QUICK REVIEW: Grey’s Anatomy “Disarm” & “Start Me Up” S7 E11 & 12

19 Jan

Tough couple of weeks with work so I am a little behind with the recaps and reviews….sorry!  I tried to focus more on the new shows and the standards got pushed aside.  So I am going to do some quick thoughts just to get caught up.


Not to sound cheesy but this was a pretty powerful episode.  The episode revolved around a college shooting and the victims were all rushed to Seattle Grace (including the shooter.)   This hits very close to home considering it hasn’t been a year since the SG shooting.   I thought the episode did a good job of showing different people’s reactions to the event and they were all true to character.  I thought the chief was perfect.  He respected their emotions and how difficult the day would be but reminded them to put them aside because they have a job to do.   I REALLY liked the way Cristina got incorporated back into the fold at SG (she was on the scene when it happened and helped the medics with a patient and came into the hospital in the ambulance.)  I was ready for Cristina to be back.  I know they couldn’t rush to get her back to being the old Cristina after what she went through but I had had enough with bartender Cristina.  Meredith and Derek had some great scenes and one in particular in the OR.  Derek can’t understand why she wants to keep rushing to update the wife and is getting very annoyed with her.  Meredith has to remind him that she was the wife in the waiting room when he was shot and she was so grief-stricken about it that she walked up to the shooter and asked him to shoot her.  It is easy to forget that not only was this brutal on Meredith due to Derek getting shot and her best friend having to be the one to save him with a gun to her head, but she also lost a baby.

I think the biggest issue “Disarm” addressed was the dilemma of the shooter taking up an OR for the entire day where the victims had to fend for themselves in make-shift ORs in the hospital and the moral question of is it even worth saving his life.  For some doctors like Jackson, it’s a no brainer.   You stop working on the shooter and you work on the victims.  For doctors like Cristina and Teddy, it’s a no brainer.   They are not judge or jury, they are doctors and their jobs are to save lives no matter what the life.  Teddy and Crisitna are 100% correct.  But as someone who isn’t a doctor and didn’t take a Hippocratic oath, I side with Jackson.   But that’s easy to say and when emotions are involved, it’s hard to separate what you want to do as a person vs. what you should be doing and need to be doing as a doctor.  I am SOOOOO glad, I will never have to make the decision in real life, ever!!   But, in a very touching scene with the great Susan Ruttan, Jackson notices a woman sitting all by herself in the waiting room.  No one is comforting her, no one is talking to her, no one is sitting with her.   She is the shooter’s mother.   Jackson goes over and asks her if anyone has updated her in his condition.  She tearfully shakes her head no.  Jackson then tells her what is going on with her son and that he is still alive.  She thanks him profusely and then condemns herself for not having any idea what her son was up to and how depressed and lonely he was.  She is devastated at what he has done and heartbroken for the families.  But she is furious at herself because even though her son did this, he is still her boy and she wants him to be ok.  “Does that make me a horrible person?” she asks Jackson and he tells her no.  It was such a moving scene and it gives you some perspective that these parents of shooters are also someone who has lost a person as well.  Sometimes, they are innocent bystanders who are just as shocked as the victims and their families.

In the end, everyone was saved, including the shooter, and no lives were lost.  Cristina also returned to the hospital and handled herself very well.  Oh and Arizona is back and Callie still hasn’t forgiven her.

Start Me Up

A crop of med students come into to shadow some of our favorite residents and we learn that the race for Chief Resident is on.  At the end of the day, they all got bad reviews (except for Alex) and the chief wasn’t too happy with their efforts.  The only reason Alex got a good review was because the girl who shadowed him was hot so he actually gave her the time of day.    That’s all that needs to be said on that SL.

Teddy and Henry’s story really grew on me this week.  I was worried this was going to be another Izzie and Denny with a doctor falling for a dying patient but it’s much different.  First off, Teddy doesn’t love him…ha!  Second, she agreed to marry because he has no insurance and she has plenty!!!  But I wouldn’t be surprised if this grew into something more.  I hope so because I LOVE Scott Foley and would like to see him stick around.  Plus it would be nice if ONE relationship on this show came from outside the hospital.  If you were like me, at first you were jumping for joy when Teddy did this selfless act for Henry.  It really was a beautiful gesture.  But it really makes you think about the ramifications of that decision and it wasn’t as simple as it was thought to be.  The scene that highlighted that was when they were operating on Henry and he had tumors on his Pancreas so they had to ask a family member what to do and get their consent.  She’s his wife and emergency contact so Teddy had to make the decision.  And the chief asked her since she was his wife and should know him better than anyone, what would he want to do.   Teddy couldn’t answer that and let the chief make the best decision for his health and she would support it.   When Henry woke up, she was right by his side but told him she wasn’t too happy about being his contact.  That’s when she started to learn more about Henry….his parents have died, his sister lives in Prague and they aren’t close, his best friend’s wife wanted them to stop being friends because of all of Henry’s health issues (nice girl BTW) so the best friend isn’t in the picture, and because of his insurance situation, he had to change jobs 9 times in 5 years so he hasn’t made may friends.  In telling her this, his intension is not to make him feel sorry for her, but to explain that she is the closest thing he has to a friend.  Wow.  She grabs his hand and lets him know that he does have a friend in her.  I really like them.   They have great chemistry!!

As for Callie and Arizona, Callie is still pissed at her and Arizona is still trying to convince her to take her back.  A has enlisted Mark’s help to try to find a way to do that, and he is helping her.  At the end of the show, Arizona jumps into the elevator with Callie and tells her that she realizes all of her faults.   She tends to bail when things get hard but she is here now to fight for them.  She isn’t perfect but neither is Callie who has trouble with forgiveness.     But asks for that forgiveness and just one more chance.  That’s when Callie turns to her and lowers the boom….”today I just found out that I am pregnant, with Mark’s baby.  How about now?”   OH SHIT!!!!   The look on Arizona’s face says it all.  And I thought the rocky road was going to be Africa.  Boy was I wrong.  I really do think these two belong together and that they will find their way to each other.  But I have a feeling they are going to be apart for a while before they reunite.

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