FOX Execs Discuss the Fate of Fringe and Lie to Me

11 Jan

For you fans of Fringe (and judging by the ratings there aren’t a lot of you) Fringe is moving to the dreaded Friday time slot.  Usually this spells sure death and slim chances for renewal (which is what is bound to happen to the Defenders since they were moved to Fridays) but the Head Honchos (HHs) at FOX say hold on a minute!   The HHs really seem to love the show and are behind it creatively.  But if the ratings don’t improve, I can’t see how they keep it.  I’m sure it’s expensive to produce….when Reilly says things like “they put on a mini-movie every week” I think it’s safe to assume it’s a pretty expensive show.  The HHs are always keenly aware that while the Fringe following isn’t vast, it is VERY loyal.   So what does all this mean?   I have no idea.  I will say what I always say…if you want to make sure your show stays around it, watch it!!!  Tell your friends and family to watch it!!!   Threaten to pee in your co-workers Cheerios if they don’t watch.   Okay so don’t do that last one, but you get my drift.

As for Lie to Me, it’s back 9 for this season was not picked up plus it looks as if they are burning through some episodes recently.  Lie to Me reminds me of one of those shows that never really had a chance.  It would air 8 episodes and then it would be off the air for 3 months, and then it would come back with the last 9-10.  Then it would premiere the next season 2 months later, show 6 episodes and be gone for 6  months.  Not to mention all the time and day changes.  It is suffering through the dreaded “Samantha Who” syndrome.   Lie to Me is a good show and I used to watch it.   But then I stopped for 2 reasons: I never knew when it was on and I hated all the characters except Lindsay Dole.  For those of you that don’t get the Practice reference and are wondering who the hell Lindsay Dole is on Lie to Me, I am referring to Dr Gillian Foster played by Kelli Williams.   The premise of the show is terrific but the characters suck.   But if you are still watching Lie to Me and are a fan, I hope it returns for you.  Doesn’t seem likely but stranger things have happened…like According to Jim running for 8 seasons.


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