RETURNING SHOWS: Pretty Little Liars

03 Jan

Guess what is back tonight?????  Pretty Little Liars is back on ABC Family tonight at 8pm. This show was a great surprise for me this summer. I have to admit, I love a good teen drama (even though I am WAAAAAAY past my teen years.) Some of them I watch and love (Gossip Girl and 90210) and some I don’t watch (Life Unexpected and Secret Life of an American Teenager.) Pretty Little Liars was not your typical teen show though. It has a murder mystery plot that is very intriguing.

For those of you who haven’t watched it, the quick synopsis centers around 4 best friends, Aria, Hanna, Emily, and Spencer.  They come from affluent families (not Gossip Girl affluent) in Rosewood, PA.  Aria is the reformed rebel whose parents are separated due to an affair her father had with one of his grad students.  But Aria is having an affair of her own…with her English teacher Ezra.  To be fair, they met over the summer and he didn’t know she was a high school student (he thought she was a college student) and she didn’t realize he would be teaching at her school.  I know people love this relationship but I find it creepy.  I’d rather see her with someone her own age and Ezra not going after teenagers..but that’s just me.  I really like Aria a lot and Lucy Hale is wonderful in the role.  Spencer is the perfect student, perfect athlete, perfect daughter, but not so perfect sister.   This girl has hooked up with every guy her sister has dated (including her fiance.)  I’m sorry but what is with the older guys on the show hooking up with girls way too young for them.   Ew.  Anyhoo, Spencer is a good character but she can be a little self-righteous sometimes and a little whiney when people don’t do things her way.  I’m not sure how I feel about Emily.  She’s kind of blah.   Yes I know she is a closet lesbian trying to figure out if she really is a lesbian or not but other than that, she’s a little boring.  I don’t dislike her but she brings nothing to the table so I hope in the 2nd half they spice her up a bit.  But she is really sweet.  Hanna is probably my favorite and it has nothing to do with the fact that Sydney Andrews is her mother (so glad to see you back from the dead Syd!!!)  Hanna took over as the leader of the group and title of most popular girl is school when Allison died.  But she constantly lives in Allison’s shadow and has some self-esteem issues since she used to be heavier.  She has a great relationship with her mom and even though she is a typical teenager, you can tell she would do anything for her mom since her father abandoned them.   Allison is the former best friend who was murdered.  Allison didn’t seem to be a very nice girl and had a lot of dirt on all the other friends.  Seriously with all the crap that girl knew about almost everyone in town, no wonder she’s no longer here.  So the main plot of the show is who shot JR?   Oops I’m sorry…who killed Allison.

The show is based on  the series of books by Philadelphia author Sara Shepard.  I’m not sure how far along in the books we are in relation to the TV episodes or how much the TV show aligns with the story in her books, but Shepard has created 4 very interesting main characters in Aria, Hanna, Allison, and Spencer (I have faith Emily will get there) as well as the supporting characters …Ella and Byron (Aria’s parents), Ashley (Hanna’s mom), Pam (Emily’s mom), Ezra, Maya (Emily’s “friend”), Jenna, Lucas, and Toby.  The main thing I love about these kids, they are somewhat realistic (for a TV show.)  Gossip Girl is a fun show but really, how many high school kids do you know are going to black tie events every other weekend, going to Paris for the summer, driving around in limos, running their father’s companies and drinking cocktails at said parties and local bars when they are 16-17 years old?  There is no way that show is even CLOSE to reality…which is partly why I love it so much.  If you are going to go for it with blowing reality out, go for it and blow it out!   At least these girls go to school, have parents that they have to report to, and they have, for the most part, high school appropriate issues.

If you are interested in a guilty pleasure that has a great cast and solid plot points, check out PLL tonight.  Or if you want to get caught up first, check out which is posting the first 10 episodes on line for a limited time.

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