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Charlie’s Angels Reboot

As movies are doing reboots, so now the TV industry is jumping on the band wagon.   ABC has announced the reboot of the famous and wonderful show from the 70s and 80s Charlie’s Angels.  Charlie’s Angels will star Minka Kelly, Rachel Taylor, and Annie Ilonzeh.  I love a show that features strong, intelligent and sexy female leads.   CA was always one of my favorite shows as a kid so I am excited, so far, for a new updated version.  I think Robert Wagner is also in negotiations to be the voice of Charlie.   Already, the one big difference between the original and the new version, is the ladies will have questionable backgrounds.  In the original, the girls were graduates of the police academy but were given shitty positions due to being women.  But it’s early and storylines can change before the pilot is shot and even before it goes to final broadcast, if picked up.  So we’ll see what happens.

There have been quite a few shows doing reboots these days.  Some successfully (90210), some not so much (Melrose Place), and some the jury is still out on (Hawaii 5-0.)  Done right, it can have a fresh interesting take on a classic.  Done poorly, and it can ruin the legacy of a once great show (if it was great in its heyday.)   My first instinct when it comes to reboot is to shout LAZY at the networks.  Can’t you come up with something new?  No?  So you have reboot a classic because there is nothing else you can come up with?  LAZY!!!   But maybe not.  If the concept was good and you can give it a new spin and twist, I say go for it.  I don’t like fresh updates and new takes on classic Broadway musicals and great pieces of theater (you hear me Arthur Laurents?   Thanks for ruining West Side Story with your “fresh approach.”   Ugh!)  But I’m all for it with a TV show.  So I am anxious to see what happens to this reboot.

As information comes out on Charlie’s Angels, I will keep you updated as best I can.  Are you excited for the new Charlie’s Angels?  Can Minka Kelly, Rachel Taylor, and Annie Ilonzeh fill the shoes of the iconic Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith, and Farrah Fawcett/Cheryl Ladd (see below?)  We’ll see.

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The Closer Spinoff Talk Heats Up

The drama behind the drama, The Closer is becoming more interesting.  Since we last talked about the final season of the Closer, some more developments have taken place.  First, the 15 episode season has been extended to 21…yeah!!!!  Second, the reason for the extended episodes will not only give us more The Closer with Kyra and wrap up storylines, but will set up the new spinoff for the show.   Which leads to development three, the spinoff is happening.

Right now it doesn’t seem like there is any confirmation on who will be on the new spinoff, what it is about, or how much of the cast of the Closer will be joining the spinoff.  My guess would be, Flynn and Provenza are definitely part of the spinoff plan.  Much of the cast was interviewed about it at the SAG awards and many of them, such as Corey Reynolds (Sgt Gabriel) and Tony Denison (Flynn), talked about how much they would like to keep going in some capacity.

As I mentioned before, I am torn.  I love everyone in the cast.  They all have great chemistry and I would like to see them on my TV together again.  I just don’t know if it would be difficult to watch them and not think, where is Brenda?  They would need to get someone amazing that is nothing like Brenda and go a complete different route to make it work.  I don’t know if they can but I would be willing to give it a chance.  So I am cautiously optimistic about the idea of a The Closer spinoff.

How about you?   Do you like the idea or think the show should just end next season on a high note?

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To Be or Not To Be Canceled…Why TV Networks Should Operate Like Pro Sports Teams

We have about 12-16 weeks left (about 10 episodes for those shows will full orders for the year) in the 2010-2011 network broadcast season.   One thing is certain, I think it is harder and harder for shows to get on the air and stay on the air long-term.  Think about it.  It used to be that a new show had an entire season to see if it could make it.  In some cases, it even got a few seasons to see what it could do.  When you hear Murphy Brown, LA Law, Cheers, Hill Street Blues…what do you think?  These were classic shows that people loved, they won lots of awards and accolades, and people still watch them on syndicated channels or DVDs today.  Yet if every single one of these shows, were broadcast today, NONE of them would have seen a 2nd season and some probably wouldn’t have lasted to mid-season.   Think about Cheers.  Cheers was dead last in the ratings when it premiered in 1982.  It would have been canceled after 3 episodes today.   Maybe it would have lasted until mid-season with burn offs on Saturday.    And before you ask, yes, we are talking about the same Cheers that ran for ELEVEN SEASONS and spun off one of the most successful sitcoms ever, Frasier, which ran another ELEVEN SEASONS on its own.  In its first TWO seasons, Cheers wasn’t in the top 30 TV shows and as I mentioned in its first season was dead last.  It didn’t crack the top 30 until season 3 (tied for #12 with Hotel.)  But starting with season 4, it was in the top 5 shows for the next SEVEN seasons with it being #1 during the 1990-1991 season.  In its final season, the 1992-1993 season, it was #8.  When I look at that, I am blown away.  The saying “timing is everything” couldn’t be more true when it comes to TV.  Could you imagine a TV history that didn’t include Cheers?  If Cheers premiered today to those ratings, you wouldn’t be talking about Cheers as one of the best sitcoms of all time with some of the most quotable characters ever.  Could you imagine TV history without Frasier?  If Cheers never got off the ground, Frasier never would have happened.  Now keep in mind, when I say “those ratings” I don’t mean the actual ratings because they can’t be compared to today’s ratings.  A #1 show back in the 70s and 80s would pull in a 30-32 rating.  Today the #1 show pulls in around 16-17 (which wouldn’t have put it in the top 30-40 shows in the 70s and 80s.)  I mean the ranking of where the show falls vs. its competitors.  Now I am not one of those pining of the old days type of people but it does make you think.  How many shows that have been canceled over the last 10 years could have been the next Cheers if it was given a chance?

Not only do shows have to worry about bringing in the ratings for the advertisers to keep revenues flowing at the networks, as well as the shows they compete with in their respective time slots, but there is one more area that they have to worry about…shows on their own network.  The more successful a network is with its shows, the harder it is to stay on that network.  On the flip side, the more credence your show gets because it is on said successful network, the more viewers your show will likely get.  It’s a quite a conundrum.  Break it down by network.   CBS is far and away the best network in both total viewers and ratings in the all important adults 18-49 advertiser category.  ABC is 2nd in total viewers but 4th in ratings (guess ABC is skewing really young or really old.)  NBC is 3rd in total viewers and ratings.   Fox is 4th in total viewers and 2nd in ratings (thank you American Idol.)  And the CW is a distant 5th in everything.  CBS, NBC, and the CW are up this year in ratings.  The CW programming this year is really strong (for CW standards) and isn’t surprising since it has such a small base with which to grow.  NBC really had nowhere to go but up.  If I am not mistaken, the Winter Olympics were last year in February so that could impact NBC in the later part of this season.  CBS is CBS but could see some big declines in the next few weeks because they had the Super Bowl last year.  Fox is down but could rebound with Super Bowl this year.  ABC is down and I’m not sure why, to be honest.  I am going to assume it’s a weak broadcast season.

So what does all this mean?  It means awesome shows like Blue Bloods and The Good Wife on CBS may not make it to next season because all the other CBS shows are doing so well yet NBC can’t keep a drama on the air to save its life.  In terms of hour-long dramas, CBS has only canceled one show this year (Medium) while only one other show appears to be headed for cancellation (The Defenders.)  NBC has canceled 2 shows (Outlaw and Undercovers) while 3 shows appear headed for cancellation (The Cape, The Event, and Chase.)  ABC has canceled 2 shows so far (The Whole Truth and My Generation) while 3 shows appear headed for cancellation (V, No Ordinary Family, Detroit 1-8-7.)  Both NBC and ABC will seem to have 5 open drama spots where CBS will only have 2.  And here is the part that confuses me, CBS NEEDS to cancel more shows so that they can premiere new shows next season, that could be the next CSI or Grey’s Anatomy (in terms of ratings not content.)  WHY?  If you have shows that are working, why dump them?  Because something MAY be better?  Don’t get me wrong.  I am not under the delusion that the networks care about good programming for the viewer.   They care about good programming for the viewer only if it gets them the ratings needed to drive up costs to the advertisers, to increase revenues.  This is a business and the bottom line is, money drives everything.  But there has to be a better way so the viewer doesn’t lose quality programming.

You sports fans out there can appreciate the next analogy.  Why can’t we have a free agency/trade period in TV like pro sports teams?   Hear me out for a minute.  What if a show like Blue Bloods, which has a solid, loyal audience, is a great show but isn’t big enough to out-do the other shows on the network.  CBS would have a dilemma.  Blue Bloods is a solid procedural and they like it creatively and don’t want to walk away from it but would like to take a chance on a new show that could bring in a larger audience.   CBS could “trade” it to another network and get something in return.  Just like a football team with one too many linebackers and there isn’t room for him on the team.  He’s fantastic, just not better than what they have.  So they trade him to another team to get something they need in return.  In this case, I’m not suggesting networks trade a 1 hour drama for 1/2 sitcom and some advertisers to be named later.  But there could be a win-win solution.  NBC’s dramas have really been tanking and they have been struggling in this category since ER went off the air.  What if CBS traded Blue Bloods to NBC and in return, CBS would get a % of their advertising revenue during that show.  It’s a win for NBC because they are getting a proven show with a loyal audience that they can hopefully build on (something they have been struggling with for many years now.)  It could remove competition for them with one of their other shows in the same time slot, L&O SVU (which you could argue has the same type of audience) and could be moved to set up a “2 hours of Justice” night with Blue Bloods at 9pm and SVU at 10pm.  Ok so we’d have to work on the tag line, but you get the idea.  Then CBS would get a % of the ad revenue from that show.  It’s still better revenue than NBC was getting from a show like The Cape or The Event that they are losing.   So even giving 5-7% to CBS, the 93-95% they are left with is still better than 100% with The Cape because they could charge a higher premium due to the ratings.  CBS gets that 5-7% for as long as the show runs and are basically getting ad revenue for nothing.  And the viewers of Blue Blood don’t have to see their show go off the air….unless NBC finds a way to kill it which is completely possible.   Maybe there is even a bonus package in place for CBS if the show lasts for 10+ seasons.  I love this solution!!!!!   Now, am I over simplifying a situation that is probably more complicated than it sounds, probably.  But why not try it?  Give a few seasons to see if it could work.  Doesn’t it benefit ALL the networks to keep the best programming on the air possible to keep the viewers coming back to drive those ad sales up?  I think the viewers would appreciate it and so would the cable and satellite companies.   The cable and satellite companies would love it because there would be more of a need to record shows with so much good programming on the air, that it would drive the need for DVRs up and people would be buying more so they can not miss their favorite shows!  The more quality products out there, the more revenue that naturally comes in to all parties involved.   Plus it makes people a lot less angry at the networks for pulling their favorite shows.  I am still pissed at FOX for pulling Reunion off the air before we found out who murdered Sam!!!

I am a business person but the TV industry is not my area of expertise.  Ask me anything about the alcohol beverage industry and I could give you a sound business plan.  I am just someone who love TV and loves GOOD TV.  I hate seeing good shows getting canceled and talented casts and excellent writers and crews be out of work because you have to make room for something that MIGHT be better.  I think another part of why networks are so quick to dump shows is because they have SO many shows in waiting.  Why not have 2 dramas, 2 comedies, and a reality show ready to go if something doesn’t work.  And if something doesn’t after giving it a fair chance, you dump it and go with the backup plan.  But if it works, then hold off the back up plans for next season or dump the back up plan.  Wouldn’t it have to be cheaper to get rid of a pilot than a whole show that’s been on the air already?  Again, I know I am over-simplifying this but since I’m not an expert, just someone who wants to see the best shows on TV, I’m throwing ideas out there.    It’s just, the idea of Blue Bloods or The Good Wife going off the air because CBS needs to get rid of 2 more hours of drama to make room for stuff next season that may or may not work, is mind-boggling to me.  Yet, NBC probably won’t have anything near the level of these two shows coming to its network next year.  I don’t know that with 100% certainty.  But based on their recent history, it isn’t likely.

I guess my main point for writing this is that I think the networks are currently setting themselves up for failure, more times than not.  It used to be that you had a show and it had 22-24 episodes to see what it could do with some back ups if it really stunk.  Now you have fall season shows, mid-season shows, summer season shows, and replacement shows for fall and mid-season.  It’s too many!  No wonder shows are pulled after 3-5 showings.  You have so many waiting in the wings that if it isn’t clicking immediately, it’s gone and the next one is coming in.  And I understand that with the advent of cable shows taking over, networks can’t afford to be patient.  It’s really not fair to compare cable to network because there is so much more you are permitted to do with cable that you can’t with network TV.  But like it or not, fair or not, they compete for viewers.  And with people becoming more and more busy and their time becoming more valuable, they are going to go where there is quality.   So what is a network to do?

If you were in charge, what would you do?  How would you make it so good shows don’t disappear to never see what they could achieve?  How can we make sure that we don’t miss an opportunity on the next great show?   How do we make sure “Cheers” gets its chance?


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QUICK REVIEW: Fairly Legal “Priceless” S1 E2

The next time I have a disagreement with my boss, I want Kate Reed around to help me out.  That girl can solve any problem…and she is completely believable.  This week’s case was about a man, Steve Jenks, who was wrongfully accused of murder and spent 22 years in jail.  DNA shows it wasn’t him so he is released from prison.   Justin wants to avoid a trial (Jenks’ attorney wants to sue for damages) so he asks Kate to mediate the case between Jenks and the state of California.

Jenks doesn’t seem to care too much about money and seems distant and sad.  Kate is the only one paying attention to this and backs off pushing him to make a decision on a final number (his lawyer wants $20 million and the state wants to give $2.4 million.)   She tries to do things to help Jenks reintegrate himself back into society but nothing seems to work.  He continues to push away.  He calls Kate and his lawyer and starts saying thank you for all they have done and says good-bye.  You think they are setting this up for him to kill himself but instead, Kate figures out where he went and goes to stop whatever he is planning to do.  He’s at Tommy’s Market (the place where the felony murder took place that he was wrongfully accused of) and he is going all Barry Bonds on the shelves and groceries in the store.  Instead of trying to stop him, Kate joins him and she is thrilled that he is finally letting his emotions run free.  We get to see how much this has effected him and how scared he is about what to do with his life now.  Unfortunately, he and Kate get arrested and Justin wants to send him back to jail.   Kate comes up with a brilliant solution.   They go back to the field behind Tommy’s Market (which is where Jenks used to play ball with his friends when he was a kid) and Kate suggests that the state of California buy the lot and build a youth center.  Jenks will be put in charge and will receive a salary and full benefits.  He also promises to pay back all the damages of the market.  It saves the state lots of money and sets Jenks up for life…it’s a great deal for everyone!

The Reeds are also trying to find a time to get together to read Teddy’s will.  Kate keeps putting it off because of  “work” but it’s because if she hears the will, it really makes it final.   Lauren has also been struggling.  Everyone keeps fluffing her off as the trophy wife who didn’t really love Teddy and just married him for money.  Two episodes in, I don’t believe it.  I think she really loved him and is heartbroken over his death.   None of her clients or subordinates seem to be making her life easier either.  The clients don’t think she has what it takes to run Teddy’s firm but she is slowly proving them wrong.  And the admin assistants either keep getting fired or being rude to her (like Teddy’s secretary.)  But people will go to any lengths to hide their emotions…like filling a sink full of ice water and sticking you face in it and screaming at the top of your lungs.  However, Betty, Teddy’s secretary, was also in the ladies room when this happened and saw the whole thing.  She starts to soften to Lauren a bit and offers to help her moving forward and Lauren appreciates it.

The kicker at the end of the episode was when the will was finally read by Spencer, he announces to Kate and Lauren that the estate has been split FOUR ways.   But there are only three of them.  Spencer then asks “Who the hell is David Smith?”  Well that’s a very good question.  I guess we are going to find out at some point.


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QUICK REVIEW: Blue Bloods “Family Ties” S1 E12

I hate this time of year.  And not because we are getting HAMMERED with snow but illness.  I haven’t been feeling 100% so to catch up, I am going to do some very quick rundowns on this past week’s shows.

Blue Bloods was pretty straight forward this week and not much happening on the Blue Templar front.  They are really going to need to something with Jamie soon.  If they aren’t going to visit the Blue Templar storyline, Jamie doesn’t really have a lot to do except make a comment here or there at the dinner table or show him researching information on his computer.  I still think it would be interesting to dive deeper into the youngest Reagan as a grunt cop and having to live up to the expectations of his brothers, father and grandfather.

Erin seems to be getting herself into a mess.  Her boss, the DA, wants to be the mayor yet her father has big ties to the current mayor seeing as how he appointed him commissioner.  It seems he is using Erin to his advantage when he needs to make certain moves to advance his political aspirations.  I’m not sure if Erin doesn’t see it or if she is pushing it to the side because ultimately justice is still being served.  I think she is too smart not to see it.  But my thoughts changed after they kissed this week.   Oh boy.   This is not going to turn out well for Erin.

The move to Wednesday didn’t really help BB in the ratings but it didn’t hurt it either.  I hope it starts to find an audience because it is a great show.  I think on any other network, this show would get renewed but on CBS, not so sure.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


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Two and a Half Men’s Charlie Sheen Enters Rehab…Finally

Numerous media outlets are reporting that Two and a Half Men is going on Hiatus until further notice due to Charlie Sheen entering rehab in an undisclosed location earlier today.    Two and a Half Men show runner Chuck Lorre confirmed that the show is supporting Sheen’s entrance into rehab and will go on production hiatus effective immediately.

What does this mean for the show?  Who the hell knows.  If this were a show like Outsourced or $%#! My Dad Says, there is no way the network would put up with it and the show would just be pulled.   But when you are the #1 comedy not only on your network but on all of network TV, you get a little latitude.   So I have no doubt that after this rehab stint, Two and a Half Men will be back.  I doubt it will be back on this year but it should be back next season barring any MAJOR developments.

This could be good news for a show like $%#! My Dad Says.   Usually CBS drops it’s worse performing comedy every year, which would be that God awful show.  But if things with TAAHM get worse and if something should happen where it can’t come back right away. $%#! is performing well enough, that CBS could keep it around for another season as a just in case.

The saga continues so stay tuned!!

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UGH!!! Supernatural and Smallville Delayed One Week

I don’t know about you, but ever since Sam got his soul back, I have been not so patiently waiting for the January 28th return of Supernatural.  Well, I guess we have to wait another week to see what happens because reports came out last night that the CW decided to delay the returns of Supernatural and Smallville until next week, February 4th.

Allegedly the reasons are two fold….Vampire Diaries and Nikita being preempted in Chicago (mayoral debate) and Baltimore (basketball) and with those shows going head-to-head with American Idol, the CW wanted to re-air those 2 shows.    HELLO?????   What about us Supernatural fans!!!!!   (And Smallville fans…sorry!)

Does this sound funny to you because it does to me.   I know Chicago is a big TV market but are they really going to say that had something to do with it?  And Idol is going to be an issue the rest of the season so why would you choose this week to bump S&S for repeats?   I don’t get it.  I just wonder if there was some other behind the scenes reason for this.   Not that I have any idea what that is.  I just love a good conspiracy theory.  Just call me Dr. Jack Hodgins!

Anyway, are you as perturbed as I am that Supernatural isn’t airing until next week?

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Mid Season: Mad Love Premiere Moved Up A Week

Mad Love was supposed to premiere Monday February 21st at 8:30pm on CBS following How I Met Your Mother.   The date has been moved up a week to Monday February 14th..Valentines Day!

Mad Love has an awesome cast….Sarah Chalke, Judy Greer, Jason Biggs, and Tyler Labine.   The quick summary is two people meet on the top of the Empire State Building and start to date.  However their friends, once they meet, don’t seem to get along too well.  Considering who is in this show, I can’t wait for it and I’m really looking forward to the premiere.

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REVIEW: Nikita S1 E1-11

I love a good spy show.  Ask anyone who knows me about my favorite all time shows (list will be coming in the summer time) and you will be sure to hear “Alias” in my top 10 (maybe even top 5.)  “Alias” was perfect.   The ultimate protagonist….the intelligent, hot, ass-kicking, sensitive, loyal Sydney Bristow played by the awesome Jennifer Garner; the no-nonsense, hard-assed, don’t want to mess with double agent (who also happens to be Sydney’s father) Jack Bristow played by one of my favorite all time actors, Victor Garber;  the handsome, smart, by-the-book handler/love interest Michael Vaughn played by Michael Vartan; the quirky but funny and lovable tech geek, Marshall Finkman played by Kevin Weisman, the partner who is the veteran and pseudo big brother/protector of Sydney, Marcus Dixon played by Carl Lumbly; the best friends with whom Sydney could not survive without, who are also civilians that have no idea Sydney is a spy, Francie and Will, played by Merrin Dungy and Bradley Cooper, and the evil leader of SD-6 who the CIA is trying to bring down who is crafty and funny (a likable bad guy) Arvin Slone, played by Ron Rifkin.   Look at that cast!!!   Are you kidding me?  Alias was an intelligent, action packed, fast-moving show that sometime got a little too intense and congested with too much happening at once that would confuse the casual viewer.  When it went off the air, it was time, but I still felt like I was losing a member of my family when Sydney and crew were no longer on my TV.

When I heard about another reboot of La Femme Nikita, I rolled my eyes.     My first thought was that this was going to be a show that was going to feature an attractive Nikita and be more about a titillating experience on TV rather than hard-core spy drama.   I’m very happy to say, I was completely wrong!   At first, I thought Nikita was really sloooow.  But thankfully, the last few episodes have started to pick up.  It probably has something to do with the fact that I have learned more about the characters and are a little more invested in them.  There are still some issues with the show (Jaden needs to go and suspension of disbelief only goes so far) but overall it is enjoyable.

For those of you who haven’t checked out Nikita yet and are considering but don’t what’s going on or have been watching and maybe just need a little review, let’s break it down character by character:

Nikita (played by Maggie Q)

As a young girl, Nikita was on death row and ended up being recruited by an US government agency called Division.  Division brought her in and trained her as a spy and an assassin.  Nikita was led to believe that the people she was eliminating were dangerous people or companies who threatened the safety of Americans.  She trusted Division but they ended up betraying her trust.   They killed her fiance and she found out that they had become corrupt and went rogue from the CIA.  She has managed to escape Division and now she is on her own but she certainly isn’t safe.   She is trying to bring Division down for what they did to her and what they are doing to many innocent people.  But Division knows that Nikita knows their secrets and they are determined to bring her down before she brings them down first.  Maggie Q does a wonderful job with Nikita.  She is smart, intelligent, tough, resilient, sexy, and broken.  But even with this hardened exterior, she is heartbroken on many levels and a really good person who wants to do the right thing.   Can one woman bring down an entire rogue CIA branch with lots of power and money behind it?  I don’t think so.  She needs help.  Luckily she has Alex.

Alex (played by Lindsay Fonseca)

Alex is a troubled young girl who was arrested after a robbery gone bad.  Like Nikita, Division recruited Alex right out of prison, staged her “death” and brought her on board for training.  What Division doesn’t know is that Alex is a mole planted inside Division by Nikita to help take them down from the inside.   Alex’s parents were killed by Division and Nikita took Alex under wing after that.  Alex is strong, feisty, and has good instincts but still lacks Nikita’s worldliness and knowledge.  Her emotions can get the better of her sometimes but Nikita is there to give her guidance and direction and calm her when needed.   But as she grows and becomes more confident and has more experience, she will no doubt be someone you don’t want to mess with.  They have a security code they use to communicate through a sort of instant messaging program and they are able to let each other know what is going on.  Nikita is able to let Alex know what the behind the scenes meanings are for the tasks Division is asking her to do…because Nikita has gone through them herself.  And Alex is able to give Nikita advanced knowledge on any missions Division is planning on executing.  Alex has advanced quickly through Division’s training program so far…maybe a little too fast.   The last episode before hiatus, Alex was promoted to field agent and will be living on her own instead of inside Division.  This may be bad for her and Nikita and time will tell.  But Nikita isn’t the only one who has her best interest in mind.  Michael seems to have her back as well.

Michael (played by Shane West)

Michael is very complex.   I think Michael is a good guy that unfortunately has gotten caught up with the wrong people.  He is fiercely loyal and it’s this loyalty that is aligning him with the corrupt members of Division.  Michael was recruited to Division many years ago after his wife and daughter were killed by a man he trusted.  He was promised to get his revenge for their death.  He came on board and now he is in charge of recruitment and training and was Nikita’s handler.  They had a very close friendship but now that friendship is strained due to them being on opposites sides.  But are they?   As I mentioned, Michael is very loyal and the people in Division became like a family to him for a long time.  Lately though, he has seen certain sides to the people and directives within Division that make him question what is right and what is good.  In the field, he and Nikita have come face to face many times with guns aimed at each other.  At first, they seem to be enemies.  But you soon learn that they are still “friends” and have a mutual respect for why they are doing what they are doing.  They can’t always trust one another but they watch out for each other as much as they can without Michael setting off any red flags.  Michael has also taken a special interest in Alex because he sees a younger version of Nikita in her.  He has no idea she is Nikita’s mole.   There are some people who sense a romantic element between Alex and Michael but I don’t.  I see this as a big brother/little sister type relationship forming.  And I think he wants to protect her from the corruption as best he can but wants her to be the best agent for them at the same time.   Because even thought Michael has his doubts, he still believes, maybe naively, that Division does some good things and is necessary for the safety of Americans.  At least that’s the bill of goods Percy keeps selling him.

Percy (played by Xander Berkley)

Percy is the head of Division and the man who recruited Michael many years ago.  Percy started Division on request from the CIA but has since become obsessed with power and greed and his turned Division from an upstanding branch of the CIA to a rogue mockery of justice.  Division is hired by many high-ranking officials, businesses, and government agencies and politicians, who pay them to take out anyone who stands in their way.  It is usually framed to their agents that the people they are taking out, are dangerous to our country.   So the agents have no idea that they are killing innocent people.  How has the CIA not shut this down?    Right now that’s not 100% clear.  What we do know is that Percy has these black boxes hidden in various locations around the world that houses secrets and information that he uses to blackmail people into leaving him and his Division alone.  We don’t know what this information is, but it must be powerful because Division is still going strong.  Percy is not a good person and only cares about himself and his ambitions.  And other than power and money, his only other goal…destroy and kill Nikita.

Thom and Jaden (played by Ashton Holmes and Tiffany Hines)

Fellow recruits at Division.   Thom came in a couple of years after Nikita left and a year before Alex.   Jaden was brought in a few months before Alex.  These characters are ok.  Thom and Alex have become friends (Thom even has a crush on Alex that isn’t reciprocated) and Jaden and Alex hate each other.  About halfway through the season, Thom is promoted to full agent while Jaden and Alex are still grunts.  Neither one of these characters do much for me and I wouldn’t be unhappy if they went away.   SPOILER ALERT….Thom is accidentally killed by Alex at the end of episode 11 so at least Thom is gone.  Now if we can only get rid of Jaden (who I dislike even more than Thom) I would be a happy camper……END OF SPOILER. Thom and Alex do have a sweet friendship and it is nice for her to have someone on the inside she can trust.  Jaden is Jaden.   She’s a pain in Alex’s ass and mine.

Birkhoff (played by Aaron Stanford)

Birkhoff is the tech geek guy inside Division.  He’s absolutely brilliant but he’s a jerk and an asshole.  I have no sympathy or care for this character so I don’t really have much more to say on him.

Amanda (played by the wonderful Melinda Clarke)

Amanda is Melinda Clarke at her best.  MC is the queen of being able to play a character so even-tempered and dare I say monotone that you never know if she’s good, bad, loving, or a psychopath.   Amanda is like Hannibal Lector without the cannibalism.  She’s Division’s psychologist and Sayid Jarrah.  She is beautiful, sophisticated, brilliant, and charming. But she is sinister, calculating and manipulative.  She is there to “assist” the recruits but also to give Percy status updates on what is going on and deal with difficult people Percy needs information from.  I would like more of her back story to know why she is there and how she came to Division.

Owen (played by Devon Sawa)

Finally we have Owen.  Owen is also another former Division agent who is out on his own.  Nikita finds Owen through Percy because Owen has one of the black boxes she is looking for.  At first they don’t trust each other (shocking) but they eventually bond when Owen’s girlfriend Emily is killed and he wants to seek revenge on Division.  While at Nikita’s he tells which part of Division he was in. Owen was part of a nasty team at Division called the “Cancellation Team.”   Their main job was to go after agents and anyone who was close to them and kill them.  Nikita finds out that Owen is the one who killed her fiance, Daniel.  Not the best way to start a partnership.  He tells her that Division betrayed him, specifically Percy, and he wants his revenge, especially now that they killed Emily.  Nikita promises to help them, but he leaves before they can pinky swear their allegiance to each other.  They meet back up in episode 10 when he asks for Nikita’s help with a plan he has to locate more black boxes.  They work together and slowly a trust is forming.

Those are pretty much all the main players and what is going on up to date.  I was planning on doing this post for a while but it kept getting pushed to the back burner.  But with Nikita returning this Thursday January 27th on the CW at 9pm, I thought now was as good a time as any to finally get this finished!   I wasn’t sure I was going to stick with Nikita but it has gotten really good and became one of my favorite new shows of the season.  Again, check it out, on demand it if you have to, but this is some quality TV you must watch!

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QUICK REVIEW: The Cape “Kozmo” & “Scales” S1 E3-4

This will be very quick and short since I really need to get to my real job!!   I am still enjoying the Cape the very much.  But, as predicted, the ratings aren’t very good.  The Cape is losing viewers each week so that doesn’t bode well for the show.  It’s really a shame that these out-of-the-box thinking shows can’t make it on network TV.  I don’t know why but I guess if you aren’t a reality show or CSI 20: Helsinki, you don’t make it.

I like all the characters (except for Marty you Benedict Arnold) and I think the show is doing a job of creating the good (The Cape), the bad (Chess, Cain, Scales, Marty) and the questionable (Max and his crew and Orwell.)  I put Orwell in the questionable because even though she wants to help Vince take down ARC and Chess (aka Peter Flemming) I’m not sure what her motives are.   It looks as if she may be Chess’ daughter so there has to be some juicy back story to what happened there.  But she has been to prison and she isn’t being very forth coming with Vince.  I think she’s good but I want a little more proof before I make a full determination.  I hope Gregor the Great also comes back into the fold because he was a good bad guy!

I like how they keep incorporating Dana and Tripp into this and not forgetting about them.   But seriously, how many of you were screaming at your TV set when she started to tell Marty about the vagrant around the train tracks that saw what happened to Vince that night?  I know I shouted a few times because you knew he was going to tell Fleming about that and get rid of all those people.   But she did get the pictures Orwell and Vince took so hopefully her suspicions will stay heightened.  I think they are building some good tension there because when Dana does find out (and she will) that Marty betrayed her and Vince, she will completely crushed and will want revenge!!!!   I kind of like the idea of possibly seeing a bad ass Dana.  Also, what do you guys think of her boss at the law firm?   I don’t know about him yet and I don’t like him trying to insert himself into her life so quickly.    Back off four eyes!!!!   I’m sorry that was mean.    But it broke my heart watching Vince watch her from a distance, when they were in the garage, and not be able to talk to her.

Do I think the show can be a little cheesy at times….yes.  But watching the Cape is supposed to be like reading a comic book of his life so it should be slightly cartoony.  Ultimately though, this is about Vince and his quest for all that is right and getting back to his family.  And if I have to put up with some fluff, so be it.  I just hope Marty gets his.

If you haven’t checked out the Cape yet, catch up On Demand, and start watching Mondays at 9pm on NBC.  It really is an entertaining show and we need to get some more people watching!!!



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