QUICK REVIEW: The Good Wife “Breaking Up” S2 E10

20 Jan

Why are more people not watching this show?  I am going to go all David E Kelley on you for a moment and get on my soap box.  People can’t seem to get enough of 20 CSIs and 10 Law and Orders and 10,000 Real Housewives of Who Cares.   But put a well written, perfectly acted, thought-provoking show on the air and no one is interested?   What is the matter with the American TV viewer?  Are we that boring and predictable?  Or that brain-dead to watch things like Jersey Shore and Super Nanny?  I guess so.  And trust me, I love some brain-dead TV like Survivor and 90210 and Gossip Girl.  You need guilty pleasures like that to lighten up your real life.  But can’t there be more room for the good shows too?  OK, I’m jumping off my box now.    But people, please, I beg you , start watching this show or re-watching it because it rocks!!!

Breaking up was relatively straight forward…2 college love birds who were persuaded to try some drugs to help keep them awake during finals.  They think they are being arrested for drug possession but they are actually being arrested for murder, since the pharmacist was found shot to death.  They separate the 2 and Cary and LGB try to break them.   One happens to be the son of one of their largest clients and the girlfriend doesn’t have a rich family who can buy her out of problems.  The scare tactics don’t work.  They refuse to turn on each other because they love each other.  There are many sleazy tactics used by both Cary and Will.  It’s a great chess match between the two sides.  Ultimately one side does break…Jonathan, the rich man’s son.  He calls Cary in and says he’s ready to make a deal.  Everyone is pleased, including his father.  That is until he confesses to the crime!  They arrest him and Alexis comes storming out crying asking why he is doing this.  He says, because you saved my life and we are having a baby, so I am going to save yours (she was the one who shot the pharmacist when the pharmacist threatened to shoot Jonathan.)  It was hear-wrenching for everyone in the station including Cary, Will, Alicia, and Diane.  It’s amazing in the face of true love, what two people will do for one another!

While the case was interesting enough, the more fascinating aspect was how all the players involved reacted and showed their true colors in many ways.  Let’s start with the man I don’t love to hate, I just hate him….Will.  Every week this man’s level of disgustingness amazes me.  Just when I think this guy can’t get any lower, he does.  I know they’re lawyers and they need to do some underhanded things sometimes to win.  To me, something like that would be if Alexis really was cheating on him and he had to use it to try to convince his client to turn on her because she can’t be trusted.  It sucks and it’s slimy but it needs to be done.  It’s a whole other thing to use her OB/GYN whose name Jonathan doesn’t know as her “lover” and tell him she is cheating on him when she isn’t.  Even Alicia gave him the stink eye and left the room.   When Will came out, she said she understood but didn’t have to like it.  Well I don’t understand it.  I don’t understand making something like that up just to win.  It’s seeing tactics like that that make me worry for our justice system.

Meanwhile Cary wasn’t so innocent either.   But I think his strategy, while questionable, didn’t cross a line.  He was really just doing his job while sticking it to his old firm at the same time.  He told Alexis’ mom about the deal LGB neglected to share with her and how the boyfriend has a high-profile client as his father yet she doesn’t pay any money to firm, therefore who do you think the firm will protect first.  It may be in her best interest to seek other council.  He wasn’t wrong.  Did he need to do it, no.  But was it fun to see Cary mixing it up, you bet it was.  Watching him go back and forth from room to room trying to play them against each other was very effective but just didn’t work on these two.

What happened with this whole thing really made me wonder if the way they handled pushed an innocent kid to confess to a crime he didn’t commit.  There was never any attempt to really listen to these kids and offer them a package deal to help them out yet still catch the killer.  Their egos got in the way and they were making decisions much of the time to go after each other more than the accused.  In the end, an innocent kid went to jail.  It’s probably why they all looked like they had just eaten 2 lbs of under cooked chicken meat when Jonathan and Alexis finally came out of their rooms as she is crying her eyes out while he is being hauled off to prison.  Not a good day for the folks at LGB or Cary.

But the big HOLY SHIT moment was when Will finally confronted Diane about leaving the firm.  He seemed completely floored by the whole thing, especially when Diane asked him if Alicia told him.  He looked like someone just punched him in the gut.  The mud-slinging begins (she’s paranoid, he’s a liar and a traitor) and before you know it, he is threatening to have armed guards outside her office to escort from the building when she shows up the next.  When he leaves she screams “tell me my fears were unfounded.”  It was a great scene.  I thought Diane was completely paranoid and jumping the gun.   That is until I saw next weeks episode…..

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