LOST Analysis: Supernatural “Family Matters” S6 E7

08 Nov

I knew I couldn’t trust Samuel and the cousins!!!!  But I was not prepared for it to be Crowley to be behind the whole thing.  And this all has to do with the search for Purgatory?  Ok.  The jury is still out on that one for me but I’m up for seeing where this leads.  Let’s get into the recap first…

We open with Sam tied to a chair and Cas is going to do an “Angel Cavity Search” on Sam to see what is up with him.  He tells Dean he finds nothing and Dean thinks that’s a good thing.  Not really…his soul is gone.  (A little anti-climactic since the preview for this week’s episode shows that scene.)   And then Dean asks the question we all want to know…”Is this even Sam?”   The Catholic in me says, it can’t be.  If your soul is gone, you’re dead.  You can’t exist without your soul.  So this can’t be Sam but a vessel that looks like Sam.   On the flip side, this is TV so anything can happen, and it’s possible this is Sam without his soul and when he gets his soul back, he will be back to the Sam Winchester we all know and love.   Dean doesn’t want to work with Sam and wants to keep him tied up in a motel until they figure out how to get Sam’s soul back.  Sam manages to untie himself and announces to Dean that he has no choice but to work with him.  Dean wants no part of this but realizes it may be better if they team up vs. continuing to argue why they shouldn’t.   They being with the one and only lead they have….Grandpa Samuel.

At Grandpa’s house, there is a small army of hunters who are preparing for what looks like Armageddon.  When the boys go in to see Samuel, Cas shows up and performs another “Angel Cavity Search” and it reveals that Samuel has a soul (that’s debatable.)  Cas goes to leave and when Dean gives him grief, he reminds him that there is a civil war in Heaven and the Winchesters aren’t the only people with problems to solve.  Then Cas flaps away.  Sam realizes that the reason for the army of hunters is because they have a lead on the Alpha Vamp.  Samuel doesn’t want to confirm that because Dean is there and Dean senses his hesitation.  Dean says his wants to be part of the hunt and promises to take Samuel’s lead and will not cause any issues for the group…he will follow Samuel’s rules.  We’ll  see how long that lasts.   Samuel begrudgingly allows the boys to come on the hunt.

When they get to the Vamp house,  Samuel announces that the group will be heading into the house and that Gwen and Dean will hang back and watch for any runners.  Dean is pissed about this but he agrees and keeps his mouth shut.   Gwen however says “why do I have to stay behind with the loser?”  This comment made me laugh but I was also annoyed at her.   Dean Winchester is no loser, you loser!  Luckily she apologized to Dean.  Once they started hearing some commotion, Dean decides to head toward the house.   Gwen tells him not to, but he still goes and she stays behind.  There was a ton of blood shed with Vamps beheaded and some of the hunters getting killed.  But in the end, Dean witnesses Samuel, Christian, Sam and crew loading the Alpha Vamp into the back of the van.  He is shocked by this and when Sam turns around behind him because he senses something, Dean is gone and went to back to where Gwen was.   Samuel’s team comes back and asks if there were any problems.   Gwen doesn’t rat out Dean and everyone leaves Vamp-land.

While Sam and Dean are driving, Dean asks Sam about what happened in the house and if anything “weird” went down.   Sam said it was a normal raid and nothing out of the ordinary happened.  Oh Sam, when are you going to learn?   Dean pulls the car over and gets out.  He informs Sam that he saw him and Samuel’s gang load the Alpha Vamp into the back of the van.   “Isn’t that a little weird?” Sam confesses to Dean what happened.  He also tells him that Samuel has been collecting all kinds of monsters so he can question them but he has no idea what Samuel wants to question them about.  Samuel doesn’t allow him to the interrogation part.  Dean is now beside himself.   Again, doesn’t he find that odd that Samuel doesn’t trust him to tell him the whole story and why is he keeping the truth from Dean?   Sam tells him because Samuel and crew don’t trust him with the monsters and Sam agrees with them.   He tells Dean that he has a “shoot first, ask questions later”mentality and that Samuel needs these things alive to question them.    At this point, Dean has had enough.  If their working relationship is going to work, Sam needs to tell Dean everything and Dean needs to be in charge of how they will handle situations like this moving forward.   Sam agrees.

Back at Samuel’s lair, Sam asks to be part of the interrogation process and Samuel won’t let him.  So Sam puts a GPS tracking (or activates it) on Samuel’s phone so they can track him to the place where he is holding the Alpha Vamp for questioning.    I wonder if Samuel would have agreed to let Sam in on the interrogation, if he would have included Dean.   When Sam got back to the car and said to Dean “what you didn’t think I was coming back?”  “I had it at 60/40” Dean replied.  I was with Dean thinking that if Samuel let Sam in, Sam would have stayed aligned with that group and left Dean behind.   But we’ll never know because Samuel shut him out bringing our boys back together.    They follow Samuel to a warehouse area and enter the building he and Christian go in.   Is it wrong of me to say that I really hope Christian gets what is coming to him?   No?  I didn’t think so.    They find the area where Samuel has the Alpha tied up and he is flooding his body with Dead Man’s Blood to weaken him.  Little does he notice the fingernail the Alpha just grew to slice out of the restraints.   This is where the episode starts to get very interesting.   Samuel is asking the Alpha “where is it?”  and the Vamp won’t tell him.      The Vamp is also taunting him because his “torture” methods are not working on him.  Samuel leaves in frustration and as soon as I look at my husband and say “the Vamp knows the guys are hiding there” the Vamp says “Are you boys going to hide there all night?”   Ha!!!!   When the boys start to question him, he toys with them as well but he realizes that Sam has no soul and starts to answer some questions.   The big question he answered was what Samuel is looking for….Purgatory.  Purgatory?  Why in God’s name is he looking for Purgatory?   I mean I can see looking for the key to winning the $100 million Power Ball but Purgatory seems a little trickier and a little more out there.  But the Vamp also informs them that Samuel is acting on the behalf of a higher authority.    It makes sense since someone or something brought him and Sam back but who could it be?   Just then, Samuel, Christian, and crew find the boys and ask them to leave so they can have a little chat.   Meanwhile Samuel has one of his cronies stay behind to keep an eye on Alpha Vamp.   Not a good idea.  When they all leave and have their chat, the Vamp escapes and kills the unfortunate hunter left behind.  Everyone is now obviously disturbed by this new development and Dean has his “I told you so” look on his face.  He tells them they have to kill the Vamp before he kills all of them.   They search for the Vamp and he ends up finding them first.   During the battle, at one point the Vamp grabs Sam with plans to turn him since he would be such a good monster since he has no soul.  Christian of all people stops him by injecting him with a powerful dose of dead man’s blood.  And when we see the group of hunters holding the Vamp, we notice their eyes….they have demon eyes!!!    I knew they weren’t “Mary’s family.”   And guess who is behind this madness?   That would be one cross roads demon, king of hell….Crowley.

Crowley is the one who brought back both Samuel and Sam’s soulless body.   He left Sam’s soul in Lucifer’s cage as a bargaining chip, which we will get to later.   Samuel has been working for Crowley and Christian and demon crew were planted to help him.  Crowley wants Samuel to collect as many monsters as possible so he can find out where Purgatory is.   He isn’t content just being in charge of hell and now he wants Purgatory.  Why?  Don’t know yet but I’m sure we will find out soon enough.  Sam is really pissed because Samuel lied to him and never told him any of this.  Samuel acted as if he was just as confused as Sam when he knew the whole time.   Crowley also wants Dean to help and Dean refuses.   Here comes the soul part…If Dean doesn’t help and Sam continue to help, Sam’s soul will be locked in Lucifer’s cage forever.  So if they want Sam’s soul back, they need to do Crowley’s bidding.  Awesome turn of events!!!! When Crowley leaves, Sam wants to kill Samuel but Dean stops him.  For the time being, he lives until they can figure out what to do.

On a side note, I commend the show on the side characters it introduces…especially the “bad” ones.  So many of them have been really likable that I almost hate when Sam and Dean have to kill them.  Some of my favorites have been Meg Masters (Nikki Aycox), Ruby (Katie Cassidy not Genevieve Cortese), Trickster/Gabriel (Richard Speight Jr), Lucifer (Mark Pelligrino), Crowley (Mark Shephard), Anna (Julie McNiven), and Azazel (Fredric Lehne.)  I don’t count Bobby as a side character because he is a main character to me, even though he isn’t listed as such.  These are really interesting characters and in the cases of the Trickster and Crowley, can be really funny.  That’s why I hate that I have to root against Crowley this year.

I can understand why Sam and Dean would help Crowley but why Samuel?   What does Crowley have on him?  It can’t be Sam’s soul because I don’t think Samuel cares.  So what is he holding over him that could get him to do this?  Who knows.   But I guess this will be the arc for the rest of the season…how do they get out from under Crowley and get Sam’s soul back.   And what happens to Samuel when this is over?  Does he live or is he sent back?  I hope he is sent back because I am not a big fan.   Here’s another question, if/when Sam gets his soul back, does he remember any of this or does he only remember back to the time he lost his soul?    I ask this because I am worried about the guys’ relationship.   How many times do trust issues get tested to the point that the trust between the 2 of them is permanently damaged?   They have both been to hell and permanently effected by that.   They have both held back on being completely honest with the other brother and both have been caught in their lies of omission.   So what does this mean when Sam gets his soul back?   Does their relationship go back to normal?   Because I don’t know how it can.  I guess only time will tell and the show is all about the Winchester brothers so I have no doubt that their relationship will be fine.   But there have been somethings that happened that, realistically, I don’t know how they recover.  I do know that I am happy that they are on the same page working towards the same ultimate goal…getting Sam’s soul back and defeating Crowley!

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