QUICK REVIEW: The Mentalist “Red Moon” S3 E9

01 Dec

When Jane took Todd into see Mars so that he could kill him for murdering his fiance and he couldn’t do it, I knew Todd was the killer.   But that wasn’t the biggest revelation to me.   As soon as Todd said that this was part of a bigger picture Jane couldn’t possibly imagine, I knew this had something to do with Red John and that some how, Todd was connected with him.   This was confirmed with the final scene when right before Todd dies he whispers 2 words to Jane: “Tiger, Tiger.”   For those of you who aren’t sure why this is significant, please review the clips below:

Last scenes from the Season 2 Finale “Red Sky in the Morning

The “Date” Patrick and Kristina go on in “Red Sky in the Morning”

Voice Comparison of Brett (the CBI Forensics Agent) and Red John

“Tiger, tiger, burning bright; In the forest of the night; What immortal hand or eye; Could frame thy fearful symmetry.”   William Blake.   What significance does this poem have and why did RJ recite it to Jane?   This is also not the first disciple of RJ’s to send a message to Jane from him (remember Rebecca, Bosco’s secretary, who killed a bunch of people from the inside.)  But why are these people chosen and how?   And were these people already murderers before RJ got to them or did he create them?   For example in the case of Todd, he apparently had been killing cops for years.  Was he already killing the cops when RJ brought him under his wing or did RJ recruit Todd and corrupt him and turn him into a killer?   It is alleged that RJ killed Angela and Charlotte (Jane’s wife and daughter) 5 years before he joined the CBI.  So I’m not sure how the timing works out but I think it works.

Of course the biggest question is….who is Red John.   There are many theories out there about who Red John is.   Most of the theories involve Kristina Frye is Red John or Brett Partridge is Red John.  My first instinct was Brett because of Jane’s and his mutual dislike and the fact that their voices are so similar (check out video #3.)  Now you may think there is no way that it’s Kristina or Brett.  It would be too obvious or too disappointing.  And you would be right.   But see, I think that is the point.  I think the revolution of Red John is going to be boring….to some degree.  I think the big “shocking” reveal, is going to be who his accomplice was the whole time.  And I think it’s going to be one of the CBI folks we have come to know and love.  How’s that for a theory???   Think about it…there have been many times when Red John seems to be one step ahead of the CBI or seems to know exactly where they are going to be at certain times.   Almost like, “how would RJ know these things without help from the inside?”  The big question would be why?   There would have to be some back story we aren’t aware of yet…maybe Jane’s life in the carnival or when he was doing the talk show circuit, he damaged one of the CBI’s somehow.  But that would be the big jaw dropper if that were the case.

What are your theories?  Who is Red John?  Someone we know, someone we don’t?   Does he have an accomplice and is that person on the inside?

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