2014 Fall Preview

It’s hard to believe that it’s actually time to start previewing the fall season!  Technically, there are shows premiering this upcoming week!   Granted NFL Football, but a new premiere is a new premiere!!!   With it quickly approaching, it’s time to do the network by network breakdown of the fall season.  Here is how it is going to break out:

  1. Returning Shows (which will have their premiere dates in parentheses next to the title)
  2. New Shows (again with premiere dates)
  3. Shows I am Most Looking Forward To (Returning or New)
  4. Shows I am Losing Interest In But Will Give One More Season To
  5. Shows I Couldn’t Care Less About
  6. What To Watch For
  7. Early Thoughts on the New Shows
I am only doing the five major networks (CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, CW.)  I’m not getting into Showtime, HBO, etc.  I’ll probably do a cable preview at some point because there are shows like Homeland and The Affair that I am looking forward to.   But that will come later.


Survivor: Blood vs. Water (9/24)
2 Broke Girls (10/27)
Mom (9/29)
The Millers (10/30)
Hawaii 5-0 (9/26)
NCIS (9/23)
NCIS: LA (9/29)
Criminal Minds (10/1)
CSI (9/28)
The Big Bang Theory (9/22)
Two and a Half Men (10/30)
Person of Interest (9/23)
Elementary (10/30)
Blue Bloods (9/26)
48 Hours Mystery (9/27)
60 Minutes (9/21)
The Amazing Race (9/26)
The Good Wife (9/21)


Madam Secretary (9/21)
Scorpion (9/22)
NCIS: New Orleans (9/23)
Stalker (10/1)
The McCarthy’s (10/30)

The Good Wife: When have I not been looking forward to TGW? Diane joins Florrick/Agos. Eli wants Alicia to run for State’s Attorney. Where is Lockhart Gardner now that both Lockhart and Gardner are gone? (RIP Will.)
Stalker: I loved Maggie Q on Nikita and I’m always a Dylan McDermott fan. This is the type of show CBS does well so I envision this show succeeding but you never know. But I will be watching.
Mom: I loved this show. I’m curious to see how it performs in its 2nd year and how the ratings are. Last year ratings weren’t great but luckily other comedies fared worse than this show. But with the buzz about the show and Allison Janney winning her Emmy for the role, I’m hoping people are checking it out.
Madam Secretary: I’ve never been the biggest Tea Leoni fan but she looks fantastic in this role. It’s a very strong cast and I love the premise (I can never walk away from a political show.) So as of right now, I’m all in on this show.
Person of Interest: Where do we go now with the team fractured and splinted apart?
The McCarthy’s: looks to be one of the best new comedies of the season. Only bummer is that it’s premiering very late but I will be tuning in.
Blue Bloods: I just love this show. I know the Reagans always do the right thing and it’s a little too cream cheesy for people but I can use more cream cheese in my life so it doesn’t bother me at all.


Elementary: I have to be honest, I already started fading on this show last season so it isn’t looking good for me to keep up with it last year.


All the NCIS
Hawaii 5-0
The Big Bang Theory
Two and a Half Men


Is CBS getting too stale. CBS has been the dominate network for a long time. A great sign for CBS is that they were actually #1 in the coveted 18-49 demo for the first time since the 1991-1992 season. And because of that dominance there wasn’t a lot of changes in the schedule. But look at the length of time for some of these shows….60 Minutes (46 years), 48 Hours (26 years), CSI (14 years), Survivor (14 years), Big Brother (14 years), The Amazing Race (13 years), NCIS (11 years), Two and Half Men (11 years), Criminal Minds (9 years), The Big Bang Theory (7 years), The Mentalist (6 years), NCIS: LA (5 years), and The Good Wife (5 years.) Plus you had CSI Miami and CSI NY that were on for about 7-8 years each before they were canceled last year. What they are doing is working. But when will they hit the wall? At some point they have to. And look at the new shows coming out…another NCIS, Stalker (which is another “how do I solve a crime” show, Madam Secretary which is a political family drama (like The Good Wife is a legal family drama and Blue Bloods is a law enforcement family drama.) Scorpion is really the only “outside the CBS formula” show. Does the CBS magic run out? There’s something to be said for “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” But you do have to wonder if the magic formula that has carried them to so many season ending wins in viewership, will fizzle out if something doesn’t change or get freshened up.
Will Sundays be tough for Madam Secretary to find an audience. I love football. I LOVE football. I especially love NFL football….Go Eagles!!!! But you know what I don’t love…how my Sunday night shows (and DVR taping) get screwed up because when there is a 4pm game, it always runs long and it always pushes shows back and starting a wacky times. It’s why I haven’t watched The Mentalist in 2 years (and after all these years still don’t know who Red John was…and don’t tell me.) I think it’s really tough for a new show to get an audience on a Sunday night on CBS when the show could be delayed up to 40 minutes. I know how much it frustrates viewers because I’ve had talks about it in regards to The Good Wife. But since TGW is so amazing and already had an audience, it didn’t matter. People will find ways to watch that show. But a new show like Madam Secretary? I think that’s going to be tough.


CBS doesn’t have a ton of new shows because their schedule is already so strong. Only five shows! My top three are Madam Secretary, Stalker, and The McCarthy’s. Madam Secretary follows Elizabeth McCord, a former CIA analyst turned history professor, who is asked by the President to become the new Secretary of State when the current Secretary dies in a plane accident. Elizabeth learns to battle the politics of a high-ranking position in the White House while balancing a very busy home life. The cast is amazing: Tea Leoni, Keith Carradine, Zeljko Ivanek, Tim Daly, Patina Miller, Geoffrey Arned, and Erich Bergen. It appears well written, acted, and directed and I can always use another political drama to keep me going (since House of Cards isn’t back until February.) Stalker stars Maggie Q and Dylan McDermott as lieutenants for the LAPD’s Threat Assessment Unit that investigate, you guessed it, stalking incidents. It’s your typical CBS procedural crime drama looking at a different type of crime and who are the people who solve them. And I will be watching. Lastly, The McCarthy’s. Another great cast headlined by Laurie Metcalf and Jack McGee. It follows the McCarthy family, a tight-knit family from Boston who loves their sports and The Good Wife. Ronny (Tyler Ritter…son of John Ritter) is looking to move away from his crazy family until is father (McGee) offers him the assistant coaching job at his high school. Ronny is neither athletic nor likes basketball so it’s really curious to his two brothers and sister how Ronny was the man picked for the job. I’m always impressed when an ensemble comedy gels right off the bat (like Brooklyn Nine-Nine did last year) and this is another comedy who has their act together right out of the gate. CBS isn’t normally known for their comedies the way they are their dramas, but I think this one is a winner for them.

As for NCIS: New Orleans and Scorpion, I will definitely pass and probably pass. I don’t watch the other NCIS shows so I have no interest in this new one. Scorpion looks to have an interesting premise but to be honest, I can’t stand Katharine McPhee’s acting. She’s horrible. It’s so bad, she takes away anything that’s good from the show when she’s on-screen. And this one won’t have opportunities for her to sing to make up for the lack of acting. But since she’s only one character in an ensemble show, I will check it out and see how much she ruins it. If she’s relegated to the background and the rest of the show is good, I’ll power through. If she’s front and center and the show is mediocre, I’m out.



Dancing with the Stars (9/15)
Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD (9/23)
The Goldbergs (9/24)
The Middle (9/24)
Modern Family (9/24)
Nashville (9/24)
Grey’s Anatomy (9/25)
20/20 (9/26)
Scandal (9/25)
Shark Tank (9/26)
Once Upon A Time (9/28)
Resurrection (9/28)
Revenge (9/28)
Castle (9/29)
Last Man Standing (10/3)
America’s Funniest Home Videos (10/5)

Forever Sneak Peak (9/22)
Forever (9/23)
black-ish (9/24)
How To Get Away With Murder (9/25)
Selfie (10/30)
Manhattan Love Story (10/30)
Cristela (10/10)

Castle: Is Castle dead??? Of course not. But I’m so curious as to what happened. And when will we get that damn wedding!!!
Revenge: Revenge completely rebounded last year. I’m back to being all in with this show. Plus Aiden is dead (yeah) and David Clarke is alive (called it.)
Scandal: Where has Olivia gone with Jake and what does this mean for OPA and the rest of the gladiators?
SHIELD: Now that Hydra has destroyed SHIELD and Coulston has to re-build, what happens now? Will Fitz be ok and remember that he told Simmons his feelings (finally?) Then there’s Ward. Can this character be redeemed after what he did to the team last year? And can I please get some Thor on this show!!!
How to Get Away with Murder: talk about Must See TV Thursday night being back. Grey’s (take it or leave it), Scandal and HTGAWM!!! Can’t wait to see what Shonda has up her sleeves now.

Once Upon A Time: I still love this show but now the Frozen girls are coming. After a while, can we forego bringing every stinking Disney character or fairy tale character into the story and focus on our core people? Or maybe bring some back that we already met…like Cinderella and Malificent.
Nashville: Another show I like but there’s only so much TV to watch and I’m not sure this makes the cut moving forward.
Grey’s Anatomy: I’m not sure I care enough about these characters anymore to keep going.

Dancing with the Stars
The Middle
Modern Family
Last Man Standing
Shark Tank

#TGIT. When I was in college, Must See TV Thursday was Friends, Seinfeld, Will & Grace, Frasier, and ER. This was before DVRs, TiVO, and even VCRing your shows. You made plans around these shows. You never missed an episode. Not because they were procedural or even serial where you can’t wait to see what happens next. They were just well written, well acted, entertaining shows. Well Must See TV Thursday is back and it’s all Shonda Rhimes all the time. I’ve had my issues with Shonda Rhimes in the past. Truth be told I still do. But when she gets something right, she nails it. She did with Grey’s Anatomy 10+ years ago. I think the reason Grey’s started to go down hill was because Rhimes spread herself too thin with Private Practice and Off the Map (as well as trying to get other shows to pilot.) Private Practice was never a great show. It had some good characters and stories over the course of its 6 season run but was never Grey’s in its heyday. Off the Map was just awful. Good cast, bad show, bad writing. I really thought Rhimes was better suited doing one show at a time. Then Scandal came along. I loved the pace, the setting, the story telling, and the characters. Every episode felt like a season finale where I was always on the edge of my seat. And since Grey’s is really running on auto pilot these days….chugging along until it runs out of gas…Scandal seems Rhimes’ big focus. Now comes How To Get Away With Murder with headliner and powerhouse Viola Davis. I can’t wait. I’m a sucker for a good courtroom drama (see The Practice and The Good Wife.) And in typical Rhimes form, if this drama has twists and turns up its sleeve, Thursday nights will go back to my college days…every thing else will revolve around that night. As long as Scandal doesn’t suffer and HTGAWM lives up to the hype, I will be there every Thursday night. Hopefully Rhimes has learned her lesson from past shows and will still head the creative but spread the wealth on the writing.
Tuesday Night Line Up. I was interested to see how a completely new line up of shows would do on Tuesdays night. About 50/50 since only SHIELD and The Goldbergs made it to seasons 2 and Trophy Wife and Lucky 7 were sent to the recycle bin. Now you have SHIELD anchoring Tues night at 9pm with a very strange lead in of Selfie and Manhattan Love Story and the being followed up by Forever, which looks somewhat interesting. I’ll talk more about the new shows below, but SHIELD just barely got renewed last year. It was really strong out of the gate but many people thought the show was slow and didn’t like the characters. If people did hang on, the show got much better and faster paced. But I also know people were frustrated with too many movie tie ins. I think it’s a show with a very specific audience base and if they don’t like the show, you’re in trouble. But ABC’s schedule was so bad, it was able to hang on. But can it still hang in with those shows flanking it and going against new CBS show NCIS: New Orleans?

I haven’t seen any of the new ABC shows. I’ve seen many different clips and read many reports on the media site regarding the premises and directions of the new shows. So with that limited information, I would say I am most excited about How To Get Away With Murder and black-ish. I’ve already touched on HTGAWM a little above but this show will center around Davis’ tough as nails criminal defense attorney/professor and her crew of law students fighting for an internship with her firm. It sounds like a sexy, more sinister Legally Blonde, but not really. It also stars names like Liza Weil, Billy Brown, and Tom Verica. When I first heard of the premise of black-ish I thought, there is no way I’m giving this show a chance. But then I read some reviews about the show and viewed some clips and long trailers on it. I will absolutely be checking this show out. It stars Anthony Anderson as a newly promoted EVP and very successful businessman raising his family in suburbia. Sounds simple and it is. Some may say they find the name and premise offensive. I can’t say since I’m not African-American. I’m just going to judge the show as strictly a comedy and it made me laugh. Anderson is great. Lawernce Fishburne has some fantastic one liners. But the best has to be Anderson’s son Andre (or Andy) played by Marcus Scribner. The most laugh out loud moments I had were watching his scenes. He was fantastic. Cristela, I won’t be watching. Honestly by the time in premieres, I’ll already have my lineup set and I already watch too much. As for Forever, Selfie, and Mahattan Love Story, I don’t know. Forever seems the type of ABC show that will be canceled after 3 airings. ABC has that track record lately and do I want to try to follow another show that I am just luke warm about? I’m not sure. I’ll probably DVR or On Demand the first 3 episodes and go from there. Just on the name, I wasn’t going to watch Selfie. But I love My Fair Lady and just out of sheer curiosity, I might check it out to see how this modern-day version plays out. MLS, I like the lead actress’ character, played by Analeigh Tipton. But the lead male, played by Jake McDorman, was just a jerk. I know he’s supposed to be, but he’s not the kind of lovable jerk I could watch every week. I found him repulsive. So this is another one I’ll check out a few times to see if his assholeness softens as the show grows but if it doesn’t, good-bye.



Football Night in America (9/7)
Sunday Night Football (9/7)
The Biggest Loser (9/11)
The Voice (9/22)
The Blacklist (9/22)
Chicago Fire (9/23)
Law & Order: SVU (9/24)
Chicago PD (9/24)
Parenthood (9/25)
Dateline (9/26)
Saturday Night Live (9/27)
About A Boy (10/14)
Grimm (10/24)

The Mysteries of Laura (9/17)
Bad Judge (10/2)
A to Z (10/2)
Marry Me (10/14)
Constantine (10/24)
State of Affairs (11/17)

Parenthood (Final Season. I wish I could watch the Bravermans forever but I’d rather them go out on their own terms.)
The Blacklist (Who is Berlin and what is his connection with Red and Keen? Is Tom really dead…I don’t think so. What is Red’s commotion to Keen? I don’t think he’s her dad then who is he to her?)
About A Boy (Favorite new comedy of last season. Will it be as good in S2?)
Grimm (Nick has lost his Grimm powers. Now what?)
Marry Me (This preview looked fantastic and it’s Casey Wilson so I’m in.)
A to Z (While I’m liking the cast, how does the show maintain telling the story of these two dating when the premise is that they date for 8 months, 3 weeks, 5 days and 1 hour? The assumption is they get married at that point but maybe it’s something else?)
State of Affairs (I like the premise but can Katherine Heigl pull off being a CIA analyst?)


Bad Judge
The Mysteries of Laura
The Voice
The Biggest Loser
Law & Order: SVU

Parenthood’s Last Season. Parenthood has NEVER gotten the respect it deserves and anyone who reads my blog or listens to my podcast knows, I have been screaming about people shunning Parenthood for years. From the lack of Emmy love to the weak scheduling of the show, Parenthood was the best show nobody gave respect to. Last year, Parenthood did get some love with a 22 episode season. It wasn’t great in the ratings but the fan base was very loyal. It reminded me of Chuck in that regard. Never was a ratings juggernaut but wow did their fans love that show. Parenthood is one of the best dramas on TV. And the one thing I will give NBC credit for is that they are very good at giving shows like this their chance to say a good-bye to their fans with a shortened final season. They did it with Chuck, The Office, Parks and Rec, ER, Friday Night Lights. Shows that never were huge ratings getters (except for ER but not at the end) but had very loyal fans and NBC made sure these were wrapped up in a way to give their fans a chance to say good-bye. I’m a big fan of these shortened seasons because there isn’t a lot of room for fluff. And Jason Katims has done very well with short seasons of Parenthood…making each episode count. But form what I’m hearing, this will be the biggest tear jerker season of them all (and that’s saying something with this show) due to a death in the family. Who will it be and how will it end?
The Blacklist Time Shuffle. Last year I thought The Blacklist would be a hit for NBC. Please, please, stop throwing money. Ok that wasn’t a HUGE stretch but since my prognosticating is historically bad, I’m proud I got that one right. It was my favorite new show of the season. I was never a James Spader fan and I fell in love with him in this show. People will argue this role is not a big stretch for the typically smug roles Spader plays. I don’t care. He’s perfectly cast here. Megan Boone was the wild card. Could she hold her own with a powerhouse like Spader? At first, not even close. But she came into her own later in the season. I still think she’s a bit stiff. I know part of it is the character but I think part of it was Boone getting more comfortable with the character. The cast was great, the storyline was riveting, and I’m already anxious for next Monday to get here! But I’m concerned over the change in air date. NBC hasn’t had a bona fide drama hit (not including reality shows) since Heroes in 2006. It’s hard to argue that Friday Night Lights, Medium, and Chuck were hits. Even though they all lasted multiple seasons and some received rave reviews and had rabid fan bases, they scratched and clawed to get renewed each year. And yes, Heroes did crash and burn quickly but out of the gate, it was a huge hit and the buzzy show everyone was talking about. That’s The Blacklist. Everyone was talking about this show. Fans couldn’t wait for it to come back. So what does NBC do to it’s most buzzed about show? Decides to put it on Hiatus in November for Katherine Heigl’s State of Affairs and then return on a different night and time. Why? Why not Chicago Fire or Chicago PD? Why pick your best show? Just because people are tuning in Mondays at 10pm for The Blacklist, doesn’t mean they’ll tune in for State of Affairs…especially since so many people can’t stand Heigl and she hasn’t gotten the best reviews for this show. So I’m curious to see how that impacts the show. Viewers don’t like it when you move their shows around and history shows that it’s usually disastrous when you move new shows around. If it’s established like Bones or Supernatural, those shows can typically survive it. But if you’re new or relatively new (see what ABC did to Cougar Town) it can hurt your chances of renewal. I don’t think that will happen here, but I will be keeping an eye on it.

There are two pilots I’ve seen and the rest I haven’t. Of the two I saw, one I think has potential to be good but it’s not there yet. The other, dreadful. But let’s start the positive shall we?

I enjoyed A to Z. The pilot had some promise and I really liked the two leads Andrew (Ben Feldman) and Zelda (Cristin Milioti) who had some nice chemistry. I think this show has room to grow and the cast gets a better feel for their characters. It is a bit cliché in the sense that Zelda is the type A with no time for relationships and Andrew is a young man looking for the love of his life and is a total romantic. In their relationship, he may be looking a little too hard for something that is or isn’t there while she is so closed off, she can’t see what’s right in front of her. It’s a little reminiscent of “How I Met Your Mother” and not just because the titular Mother was played by the same actress playing Zelda. But after fans being so disappointed with how HIMYM ended up, will they be willing to try another comedy following the love story of two people? Marry Me is the one I’m most looking forward to. It stars Casey Wilson and Ken Marino as Annie and Jake, a couple who have been dating for six years and are trying to figure out if they are ready to take that next step. When they get back from a trip in which Annie thought Jake would propose (and didn’t) she calls him out and unloads years of frustrations about their relationship and the people in it. Unfortunately for Annie, Jake was behind her on one knee and all the people Annie just destroyed emotionally were hiding in the background ready to yell surprise as Jake popped the question. Oops. It’s a show that seems very tight out of the gate and could be the best new comedy of the season.

As for the absolutely no, that would be The Mysteries of Laura and Bad Judge. I watched the pilot of TMOL (please feel free to read the full recap on the main page) and it wasn’t pretty. The show is completely disjointed, the writing isn’t good, and the dramedy has no part of either comedy or drama. It’s a shame for the cast because Debra Messing, Josh Lucas, and Laz Alonzo are fantastic…just woefully miscast or trying to do the best they can with a bad script. I don’t buy Messing as a top detective. I can’t stand Lucas’ character. The kids are so awful it’s hard to believe any child can be that disgusting. Plus, I’m really tired of the stereotype show that lays out the premise of “buttoned up in my professional life and a hot mess in my personal life.” Which is the perfect segway to Bad Judge. Oh my word. This show looks so bad I can’t even get through the 10-15 second promos. Kate Walsh, what were you thinking? This show isn’t funny, it’s embarrassing. I’m also thinking this could be one of the first (if not the first) show of the season that is canceled.

In the “I’m not so sure” realm, we have Constantine and State of Affairs. I have a feeling I’ll be watching Constantine because that is right up my husband’s alley. A cross between Supernatural and Arrow..there’s no way we’re not watching. Constantine follows John Constantine (Matt Ryan) who is about to give up the fight of protecting innocent people because his soul is already damned to hell. But a series of events thrust him back into superhero mode and now Constantine is back protecting the innocent and sending the evil spirits back to where they came. In November, State of Affairs takes over The Blacklist’s time slot. SoA stars Katherine Heigl as a top CIA analyst (Charlie Tucker) who has close ties to President Connie Payton (Alfre Woodard.) Tucker was engaged to her son and her son was killed as a result of a terrorist attack. Now both women want the men/women responsible for killing him brought to justice and together they are working to make that happen…as well as deal with the every day dealings at the White House. Normally this is the type of show that is right up my alley. But I don’t know if I can buy Heigl in this role. Early reviews are that she isn’t puling it off. I’m willing to give this show, and Heigl, a chance. But it does have a short leash.



Hell’s Kitchen (9/10)
New Girl (9/16)
The Mindy Project (9/16)
Sleepy Hollow (9/22)
Bones (9/25)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (9/28)
The Simpsons (9/28)
Bob’s Burgers (10/5)
Family Guy (9/28)
Master Chef Junior (11/7)

Utopia (9/7)
Red Band Society (9/17)
Gotham (9/22)
Gracepoint (10/2)
Mulaney (10/5)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Sleepy Hollow

New Girl (after a strong first season, the second season was bad)

The Mindy Project
All the Animated Shows
Hell’s Kitchen

Glee’s Final Season: This is it. The dreck that has been Glee the last few seasons is finally coming to an end. And it’s been a long time coming. These characters have been destroyed (Rachel leaves what was ALWAYS her dream of being on Broadway and playing Fanny Brice to be on a shitty TV show) the stories are worse than ever, and I just don’t care what happens to them anymore. FOX also realized no cares anymore and lowered the original 22 episode commitment down to 13. I won’t be checking it out but I’m sure some people will.
Sleepy Hollow Sophomore Season: It’s been 8 months since Sleepy Hollow was last on air. And that can be dangerous with a show with so much mythology behind it. But I can’t wait for this to return!!! Abbie is now in purgatory. Jenny was in a car crash. Ichabod was buried alive by the Sineater (who turned out to be his son.) And Katrina is now running around Sleepy Hollow with no one who knows her. And Sineater/Jeremy is working with the Headless Horseman (who is also one of the 4 Horseman of the Apocalypse) to open the gates of hell to release all the Horseman. Nice!!! I just hope we get more than 13 episodes this year and Sleepy Hollow is every bit as strong in its sophomore year as it was its freshman year!
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Moving to Sundays: This is how FOX treats it’s best new comedy of last year? Which also happened to win the Golden Globe for Best Comedy by the way. You move it to animated comedy Sunday? With so much already on Sunday, I’m really disappointed to see this show move. I hope it doesn’t hurt a show that was not a ratings juggernaut. It picked up steam at the end of the season with the GG win and word of mouth. But how will it fare if people have to DVR it for football or other big Sunday night shows.

As if I don’t have enough superhero shows to watch on TV these days, but I am excited to check out Gotham. Gotham is a different twist on the superhero genre focusing on a name we all know very well (that is those of us that follow DC Comics)…Commissioner Gordon. We know Gordon from the Batman comics. But before Batman was Batman as we know him, Gordon and Gotham City had their own stories to tell…full of villains and vigilantes. This show is the compilation of those stories. It is an origin story. It stars Ben Mackenzie as Detective James Gordon. Gordon is called to the scene of a crime involving the murder of one of the wealthiest families in Gotham City…the Waynes. Thomas and Martha Wayne are murdered and the only survivor is their son…Bruce (who eventually becomes Batman.) Gordon and Bruce connect instantly (a kinship that will continue for years to come) and Gordon promises to track down the killers. As the series evolves we’ll meet all the people we come to know in their adult lives…Selina Kyle (Catwoman), Edward Nygma (The Riddler), and Oswald Cobblepot (The Penguin.) Between Arrow, Agents of SHIELD, and other newcomer shows The Flash and Constantine, I don’t know how much comic book TV I can stomach. I watch the Marvel movies so SHIELD isn’t going anywhere. And I love Arrow (and Stephen Amell.) But can I add The Flash, Constantine, AND Gotham all to my viewing landscape? I will and we’ll see if they all stick.

Gracepoint is another show I will be checking out. It reminds me a little of Twin Peaks and a better version of The Killing. I’m a big fan of these 10 episode shows that have a brief period of time to tell their story. It leaves little room for fluff and gets right into the meat of the show. But since I’m a big character person, it’s hard for these shows to really get us in tune with the characters with such little time to get to all the show runners need to get to. True Detective did a masterful job of it last year. So can Gracepoint do the same? For other people, it might not matter. This is a murder mystery event. It might not matter to some about characters. It does to me though. But with powerhouses Anna Gunn and David Tennant leading the way, I feel confident this show will be short but mighty.

As for Utopia, Red Band Society and Mulaney, these show may be the result of nothing more than I have no time to watch and their premises haven’t warranted me finding time to watch them. First of all, Utopia is a reality show about people leaving their lives behind and moving to a remote location to create a whole new civilization. Yeah, no. Don’t care, won’t be watching. Red Band Society stars Octavia Spencer and Dave Annable as part of the medical staff at Ocean Park Hospital. It focus on a young group of “rule benders” (great more of those) who would never in a million years become friends except for the fact that they are all patients at this hospital. The show explores relationships between the patients and the staff with both humor and drama. It appears to have a ton of warmth and heart (with a touch of over the top lessons to be learned.) Although I have to ask, was Diana Agron too busy to play another blonde, bitchy cheerleader? Seems all teen shows have those these days and she’s played quite a few of them. I love the cast (you had me a Octavia Spencer) but I just don’t know if I have time for this show. It might be one I catch up on in the summer if it hangs around and gets renewed…which I doubt. The ratings were really bad out of the gate (with no competition) so that doesn’t bode well for the show. And I love Dave Annable but he is a jinx when it comes to new shows where he is the headliner. Finally we have Mulaney, which is a Seinfeld rip off. I’m serious. Even the shows star and creator, John Mulaney, joked that it is. “I just watched Seinfeld and I copied it.” Wow. That takes balls. Even if you are just kidding, you are basically setting yourself up for failure if the show is even average because people will automatically compare the two shows. Early reviews are really bad for the show. I keep reading the same thing….John Mulaney is a talented writer and great stand up comic. His show, is bad. No laughs at all. Not a glowing endorsement for a new comedy.




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    again get rid of 90210 (9/13)
    America’s Next Top Model (9/14)
    The Vampire Diaries (9/15)
    Nikita (9/23)
    Supernatural (9/23)
    Gossip Girl (9/26)
    love kitchen nightmares

  2. Silly

    March 19, 2012 at 11:30 pm


    Charlie’s Angels (9/22)
    Pan Am (9/25)
    Suburgatory (9/28)
    Last Man Standing (10/11)
    Man Up! (10/18)
    Once Upon A Time (10 hate those
    America’s Next Top Model
    so so hate glee
    oops sorry saw parenthood but I LOVE LOVE LOVE PARENTHOOD

  3. Silly

    March 19, 2012 at 11:33 pm

    omg dude stop so many of us love parenthood and law and order svu

    20/20 (9/16)
    Dancing with the Stars (9/19)
    Castle (9/19)
    Body of Proof (9/20)
    The Middle (9/21)
    Modern Family (9/21)
    Grey’s Anatomy (9/22)
    Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (9/25)
    Desperate Housewives (9/25)
    Happy Endings (9/28)
    Private Practice (9/29)
    Revenge (9/21)
    Charlie’s Angels (9/22)
    Pan Am (9/25)
    Suburgatory (9/28)
    Last Man Standing (10/11)
    Man Up! (10/18)
    Once Upon A Time (10/23)

  4. Eric

    August 23, 2012 at 10:15 pm

    Are you planning on releasing a list like this for Fall 2012? I hope so! This was great for helping me to figure out which shows were worth checking out early on and which ones were not worth wasting time on because they really didn’t have much hope to begin with.

    • fortheloveoftv

      August 23, 2012 at 10:18 pm

      Absolutely!!! I am planning on starting it this weekend!!


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