RECAP: Dexter “Hop a Freighter” S5 E11

06 Dec

Before we get into this whole thing I just have to mention how Sunday Night Football has been killing me the last few weeks and will again next week.  You see I am an Eagles fan and my husband is a Steelers fan.  The last few weeks, including tonight, has either been an Eagles game or a Steelers game.  And next week during the finale, it’s Eagles vs. Cowboys.  Seriously, the football gods are not smiling on me (just look at my fantasy team the last 2 weeks!)  Doesn’t the NFL realize that this is the Dexter season finale and putting the Eagles against the hated Cowboys during the Dexter finale is really quite insensitive!!!   Needless to say, I will be taping the Eagles game, watching Dexter and then watching the Eagles as soon as it is over!   But seriously….killing me!!!

Was that a shorter episode tonight or did it just seem that way because there was so much going?  This was an edge of your seat type of episode that will have me going CRAZY until next Sunday night!!!  There was suspense, there were deaths (2 to be exact), there were some obvious situations that developed, there were some surprises and there were close calls.   But the big thing is that Lumen has been captured by Jordan and Dexter is on a warpath to find her.  I’m just warning you now, this recap is going to be a long one!

We start with Deb and Quinn in Chase’s office telling him how all these men who have disappeared have a connection to Jordan and he and Deb have this great back and forth.  You can tell he is getting completely annoyed with how Deb is going after him and Deb refuses to let his “psycho-babble” throw her off her line of questioning.  Jordan is doing a good job of covering up the fact that he is probably freaking out inside since the cops are getting close.  But once the cops leave, he decides to take immediate action (more on that later.)

Lumen and Dexter are planning how to go after Jordan.    During the snuggle session, I mean plotting to kill Jordan session, Dexter notices the baby monitor go on and he realizes that someone is watching them.  He leaves the condo and goes outside to see if he notices anything off.  He notices 4 whites vans and decides to surveil them for the next 24 hrs.  Dexter is able to cover up the camera with enough time to try to see who may be bugging him.  And he does.  And it’s a Miami Metro police bug.   Uh oh.  Now Dexter is really freaked out.  He takes Lumen outside and tells her what is going on.   Dexter figures whoever is watching them haven’t turned them in because they haven’t been arrested yet.  He tells her when he goes in to work the next day, he will see who checked out the surveillance equipment and deal with it from there.   As we all know, this will not go down well for Quinn since it is his name on the forms!

Next day at the cop shop, Dexter goes to check out the forms but Deb pulls him into a barrel girl meeting.  They get LaGuerta up to speed and since the only person they haven’t been able to tie to Chase is Dan the Dentist, LaGuerta instructs them to find the connection.  Before they head out, Masuka comes in with a cast of the female print they found outside Tilden’s house.  He said they also found the same footprint outside the house next door.  You know, the house Dexter and Lumen killed Tilden in?    That one!  He also tells them that they went inside and found that the dining room was very clean…too clean.  And it smelled of bleach.  “Great, 2 more days and that smell would have dissipated.”  I love Dexter’s inner monologues!!!   Masuka also accidentally spills the beans that Deb is working on a vigilante theory.  When LaGuerta wants to know what he is talking about, Deb tells her that she thinks one of the victims, a woman, escaped and is now exacting her revenge against the a-hole crew.  The question is, how could a woman of her size (the determine based off the other victims and the size of her footprint) get Alex Tilden’s body out of the house by herself.  Deb deduces that she must have help…a man.  “Like who” LaGuerta wants to know.   Deb says it must be someone she trusts.  A brother, husband, or boyfriend.  Some she trusts 100% and someone who obviously loves her.   I always love this part of the season.   You know, the part where Deb is doing a play-by-play of all of Dexter’s crimes but she has no idea she is talking about him.  It really is amazing.  Deb is the best cop they have in their division.   They wouldn’t solve anything without her.  But yet as good as she is, she never puts the final equation together that it’s Dexter.  Deb and Quinn leave and Dexter is able to go to the surveillance room and find out that is Quinn who signed out the equipment.  Oh this sucks for Quinn!!!!

Deb and Quinn show up at Mrs. Dan the Dentist’s practice and she is packing everything up.  This woman, understandably so, is in a really snippy mood and wants no more to do with the cops.  She talks about how disappointed she is in herself by not being able to figure out that her husband was gay and she is second guessing herself because she couldn’t see it.  Deb and Quinn tell her that her husband wasn’t gay and that what happened in warehouse was a set up to look like it was.  Relief and confusion come over her face.  However, great news, your husband, instead of being gay, was involved in the raping, torturing and murder of several young women!  Well Mrs. Dan the Dentist second guessed herself before, can you imagine hearing that news?  Your husband wasn’t gay, just a psychotic killer and rapist!  I don’t think I would ever date again!  Before they leave, she is able to connect Dan and Chase by telling them they were friends from childhood and tells him that his name was Eugene Greer before he was Jordan Chase.

Since Deb and Quinn have gone to seek out Dan the Dentist, Dexter takes this opportunity to hook up with Lumen and break into Quinn’s to look for the equipment or any evidence he has compiled against them.  They start with his computer and find nothing.  They search his whole place and finally in his bedroom by his bed, they find the pictures Liddy took of them on the “Slice of Life” when they were disposing of Cole.  Lumen wants to take the pictures but Dexter tells her they need to leave them so he doesn’t know they are on to him.

Back at the condo, Dexter is staking out the last remaining white van, waiting for Quinn to show up.  When he sees a body, he leaves his car in his “work clothes” and has his fun drug syringe with him and he goes after “Quinn.”  I can’t believe he is doing this in broad daylight.   It seems very un-Dexter like to me.  When he opens the door, no one is there but he is surprised by Liddy when he stabs him with a stun gun.  Dexter is now trapped in the van with Liddy and Liddy is taking him to a remote area.  Liddy tells Dexter that Quinn hired him to investigate him.   Liddy then calls Quinn and tells him he has Dexter and wants him to meet him so he can make the bust.  Quinn wants no part of this and tells Liddy he told him to call this off and that he won’t meet him.  Liddy and he get into and Quinn agrees to meet him.  Dexter can tell from the tone of the conversation that Quinn was not on board with this.  Liddy ignores him and shows him the information he has on him and Lumen on his computer.  At this point Dexter head butts him and turns over the table on him.  Liddy pulls a knife and the scuffle breaks out.  Dexter is able to take the upper hand and turns the knife on Liddy and slowly pushes the knife into his heart.   Good riddens Liddy you jerk!  But just as this happens, Quinn shows up.  Oh shit!!!  Quinn is trying to get into the van and Dexter is hiding with Liddy inside and Dexter is begging for him to leave so the situation doesn’t need to be any worse than it already is.  As Quinn is trying to call Liddy’s cell, blood is starting to run out of the van and it eventually runs right onto his shoe but he doesn’t notice!!!!  Quinn, fed up, leaves.  Dexter takes the computer and hard drive and leaves Liddy in his van promising to take care of him later.  He keeps the hard drive and chucks the computer in the water.  Lumen has been frantically calling Dexter and he finally is able to pick up her call and call her back to tell her he is on his way.  Where is she?

While ALL this is going with Dexter and Liddy, Lumen receives a phone call from Emily asking for her help.  She sounds completely terrified and tells Lumen that Jordan knows about their conversation and that she is going to go to the police if she and Dexter don’t go over to her house to help her and keep her safe.  As soon as she says that, I know it’s a trap set up by Jordan.  When she hangs up, you see Jordan in her house telling her what a good job she did.  You know what’s going to happen here.  Lumen won’t get a hold of Dexter and she will go over on her own.   That’s exactly what happened and Jordan’s trap has worked.  At first she only sees Emily and Emily is really upset that Dexter is not with her.  She tells Lumen it has to be both of them.  Lumen thinks this is odd and she tells Emily that maybe she will go get him.  “Maybe not” Jordan says from behind her.  Oh that made my skin crawl!!!  While she is trapped, Jordan is threatening her and Emily keeps interrupting him and he is getting very annoyed with her.  “You promised you wouldn’t kill her” Emily cries out and Jordan responded that he won’t.   Just then he grabs the poker and kills Emily.

Back at the cop shop, Batista, Deb and Quinn are putting the pieces together and they realize they have to stop Jordan before he leaves the country.  Batista found out that he is leaving for Europe for several months so they need to nail him before the next day.  Batista suggests she go to Maria for the court order and Deb refuses saying she can’t trust her.  She’ll get it on her own.  It’s funny, when Quinn and Deb were walking back in, Quinn asked Deb how it was possible that Mrs. Dan the dentist didn’t know about what her husband was doing.  “He’s a really good liar.  Men have that ability.  It’s his fault, not hers” Deb tells him.  It’s a very interesting parallel to Deb and Dexter’s relationship.   And I have a feeling if/when Deb ever finds out about Dexter, she will totally blame herself.  On a side note, why the hell is Quinn apologizing to Deb?  Let’s forget the fact that Quinn was actually correct on his analysis of Dexter.  Quinn was doing his job.  There was a lead on Dexter being Kyle Butler and Quinn followed it.  And he never lied to Deb and he didn’t do anything wrong.  He didn’t tell her because the lead went nowhere.  So what exactly did he do that was wrong and needs apologizing?  Just because it’s her brother?   In Deb’s words, she needs to get the fuck over it!

When Dexter shows up at Emily’s house no one is there and there is blood all over the floor.  Dexter is frantic trying to find Lumen.  In his search, he finds Emily body but no Lumen.  He finds another trail of blood that can’t be Emily’s because it is too much, but does notice multiple footprints.  He follows them outside and sees more trails of blood and can tell she is putting up a fight.  He also finds the pocket knife he bought for her.  At this point, a Dexter we have never seen before emerges.  Rage like I have never seen.  Between what happened to Rita and now Lumen, Dexter looks like he is about to go off the deep end. And now Lumen has been taken, and Dexter is on a mission to find her before Deb and Quinn find Chase.

This is all lining up to be a pretty intense season finale!!!  The big question for me is what is going to happen to Lumen.  Does she get killed, either by Jordan or by Miami Metro?  Or does she live and take the fall for everything and go to jail?  I hope the writers find a way that neither of those scenarios happen and Lumen can stay with Dexter.  I have no idea how, at this point, that is possible, but that’s why I talk about shows and not write them!  I still wonder if Owen, Lumen’s ex-fiance, factors back in somehow.   Don’t you find it odd that they would randomly introduce him mid-season?  I mean they could have explained her back story without introducing a new character.   Maybe I’m reading too much into to it but I don’t think the “Dexter” staff would introduce a character randomly like that.

I think it’s safe to say that Jordan is going to die.   But what will happen to Quinn?  Does he make it out of this with all he knows about Dexter?  Or does he meet the same fate as Jordan Chase (if Jordan ends up on Dexter’s table?)  But things are definitely spinning out of control.  What are your thoughts going into the season finale and what ending are you hoping to see?

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