QUICK REVIEW: Private Practice “All in the Family” S4 E6

01 Nov

The 2 big cases are a comatose woman whose husband can’t seem to let go and actually has sex with her and gets her pregnant and a husband and wife who are trying to get pregnant however it turns out he is gay and having an affair with a prostitute and is HIV positive.

First, how did they not know it was the husband who got her pregnant? That guy was a few burgers short of a happy meal so how is it they were shocked to learn it was him? Again I find myself siding with Addison here. I can understand not being able to let go of your wife and best friend. But you have sex with her and get her pregnant while she is in a coma??? I can’t even begin to express how disgusting and repulsive that is. He should never be allowed near his wife again. I can see wanting to give this man counseling, but keep him away from his wife in the meantime. But I think he should be in jail for having sex with his wife without her consent.

As for the second case, another light one, I feel for both parties. On one hand you have the husband hiding who he truly is because he doesn’t want to hurt his wife because he does love her. On the other hand you have the wife who, as it turns out, has known about her husband’s true feelings for a long time. She is amazingly calm and understanding and you can tell how much these two love and respect one another. Everything seems to be ok until Pete reminds the husband he has one more thing to tell her. And he tells her about being HIV positive. But Pete tells her right away she is ok. When the husband goes to apologize again, she slaps him and leaves crying. I don’t blame her there. It’s one thing to understand that your husband is gay and you deal with that however you choose. But it is something else to endanger her health. Especially since his boyfriend is a prostitute.

The 2 personal stories I wanted to get into are Pete and Violet and Sam and Addison.   Let’s start with Sam and Addison.  They were both on opposite ends of the coma case and when they got back to Addison’s apartment, Sam was ready to let it go but Addison was still stewing about it.   Sam can’t understand why Addison is still upset and she admits she can’t just drop it because they are home.   I agree with her on that.  I think that would be really hard to do.   Sam thinks it’s best to leave work disagreements at work.   Hey that’s what he and Naomi did!  Oh boy Sam…that is a BIG no no.  Addison rightfully yells at him that she is not Naomi.  That’s not fair of him to do that.  Not only is she is ex, but her best friend.   You don’t cross that line.  But there are so many lines being crossed with this relationship, why not cross one more!   I think we are starting to see that this will be a big road block for them.  As I have mentioned before, I am not ok with this romance.  I don’t think Addison should be dating her best friend’s ex-husband.  This relationship comes across as one of pure lust and the idea of finally getting something you could never have before.  I think these 2 are good friends, but I don’t see it for the long haul.  I see the sexual chemistry there, but not the long-term love like I see with Charlotte and Cooper.

As for Pete and Violet, I wanted to kill Violet this week.   Seriously, what is her problem?   That is Pete’s brother and HE gets to determine if he wants a relationship with him.  Not you!!!  And I loved her comment to Cooper “Maybe Adam can help me understand Pete more.”   How?   They haven’t spoken in over 20 years!!!!  How will this guy know Pete better than you?  And then she forces his hand (while Trick or Treating with their son by the way) to tell her what happened to their relationship.  Trick or treating with your son in public is not the best time to make him tell you something so painful he is still destroyed by it.  I was so angry with her about this because this was all about her.   She can try to talk herself into believing this was about Pete but it wasn’t.   This was about what Violet wanted and what Violet thought was best.

Hey does anyone else find it a bit odd that one of the leading neurosurgeons in the country goes to the office everyday like she’s headed to a club?   What’s with all the belly shirts?  She already looks about 16 years old, and the belly shirts aren’t helping.   I really am getting old!!!

So I’m sure everyone saw the last 2 minutes of this week’s show.   This was the big storyline that will change everyone at PP that I talked about before but didn’t want to spoil.   I’ve heard Charlotte’s attack next week is pretty brutal and that KaDee Strickland’s subsequent episodes should put her on the Emmy list.  This will certainly be a game changer for the show and I am curious to see how all the characters will react.

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