QUICK RECAP: Chuck “Chuck vs. the Leftovers” S4 E10

29 Nov

Chuck has certainly been better these last few weeks.  Especially last week’s episode (Chuck vs. Phase Three) was the best of the year.  This one brought back Volkoff and Mama Bartowski and had the Bartowski’s celebrating Thanksgiving together.

The short version of what happened this week, Volkoff realizes that Chuck is still alive.   Mama B goes back to warn Chuck but in doing so, Volkoff thinks he has kidnapped her.  Volkoff heads to Burbank to not only get Mama B back but to take care of Chuck.

Chuck “returns” his mother to Volkoff and in doing so Volkoff wants to kill him as a “romantic” gesture towards Mama B.   As he is about to shoot, Mama B stops him and tells him not to because he is her son.   Oh boy.  Don’t know if that was a good or bad move.  Then Volkoff, recognizing Bartowski as Ellie’s last name, asks him if he has a sister.  It is confirmed when Ellie calls Chuck about coming over for Thanksgiving dinner.   Volkoff then decides to invite himself over to meet the family.

Everyone shows up at Ellie’s and Volkoff threatens Chuck and Sarah that if they try to do anything, he will kill everyone they know and love.  After dinner a game of charades breaks out.  As Volkoff’s turn is up, Chuck tells Awesome what is going on and that he needs his help since he is a civilian and no one would be the wiser.   Awesome fakes needing some sugar at Chuck’s place and he goes to get it.  At Chuck’s place, he gets a gun and activates the CIA distress call.  He goes back with the “sugar” and gives it (the gun) to Sarah.  He pretends to answer a call from the hospital and tells Ellie they need to go.   They leave and Volkoff realizes what is going on and points his gun at Chuck and Sarah.  This doesn’t sit well with Mama B and she tells Volkoff that if he hurts Chuck or Ellie or any of their friends, she will take him down.   Volkoff loves her feistiness and tells Chuck “that’s how you make a threat.”    They leave and Chuck thanks his mom and tells her that he does trust her again.  See I still don’t.  I know she keeps proving herself but she still hasn’t proven herself to me.  I don’t trust her yet.

Awesome has a conversation with Chuck in the courtyard of Casa Bartowski and tells him how pissed his was that Chuck is spying again and brought it around Ellie and their home.  I know I have mentioned my huge crush on Awesome but before I will say it again…I LOVE AWESOME!!!  I love that he has a strong enough relationship with Chuck that he can go after him like that but still be respectful about it.   And Chuck also respects that Awesome is just looking out for his sister and he can appreciate that as well.  I think it’s great that Awesome is so protective of Ellie that he will do anything to make sure she is happy and safe.   As he should.   As a result of protecting Ellie, he gives Chuck the laptop that was in his dad’s car and Chuck brings it to Castle to investigate.   Turns out it is another form of the intersect redownloaded into Chuck’s brain and Chuck once again has the intersect.

Ok does anyone else find it strange that there are all these copies of intersect downloads and intersect erasers out there?   Seriously, how many copies of each can these people have.   Not to mention, you would think that everything that has been done to Chuck’s brain in the last 5 years, the man would have to be in a mental hospital.   How is this not effecting his brain?  If I were Sarah, I would have him checked out constantly!

What are your thoughts?   Are you happy Chuck is intersect 3.0 again?   Do you trust Mama B?   And any bets on when Ellie finally has Awesome Jr?

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