LOST ANALYSIS: Supernatural “Caged Heat” S6 E10

04 Dec

There is certainly a lot going on in this episode leading up to the mid-season finale which airs next week.  Thank God because last week’s episode sucked!

We start with Crowley torturing….Crowley?   What the hell is going on here?   Oh right…Shape Shifter…now it makes sense.   Crowley is going after an Alpha Shifter and the shifter won’t cave with his information.  So Crowley decapitates him.   Nice!!   He’s still looking for Purgatory and it doesn’t seem to be going very well.

The boys are still doing Crowley’s bidding and neither are too happy about it.  After their latest drop off, they head back to the hotel and discuss Sam’s soul and whether or not he really does want it back.   When Sam excuses himself, it gets pretty quiet and Dean follows him.  He sees him knocked out and Dean is soon knocked out himself.  When they wake up, they are tied up and apparently kidnapped by demons.   But not any demons, one of their old favorites (at one of mine), Meg.  Although I must say, I liked Meg played by Nikki Aycox much better than the current Meg played by Rachel Miner.  Miner is just too awkward and can’t seem to pull off the feistiness.  Turns out Meg is looking for Crowley and wants the boys to tell her where he’s at.  They refuse and so Meg goes to Dean and threatens to kill him.  Soulless Sam starts poking Meg about her real reasons for wanting to find Crowley and he figures out that she has been running from him because he wants to kill all the demons loyal to Lucifer and not him.  So she wants to kill him first.  Therefore, she won’t kill Sam and Dean because she needs their help finding him.  And the power of this “kidnapping” shifts to Soulless Sam.  He tells her that he will lead her to Crowley on one condition, she negotiates a deal with him giving Sam and Dean something they want.    She agrees and lets them go.   Soulless Sam also thinks they need some back up when it comes to seeing Crowley so they go to see….ugh….Grandpa Samuel.

Grandpa and Dean seem sooooo happy to see each other and he refuses to help them trap Crowley.  Dean wants to know why and what Crowley has on him.   Thank God he asked because it is the same question I have had since the season premiere.  He shows Dean a picture.   Mary.   Crowley has promised to bring Mary back if Samuel helps him.  I…D…I…O…T!!!   If he believes that I have an island in the South Pacific I’d like to sell him.     I was hesitant that Crowley could really help Sam.  And once Samuel said why he was back, it hit me that Crowley has no pull.   He is using all of them to do his bidding and as soon as he gets what he needs, he will either kill them or send them back where they came from.  Dean is trying to convince Samuel what a bad idea this is and Samuel doesn’t care.  Just as Dean would do anything to get Sam back, he will do anything to get his daughter back.  Dean and Sam give up and leave.

Back at the hotel, Sam has asked Castiel for his help and it seems that things in Heaven are really not going well.  Cas looks exasperated and exhausted.  I wish 10 episodes in we would have a little more insight into what is going on up there but, oh well.  I guess to blow off some steam, while Dean and Sam are tracking down Crowley, Cas takes in a porn….and comments on it.  He starts talking about the “love” between the pizza guy and the babysitter and it is quite funny.  Dean also instructs him that you never watch porn in a room full of dudes and you certainly don’t comment on it.  Just then, Cas looks into his lap.  “Oh my God he has a boner” Dean comments.   Ha!!!   Just then Grandpa Douchebag shows up and tells them that he will help them because it’s what Mary would want him to do.  Ugh.  He tells them where Crowley is and then they leave to meet Meg and her crew.   They ask Samuel to come with them but he is too much of a wuss to go with them so he doesn’t.

They meet up and Sam wants Meg’s knife.  She gives it to him and he promptly kills one of the other demons stating he was more interesting in killing them than their mission.  Meg isn’t sure how to take this but for now, she is trusting Sam.   They head to the prison compound where Crowley is keeping all the Alphas he has collected.   They are searching around but then, wait, what is that sound?   That would be the barking of hell hounds!!!   Uh oh.   They run but the hounds get the other 2 demons and Sam, Dean, Cas, and Meg are safe.  Sam suggests Meg stay behind to kill the hounds since she can see them while they go get Crowley.  She agrees and promptly kisses Cas.  She did it so she can get his weapon.  But then Cas puts a move on her (get a room people!!)   After she asks where that came from and he responds “I learned it from a pizza guy.”   Classic!!!

Meg is able to kill off the rest of the hounds while Samuel reveals himself to be the true douchebag we all know he is.   He banishes Cas and we learn quickly that he told Crowley all about their plan.  What an A-HOLE!!!!!!   I really hope Samuel gets his comeuppance and I hope it’s at the hands of one Dean Winchester!  Crowley puts the boys in separate cells and lets them know that they are about to die.  This isn’t good.  Dean is taking to another area where he is trapped with 2 other demons who are instructed to kill him.  Meanwhile, Sam is in his cell trying to find a way to get out.  He comes up with a perfectly logical and sane idea….chomp into his arm like a turkey leg on Thanksgiving.  That’s what I would have done.   When Crowley’s cronies (I like that name) come for Sam, they come in the cell and all of a sudden can’t move.  And now the arm chomping starts to make sense…he drew a demon trap on the ceiling so they are stuck.  Soulless Sam is really good at missions but boy is he creepy insane!!!  He breaks out and is able to get where Dean is and takes out both demons like my husband takes out stinkbugs.

The boys are able to trap Crowley in a demon trap of his own and they push Meg into the trap to kill him.   Instead, he is able to turn the tables on her, attack her, and break the demon trap.   Didn’t see that coming.  All of sudden, Cas shows up with Crowley’s bones and is able to take over all the mayhem.  He gets Crowley to admit that he doesn’t have the power he has been alluding to and therefore cannot get Sam his soul.  At that moment, he burns Crowley’s bones and unfortunately, that means Crowley is dead.  I’m bummed about that.  I really liked Crowley.  He was spunky, funny, and a good challenge for the boys. And I knew that he would have to get burned at some point, I just didn’t think it would be this soon.  While all this is going on, Meg escapes. As they are leaving, Cas tells them he is getting his ass kicked in Heaven by Raphael.  The boys ask if they can help him but he says no and takes off to destroy all the monsters in the prison.

As the boys are getting ready to leave, Sam tells Dean that maybe Cas, Meg, and Crowley are right and that he is better off without his soul.   To recap, before they go off to find Crowley, Cas pulls Dean aside to tell him that it may not be in Sam’s best interest to get his soul back.   Dean can’t possibly understand why that would be.  Cas explains that his soul is still locked in Lucifer’s cage with him and Michael fighting up a storm.   So Lord only knows what is happening to Sam’s soul in hell.  By the time Sam gets it back, it could be irrevocably damaged.  It could destroy Sam.   Sam, meanwhile, hears the entire conversation.  So Sam tells Dean he agrees with them and he is re-thinking this whole “getting my soul back” plan.  Dean tells him he doesn’t know what he is saying but he tells Dean “No, it’s just not what you want to hear.”  As Dean tries to convince Sam he is wrong, Sam walks away.

Two main issues really need further investigation: 1. Sam not wanting his soul and Dean still wanting to get it for him and 2: Crowley’s death.  Let’s start with Soulless Sam.   I don’t know who’s side to be on (although I 99.9% of the time go with Dean.)  On one hand, I see Sam’s point.  It’s his body, it’s his soul and he should have the ultimate as to what he wants and what is best for him.  On the other hand, if he was really, truly the Sam we all know and love, Sam would want his soul back and Dean knows that.  So Dean is doing whatever he knows his brother (with his soul intact) would want.  Therefore I am on team Dean on this one.  But who can get the soul back?   Getting his soul is a HUGE deal and it seems a little silly that the person we thought had the control for 10 episodes, no longer does.   Now all of a sudden, the 4th horseman of the apocalypse, Death, can get his soul back?  Seems a little random doesn’t it?  I don’t know.  I would rather it have been that Crowley couldn’t get it but he was working for someone more important and THAT person can get Sam’s soul.  But Death seems out of nowhere.   We have 11 more episodes so I am still going to trust the writers that this will work out and be awesome.  It better be awesome.

Speaking of storylines taking a shoulder shrug turn, what about Crowley’s story?   He’s now dead.  So what happens to this quest for Purgatory and the Alpha collection and what does it mean for Samuel?   If Crowley brought him back, does Samuel go back or does he stay around?   This purgatory storyline seemed to be such a huge part of this season and now with Crowley’s death, what happens?  Is it dropped?  I assume all the alphas were killed by Cas so what now?   His quest for purgatory power is over now that he is dead.   I guess I could live with that if it wasn’t such an integral part of the season so far.

This was definitely the best episode of the season so far and we are building to a big mid-season finale next week!!!  This will be my first Supernatural break since this is the first season I am watching in real-time vs. on DVD.  I’ve never gone longer than 2 weeks without watching a new episode.  I have no idea how I am going to handle a potential 4-6 week break.  I guess I should dig into Season 3 of BONES!!!   That will help.

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