RECAP: Dexter “Take It” S5 E8

19 Nov

It finally feels like Dexter is starting to pick up steam and pieces are being put into place for a HUGE end to the season.    Maybe not as huge as last year, but there is certainly a build up happening.   What do we think is going to happen?  Let’s dive in:


Well Maria has certainly returned to #1 bitch hasn’t she?   First she won’t take any responsibility for her failed direction in the Santa Muerte case.   And not only does she not step up, but she wants to blame the rookie cop, Officer Manzon.  Deb walks into her office and tells her that she can’t put the blame on a beat cop…she will destroy her career.  First she suggests that Maria take responsibility for her actions but Maria is still in denial that she did anything wrong.  So Deb suggests the department either blame her or no one at all and they face issues together as a team.  She tells Maria that she should not say a word and have the team take the fall and go down together.  Later, when Deb is at Quinn’s, we see the press conference where LaGuerta blames Deb and announces that she will be put on paid suspension.  What a bitch!   Apparently, she could have never had that presser without someone backing her story and Deb blames Batista.

When she bumps into Angel, he admits how pissed off he is with how this went down and he doesn’t agree with it.  He is not the one that supported Maria’s story and he promises Deb that he will make this right.   He thinks of her as flesh and blood, like a little sister, and he will protect her and her reputation.  It reminded me of why I fell in love with Batista from day 1!!!   Turns out when Deb is clearing out her desk (why would she have to do that if it’s just a suspension?   She didn’t get fired.) Officer Manzon is bringing in a box of her things.  And guess who backed LaGuerta’s story?   Little miss step all over anyone to climb the ranks.  And then she has the gall to tell Deb that she was always so impressed with how Deb became the fastest woman to detective and wanted to be just like her.   But stepping on her after she made sure she protected you?????   What a little weasel.  Deb promptly informs her that she would NEVER do what she just did.  I hope she gets what is coming to her, as well as LaGuerta!


Liddy is becoming quite the pain in the ass isn’t he?  And I think Quinn is tiring of him just like we are.  I was worried that Quinn was going to have a Doakes ending this season but I am starting to change my tune.  I think he is falling harder and harder for Deb and as a result, I don’t think he wants to hurt her.   And going after Dexter (as much as his cop instinct wants to) would just hurt Deb.  I think Quinn is going to call this off but I think Liddy will remain curious and continue to go after Dexter.   Then Liddy will be on Dexter’s table…yeah!  I just hope Dexter gets to him before Liddy sends those pictures he took of him and Lumen on the “Slice of Life” to someone Dexter doesn’t want them to go to…like Debra.


Dexter and Lumen are growing closer every week.  As they start to peel back the layers of each other, they are experiencing a closeness neither have ever had with anyone else.  How could they….no one else knows how damaged they are and why and how they are dealing with it.  It is truly a fascinating relationship to watch.   For so many years, for Dexter, this had been about having this channel of release for him to deal this darkness inside.  Now with Lumen, this is about her darkness and her revenge as well as Dexter having a way to grieve for Rita’s murder.  Although as this moves along, this seems more about helping Lumen and getting her what she needs, than for Dexter.   And since they are getting to know one another better, I think Lumen may be the first person who knows who Dexter really is and not have to visit Dexter’s table…at least so far.  I don’t know if Julia Stiles becomes a regular and sticks around, I would doubt that.  I think she rides off into the sunset knowing what she knows but keeping to herself.  Again, so far.

This week they decide to go after Cole at one of Jordan’s conferences at a hotel.  The one thing that surprises me is how obvious Dexter is in the audience.  So much so that at one point Jordan brings him up so stage to relive the moment he finds Rita and Harrison at home.  Dexter is really starting to let Lumen in more to his way of life when he asks for her help in setting up the “kill room.”  “You’ve done this before” she says.  He tells her about his mom being killed and how he witnessed that with this brother and how he was “born in blood.”   But one HUGE thing he leaves out of the explanation (and maybe he already explained it to her and I forgot) is the he only kills bad people who have escaped the system…his code.  That is something that you may want to tell her so she doesn’t think you just kill at random.  But they set up the kill room right next to Cole’s room and plan on getting him at night.  They hear Cole come in and then they hear a woman screaming next door.  Dexter thinks Cole is attacking her, so get goes in but sees they’re just having sex.  Oops.  He comes back in and Lumen is lost in her own mind of screams.  A scene like that really brings you back to the terror that she went through.  They aren’t able to get Cole so they need to get him another time.

The next day, Dexter plans to get him around lunch time (which again seems so strange because its broad daylight in a very crowded hotel.)  This is when Jordan spots him in the audience and brings him on stage.  As Lumen is leaving, she sees Dexter reliving the horror of finding Rita on the big screen and can’t help but watch.  Are you like me at this point screaming for her to leave because Cole is walking around.  I was freaking out!!  She turns to go and who does she see and sees her in return?  Cole.   Shit.  She starts to leave but then gets cut off and she runs back to the room.  She gets into her room and hides.   She is breathing so loudly I am shushing her to please be quiet.  You hear someone in the hallway but it isn’t him…just housekeeping.  As she starts to relax, Cole comes bursting through the shared door in the room and starts to choke her.  It’s a terrifying moment for her but then Dexter shows up and sedates him.   They get him on the table trying to get the names of the other people involved and they get no where.  Dexter gets the knife out and in one quick moment, I thought Lumen was going to grab the knife and stab him herself.  But she doesn’t and Dexter does the deed.

When he is leaving, he has his “luggage” (aka Cole’s cut up body with the piece di resistance being his head in the bowling bag) on a luggage cart waiting for his car.  Just then Jordan comes up to him and apologizes for putting him on the spot like that and bringing him on stage.   But thinks he made great progress in trying to get his life back.  “Tick, tick, tick.  That’s the sound of your life running out” he tells him.   That’s also verbatim what one of Lumen’s attackers said to her.   Dexter is now clued in to what we already knew, Jordan Chase is involved in this.

The last to-do-list item to check off, dumping the body pieces off the “Slice of Life.”  He takes Lumen on the boat and let’s her dump some of the bags.  As we talked about already, Liddy is there and captures this on camera.   Yikes.   Liddy is going down!!!!   Again, do you find it weird that Dexter did go further out to sea?  I know he had a long lens on that camera but still.   After everything that happened with the Bay Harbor Butcher, you would think he would go to Cuba to dump the bodies to be careful.


So we finally meet someone from Lumen’s past…her ex-fiance Owen.  Sounds like left him for reasons I’m not sure yet.  But he is back in Miami and trying to get her to sail around the world with him.   He says he agrees with her that they were trapped in their lives that everyone else wanted them to live.  So he is going but he wants her to go with him.   He tells her to meet him at the same spot the met for lunch to give him the answer.   She never does show up (because she is dumping pieces of Cole in the waters of Miami) and so he rips up her ticket and walks away.

Just like when Lumen was getting on the plane to Minnesota (which I didn’t believe) I don’t believe Owen is gone for good.   Why would the show introduce this character just to have him go away.   I don’t think they would.  If Owen stays around and pushes Lumen too much, Dexter could get involved.   What if Owen follows her to see if she is seeing someone, sees her with Dexter, assumes the worst, and follows them and catches them in one of their revenge acts?   Does Owen end up on the table?  I don’t know.   If something like that does happen, it could be what causes Lumen to switch from her loyalty to Dexter to wanting to turn him in and that would be a dilemma for him.   She doesn’t fit the code but she can’t go to the cops.

So I’m sure what to make of Owen and his character yet but I just don’t think it’s random or singular, but time will tell.

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