Mid Season Preview

02 Jan

Happy New Year TV fans!!!  After a few weeks off for hiatus and for some shows, it will be even longer by the time they come back, tonight kicks off the 2nd half of the 2010-2011 TV season.  I don’t know how you all felt about the first 8-11 episodes of your favorite shows but I thought it was a disappointing first half overall.   Most of the new shows I have already dropped (Running Wilde, Chase), some I am about to drop (The Event), and some are already canceled or about to be canceled (Outlaw, The Whole Truth, Detroit 1-8-7.)  As for my recurring shows, there are some I am ready to drop (Brothers & Sisters, The Office) or have already dropped (Desperate Housewives, CSI, Lie to Me.)    It’s been one of those seasons where the good shows have been really good and the bad shows have been really bad.  Which is why I am really looking forward to this mid-season.  There are some shows I was hoping were going to launch in the fall but were pushed to mid-season so I am anxiously awaiting their premieres.  And it makes it easy because there were so many new shows that didn’t do it for me this year and will get bumped from the DVR, I won’t have to have my 3 DVRs explode with 10 new shows added!!  It also makes me a bit nervous because usually the good stuff comes in the fall and the “we’re-not-so-sure-how-this-show-will-do” shows premiere now.   Well if the good stuff was in the fall, I’m really scared for the spring! Here’s my early breakdown of mid-season:

New Shows I am most looking forward to seeing:

  1. The Cape
  2. Mr. Sunshine
  3. Harry’s Law
  4. The Borgias
  5. Body of Proof
  6. Mad Love

I’ve already talked about the Cape on here and you can search the blog for those thoughts and some clips.  My biggest fear with the Cape is that it will be unlike anything else on TV and has a great premise, which usually means, no one will watch it (just like Eli Stone.)  Harry’s Law, The Borgias, and Body of Proof are right up my alley and barring some awful writing (because they have great casts) I should like them very much.  Mr. Sunshine and Mad Love are comedies that bring back some of my favorite comedic actors (Sarah Chalke, Matthew Perry, Allison Janney, Judy Greer, and Andrea Anders.)

New Shows I will check out but will reserve judgement:

  1. Off the Map
  2. Perfect Couples
  3. The Chicago Code
  4. Chaos
  5. Happy Endings
  6. Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior
  7. Mixed Signals

These are shows that I can see going either way.  Chaos, Perfect Couples, and Happy Endings I can see not making it.  Don’t ask me why but it’s a gut feeling.  Criminal Minds 2 should make it because people love spinoffs (see CSI, Law & Order, and NCIS.)  The Chicago Code could go either way.  I can see people loving it and it being really great cop show.  But I thought the same thing about Detroit 1-8-7 and that show won’t make it.  Off the Map should be interesting to see what happens.  It’s from Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers (Grey’s and Private Practice.)  It’s one thing to spinoff Addison from Grey’s into her own show and surround her with a great cast.  It’s another thing to grab some no name actors (with the exception of Jason George and Mamie Gummer…both whom I love) and do a medical show on the Lost island.  Now don’t get me wrong, just because you don’t recognize most people in the cast, doesn’t mean it won’t do well.  I mean think of all the shows that started with one name and a bunch of nobodies (Friends, Lost, Criminal Minds, Frasier.) But I am very hesitant with this show.  I really felt the quality of Grey’s went down SIGNIFICANTLY when she started Private Practice.  And up until the last 2 seasons, PP was not a very good show.  Season 3 and 4 have gotten much better but it still has it’s issues.   Grey’s went from being one of the best shows on TV between the writing and the cast, to one of the biggest jokes on TV with all the Katherine Heigl crap to the HORRIBLE writing (Dead Denny…need I say more?)  Grey’s has gotten better this season and reminds me of the show I was loved, but I know many people who gave up on Grey’s 2 season ago.  Now Rhimes and Beers has Off the Map and they are also working on another show for next season.  Are they spreading themselves too thin?  Again, don’t get me wrong, there are other show runners who have multiple shows out there doing just fine (Jerry Bruckheimer and Dick Wolf) but I don’t know how hands on Bruckheimer and Wolf are with the creative and writing of their shows.  The concept and premise and characters may be theirs’, but I think they leave most of the creative decisions to their writing teams.  Rhimes is very involved in what happens with her shows and I believe she does most of the major storyline writing and development.  Charlotte’s rape story, the Seattle Grace shooting, Dell dying, the Post-it marriage with Meredith and Derek…these are all Rhimes’ decisions.  She decides what happens to her characters, no one else.  So who knows how good or bad Off the Map will be, but I will check it out.

Returning Shows I am most looking forward to:

  1. Supernatural
  2. Pretty Little Liars
  3. Parenthood
  4. Castle
  5. Chuck
  6. The Mentalist
  7. Blue Bloods
  8. How I Met Your Mother
  9. Cougar Town
  10. The Good Wife
  11. Nikita
  12. Bones (I’m onto Season 5 and I can hopefully get Season 6 on demand!!!)

These are the best shows on TV right now, for me.  Well written, great casts, and intriguing plot lines.  These are must watch shows for me and I am very happy they are back this week!!!

Returning Shows I will still be watching:

  1. Criminal Minds
  2. 90210
  3. Gossip Girl
  4. Survivor
  5. Better with You
  6. Community
  7. Grey’s Anatomy
  8. Private Practice
  9. Glee
  10. Mike and Molly

These are also good shows.  They aren’t must see TV but I also want to make sure I watch them as soon as I can because I enjoy them.  Some guilty pleasures and some intense shows…it’s a good mix.

Returning Shows I am giving up on or will watch when I get around to it:

  1. Brothers & Sisters
  2. The Office
  3. The Vampire Diaries
  4. The Event
  5. The Defenders
  6. Modern Family
  7. American Idol

I’m very torn on these shows.  Some I still kind of like but feel indifferent about and some I have just lost interest.  Idol I gave up on years ago.  It isn’t good anymore, the talent isn’t good and it’s a complete waste of 2 hours a week.  The Defenders is probably getting canceled at the end of this season so do I really want to put effort into this show knowing it won’t be here much longer (and has already been moved to the dreaded Friday night slot?)  Probably not.  I know I will get daggers thrown at me for my next comment but Modern Family sucks this season.  It’s had some funny moments but it isn’t nearly the gut buster it was last year nor does it deserve the heaping praise some TV critics give it.  It’s just not that funny and I will only watch it when I have nothing better to do.  The Office has run it’s course for me and will give it the same consideration as Modern Family…if it’s on and there is nothing else to watch, I will watch it.  The Vampire Diaries is weird because we only watched the first 11 episodes last year and never really caught up.  Part of it was because some of the episodes got deleted off my DVR and we wanted to wait until the DVD came out of S1 to watch it.  We bought the DVD and still haven’t watched them and I have the 1st 10 episodes of this season taped.  So the idea of having to watch 22 episodes to get caught up (when I can be watching Bones) sounds daunting.  It’s a good show but maybe I need the summer to get back up and running.  The Event…ugh.  I don’t know.  I don’t hate it but it’s not appealing enough for me to follow what is going on.  I have 4 episodes on tape and have no desire to watch them.   Every time I go to press play, I find something else to watch or do.   What does that tell you?   Finally B&S.  Like Grey’s, this was one of my favorite shows when it came out.  Last season wasn’t that great and this season is absolutely horrible.  What the hell happened to the Walkers?  I still love Kitty.  Kevin has gone from lovable, quirky guy to down right annoying and I wish Scotty would leave him to find someone better.  He treats Scotty like crap and it drives me nuts.  I used to love Kevin.  I don’t hate him but I find him to be more grating than charming, but he still has his good moments.  I really don’t know what the point of Justin is anymore.  He was in the Army and had substance abuse problems and now he is home and dealing with it.  He was going to med school, now he isn’t.  He was married to Rebecca, now he isn’t.  The man has no life.  He has no job, no education, and no purpose.  They need to figure out what to do with him or send him away.  Sarah is the most annoying and awful character on TV right now.  She definitely makes my top 10 list (coming soon!)   She is a horrible sister and daughter (ever notice how someone tells her something and they ask her to keep it quiet and she then runs and tells the whole family?)  She has an arrogance about her that I want to smack right out of her.   Remember in my Bones post how I mentioned that Brennan is arrogant and sometimes condescending nature is completing charming and funny?   Yeah, not so much with Sarah.  She’s just a jerk.  Saul is Saul.   They never knew what to do with him and they still don’t.  And Nora.  I still like her but she has crossed the line of protective and wise mother to pathetic, know-it-all, pain in the ass.  Really, she goes away for one night and she freaks out because not one of her children has called her and she needs to run home to them?   What is she 12?   If I were Christian Shephard, I would have run for the hills and far away from Nora.  And one of the best characters on the show, Holly, is practically invisible since Rebecca and Ojai are gone.  This may be my last season of B&S (especially if it is Calista Flockhart’s last season.)

Let me hear from you.   What are you most excited to see, new or returning?  Is there anything you are done with or aren’t sure going to pick back up?

Make sure you check back because the new shows will get precedence for reviews and will be coming as fast as I can write them.  But I will still be checking in with the existing shows as well.

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