QUICK REVIEW: Blue Bloods S1 E1-6

01 Nov

Six episodes in and I think I like Blue Bloods.  I know I like the cast and I think it’s an interesting dynamic (mixing a family drama with a cop show.)   The stories are compelling, although a bit far-fetched at times and most of the characters I like, although I have my issues.   Let’s breakdown the Reagans:

Henry and Frank Reagan

The heads of the Reagan family.  Frank (Tom Selleck) is the current police commissioner and Henry (Len Cariou) is the former commish and Frank’s dad.  Henry is still a very strong and dominating force over the Reagan family but he does so playfully and respectfully.  Even though he is retired, he is still very involved in his son and grandchildren’s lives in the police force and can sometimes insert himself into a case even though he really shouldn’t be (just like in “Officer Down.”)     But Henry has a good heart and you can tell his family really loves and respects him.   Frank is also a good, powerful man in his own right.  But I don’t think I have seen Frank smile once in 6 episodes.  Have you?  He seems a very dour person as well as monotone.  I don’t know if this is from the fact that is wife is gone, Joe being killed,  or so many years on the force have hardened him, but I don’t see a lighter side to Frank.  I hope the show explores that at some point because I want to know why Frank is the way he is.  He’s not nasty by any stretch.  Just sad.

Danny and Linda Reagan

Danny (D0nnie Wahlberg) is the oldest Reagan and one of the top detectives in the NYPD.  Now Joe may have been older than Danny but I’m not sure and since he is deceased, Danny is the oldest living Reagan sibling.  He’s married to Linda (Amy Carlson) and they have 2 boys.  I like Danny but I think he needs to tone it down a little.  He can be VERY over the top trying to be a tough guy detective.  The screaming and throwing things can be effective with certain episodes but not as everyday interrogation management.   He is also one of those guys who thinks he is always right and no matter how he does his job, he’s right.   The dynamic between him and his sister Erin, who is an ADA, is very interesting because of how different their view points are.   Especially since they are both on the side of putting the bad guys in jail, Erin is very by the book where Danny just wants to get the perp anyway he can.   Speaking of Erin…

Erin Reagan-Boyle

Erin (Bridget Moynahan) is the only daughter in the Reagan clan and the only one who isn’t a cop…she’s an ADA (Assistant District Attorney.)   Erin is going through a divorce from her husband and she has a teenage daughter named Nicky (Sami Gayle…Baby June from Broadway’s 2008 Revival of Gypsy.)   Erin is very intelligent and congenial but she fiercely believes in her convictions.  She has no problem getting in brother Danny’s face about how he handles his job and will battle the other Reagan men on the law’s side of justice.    Monyahan also does a nice job of balancing the softer side of Erin with the fervid DA inside her character.   I’d like to see a little more from her side of the job.  I know this is primarily a police drama but I think you can show the DA side in regards to NYPD cases and still have the “cop show” feel.

Jamison (Jamie) Reagan

Jamie (Will Estes) is the baby of the family and the rookie cop with a Harvard Law degree.  He is engaged to Sydney (Dylan Moore) who I think is a little unsure about Jamie’s sudden calling to be a police officer.   I’m also curious how you go to one of the best law school’s in the country and decide to become a cop.   Was it because of Joe’s death?   Was it for his dad’s approval?   Or was it simply his calling?   Nothing says he can never use his Harvard law degree but it is an interesting choice.   So Jamie is a beat cop learning the ropes from Srgt. Renzulli (NYPD Blue’s Nicholas Turturro.)  Renzulli likes to toy with Jamie but still looks out for him and teaches him the day-to-day job.  I also like that he doesn’t give him grief about being the commish’s son.   You would think it would be no brainer storyline…veteran cop tasked to train the head honcho’s son and hates every minute of it.   But kudos to the writers for not going in that direction.

That’s the quick look at the Reagans.   I think Blue Bloods is getting better and better every week.  One part of the show I think needs better development is the Blue Templar storyline.  Other than the “Pilot” and “Privilege” there hasn’t been more than a 1-2 minute mention of the Blue Templar.  I’m still not sure what it is.   If I remember correctly, the BT is a secret society inside the NYPD that has since turned corrupt and violent.  In the pilot, Jamie is approached by 2 agents (possibly FBI) who tell him about the BT and inform him that his brother Joe was working with them to bring down the BT from the inside.  They play a recording of Joe saying how he has infiltrated the group and will keep them update on developments.  He was killed soon after and these agents believe it was the Templar.  They ask Jamie to join them and to finish what his brother started.   We also see that Danny has one of BT pins in his locker and that when Jamie tries to talk to both Danny and Henry about it, they shoo him off the subject quickly.   I’m curious about this but I think there needs to be some more information about it so we aren’t left out in the dark.   I’m sure the writers don’t want that storyline to take over the show and I can appreciate that.   But if they don’t start giving the viewers something to keep interest, they risk losing viewer interest altogether.

If you haven’t checked out Blue Bloods yet, I suggest you give it a try.  And then let me know what you think!

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