QUICK REVIEW: Parenthood “Put Yourself Out There” S2 E9

17 Nov

I promise this will be a short one!


Crosby was asked to help Joel with the school play.  Then he sort of takes over and pushes Joel out-of-the-way.  I don’t know who to side with on this.  On one hand, Joel is the director and is very buttoned up and organized.   He is trying to keep the kids on a schedule so they can finish the play in time and do it the way it needs to be done.   On the other hand, Crosby is more of a free spirit and just wants to make sure the kids are having fun.  On top, the principal asked him to get involved to spice up the play since it was pretty boring.   This sat soooo well with Joel as you can imagine.   Since that was what Crosby was asked to do, then fine.  But he should have been man enough to tell his brother-in-law when he came on board.  And knowing how different they are (and the fact that Crosby should know his brother-in-law at this point) he owed it to him to have that talk and come up with a plan together and present a united front in front of the kids.   Also Joel needs to relax and suck it up a bit.  Crosby’s right, they’re just kids.  This should be fun for them.   Yes it’s serious but it’s not like the kids are the Broadway Revival Cast of West Side Story and he is not Arthur Laurents.  These are 6-7 year old kids putting on a play.   Lighten up dude!


Zeek, Sarah, and Drew are trying to find out Amber’s SAT scores on-line but can’t because they don’t know her password.   Camille wants no part of that.   I’m sorry but how rude is that?  Let her go on-line, find out the scores and tell you when she’s ready.   What is with these TV families not having any respect for people’s privacy?   Seriously.   She sees them doing this and shows a little disdain but ends up entering her info so they can all see the scores.   This surprises me because if I was Amber, I would be seriously pissed and out of spite, get my scores later.  But her scores come up and she gets a 2250 (2400 is perfect.)  Holy Super Brain Amber!!!!   You go girl!!!    Sarah wants to set her up with a friend of Gordon’s who went to Berkley, for an interview and Amber wants no part of it.   Adam comes over and has a really great talk with Amber about college and Amber reveals that she doesn’t want to go on the interview because she will screw it up just like she screws everything else up.   Adam tells her how that’s life.  KLEENEX MOMENT!!!    “Life is going to knock you down more times than you can possibly imagine.  Don’t knock yourself down.  Don’t worry about being embarrassed if something doesn’t go well.  So what if it doesn’t go well.   Amber, you are a wonderful, talented, and really smart young woman.  Put yourself out there.  Give yourself a chance!”   I love Adam!!!!   What a beautiful and poignant thing to say.   And it was just what she need to hear.  She goes to the interview and it was very honest and witty.   Amber came off so well and Gordon’s friend did a fantastic job of relating to Amber and making her feel comfortable and confident.


Camille’s one stand has returned as her teacher and I commend Camille for telling Zeek and letting him know what is going on.   It’s the best way to show there is nothing to worry about or hide and re-establish that trust.   However, Zeek is not so graceful.   He waits for him outside the school and tells him to stay away from his wife.   There is a small part of me that loves that caveman aspect of the man threatening the other man interested in his wife.   To a certain degree, it shows he still cares so much about his wife.   At the same time, what an ass.   She told you about him, she said how important this class was to her, and he went and made it so Camille’s one night stand wouldn’t help her during class.   She was furious about this and I don’t blame her.   And when she asks Zeek why and he said because he didn’t want him messing with what was his, I wanted to slap him.   What was HIS?   What is she?   His property?   What a jerk.   Although I have to say, Zeek is my least favorite character on the show.   He’s such a pompous imbecile.


In my opinion, the most controversial Aspie story to date.   How far is too far when it comes to making your kids happy and feel normal?   I think Kristina went too far.  Max was excluded from his friend Emily’s birthday party and tells his mother this.  She thinks it has to be an oversight since they are friends at school and decides to talk to Emily’s mom.   She asks Emily’s mom about the invitation (or lack of) and Em’s mom says there was no oversight, Em didn’t want Max at her party.   When Kristina pushes the issue and says all kids are supposed to be included, Em’s mom tells her only if the invitations are distributed in school.   She tells her that it is Em’s birthday party and it’s her day.   So she should get to have the day she wants with the friends she wants and as an Aspie mom, Kristina should understand that.  Ouch, but true.   When helping out in school, Kristina talks to Emily (which I think is horrible) and Em tells her that Max isn’t good with games.  He can’t stand losing and is never allowed to lose.   And since her party is mostly games, she doesn’t want Max there because it’s no fun when he always has to win.   This gives Kristina a great idea but I think her execution was poor.    She goes to talk to Em’s mom again and tells her that she has a solution to the problem Em told her about.   They should come over for a play date so Max can work on his skills when it comes to games.   Great idea!   And then Max can be invited to Em’s party.   Bad idea!   Em’s mom is pretty pissed at this point and I would be too.  But then Kristina says to her, have you ever done something so crazy for your kid, like begging for them to be invited to a birthday party?  She tells her, she is only doing this because she would do anything for her child and Kristina is sure Em’s mom would get that.  She agrees and they have the play date.    The play date seems to go well and Kristina and Em’s mom end up having wine and lunch and having a really good time together.

This was one time I really disagreed with how Kristina handled this.  I preface all my discussions about Asperger’s with the caveat that I don’t have a child with Aspie’s and I’m not a mother.  So I don’t know the ins and outs of dealing with children, let alone one with special needs.   So these next comments are more discussion points and opinions from an outsider’s perspective.  If my kid, Aspie or not, wasn’t invited to a party, I would be heartbroken and devastated. However, I would NEVER go to the parent of the child and ask for my kid to be invited.    Max already knows he wasn’t invited and Kristina seemed more upset about it than Max.   So what purpose does it serve?   Her’s or Max’s?   Maybe part of the reason Max has trouble being a good sport when he loses is because he never does.   Everything is adjusted and catered to him and he is given what he wants, when he wants it.   He hasn’t learned coping skills and that not everything goes his way.   Kids without Aspie’s have to learn this too.     Maybe what would have been better, is Kristina talking to Max about this and asking him how it made him feel.  If he wasn’t that upset, let it go.  Because then it is about Kristina and she is using Max’s condition as a crutch for her own disappointment which is wrong.  But if he is upset, she should talk to him about why he wasn’t included and see if it’s something they could work on with Gaby so that he can be invited to the next party.   Maybe I am over simplifying it but I would think that would be a better solution than stalking the child and child’s mother for an invite.   And she shouldn’t have talked to Emily.  That was really stepping over the line.   If she wanted to know why, she should have asked Emily’s mother to talk to her so that she can work on that issue with Max.    I do like the way the show is handling the Aspie storyline.  And from what Aspie sites have said, it seems pretty realistic (except for the fact that the Braverman’s can afford private school and a private tutor.)   Most families don’t have that luxury.

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