RECAP: Dexter “In the Beginning” S5 E10

29 Nov

My heart is still pounding from the scene at Alex’s house.  I know they weren’t going to find them in there, but that is why the writers are so awesome…even though I know deep down Deb and Quinn weren’t going to catch them, I still thought there was chance it could happen.  Also throw in the element of Liddy.   I thought for sure he was going to be there following them!!  It was 10 minutes of pure insanity.  Alright let’s blow through the recap so we start to analyze what the hell just happened tonight.


Dexter tells Lumen about Emily Birch and they decide they are going to visit her to see if they can get some information.  They visit Emily and when they show her the picture and press her on information about the crew of assholes, she asks them to leave and shuts her door in their face.   That can’t be a surprise.  If I were her and a victim of the asshole crew, I wouldn’t want strangers coming to my door and drawing attention to a very painful time in my life.   However, Lumen goes to see her by herself later on and Emily does let her in and open up to her.   Emily tells her that she knew they guys from camp where she was a counselor and that Jordan Chase was not Jordan Chase back then.  His name was Eugene Greer.  Emily tells Lumen that she felt sorry for Eugene and she befriended him as a result.  One night on a walk, she felt strange, like she was drugged, and she woke up in a cabin tied to a bed with all the asshole crew in the room with her.   She tells Lumen that Eugene never touched her.  He just egged the other guys on like Scorpion from The Accused.   And then after they had their way with her, they made her take the picture that Lumen and Dexter have.  So these assholes have been scum bags for years it seems.  Shocker.   At the end of their conversation, Emily gives her the name of the 5th guy in the picture…Alex Tilden (played by Scott Grimes.)

Lumen brings this information to Dexter and you can tell he wasn’t too happy she went out by herself.  You can see in his face and hear in his tone that he is genuinely concerned about her safety.  He doesn’t want anything to happen to her.  But she tells him the story of Emily’s history with the asshole crew and who Alex is and Lumen wants him for herself.  Dexter is unsure about that…”It will change you” he tells her.  “I’m already changed” she reminds him.  So the plan is set and Alex is next.

Later that night, they are back at Dexter’s condo and they are preparing to go to Alex’s for some recon.   He gives Lumen a “present”….her own pair of gloves, just like his.   He has this happy grin on his face, like he just gave her the necklace she wanted for her birthday and she is smiling right back, like she is looking at the same birthday necklace.  It is…sweet….in a really creepy, morbid sort of way.  They get to Alex’s house and Dexter is showing Lumen how to get set up for the kill.  Lumen is really getting into this even asking Dexter “you really need to show me how to do that” when he is breaking into a locked drawer.  She also picks a room in his house as “the kill room.”   The next night Dexter is getting his “tools” out while Lumen comes out to see him in her “outfit” and asks him how she looks.  In any other situation, with the look on Dexter’s face, I would say that is the look of a man who just realized he was in love with someone.  And maybe that did happen to him in that moment.   It just feels very strange saying that he is falling in love with her during a very bizarre moment like prepping to kill another human being…even if that human being does deserve it. She is makes the comment on how nice the knives look and she grabs THE knife.  She also starts to practice the signature Dexter kill move..the single thrust to the heart.

Dexter and Lumen head out to Alex’s house and Jordan is outside his house watching them break in.  I’ll elaborate more on why in Jordan’s section.  It pissed me off though because there is NO WAY, as careful as Dexter is, that he would go into Alex’s house, through the front door while there is a light illuminated over said door.   How dumb is that?  Alex comes home and the video of the asshole crew attacking Lumen is playing on his TV.  He goes to the TV and Lumen steps in front of it.  As he runs away, Dexter grabs him from behind and injects him with his special drug.  The room is set and Dexter is taking a back seat to Lumen.  When Dexter did this Miguel Prado, I didn’t like it at all.  Probably because I knew it wouldn’t end well and probably because I knew Miguel was a jerk, I felt like he was intruding on Dexter’s space.   And Dexter really didn’t seem very comfortable with it either.   But with Lumen, he is completely different.  It’s almost like the more she gets involved in this, the more turned on Dexter is getting.   He is teaching and training her the way Harry did with him.  Their connection is getting stronger whereas with Miguel, it drove their friendship apart.   But Lumen is so damaged, like Dexter.  They share a darkness so deep inside themselves, no one else could ever possibly understand…except each other.   So Lumen takes the lead and starts to explain to Alex about what he did.  She is very Dexter like.   She even does the “putting the finger on the forehead to emphasize her point” signature and Dexter notices this. When it’s time, Dexter hands her the knife and she takes a brief moment to collect herself.  I can imagine that if I went through what she went through, I would want to kill them as well.   But when I was faced with actually doing the deed, it would still make me pause also.  She mounts the table and stabs him in the heart!  I wasn’t sure she would but she did it!

Back at the condo, he is putting everything away and she walks into his bedroom.  Yep, you know what’s coming next.   She takes her shirt off and then takes his off.   They are looking at one another with gratitude, apprehension, desire, sadness, and admiration.  And they finally give into one another.   Dexter’s voice over in this scene is very enlightening:

“Harry tried to mold me into the image of the monster that I was.  He told me to flee human connection so that became a way of life for me.  But with Lumen, I’m someone different.  In her eyes, I’m not a monster at all.”

To me, it sounds like Dexter is a little resentful of the way Harry raised him.  As discussed in the last post, this episode brings the big question to light even more: was Dexter born a monster and Harry found a way to have him “properly” control those urges or was Dexter a troubled kid that could have been fine with a little therapy but instead, Harry molded him into this monster.  Could this darkness in Dexter have been completely avoided?   We will never know.   But with Lumen, you are starting to see Dexter re-evaluate his priorities and everything he has ever known and believed in.


Liddy has bugged Dexter’s condo and is able to see and hear EVERYTHING that is going on.  He hears Dexter talking to Lumen about scoping out Alex’s house and sees him giving her the gloves.  He also sees the part where Lumen is playing and practicing with his knives and talking about what is going to happen to Alex.   Well that’s not good at all!!!   Liddy is definitely dying this season.  He is following them everywhere and so I was expecting him to show up, along with everyone else, at Alex Tilden’s house.    But he wasn’t.  In the previews for next week, Liddy is telling Quinn he needs his help to make a bust.   Meanwhile, Dexter realizes someone is watching them and that his condo is bugged.  However he thinks it’s Quinn.   Oops.  So what is going to happen here?  Does Liddy get what’s coming to him or will Quinn be the unfortunate recipient of Dexter’s rage?


Lt Bitch Face has decided to re-open the Barrel Girl case and asked Deb (who is off file duty) and Quinn to get Cole in for questioning.   When they go to see Jordan, he tells them how Cole is off taking personal time and he isn’t sure where he is.  Deb isn’t buying it and is really pushing Jordan hard for more answers.  He wants them out of his office and kicks them out.  Then they head to Cole’s house.  They find some blood and Deb finds it strange that his car and all his personal belongings are still around.   Like he just disappeared.  Then Quinn asks to see Deb in Cole’s bedroom.  He found recorded DVDs of the attacks on all the women.  The sounds of screaming were truly horrendous and Quinn, Deb, and Dexter are all visibly disturbed by this.  Not to mention Dexter wants to be sure he gets Lumen’s disk out of the evidence room before Deb recognizes her from Dexter’s house.  Which he does.

Deb is starting to put it together.  Isn’t funny how Deb is always the one who figures everything out (as well as always coming close to figuring out Dexter’s involvement.)  But Deb tells Dexter that she thinks she knows what is going on.  She tells him that the guys involved in the case (Boyd, the dentist, and Cole) are all dead or missing.  What kind of person would want to hurt these bastards?  “Me” Deb replies, showing a little inner darkness herself!  But her point is that someone wants these jerks off the streets and instead of waiting for the cops, they are taking matters into their own hands…a vigilante.

Jordan is asked to come to the cop shop so he can submit his DNA for testing.  His lawyer wants no part of this but Jordan politely agrees.   There is a great scene in Dexter’s office where he takes Jordan’s sample.   Basically both men let the other know that they are coming after each other.  Let the best man win!  Jordan tells the detectives that he really does want to help capture whoever did these heinous acts.   It leads Jordan to setting up Deb and Quinn to go to Alex’s house but there is one major event that happens before we get to that point.   We talked about Lumen going to see Emily and Emily tells her the story of what happened to her and who the 5th guy in the picture was.   What we didn’t realize at the time is that this was all set up by Jordan.  It seems Ms. Birch has a bit of a Stockholm Syndrome thing going on in regards to Mr. Chase  because Jordan comes to see her and she tells him that she told Lumen everything he asked her to.  When she comments about how pretty she is, Jordan reminds her that no one could ever replace her and that she is very special to him.  It’s quite creepy.  Then she goes and grabs his hand and he gently pulls it away.  And while staring into the distance, tells her how much she means to him.   It’s the first time we really see the psycho side of Jordan vs. the in control side of him.   It was very bizarre.   But he purposely wanted Lumen to know about Alex so he could set him up, as well as get Lumen and Dexter captured.  He knew Lumen and Dexter would go after him which led him to make the phone call he makes to Debra.

Jordan, once he sees Lumen and Dexter entering Alex’s house, calls Deb (who alerts Quinn) and tells her that he just received a phone call from Alex Tilden. He was looking for Cole and asking for Cole’s help on transportation somewhere but he wasn’t sure where.  Deb thanks him for the call and she and Quinn head to Alex’s.  Jordan then leaves thinking he took care of the Lumen/Dexter issue.  What he doesn’t realize (and neither do the viewers at first) is that Lumen and Dexter aren’t at Alex’s house anymore.   They actually take him to the house next door.  This leads me back to my issue with them going through the lit front door.   If you are smart enough to move his body to another location, just in case…aren’t you smart enough to NOT walk in the lit front door where people can see you?   Ok, I’m moving on from that, but it really bugs me.   So when Deb and Quinn enter Alex’s house and find the room we think is the kill room, since that is the room Lumen originally picked when they were doing their recon mission, we think Lumen and Dexter are toast.   But think again.   They aren’t there.   Whew!!!!  When Deb and Quinn leave, they notice footprints outside.   But to Quinn they look tiny…like a female’s.   That is when it hits Deb over the head like bag a bricks…the vigilante is a female and one of the victims that got away.   She remembers Boyd’s locks of hair and that there were only 12 locks.   But they know there were 13 victims.  One of the victims survived and Deb believes that is who is getting rid of the asshole crew.

Final Thoughts

When the light is going off in Deb’s head, it starts to go off in mine.   This is how Lumen will “leave” the show, in my opinion.  My guess is that somehow, Miami Metro will figure out who she is.    They may even close in on Dexter and Lumen killing Jordan Chase.  Lumen will tell Dexter to get away and that her thank you to him, for all he did for her, will be to take the blame for everything.  She’ll figure she will be able to get off using some sort of PTSD defense (which she should) and she’ll end up being ok.  I would like for Lumen to stay but I’m not sure how she could without it being too weird.   Unless they become lovers/partners in crime, I don’t see how she stays on board.  Then it becomes about them and this is a show about Dexter.  I also think Dexter should have someone in his life and quite frankly, there is no better person than Lumen.   So I guess I’m torn.  Gun to my head (or should I say a knife to my check while cling wrapped to a table) I would vote for Lumen staying on the show.   But I don’t think she will.

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