QUICK REVIEW: Blue Bloods “After Hours” S1 E10

05 Dec

There is another blog I really like to read.   The funny thing is, the person who writes that blogs likes shows I don’t and hates shows I like.  In a weird way, it’s kind of why I like the blog.  On this one occasion, they wrote about the latest episode of Blue Bloods and made a comment I completely agree with…the Reagans are too perfect.   Everything is always wrapped up in a neat little bow, the Reagans always make the right decisions, and every episode wraps up with everyone hanging out having dinner together, laughing and smiling.   It’s a little sappy and sweet.   Having said that, I still really like the show.   Don’t get me wrong, I certainly wasn’t rooting for Danny to cheat on Linda with that ho bag who ran the club.   But if he did, it would certainly bring a more interesting dynamic to their relationship and the trust issues many cop families have with one another.   The only problem with that storyline, at this point, is that you have to be fully invested in the characters to really care what happens.   Right now, I don’t think we are there yet.   Which leads to my biggest issue with the show…lack of character development.  And it’s why I am so disappointed right now (that and the fact that I should have played LeSean McCoy in my fantasy league vs. Chris Johnson.)   I thought Blue Bloods was going to be different from the other police procedurals where it would be more about the characters than the cases.   To some degree, the show has focused on the characters, I just don’t think they have executed it very well.

You know I have mentioned this before.   I am a character driven person.   Blue Bloods seems to have focused more on the cases at this point vs.  the characters.   I’m not saying we haven’t learned anything about the Reagans but it seems to be more surface level knowledge than really diving into what makes these people tick.   For example:


I really like Frank but he has been walking around like Demi Moore in Ghost.  I know he lost his wife and his son, but I need more context.  When did Mary die and how?   Did Joe die before Mary or after?    Is that why Mary didn’t want Jamie to become a cop?   Does Frank have his doubts about Joe’s death?  I understand Frank being brooding but I want to know more.  This may sound very harsh, but even with his wife and son gone, he still has his father, his daughter, his other 2 sons, and his grandchildren to live for.   At some point, you think Frank could find SOME reason to smile…maybe once?   But maybe if I had more background on what happened with Mary and his thoughts on Joe, I would empathize with him more.

Danny and Linda

Probably the people I have the most connection with because Danny seems to be the featured Reagan every week.   Which is another thing that bugs me.   Why is it that every week, it’s Danny’s case that is featured?   It’s as if instead of this show being about the Reagan family, this show is about Danny Reagan with his family being interspersed here and there.  I think there was one episode about Jamie (Chinatown) and one, sort of kind of, on Erin (Brothers.)    And until last week, we really didn’t have a lot of insight into Linda.  But “After Hours” showed us a little more into Danny and Linda’s relationship.  Although it still felt a little forced to me.  It seemed out of left field that Linda was concerned about Danny’s fidelity.  Linda always came across as a strong, confident woman and there didn’t seem to be any history of trust issues or Danny having a wandering eye.  I would have had more respect for that storyline if it had a slow build up, over the course of several episodes, leading to maybe Danny crossing that line and how they deal with it.  But to do it all in one episode, it lost any impact.


I’m ready for more Erin.   The episodes where Bridget Moynahan has been featured, she’s been terrific.  But I think there is more there….what happened to her marriage and how has that effected her?  Why did she become and DA and not a cop…again, did this have anything to do with her mom or her brother’s death?  What was her relationship with Joe like and how has his death effected her?  Does it make her job easier or harder to have her brothers on the force and her father as the commissioner?  I would also like to see episodes similar to “Brothers” where it focuses on Erin’s job and everyone else is her support.


It’s almost as if the writers don’t know what to do with Jamie and I think he could be most interesting of all the Reagans…if the writers paid attention to him.  He graduates from Harvard Law School and decides not to become a lawyer but to be a cop like his family.  Jamie says it was his calling but there has to be more to it than that, especially if he knew his mom and dad wanted him to have NO part of the cop life (apparently neither did his fiance.)  But here is the youngest Reagan, in a family of cops, working the beat with a veteran beat cop.   How is that not interesting?  How does his partner and his fellow cops treat him?   Is he treated more harshly or easily because of his lineage?  What is his day-to-day job like for him?  I guess there are only so many “exciting” things that happen to beat cops but I would like to be able to make that decision for myself by seeing more of Jamie on the streets.   And then there is the whole Blue Templar angle.  Which leads me to….

The Blue Templar

Ok not a character but a part of the show that appears to be important to the writers but hasn’t been executed as well as it could have.   The FBI is coming after Jamie to help them.  He thinks about it and declines.   But after talking to his grandfather and learning that Danny is in the BTs, he looks into on his own.  Then “Chinatown” happens and the agent who helped him is looking for payback, so that leads me to believe Jamie will be back at some point helping the FBI.  After he finds one of the detectives who was there the day Joe was killed, he sets up a meeting with her but not much comes out of it.  I don’t know what is going on here, but focusing on the BTs for about 2 minutes an episode, isn’t doing anything to help maintain the interest in this storyline.  At least not for me.  I agree with my fellow blogger that this storyline needs a revamp and the writers need to figure out what they want to do here.  And if it is going to be important, they need to give it more attention and focus than 2 minutes every other episode.   And this ties into making Jamie’s story come more to the forefront.  Can you imagine if the rookie, youngest Reagan is the one who uncovers what really happened to Joe?  How would that make Frank and Danny feel?   What would that do to his relationship with Danny?   What if it is revealed that Danny knew the whole time since he is a BT?   There could be some great stuff here, if the writers start getting their heads out of their bums.

I know it seems as though I am really ripping this show and the writing team.  But it’s because I think this show has sooooo much potential and it is coming up short right now.  You know what they say, you are always  hardest on the ones you love.

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