QUICK REVIEW: Blue Bloods “Chinatown” S1 E8

17 Nov

Jamie and Sydney

Jamie meets up with the FBI agent in Chinatown regarding the Blue Templar investigation.  Jamie tells her that he wants no part of the investigation and he will not help them.   As he walks away, he notices a crime being committed.  2 men are assaulting 2 women.  The 2 women and 1 man get away but Jamie is able to chase 1 of the men.  He runs him down into an intersection and he is struck by a car and killed.   He calls it in but he is off duty so this is going to be a problem.  I don’t know what the big deal is but apparently he should have called 911 since he was off duty.  But as Jamie later tells his dad, his natural instinct kicked in and he went to handle the situation himself.   By the time he called 911 and help arrived, the suspects would have been long gone.  I think he did the right thing.

Danny and Jackie show up to investigate the crime and tell Jamie that IA (Internal Affairs) will be looking into this, especially since he is the Commissioner’s son.  He is willing to cooperate fully.  During the IA interrogation, the questions are tough.   He is grilling him about why he didn’t call 911 since he was off duty and was he sure the victim had a gun.   He also asks Jamie what he was doing in Chinatown and did he talk to anyone or meet anyone?   He says he was just out talking a walk since his apartment wasn’t far and that he wasn’t meeting anyone.  However, witness said they saw him talking to a woman with red hair.   Uh oh.   He said she was a tourist asking for directions and he helped her.  The IA agent wants her name and phone number.   How stupid is that?  If she is a tourist, why the hell would Jamie have her name and phone number.   The finish up and Jamie heads out.

Jamie gets called back in a few days later because the woman he was seen talking to has come forward.  Jamie looks nervous.   She comes in and she completely confirms his story about needing directions to Canal Street to buy purses.  The IA agent is convinced and thanks her for her time.   Before she leaves, she states the following: “Office Reagan helped me and when I saw the article in the paper, I just wanted to return the favor.”   Well played Agent Anderson!   So guess who is going to be back on the Templar case helping the FBI, whether he wants to or not?   That would be Officer Jamison Reagan.

Unfortunately for Jamie, his bad week doesn’t end there.   When he gets home, he is looking up information about Joe’s shooting.   Sydney wakes up and asks him what he is doing up at 3am?  When he blows it off, she proceeds to tell him that IA came to question her and ask her how their relationship was doing.  She told IA fine, but she told Jamie that they aren’t.   Her boss gave her an opportunity on a huge case for their firm for 6 months…in London.  She knows he can’t go, but she can and she is.  He tells her that he was meant to do this job.  She agrees and says she loves him too much to stand in his way and she gives him back the engagement ring.

Sydney hasn’t been around too much to care either way if they break up.   And it was clear from the beginning that this was doomed.   They met at Harvard Law and when they fell in love and committed to one another, she thought she was going to be marrying a lawyer.   Then Joe dies and Jamie becomes a cop.   Not really the life she signed up for.  To some degree, I don’t blame her.  And if she can’t handle it, it’s better for both of them that she gets out now.   See ya Syd.  Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

The Case

Turns out what Jamie stumbled upon was a pretty big case.   The guys were Chinese gangsters who were involved in an adoption scam.   They ran an “escort service” and when any of the girls turn up pregnant, they would turn them over to a Dennis Eng, who ran a clinic for Chinese families who were either illegals or couldn’t afford insurance.  Eng’s sister Nancy was married to a fertility specialist, Dr. Warren Wakefield.   When the IBF treatments weren’t working for his clients, he suggested an adoption option for them where he could get babies from China for the couples.  Wakefield paid the girls $5,000 for the babies while he sold them for about $40,000-$50,000.  Nice guy.  So money was going to Wakefield, Eng, and the Chinese gangsters.  Danny, Erin, and Jackie busted the whole, with Jamie’s initial assistance.


Does anyone else find it strange that Danny has a different partner every other week.  He started with Ava, then he went to Jackie (played by the awesome Jennifer Esposito.)  Wouldn’t the top detective in the precinct have one partner and it be consistent?  It doesn’t make sense that he would rotate between 2 partners.  I wish they would just stick with Jackie.  Esposito is fantastic and she plays off Wahlberg very well.  Plus she seems to fit better as a hard-core police detective better than Ava.

The Others

Everyone else was kind of filler this week.   But we did learn that Nicki, Erin’s daughter, wants to follow in her uncles’ and grandfather’s footsteps and become a cop.  She also wants to be the first female Reagan to be a cop!   Good for her.  I think it may be a little soon for her to make that proclamation but I still think it’s touching.

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