RECAP: The Good Wife “Bad Girls” S2 E7

17 Nov

Let’s get into the minor, but interesting stories before jumping into this week’s main case.


Peter and Eli were asked to meet with the leader of the Democratic Committee to discuss the upcoming election.   Peter and Eli think this meeting is a good sign because they are going to announce an endorsement for a candidate (meaning Peter.)  Right away, you know what’s going to happen.  Eli asks if the committee is ready to come off the sidelines and they say yes.   They all agree 3 candidates in the race is too much.   Therefore the committee wants Peter to drop out.   The committee doesn’t want Wendy and Peter is down in the polls so the choice for them is easy.  Eli asks why not Childs and the committee chair reminds him that Peter is down in the polls and that Childs has the power of the office being the incumbant.   Peter typical scores high in African-American communities and therefore get their vote.   With Wendy in the race, they believe she now gets that vote and Peter and Childs split the others and she will get elected.  As a consolation prize, the chairman offers Peter his position in 6 months if he drops out.  It’s a pretty good offer.

When Peter is home, he asks Alicia what she thinks and she asks him what he wants to do.   He tells her it is a lot of money, less time away, its stable.   But she can tell that isn’t where his heart is and tells him not to drop out.   So he decides to stay in.   As a result, Eli goes to visit Peter’s pastor, Pastor Isaiah Easton.  Eli is asking for his endorsement and the pastor politely declines reminding him that he does not endorse candidates.  Then Eli goes to his father (the ex-pastor) Jeramiah and asks him to talk to his son about endorsing Peter.  “Having trouble with Wendy Scott Carr?” he asks.  He then says “You know it never goes away.  Religion fades, but not politics.”   That’s an interesting comment for a pastor to make don’t you think?   He says that he will talk to his son, anything for a friend.   Why don’t I trust this guy?

Up until this point, we have seen the good side of Wendy.  Now we are starting to see the more “campaign” side of Wendy.  And she is pretty manipulative and VERY smart.   She has such a soft and easy demeanor.  She could probably convince Obama to become a republican she is so matter-of-fact but veracious in her facts.  She has a “chance” meeting with Eli in which she asks him to resign Peter’s campaign and come and work for her…she could really use his help.  Eli reminds her he is already running a campaign and she informs that she knows the democratic committee rejected Peter and that their funds are drying up.  So she gives Eli some time to think about it.  In the meantime she heads to Pastor Isaiah’s church to discuss why he should endorse her.   Is this man the only African-American Church Pastor in all of Cook County?   I guess he’s the biggest and most influential.  But she lays it on pretty thick and when the pastor leaves her, it looks as though she goes to talk to his father.  Immediately after this conversation, the pastor calls Eli pledging his endorsement to Peter.   Eli then meets with Wendy denying her request.  “You know who I trust the least, the one I steal away from someone else.  If I come work for you, you’ll never trust me.   I’ll never trust me.”   Great point!   When he walks away, she asks who he got, and he tells her Pastor Isaiah.  She doesn’t believe him and he doesn’t care.   I think this was a mistake on his part.  I wouldn’t have told her that information.  This is magnified later when we go back to the church and see the church board come into to talk to Pastor Isaiah with their leader, his father.   They are unhappy with his endorsement of Peter and his father wants to know why he is endorsing Peter and not Wendy.  He tells him, because she put politics before religion and he didn’t.   His father says the board thinks he is putting his personal beliefs ahead of the church.  So when Pastor Isaiah asks him what the board wants, his father tells him, they want him (to take over the church again.)   Wow, talk about being un-Christian.  He decides not to back the African-American candidate so they kick him out?   Wow.  I wouldn’t want to belong to that church community.

Lockhart/Lee vs. Gardner/Bond

We have known since the beginning of the season that Diane has had her concerns about Will jumping ship to align with Derrick over her.   I wouldn’t trust Will either because he is scum but I don’t see what he has done to rankle her confidence in their partnership.   She seems to be a bit paranoid to me.    But then I don’t know the information Blake found out for her regarding Derrick and Will’s previous relationship.   We also learn the gentleman (if you can call him that) in charge of family law, David Lee, doesn’t like Derrick Bond or his management methods at all.   So he goes to talk to Diane about it.   Next thing you know, they are meeting all time.  Now, if you were planning to pull from your firm to start another, wouldn’t you want to meet with the potential future partner OUTSIDE of the workday and your office which is right across the hall from your current partner?  I don’t know, maybe it’s me, but that’s what I would do so as not to arouse suspicion, which is exactly what she has done.

In the meantime, Derrick has noticed this and asks Will if he ever considered buying Diane out.  He immediately says “why would he?”   Derrick tells him because her client list is aging.   Will says his is just as strong as hers, but Derrick tells him his is more diversified.    He asks if all these questions are about David Lee and Derrick announces he is heading back to D.C for a few weeks to tie up some loose ends and bring back something big for the firm.  “Like what a spaceship” Will asks.  Now that was funny!   He wants them to be the largest firm in the U.S. with offices based in D.C. and Chicago and he wants Will on board.   Well if the firm is going to be THAT big, why can’t he bring Diane into the mix?  I love and hate when shows do this.   Huge decisions are being made based off of wrong information that is generated from supposition rather than fact.  If Diane and Will just talked to one another, they could get this whole thing sorted out.    But they won’t and they will make decisions based on paranoia and things will fall apart.  I hope that doesn’t happen.  I’m not sure how long Will and Diane have been partners, but I do know that it’s longer than they have been partners with Bond.  So shouldn’t there be SOME trust there?  I am really anxious to see where this goes.  So far I am intrigued by Derrick’s character but if he is going to break up the firm and align with someone, I wish it was Diane so they can boot Will off the show!

The Case

Slone (played by iCarly herself, Miranda Cosgrove) is a young pop star that has been arrested on another DUI charge, meanwhile her parents are going through a divorce.  By the way, I had NO idea Cosgrove was a Disney star until I wikipediaed her.  I feel so old sometimes.  I had no idea who the Pussycat Dolls, Jonas Brothers, and Justin Beiber were until my co-worker with kids told me.  But in fairness to me, I have no kids so why would I know or care.   David Lee is involved with the case because of the divorce angle but he brought Alicia on board because of her “celebrity” status.  Slone seems to really hit it off with Alicia and they are able to land the client.

When the hearing starts, Evangeline from One Life to Live is prosecuting the case and asking for 45 days in jail.  Alicia argues that the BAL test was inconclusive because of her clients bulimia which compounds how alcohol effects her system.   As the arguments are taking place, Cary just walks up to the bench in the middle of Alicia speaking (rude much) and presents the judge with some new information and they arrest iCarly on the spot for attempted murder.   When Alicia asks what this is about, he states that before she was pulled over for DUI, she hit the car of a “friend” of hers knowing she was inside sleeping.  The friend is in the hospital with 4 broken ribs .

Kalinda is giving a briefing to the partners and Alicia about the incident.  She shows them a video of a fight between the victim, Urisa Morgan (the daughter of a Bulls player) and Slone.  She said Urisa was drunk and decided to sleep it off in her car.  Slone is accused of ramming her Escalade into Urisa’s car, knowing she was in there, 3 times, then taking off.    LGB wants to find other witnesses to see if they can prove Urisa got into it with anyone else at the club they were at and if Slone even knew Urisa was in the car.  If not, then the charge should only be criminal damage to property.

Will and Alicia go to interview Slone and while they are waiting for her to finish a recording, one of her “entourage” minions show up and start asking questions about not being able to testify if the lawyers know she is lying.   Well that’s odd.  Then the mother and sister come in and mom tells her other daughter to repeat what she just told her.   And this sounds very staged.   She says she was also at the bar to pick up her sister and that Urisa said she was going to the bathroom to do coke, not her car.   When talking to Slone, Alicia brings up Milla being at the club, Slone gets very defensive and asks her not to put her on the stand.  “She’ll lie about anything to get me off.”   Now it’s official.   Slone didn’t do this and someone is covering up something.  When Alicia goes to leave, she starts asking Alicia if she liked her music and told her she is trying not to party so much.   Her publicist thinks she needs to downplay her “Disney” innocent image and crank up the rebel to change her image.   You almost get the impression that she is looking for Alicia’s approval.  Or a mother figure approval.

As the bench trial begins, the judge institutes an electronic gag order.  No Facebook or tweeting will be allowed during the trial by anyone.   The first witness is Urisa.  LGB is able to poke some holes in the case because the valet slip from that night (where the valet has to inspect your car and mark the damages) marked previous dents and dings in the same areas of the car where she was allegedly hit by Slone.   Score 1 for LGB.   Meanwhile, Kalinda went to the club to take pictures of the parking spot and the area and poles around it.  She also goes into the club and talks to a young man who was there that night and confirms that Urisa was arguing with a boyfriend as well as Slone.

The next witness is Cory, the minion we met before at the recording studio, who is testifying for the prosecution that Slone admitting to wanting to kill Urisa and so she rammed her car.  Alicia gets up there and asks her if she understands the charge of perjury and she admits that she does.   So Alicia’s only question for her is brilliant…how much do you weigh?  She is questioning her credibility.  She says 110 lbs but her license says 122 lbs.   Then she asks her how old she is.   She says 22.  Her license says 28.  And she says the DMV is screwed up and that’s why her license is wrong.  Ha!!  This was fantastic!

During a break Grace and her friend Shannon go up to say hi to Alicia and to meet Slone.  Alicia isn’t too happy that Grace came on her own and she says it’s ok, they took the bus and Shannon doesn’t live too far.  Alicia explains that that is not how they do it.  She has to ask her permission and then Alicia will bring her to court.   Slone is watching this whole thing and can see how much Alicia really cares about Grace.  Alicia introduces them to Slone and Shannon wants to give her pamphlets about Jesus so Alicia shoos them out of the court room.  Slone comments on how nice Grace is and Alicia is appreciative of the compliments.  When the judge comes back in, he is really angry that his orders were ignored.  Slone had tweeted about Cory and he revokes her bail and sends her right to jail.

Alicia goes to see Slone and Slone asks her to tell the judge that she isn’t THAT person.  It’s only an act for her fans and that she isn’t a bad person.  She also asks if her mom is here to see her.  When Alicia goes to leave and check, Slone tells her how afraid she is.  Alicia puts a calming hand on her shoulder and tells her “I know honey” in a very mothering and compassionate way.  Your heart (at least my heart) starts to break for her.   Outside the visiting area are Slone’s mom, Milla, Alicia, Will, and Kalinda.  They found a man who drove a black Escalade whose car and himself are unaccounted for.  When Milla walks over to her mom, her mom tells her that Milla mentioned to her about another fight that night and is this the man she saw.   Ok mom, how obvious was that.   This lady is awful.   Will, Alicia, and Kalinda see right through it.  But Milla confirms that yes, that is the guy.

They put her on the stand and when she tells the “story” of that night, she makes the comment about seeing sparks coming from the crash area after he hit a wall.  Kalinda remembers from her pictures, the one of the pole/wall area that was all dented in and when back at LGB, she tells this to Alicia and shows her the bruised area on Slone consistent with a seat belt strapped to her on the passenger side.  Milla must have been the one driving the car.  When Kalinda and Alicia bring this news to Slone, they tell her what really happened.  Slone had blacked out and Milla was driving the car.  After Milla crashed into Urisa’s car and then later had the second accident where Slone was arrested for DUI, she called their mother who told her to get out of there and put Slone in the driver seat.  Nice mother.  Slone doesn’t want them to say anything and think about it.  She tells Alicia she couldn’t survive in prison.  Looks like she doesn’t need to make the decision after all because Milla decided to confess and they have a tearful good-bye before Milla is brought into jail.  When she leaves, she walks right by her mother and gives her a look that would kill the entire Nazi Army.   I think I would have punched her.  It’s her fault all this is happening the way it has.

A bit of a softer episode.  The one thing that came out of this week that I am really interested in seeing moving forward is what is going to happen with the obvious divisiveness at LGB.  This can’t end well but I’m not sure how it does end.  As long as Christine Baranski is still on my TV every week, I’m happy!

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