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Can you believe it, I am STILL catching up people!!!  These last 3 episodes were more on pace with the Glee I fell in love with vs. E2 “Britney/Brittany.”  As I mentioned before, I don’t like the idea of Glee becoming more about the music and not the show.  The charm of Glee was that it was nothing like anything else on TV and the writing team used music and musical numbers to enhance the plot lines.  But this season seems to be more about music or artists they can promote and sell on iTunes and they will fit the story into the music somehow.   That will grow old VERY quickly.  And this is coming from one of those suckers that buys every Glee song on iTunes!!

Having said all that, “Grilled Cheesus” and “The Rocky Horror Glee Show” were more in line with early S1 episodes of Glee.     Even though Rocky Horror was more a theme show, it worked because it was a Halloween themed show, which lots of TV shows do this time of year…and I love!!!   So I had no problem with Rocky Horror.   And I have no problem if the show wants to do that every once in a while….suspend the plot and use an episode to focus on music and the amazing talent of the cast.   And by the way, can we please have Matthew Morrison singing more?  And by singing, I don’t mean rapping…I mean let him show off those golden pipes of his!!!

Of all the episodes this year, I thought “Grilled Cheesus” blew all the others away.  I see other people debate on who their favorite couple is on the show…Finn/Rachel, Quinn/Puck, Will/Emma.  But for me, my favorite twosome on the show is Kurt and Burt Hummel.  What an honest and heartfelt relationship they have.  It was a huge struggle for both of them for a long time.  Kurt trying to relate to his “guys’ guy” father while Burt has to come to terms with the fact that his only son is gay.  It’s a give and take on both their parts and they are both working really hard but it’s not easy.   But there is no doubt about how much they love and need each other.   I’ll never forget last season’s episode “Wheels.”  This was when Kurt wanted to sing Defying Gravity from Wicked but Rachel was given the part.  When Kurt tells his dad what happened, Burt stands up for his son and goes to school and fights for his son’s chance to sing any song he wants.  So Will suggests they have a “diva-off” and the group should pick who is the best to sing it.  Father and son are both really happy.  “No one pushes a Hummel around” Burt tells his son!   But as Kurt tells his dad he has been practicing and can hit the high C, his dad is happy for him but seems distracted.  Kurt finds out his dad has been receiving nasty phone calls calling Kurt horrible names and getting on Burt about his son.   Seeing this, Kurt cannot “embarrass” his father by singing a girl’s song.  So when the competition happens, he purposely cracks on the high C.    Those are the things they will do for each other.

In “Grilled Cheesus”, Burt has a heart attack and is in a coma.   Kurt is devastated because the last time he spoke to his dad, he wasn’t nice to him and he blew him off regarding a Friday night dinner they traditionally have together.  It is pretty heartbreaking to watch.   Kurt decides to express his feeling in song at a glee club rehearsal.  He tells the group his story about the day his mother died and when he saw her for the last time as they lowered her casket into the ground, he looked up at his dad for comfort.   His dad grabbed his hand and told him it was going to be ok.   Now all he wants is to be able to hold his father’s hand again and for him to tell Kurt, it will be ok.   He also sings a great version of the Beatles “I Wanna Hold Your Hand.”    At the end of the show when he sitting with his dad in his hospital room, he is holding his hand and talking to him, apologizing to him.  All of sudden, you see Burt’s finger start to move into a clasp form and hold Kurt hand!   Kurt starts asking for the nurses and you know Burt will be alright!!   Thank God.

What was also very interesting in this episode as everything was going with the Hummels, was the idea of faith.  It started with Finn seeing the face of Jesus in his grilled cheese sandwich and thought that was a sign.  He started praying to the grilled cheesus and what he was praying for started coming true.    The main topic for me was people who believe in God vs. people who choose not to and does either side have the right to force their belief on the other.  I say no.   Don’t get me started on the topic of prayer in school because we will be here until Christmas.  But just as people have the right to practice Catholicism, Judaism, Islam, or Buddhism, people have the right to have no faith or belief system at all.  One thing I did not like was everyone trying to push their beliefs on Kurt or make him feel bad for not having a higher power to believe in.   His friends kept coming around him or his father and saying different prayers.  That is fine for them to do…on their own time.  But if Kurt asked them not to, then don’t.   I know they were just trying to be supportive of their friend but you know what, make him a crappy casserole or lasagna.  You can still show support for him and his dad, but do it in a way that is respectful of them.  Then Mercedes tells him he doesn’t know how much is missing in his life by not having a church or spiritual belief system.  And I know she was trying to be sweet and gently open him up to the idea of seeing what kind of religion he could turn to.  But seriously, how dare you?   Religion is a very personal decision.  To me, it’s like trying to convince someone who doesn’t want to have children that they should.   Hello….private decision people!!  Your decision to have a relationship with God, is just that…your decision and no one elses.  If someone chooses not to, then be a good friend and respect that decision and leave them alone!

Along these lines, this was another stand out episode for Sue Sylvester/Jane Lynch.  I really like when they bring her sister into the show because we get to see Sue’s human side.  It was very touching to hear her tell the story of why she doesn’t believe in God to Emma.  She always thought the world of her big sister…the sun would rise and set in her eyes.   But when they got a little older and she would notice other kids teasing her and being cruel, she would pray to God to make it stop.  It never did.  So she didn’t believe in the higher power of prayer because hers were never answered.    Emma could then understand why Sue couldn’t believe in God but she felt that she shouldn’t promote those beliefs to the students.  And Sue countered saying neither should the people who believe in God do the same thing.  The women left agreeing to disagree with one another but at least understanding and respecting each other’s view-point.    It is episodes like this that make Glee really special on TV.  I just hope the writers continue on this path.

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