REVIEW: How I Met Your Mother “Glitter” S6 E9

17 Nov

OMG!!!!   That was fantastic!!!  Whenever Robin Sparkles makes an appearance on HIMYM, it doesn’t disappoint.  I think they do a good job introducing Robin Sparkles in very small doses (so far only 3 times in the series.)   If it was more, I think it would lose its appeal and start to become the Budweiser Frogs.   One of the big things I love about this show are the ongoing jokes that loyal followers appreciate (Slap Bet, Barney’s Bro Code, “Challenge Accepted!”, and of course Robin Sparkles.)  It’s great to visit this hilarious parts of the show but for people who may only watch that one episode and don’t know what’s going on, the writers will give a brief back story.   For those of you that need a Robin Sparkles recap or need to see what the fuss is about, here you go:



They never get old (especially Let’s Go To The Mall.)  This episode takes us back to how Robin Sparkles first came about.  The gang is the bar and Robin is ripping on Barney for his latest scam to get laid…wearing a boutineer because there is an 83% correlation to between the times men wear boutineers and get laid.  “Think about it: Proms, Weddings, Grandmom’s funeral, thanks for the redhead Nana!”  When she tells him ok it could work because suits are boring otherwise.  Barney is insulted and tells her that her punishment is the embarrassing video of her: “It’s Robin Sparkles 3 Y’All!”   And the gang goes crazy.

Back at Ted and Robin’s, they pop in the DVD and we learn that Robin Sparkles was on a kids’ show called “Space Teens” and they solved crimes in space by solving math equations.  However, the gang seems to think it has many pornographic undertones.  As Ted says “stripper pole, bad lighting, delusional girl who thinks it’s a stepping stone to main stream success.”  “It a big old bowl of Porn Flakes” chimes in Barney.   I love him.  We also meet Jessica Glitter, who was Robin’s BFF on the show and in real life.   They haven’t spoken in about 5 years and the gang is curious as to why.   But back to “Space Teens!”  It is AWESOME!!  The gang is watching and making all kinds of jokes about the show.   The girls are bouncing up and down and grabbing a “joystick” to solve multiplication problems (which looks a lot like something you get out of your local adult store.)   Robin says it’s not that bad and is starting to get annoyed that they can’t see it’s just a creative kids show.  After Barney stops the DVD so they can save it and watch it in stages, Lily asks Robin about Jessica and she really wants them to drop it and she leaves.  They figure out that they stopped being friends right around the time Jessica had a child.   So Robin must have stopped being friends with her because she hates kids.   That’s an awful thing for them to deduce.  I don’t like kids but I haven’t stopped being friends with my best girlfriends because they had them.  When they come to that dumb conclusion, Lily starts to cry because she thinks Robin will dump her next.

As I have said before about this show, the main reason I love so it much is that the writing team is able to balance the funny with some real, heartfelt issues.  And the main issue in this episode is how Lily and Robin’s relationship is already starting to change because Lily is trying to get pregnant.  I have actually been in Robin’s shoes before….being around a group of girl friends who either just had kids, just got pregnant, or are trying to get pregnant, and that is ALL they want to talk about.  For me who doesn’t have kids and doesn’t have any interest, it gets really old really fast.  I have no problem if you want to talk about them but there are other topics to discuss beside babies 24-7.  And Lily was turning into one of those women who has baby on the brain and nothing else.   I can see where Robin was ready to lose her mind.  Even Marshall told her she was being a little over the top with the baby talk and suggested she tone in down in front of Robin.  I get it though.  Robin is her best friend so of course she wants to talk to her about this.   But at the same time, Robin needs a break from all day Erickson baby talk.  So Lily goes to see Robin at the apartment and it doesn’t work out so well.   She tells Robin she wants to talk about babies and Robin says but that’s all she ever wants to talk about and she’s had enough.  So Lily tells her that when the baby comes she doesn’t have to see it or her ever again and that their friendship is over.  Robin: “Fine.”  Lily: “Fine.”   And Lily leaves.   At her house Lily is devastated about this and is crying her eyes out.  Marshall can’t believe she broke up with Robin and doesn’t want to comfort her because this is her fault.   But she is so cute when she cries, he has to give her one cuddle.

Back to “Space Teens!!!!”   Robin comes home and Barney and Ted are on the couch waiting for her to watch some more.   She only agrees if they will be respectful and not make any comments about how they think this is a porn show.   The VERY FIRST scene goes like this:

Hey Jessica, how’s your beaver?  Great, how’s your beaver?   Busy as ever!

Pure genius!!   The best part of this whole thing is watching Ted and Barney’s reactions and how hard they are trying not to laugh or comment.  Robin tries to explain that they had pet beavers because the beaver is the national mascot of Canada.  And with every explanation it is harder and harder for the guys to keep it together.   The piece de resistance, is when Alan Thicke comes on and tells how he is going weekend trip with the girls (and their beavers) and he needs to bring some wood (because it’s a beaver’s favorite food.)  So they need to calculate how much wood he needs to bring:

If Robin’s beaver devours 6 inches of wood every half hour and Jessica’s beaver devours 8 inches wood every 45 minutes, how much wood will I need to keep both of their beavers well fed all weekend long?

At this point the guys and myself have completely lost it!!!!   Seriously, I am still crying laughing writing this.   This part was so fantastic!!   And to wrap it up, Robin and Jessica were about to sing a song about their beavers when Robin cut off the DVD.   They were not allowed to see the adorable beaver song about friendship.   Bummer!   Seriously though, I can’t do this scene justice.  Maybe you should check out the clip:

After Robin and Lily broke up, Marshall realizes he needs to do something.  He takes Lily to Madison Square Garden (where the Flyers are playing the Rangers and no doubt kicking the Rangers asses) to meet the organist for the Rangers…Jessica Glitter!   Lily wants to know how he found her and it was because Barney contacted her wanting to buy her Space Teens costume…fabulous!   Marshall lets the girls talk and we find out that Robin didn’t dump Jessica because she got pregnant (of course), Jessica dumped Robin because she had kids (say what!)   She said it was really hard to keep the friendship going with all her commitments to the baby and Robin took it really hard.   Lily says she can’t believe she did that and that was pretty cold.  Jessica asks her “didn’t you just do the same thing, minus the baby?”  At this Lily runs out to go talk to Robin.   Where is the only place Robin would be drowning her sorrows?  Of course!!!   The Hoser Hut!!!   She finds her and starts to apologize.  Robin stops her and explains what happened the last time her best friend had a baby and Lily tells her she already knows.  She promises that won’t happen to them and that she will tone down the baby talk because she knows how much Robin hates kids.  Robin tells her she hates most kids but her’s and Marshall’s, she’s going to love that kid so much!!  The rest of the gang shows up and it’s a big group hug.   But wait, what is that song playing in the background?  It’s the Beaver Song!!!!  Robin is about to yell at them for doing this when Jessica shows up and starts singing it!  Robin joins her on stage and they sing the beaver song together while the whole bar chimes in and sings with them.

UPDATE: Ok so I really fell asleep at the wheel this week.   I have to admit, it NEVER occurred to me when Punchy asked Ted to be his best man at his wedding that it was possibly the wedding from the season premiere.  Some of the other smarter blogs I read mentioned this fact and I have to say, it never clicked.  Maybe because Marshall was also dressed as a groomsman (unless it was a black-tie wedding) and Lily also seemed to be dressed in a bridesmaid type dress and shoes, it makes me think it’s Barney and Robin’s wedding.  Marshall was Ted’s college buddy and didn’t know Punchy so why would he be in the wedding?   But having seen Punchy in this episode, maybe he has no other friends.   I think it’s a good assumption that was the wedding featured was Punchy’s.  But I am still going with smoke screen for Robin and Barney.   Also, for the people who keep thinking Zoey is going to be the mother, how could she be if Ted said he meets “the mother” at that wedding?  He’s already met Zoey.

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