REVIEW: Robot Chicken

03 Jan

I know this is a little different for me since I don’t normally blog on cartoons or stop motion animation but after watching Seth Green on Conan O’Brien and seeing some clips of the show, I had to check it out. OH MY GOD!!! Absolutely hilarious!!!!  I posted some of the Star Wars clips below so you can get idea.  I think the embedding in these clips may be disabled from Adult Swim, but if you click on the “Watch this on You Tube” link, it will take you right to it.  Now this brand of comedy (taking pop culture references and making parodies out of them) may not be up your alley but it is completely up mine.  Robot Chicken is usually on Adult Swim (part of Cartoon Network) around 12 midnight and runs for about 11-12 minutes and there are usually back-to-back episodes.  It’s perfect because it isn’t too long, it’s just the right amount of time for something like this.

I love it because it takes movies, TV shows, characters you know and love like Smurfs and Strawberry Shortcake and Encyclopedia Brown, and puts them in everyday situations that are frustrating for the rest of us but stick it in a situation that seems so inappropriate and hysterical.   It’s fantastic.

If you are looking for a funny way to wind down your day and love shocking and twisted takes on pop culture references, you need to watch Robot Chicken.  If midnight is too late for you, check out the website for more clips and full episodes on Robot Chicken’s website or check out their clips on the Adult Swim Channel on You Tube.

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