REVIEW: Private Practice “Can’t Find My Way Home” S4 E9

19 Nov

I have very mixed feelings about this week.  I am very happy that Charlotte picked that jerk out of a lineup and decided to put him behind bars.   But I am really not sure about how Cooper found out.  I am so pissed about it but happy at the same time, if that makes any sense.   Let’s clear out the other cases first.

Pete/Adam/Mama Wilder

During the Halloween episode, we found out why Pete is estranged from his family…his mom was a drunk and skanky ho who always had a different man around all the time and his brother always made excuses for her.  The one man who stuck around, Henry, and was the closest thing Pete ever had to a father, she killed him and was sent to prison for manslaughter.    Pete never forgave her and Adam stood by her side.   Now she is dying and Adam has come to see Pete to ask for his help.  Adam is an attorney and he wants Pete to find a way to get her released from prison, medically, which is apparently possible if she has a condition that can’t be treated in prison.  Pete is really struggling with what he should do and Violet is being very supportive by not pushing him but offering up different reasons for both sides and having his back on whatever he chooses.  He decides to visit his mother and he agrees to come up with a reason to get her out.  But when he goes back to see his mom and she says she’ll tell Pete whatever he wants to hear because she doesn’t know what he wants from her, he realizes he knows exactly what he wants from her….absolutely nothing.   He leaves her and decides he will not lie to get her out of jail because she deserves to be there.  When he is back at home, Adam stops by and is pretty upset with Pete.  He asks once again to help their mom and Pete refuses.  Adam gives him an ultimatum and says if he doesn’t help their mom, then they are done.  It’s not much of an ultimatum since they hadn’t spoken in about 20 years.  Pete sticks to his guns (good job Pete) and Adam leaves.

Addison/Amelia/Seizure Case

A woman and her daughter come in to see Addison because the daughter hasn’t gotten her period and all her other friends have.  When Addison tells her she’s fine and not to worry, her mother collapses and has a seizure.  Her daughter knows exactly what to do and is able to help her mom through it.   Turns out the seizures started after a car accident they had in which her father was killed and her mother suffered head trauma resulting in the seizures.  Amelia wants to perform a surgery on the exact spot that is causing the seizures so they will stop and her mother can live a seizure free life.   Addison is there to tell the patient all the side effects and all the things that can go wrong and that maybe waiting and seeing if the seizures can be managed without the surgery.  The mother decides to opt for no surgery stating that she and her daughter are managing just fine.   Amelia asks to see Addison private and they have it out about their different sides.   Now I have to agree with Amelia on this.   Addison isn’t a neurologist.  Even though she’s a physician, what gives her the expertise to tell this patient what is the right course of action?   She doesn’t.  She should have deferred to Amelia’s judgement and discussed her opinion with her in private or suggested and second neuro consult.  In the end, the daughter just wants her mom to do whatever makes her happy but the daughter would rather her have the surgery.   She tells her mom this and they decide to go for it.   Amelia performs successful surgery and the mom will be just fine.  She is really excited and wants to go celebrate and she sees Cooper in the elevator and asks if he wants to go out.   He tells her that when Charlotte was attacked, he was with her, flirting with her, and getting drunk with her.   He doesn’t want to go out with her and basically wants Amelia to never be near him ever again.   Ouch.     That’s not fair.   However I can understand his reaction (but I hope he apologizes to her later) which leads us to….


Cooper and Charlotte are at the police station because Charlotte was asked to identify the man they have in custody (thanks to Sheldon) in a lineup.  She refuses to do it and leaves.  Back at Oceanside, Addison, Violet, and Sheldon are all in the break room when Charlotte comes in to ask who else they told.  Sheldon admits he told the police and Addison admits she submitted the rape kit, Charlotte asked her not to do to being with, to the police as well.   Charlotte is livid at this point and I don’t blame her.   She storms out to her office.   Cooper, who is the only one besides Naomi who still doesn’t know,  goes to Violet and asks her to talk to Charlotte about going back to ID the perp so he can go to jail.  Violet goes to Charlotte and tells her the story about her rape trial and how she noticed one particular woman in the seats everyday of the case.  In the end, the woman thanks Violet because she had the courage to do what she couldn’t…face her attacker.   Violet’s rapist had raped that woman 6 months before.   Violet tells Charlotte she just wanted to punch her because if she had come forward and put the bastard away, Violet would never have been raped.  Charlotte tells her to get out.  Next, Sheldon comes to see Charlotte about doing the line up so they can arrest Lee.  Seriously people, can you leave this poor woman ALONE!!   She shoos him away too and he leaves dejected.  But something worked, because Charlotte tells Coop that she will go back to police station to ID the guy but that she wants Violet to go with her, because of her experience with Katie.  Coop is fine with that.

The go to the cop shop and Charlotte and Violet are going through the line up.  When Charlotte gets to #4, Lee, she says “he’s not here” and she leaves.  Outside, Violet asks her “it was #4 wasn’t it?”  Charlotte denies it but Violet sees right through it.   When Violet goes to bring up another one of her stories, Charlotte has had enough.   She lets her have it and tells her to back off and stop comparing their situations.   Violet is really frustrated with her and Charlotte is ready to kill Violet.   Now here is where things get fuzzy.  Back at the office, Coop sees Charlotte and asks how it went and she tells him the guys wasn’t there.   Coop is confused because the cops were so sure they had the right guy, but Charlotte says no.  Coop is really upset and Violet sees this.   She goes into Cooper’s office and announces she is going to break a promise  because the lie is wrong and it’s a bad thing.   She tells Cooper that Charlotte was raped and he is devastated.

Later that night, when Coop comes home and he looks at Charlotte, she knows immediately that he knows and she begins to cry.   Coop then sits across from her and says that he loves her and that he will always love her.   He tells her that the guy needs to pay.  She has to be able to sleep, and breathe, and be her again.  He’ll get a gun, he’ll make it look like a mugging, he doesn’t care what happens to him, but the man will not go free.  He says it calmly but firmly, but you know that he is dead serious.  Charlotte knows it too and she makes him stop talking, touches his face, and gives him a smile thanking him for his love and support.   I love how Cooper handled this situation.  It wasn’t about him or the fact that she didn’t tell him about this.   This was about wanting to punish the man who did this to her and to show Charlotte his never-ending love and support of her.  This was the kick in the ass she needed to get her strength to go back to the police station and positively ID Lee, while holding Coopers hand.   You the see the power, the control, the “Charlotte” back in her face as she IDs Lee.  And you start to notice that Charlotte will be Charlotte once again, eventually, with Cooper right by her side, not letting her fall.

Here is where my mixed feelings come in.  I think it’s great that everyone wants to rally around Charlotte and punish the bastard who did this to her, not only for Charlotte’s state of mind, but for the safety of other women.  I think it’s great that she has so many people who love and care about her that they will put their friendships on the line to make sure she is protected and safe.   BUT, they have no right to force her to handle this how they think she should handle it.  I understand wanting justice and wanting to make sure he doesn’t do this to someone else.   But that is Charlotte’s decision, not theirs.   And however she chooses to handle it, they should support it.    After some time has passed, if they want to try to broach the subject of her fighting her attacker again, that’s fine.   But respect her wishes and choices.   And how DARE you tell her fiance?  She should tell him when she is ready.   And if she is never ready, so be it.  Again, HER decision.  Not Violet’s.   But I guess you can’t argue with how it turned out because had it not been for Violet doing what she did and Cooper reacting the way he did, Lee may never have been IDed and gone free.  So was it really wrong?  I still think it was.   Even though the result is what we all wanted, Lee getting arrested for the crime, I don’t like the way it went down.  And I’m sure down the road when Charlotte starts to recover and get back to part of herself, she will thank everyone for pushing and showing their support.   And what really is the right thing to do?   Ignore the wishes of your colleague/friend and submit evidence to the police and tell her fiance so that she can start to heal and they can protect this from happening to someone else?  Or support her decisions, whether you agree or not, and be there for her and not judge her.  It’s a tough call.

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