TNT.  But apparently, there are sooo many shows I am missing out on and here are a few of the suggestions:

  1. Mad Men
  2. Covert Affairs
  3. Big Love
  4. Entourage
  5. White Collar
  6. Psych
  7. Fringe

Now Big Love I am not watching because this is the last season so oh well.  But what about the other ones?  Should I get caught up and start watching?  Are these shows worth it?   Now don’t yell at me to watch Bones because I am already on Season 2 of the DVDs (I will review them in summer during down time.)  Bones is a show I REALLY wished I watched from the beginning.  It’s a great show!!!!  But I am catching up now.   Here is what I typically watch:

  1. Chuck
  2. The Event
  3. Castle
  4. HIMYM
  5. Mike and Molly
  6. The Good Wife
  7. Parenthood
  8. The Defenders
  9. Detroit 1-8-7
  10. Criminal Minds
  11. Modern Family
  12. Cougartown
  13. Glee
  14. Gossip Girl (don’t tell anyone)
  15. 90210 (again, please keep my secret)
  16. Nikita
  17. Dexter
  18. Brothers & Sisters
  19. Community
  20. The Office
  21. Grey’s Anatomy
  22. Private Practice
  23. The Mentalist
  24. Survivor (however I haven’t watched this season yet and they are all on DVR)
  25. Blue Bloods
  26. Supernatural
  27. Better with You

I think that’s everything.   So what am I missing out on that I absolutely, 100% must stop everything I am doing, and start watching?   Why do I have a feeling I am going to hear about Mad Men quite a bit.   That is if anyone responds at all!!

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Canceled Shows: Medium

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that CBS has canceled Medium.

No word yet on whether Medium will finish out it’s run on Fridays or if it is being pulled altogether.   Updates will come as more information is released.

UPDATE: Medium will air its final show on Friday January 21st.


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