LOST Analysis: Supernatural “All Dogs Go To Heaven” S6 E8

13 Nov

I’m just going to say it.   Supernatural is having a good season but there is one thing that is driving me crazy…this back and forth between Dean and Sam of “I trust you” “I don’t trust you” “I’ll give you a chance” “I don’t trust you again” “Ok you are proving yourself so I will just need to adjust to this” “Nope I just can’t do this, I don’t trust you again.”   ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!  I understand that Dean is torn up about this and Sam hasn’t been honest with him and that causes him to jump back and forth.   But at some point, you have to make up your mind and stick to it.   Finally Sam helped the situation along by being truly honest with him at the end of the episode (which we will get to) so I think we have solved the back and forth for now….God I hope so.

This episode was a little blah.  How could it not be after such a big episode last week.   But I love dogs so it wasn’t too awful.  I’m also ok with having episodes like this every once in a while.  Supernatural is a heavy show with many twists and turns between all the mythology, the guys adventures, the violence, and story arcs.   So if an episode creeps in which the sole purpose is to set one conversation between the Winchesters, I’m ok with that.     But because of that, I’m not going to go too crazy with the recap this week.

The to the point recap is that we are introduced to a new monster this week…the Skinwalker.   The Skinwalker is from Native American and Norse legend and it means a person can turn into any animal they want. (Thank you Wikipedia!)  The Temperance Brennans of the world would call these shapeshifters.   So these particular skinwalkers are a cross between shapeshifter and werewolf….nice!   Crowley visits the boys and asks them to find the alpha of these skinwalkers.   Crowley also has a friendly reminder for them…get the alphas, get Sam’s soul back.  So off they go.   We follow one skinwalker in particular, Lucky the German Shepherd…who is so darn cute by the way!   Lucky is a “pet” to young couple who also have a son.   Sam and Dean suspect the boyfriend as being the skinwalker (since they think they are tracking a werewolf and not Rin Tin Tin) but when they follow the BF and the next day he turns up dead, they realize he isn’t their target.   Sam goes to his house to watch the family while Dean does more research on the legend.   Sam sees Lucky on the couch and then one second later sees a naked dude where Lucky was.    And we found our skinwalker.  When “Lucky” leaves the house (and for ease of discussion, I am going to call him Lucky in dog form and “Lucky” in human form) he meets up with someone and this person is yelling at him.   So it looks like “Lucky” is working for or with someone else.  After the argument, “Lucky” goes to head back but he smells something…..Sam.  He runs and Sam chases him.   “Lucky” turns back into Lucky and as Sam tracks him down, Lucky starts running through the woods and towards a street.    This is where I almost vomit.   You know why?   Because as Lucky is running towards the street, the camera flashes to a van coming down the road.  You know what’s going to happen next and I have to turn my head and shut my ears because I will lose it if I see a dog get hit by a car.  “You know the dog is the bad guy and it’s only a TV show right?    The dog is fine” my husband reminds me.  Yes I know but I still don’t need to watch it.   I don’t know what it is.  I can watch a human on this show get ripped to shreds and tortured.    By a dog being hurt, forget it.  I lose it!!!!   Lucky gets taken to the vet and because he has no tags, gets sent to the pound.   Dean and Sam track him down there and “rescue” Lucky and take him to their hotel.

“Lucky” is tied up and we find out that there is an alpha skinwalker controlling them all.   All?  The alpha was recruiting them (“Lucky” was homeless) and placing them inside homes as pets.  About 30 people.  Once the alpha gave the signal, they were all to turn their families.  It’s a sleeper cell of skinwalkers.   Then the process would start again.   “Lucky” doesn’t want to do that because he has become attached to his family and doesn’t want to hurt them.   But he is in trouble with the alpha because he has been killing other skinwalkers (the ones who were going after his family.)  The boys ask him to set up a meeting with the alpha and they will be there to take him out.  “Lucky” does this and they meet in warehouse area.   Sam asks Dean if he thinks “Lucky” is going to turn on them.   Dean says he doesn’t think so.  “I would turn on us” soulless Sam says.   This comment gives Dean some pause.  Black Ops Dean gets set up with a sniper rifle ready to take out the pack leader (yes I am a Cesar Milan fan.)  He can’t seem to get a clear shot and Sam is starting to get impatient with Dean.   Then the woman and son, with whom “Lucky” has been staying with, is brought out of the van.   She is too close to the alpha and Sam is yelling at Dean “who cares, take the shot anyway!”   Dean gives him a look and starts to aim again.  He can’t get the shot off so it’s plan B time.

Inside the warehouse, the alpha wants “Lucky” to prove his loyalty and turn the family in front of everyone or they will all be killed.  Enter the Winchesters who go all Dirty Harry on their asses.  They kill all the skinwalkers (including the alpha) but before they could get to the guy who has Lucky and his family,  he shoots Lucky (what an asshole.)   And as he is about to fire the silver bullet, Sam takes him out.  Sam sees Lucky on the ground in pain and then looks down at his gun…he has another silver bullet.  As he goes over to Lucky, Lucky is now gone.   But soulless Sam was ready to shoot him.   I REALLY don’t like that!    The family is rescued, the alpha is killed, and the boys have completed another successful mission.   Or was it successful?   They didn’t get the alpha for Crowley which means one step farther away from getting Sam’s soul back.

“Lucky” we see is ok and he goes to his family’s house to apologize for everything and to thank them for being so kind to him.   She wants no part of this apology, calls him a loser, and tells him to leave.  He is heartbroken.   I can understand her being freaked out and upset.  But he did save your life and your son’s life and he was a good pet!!   “Lucky” turns back into Lucky and walks away on the street, looks back at the house, and sadly keeps walking away.  At this point I am crying and want to reach through the TV to have this dog live with us and our Lab!   And my husband is laughing hysterically at me.  The boys, however, are in a park (with their Five Guys Burgers in hand) and start to have the most important discussion that comes out of this episode.  By the way, how do those boys have those abs when they eat like crap all the time?   Anyhoo, Sam finally tells Dean the truth…he can’t feel anything and has been saying all the things Dean wants to hear so they can continue on their journey.   He doesn’t care about when Dean talks about Lisa and Ben (I’m with you on that soulless Sam) and quite frankly, he doesn’t care about Dean.   Ouch, that has to sting a little.   He tells Dean his life seems to be easier this way because he has killed innocent people for the greater good and not batted an eye.   Things don’t affect him that way.    But on the flip side he remembers some of his time as Sam with his soul and that even though having no soul makes the job easier, there are some benefits to having a soul.   Therefore, he wants to find it and get it back.    This is something Dean can get behind and the boys are now on the same page.

So here is my question….why would Sam want to get his soul back?  I don’t get it.    If he has no feelings and says how much easier his life is now, why would he want to go back?   He says he remembers the old Sam but if he can’t FEEL what Sam felt, how would he know the difference?   When he talks about the benefits of having feelings, how would he know that?   I really don’t understand that.  Which makes me think..oh God….is Sam just messing with Dean and still just telling Dean what he wants to hear?   I really hope not.   And I’m not sure what benefit would be derived from Sam doing that…other than keeping Dean off his back so they can do their job.  But I also can’t understand why he would want to find his soul either.    You would think Sam would be apathetic about the whole thing.  I don’t know, it’s very strange to me.    Just a few more episodes until the holiday break.  And from what I understand, there is always a big cliffhanger before the break.  So it’s about to get VERY interesting!!!

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