Shocking News: The Closer is Closed after 2011 Seventh Season

10 Dec

This weekend I was going to catch up with some shows and I was going to a huge piece on The Closer.   Then I got hit with today’s rather stunning news that The Closer will end its run next year in 2011 with its 7th season.

Please click on the attached link to read the full story.  To me it sounds like Kyra Sedgwick (whom I love by the way) has decided to leave the series and I guess without Brenda Leigh Johnston, you have no series.  All I can say is WOW!!!   The Closer is the #1 show on cable TV.   It’s so rare to see a show this successful end during the peak of its run.

I wonder as this news settles and maybe Kyra does some more interviews, if it will come out why she decided to leave the series (if that is the reason why The Closer will be no more after next year.)  And I will reserve judgement until I hear more.

What are your thoughts on The Closer ending so suddenly and way too soon?


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2 responses to “Shocking News: The Closer is Closed after 2011 Seventh Season

  1. j

    January 3, 2011 at 4:03 pm

    This was quality television they should try another lead character, the female Captain is quirky!

    • fortheloveoftv

      January 3, 2011 at 4:11 pm

      It is a great show. I was pretty shocked and disappointed when it came out that the show was ending. Again I’m not sure if that’s just Kyra Sedgwick’s decision or if the entire “The Closer” team decided to end it. It sounds like this is Kyra’s decision. As much as I like Capital Rader, I don’t know if she can carry the show they way Brenda did. And not to get technical but because of her rank, she wouldn’t jump from Captain to Deputy Chief. It would probably go to Commander Taylor before it went to Rader. Ha! Cops in my family….sorry!


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